"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Update on the Corruption and Violence in Carterton:

Wayne Friend, P addict, bully, best 
mates with fellow addict Rachel Taylor,
Kirsten and the property owner in the 
background holding hands.
Kirsten Grenfell and Rachel Taylor, thief.
Here's Kirsten Grenfell of Upper Hutt, who works for Barnardos, and Rachel Taylor and Wayne Friend, local methamphetamine addicts and thieves, who don't work at all.

On Monday morning I received a message from my friend, the owner of the property where I used to live until recently, when Kirsten Grenfell had me evicted, to say that a local methamphetamine addict had been caught red handed in my bedroom stealing my stuff after being let into the house by Wayne Friend, who has also been helping himself to my things.

Grenfell got the owner to evict me so she could continue to come and have it off with him when her husband was working nights, or away.  She made it quite clear on one such earlier overnight visit that she didn't like me and didn't want me around.   I returned home from getting the gas bottle filled one night to find (the outside light had been turned off, and) Grenfell was on the phone wanting to speak to me.  I told my friend that I didn't want to speak to her, I had recently emailed her asking her not to indulge in common gossip about me and untrue statements over the internet through Barnardos email system headed: "this is a Taita Community Initiative".  I didn't consider this unreasonable at all and neither does anyone who has viewed the evidence and the emails and text messages in question.

The message from my friend said that on Saturday night, Rachel Taylor had been caught red handed coming out of my bedroom with a bag of my things she was in the act of stealing, and after an argument with Wayne Friend, she had left with my things.

I have told my friend that my possessions have been going missing since Wayne Friend moved in.  He is a known methamphetamine addict, as are his mates Rachel Taylor, Kylie Donnelly, etc.  He's so desperate he invites these slappers around then leaves them to help themselves while he has a shower to wash off the filth.  I told my friend that if he evicted me and followed Kirsten Grenfell's advice and let Wayne Friend move in, his home would be over run with thieving P addicts, stealing everything that wasn't nailed down while he was at work.  And lo and behold- so it has!  Wayne Friend shouted at me "There's been so many people through here you'll never be able to prove it" referring to the fact that I saw him AND Taylor in my room on Saturday night.  
So when I went round to list what was missing this time, I was assaulted by Wayne Friend and his mate "Charlie" - except his name isn't really Charlie at all, he just "pretends" it is.  My friend wasn't there again, and these two druggies were ruling the roost again - great!  "Charlie" and his de facto partner Marie sell and trade prescription drugs, they are full time beneficiaries by choice and scoff at the very idea of getting a job!  Why work when you can just laze around all day and let other people support you is their motto.  (Marie was also caught red handed stealing from my friend, and Charlie broke the window there climbing in to threaten me a few weeks ago when I was there with permission.)  Of course, Kirsten Grenfell's got an even better idea - work for a charity!  
Dallas Powell
Karen Friend
Here's Dallas Powell, until recently the Deputy Principal of the South End School, and her best mate Karen Friend, Wayne's mother, with a cigarette in one hand, joint in the other, and plenty of alcohol, so you can see where Wayne gets it from.  Karen's best mates with psychotic violent lunatic Gary McPhee, and Michael Murphy, who attacked me on the 11th February 2009.  My Court documents are inside the house and Murphy now has access to them, just like Rachel Taylor and all the other alcoholics and drug addicts and lazy thieving bludgers Wayne Friend invites around.

Dallas refused to tell the truth about the letter sacking me from the school over a false and malicious allegation that I was a child abuser, and has taken a year's leave and gone to work at another local school apparently.  She know perfectly well the level of the corruption regarding that matter, and refuses to state the facts.  She wants me out of my friend's house too, because she feels uncomfortable indulging in her vices round there while I am there since the letter from the school sacking me over the false allegation, and her involvement in that matter.  The Principal of the School failed to turn up to Court recently, because he was proven to be a liar indisputably, in correspondence with the Privacy Commissioner published on this site.  This is who is teaching the kids of the Wairarapa.  I was informed recently that there has been an official complaint regarding the school Secretary calling a student a "lying little bitch", and the affairs of the School are in serious disarray with the Board holding crisis talks.  I am still waiting for a meeting with the Board to discuss the lies about me.

