"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update on the corrupt charges against me, and how your taxes are being wasted:

Today was my birthday, and I had to go all the way to Wellington District Court to answer the latest corrupt charges laid against me by the useless and corrupt Wairarapa police.  Perverting the Course of Justice and Escaping Custody.  What a joke!  I didn't pervert the course of justice, it is indisputably obvious that the matter is an abuse of process and a complete and utter waste of taxpayers money, the Crown case is an orchestrated litany of lies that anyone can see through, Michael Murphy and Aaron Brook are two of the least credible witnesses it would be possible to find, and it is indisputably obvious that the Wairarapa police have been perverting the course of justice for at least eight years, and a lot longer by all accounts:

Specifically, local police have repeatedly refused to investigate the following (inter alia):

  • the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre, after the Secretary and Treasurer was punched in the face and the locks on the building were changed to cover up the fraud going on there - these allegation are supported by letters from at least five lawyers and are published on this site (links up soon), 
  • Police refuse to charge Georgina Beyer with with conspiring to defeat justice by writing an official letter denying that there was fraud at the Carterton Community Centre, involving people associated with the District Council - that's the reason Beyer resigned from parliament.
  • Police refuse to charge Gary McPhee and his mate for the drunken, violent home invasion and assault which he boasted about in the paper, establishing a clear and indisputable prima facie case 
  • Police refuse to charge Tracy Lee with the theft of $500 from a local woman and making a false statement to police regarding a phone call she told police that she received from my address, 
  • Police refuse to charge Michael Francis Murphy with the attack on me in my home on the 11th February 2010.

The last police perversion of justice listed above is one of the most blatant of all and involves none other than Michael Murphy and his mate, drunken lout of an illegally elected Mayor, Gary McPhee, and corrupt local Constable Peter Cletoris Cunningham.  Murphy incited other people to join him in driving to my home to commit a violent attack that was witnessed by at least three other people who all called 111 immediately and described the attack in graphic terms as it was taking place.  One of the witnesses eventually intervened with a dog, which stopped the attack and caused the offenders to leave.

Police accuse me of making the whole thing up, and say that even if it were true, it was ok for them to come and violently attack me - because I allegedly took a five year old child to the supermarket without the permission of its mother!  First they tried to say I left the child alone in the supermarket and the child was distressed, until I requested the CCTV footage, which has never been provided of course, because it showed that the child was not neglected or distressed.  The story changed then, to the one about taking the child without permission.  Anyone knows that if a mother has concerns about her child she should go to the police, not go and smash down the person's door and assault them in a blind rage.  Concerns of serious abuse are one thing, but taking a child to the supermarket without permission is quite another and certainly does not warrant a violent attack!

Anyway, I went all the way to Wellington District Court to defend myself on the charges, after the corrupt  lawyers and amicus curiae repeatedly refuse to assist me to fill in any applications for Disclosure, for example, which should have been provided months ago under the Privacy Act and the Official Information Act and only worry about how much money they can suck up for dragging the proceedings out as long as possible.  True to form, the case did not go ahead today, it was a waste of everyone's time - how much did Bryan Yeoman get paid for that?!  What an utter creep he is!  I was imprisoned for two days illegally because of him!

On arrival, I was handed this:  (Click on the images to enlarge them)

The Judge said there wouldn't be time to hear the matter, which was odd, because there we were, at the appointed time, and the whole floor of the Court building - 3 Courtrooms, offices, etc, was completely deserted, so it didn't look like they were very busy with any other cases at all.

Constable Laura Rhymer didn't turn up for the hearing of the Crown application because she knew perfectly well that she did NOT arrest me because I had not committed any crime.  Constable Rhymer didn't turn up for the hearing on the 8th December, because she applied for annual leave just two days before the hearing.  Corrupt Constable Cunningham and his corrupt fellow officers now expect Constable Laura Rhymer to lie, to put her whole career on the line by going along with his orchestrated litany of lies.  She can't do it.  What they want her to say is not true.  I don't think she will convince anyone if she tries to lie about it, either.  Read the story below by Ross Meurant (I know, I can't believe I said that either!) to see that corruption is common in the New Zealand police.  It's getting a lot worse fast, too.  The so called inquiry into the PCA by Margaret Bazely was a joke, and a waste of time and money, because it only focussed on sexual misconduct, when clearly the problem was far deeper, as evidenced by the imprisonment of John Dewar - the huge cover up was the real issue, not the sexual misconduct.

Here's the thing the amicus curiae tried to make me sign, agreeing that Constable Rhymer not give evidence in person - and the Court should just take her word for it that she arrested me!  What rubbish!  I hadn't done anything and she knew it!

This is how your taxes are being spent, while a Judge recently highlighted the hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse cases, and general incompetence and dysfunction of the Wairarapa police. More evidence of that is all over this site, and plenty of others too (links up soon).

I asked (among other things,) for a Court Order for the audiotape of the calls to 111 regarding Murphy's attack , which Murphy denied committing in his Depositions Evidence.  The Judge refused my request.  What outrageous corruption!  He told me to make an application under the Disclosure Act or something for it, and then told me I should have instructed lawyer Noel Sainsbury to do it.  I told him I HAD instructed him to do it, and he had refused to accept any of my instructions at all, including this one.  I also told the Judge that I had requested it, and other evidence, which should have been provided months ago, under the Privacy Act and the Official Information Act.

The Judge wasn't interested, it was wink wink, nudge nudge with the corrupt amicus curiae, prosecutor, lawyers, and all the other slimy weasels that suck up our money from the gravy train, let's go home and write up our bills, ha ha, sickening really.  It cost me $60 to get to Court with a support person - I have no lawyer. I must say that the Court security staff are very pleasant and helpful though.  So anyway, it's been remanded till 30 September 2010 with absolutely RIDICULOUS - not to mention ILLEGAL - bail conditions - oh, that was something else I asked to speak to the Judge about, another request that was denied!   More about the bail address soon, it's bedtime now.

Thank you to all the people who sent me happy birthday wishes and good wishes and offers of assistance for Court today, your kindness is appreciated so much, and I did have a lovely day cycling around my favorite city - I just love Wellington!  I also made some nice new friends, including two lovely ladies called Karen and Viv who are a real credit to the Salvation Army, brightening up the day of everyone in the store with their friendly, happy, caring manner.

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Deb said...

this is fantastic evidence, disclosure and written record of events. I so appreciate the info you have shared with me and the world. We investigate links between big pharma, govt etc with a emphacis on youth suicide rates in NZ. Best of luck with the corruption you are facing. Remember a lot of people agree with you and you are forging a path of truth and light for the world. Thankyou