The most disgusting part of this story is that when I went to the Carterton Police station to report the thefts and assaults, the message about Rachel Taylor stealing my stuff, etc, and the several assaults by Wayne Friend, "Charlie" etc, Constable Mia Wilton told me that its all "civil matters".  She refused to take a statement from my friend, Tim Reynolds regarding the text message that Taylor had been caught red handed, and refused to write down anything whatsoever, parroting on that it was all civil matters.  I told her about the message from my friend confirming that she'd been caught red handed, and that Wayne Friend and Charlie were visually recording the assaults on their mobile phones, she made no attempt to investigate anything whatsoever or write anything whatsoever down.

This is the same lying Constable Mia Wilton who claims that the occupants of a certain address refused to accept property of mine when it was taken there for delivery by her recently as requested (a civil matter - she is not a courier service for the likes of P addict Kylie Donnelly and the other drug dealer who was asked to return my property to where they took it from!  I was assaulted and taken to Masterton and locked in a cell over a false complaint of bicycle theft, and given a letter saying my property would be auctioned on July 31st if I didn't pick it up from the Police station.  I only have a bike for transport, which is why I asked for it to be delivered to my friends address.  My friend has now written a letter confirming that Wilton is a LIAR, and that the occupants did NOT refuse to accept the property at all!  This property includes my computer - URGENTLY REQUIRED TO PREPARE FOR COURT, LIKE MY COURT DOCUMENTS AT 27 HODDERS ROAD which every p addict in town has access to but I do not all of a sudden, thanks to Kirsten Grenfell, Wayne Friend, Gary McPhee, Dallas Powell and the corrupt Wairarapa police.

Outrageous Fortune featured an episode where the matriarch of the family threatened to send a miscreant to stay with rellies in the Wairarapa, a threat greeted with utter horror by the recipient and fervent promises to change their ways.  It's no joke really, the Wairarapa is famous for all the wrong reasons.

This is just more example of how the Wairarapa police continue to pervert the course of justice on a regular basis, covering up for thieves, liars, methamphetamine addicts and informers like Rachel Taylor, "Charlie", Karen Friend's son Wayne, Michael Murphy, Aaron Brook, etc.

Just to top it all off, pathetic old bully Gary McPhee has published another false and libelous allegation on the Cartoontown website.  It says everything about Gary - a nasty, spiteful, personal attack, factually completely wrong, slanderous lies.  Pure muckraking.  Dragging my daughter into his gutter politics.  He's so afraid he might not get onto the Wellington Regional Council he's had to resort to this low gossipmongering and lies.  Don't vote for any of these corrupt candidates, or anyone who does not support a full inquiry into the Carterton Community Centre /Event Centre and the involvement of the group of people associated with the Council in the illegal takeover mismanagement and closure of the Community Centre, and a full inquiry into the corruption regarding the last local body elections in Carterton.  Don't vote for Ron Mark or Ruth Carter or any of the corrupt and incompetent candidates - they support the waste of money Event Centre that nobody wants, and are only concerned with lining their own pockets and those of their mates.  Here's more of Tim and Kirsten and Rachel Taylor the thief:  Gary McPhee's mate Rachel Taylor.  Kirsten Grenfell is a manipulative and cunning woman who has been having affairs behind her husband's back for years, taking her daughter to stay at places like this, frequented by P addicts and thieves.  McPhee's got a cheek talking about  daughter!  You deserve better friends Tim, take a good look at these P addicted thieves you call friends, get that P addict and his mates out - send him back to mummy - she doesn't want him though - she was round at Tim's not so long ago saying she didn't want a P addict living in her house.  She works at the local bikie hangout the 7 Day Club (McPhee thinks he's the king pin round there) - let Wayne Friend put all his junk round there - they have a huge empty warehouse by all accounts.  I painted those rooms and cleaned them from top to bottom, and the rest of the house, and now these P addicted scum are stealing my possessions on an almost daily basis.  And here's my Court paperwork thrown outside by these creeps.  The police are perverting the course of justice in Carterton!  Here they are all having a good time, Tim and the P addict thief and Kirsten Grenfell - she fits right in with this crowd but she won't introduce Tim to her friends (except to lie to her family that they're "just friends" after word got out that she was cheating on Dave Grenfell - again.)  Kirsten and Dave Grenfell and Tracy Feast and her ex partner play the same games, and people always get hurt.  Last time it was Kirsten, she came bleating to Tim that she'd got a smack in the gob from "Dave's ex" and nasty messages from the step daughter - I'm not surprised in the least!  It's just what she richly deserves!  If the police sorted these people out we could all get on with our lives and I could prepare for Court on the latest corrupt charges.

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