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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Michael Murphy, Tracy Feast and Corrupt PC Cunningham Pervert the Course of Justice:

Here are the "statements" taken by corrupt police Constable Peter Cunningham about the violent attack on me in my home on 11 February 2009.  Note how they waffle on about all sorts of trivial rubbish that has absolutely nothing to do with the attack on me, and a pack of lies about me allegedly taking a child to the supermarket without permission, what Tuakana Greig was cooking for tea, etc - this was a violent home invasion exactly like the one police corruptly ensured Gary McPhee got away with!

Also note that the matter originates with Tracy Feast and her mate "Lee Ann" and their lies about me leaving Tuakana Greig's daughter "alone" in the supermarket - but when I insisted police obtain the CCTV footage from the supermarket the lies magically change into another story about me taking her to the supermarket "without proper permission" - as if this is some sort of excuse for the violent attack!  Tracy Feast and her partner are responsible for the death of a local woman called Donna Thompson.  Donna's death was classified by Police as suicide, although many believe that there is evidence to suggest she was murdered, and every single person I have spoken to believes that Feast and her partner are directly responsible for her death.  Feast discovered that her partner had been having an affair with Donna Thompson and blackmailed him into extorting $20,000 from her to get them out of the financial mess they were in and buy another house for Feast to live in.  Feast's partner found the body, and had ample opportunity to get rid of damning evidence, and it seems the suicide note disappeared during the "investigation".  Here's evidence of how Police perverted the course of justice AGAIN for Tracy Feast's best friend, Michael Murphy - these statements aren't about the attack on me they are a further attack by the corrupt local police and a clear attempt to pervert the course of justice!

The facts are that Murphy incited the attack by conspiring with Feast - who was paying him to look after Feast's daughter, making up the story about some vague non-incident in the supermarket and telling it to Greig.  This is the same little games they've been playing for years in the Wairarapa, and it's why there is so much child abuse, violent crime and suicide round here.  Here's what 2 witnesses said:
Clare Marie COOK: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009

Last night I was out for a walk with my friend Kelly.  I had my dog with me.  We left from my house down Lincoln Road.  We went into Brooklyn Road.  We walked the length of Brooklyn Road and were on the corner of  Brooklyn Road and High Street on the left hand side of the road.

We heard a female and a male’s voice.  We couldn’t hear what was being said.  We heard a loud bang then several bangs.

We heard a female voice saying what the fuck have you done to my baby.  She said it again.  She sounded hysterical.

I went over to the house.  There was a male walking back and forward from the car to the porch way.  There was a female slumped against the door.  She was the one saying about her baby.  She was upset and crying.  She looked a mess and looked exhausted.

The male was saying move out of the way and I’ll fucken smash the door down.

I said excuse me what’s going on I can hear you down the street.

The male stopped and turned around and said that the lady inside has been abusing this lady’s 5 year old all day and she has just found out about it.

I said where is the baby now.

He said he is at home.

I said “This is not the way to deal with it you need to tell the police if someone hurt your baby.”

He said “I know I am trying to get her away from the door and get her home.

I was in front of the door and telling the lady to leave and go home.

The male said “We have been to the police and they don’t do anything about this lady.”

I said “This isn’t the way to do this.”

He said “We are going now.”

He took hold of the female and guided her over to the car.

The lady was sobbing.

They drove off.

Kelly came over after speaking to the police.

The lady in the house opened the window and asked for my details.

She then came out and said these people had been following her for ages.

She said that they have been driving past in the morning.  She started to go on about Fijians and how they were druggies.

She showed me some blood on her hand.

She said look, and showed me the blood on her arm.

It looked like a little scratch.

She never said she was assaulted.

To my knowledge the male and female didn’t get inside the house.

She kept going on about her lawyer in Wellington and the people and their family.

She said he was a druggie who lived in Wyndham St.  She said that she looked after her kid at the supermarket.

We said if the people are like this why are you looking after her kid.

She then got rude and said I don’t think you are in a position to comment.

She then said about children getting beaten.

I said We have just come over to help and now you are being rude.

We then walked off.

We went to the police station but there was no one there so we went home.

I have read this and it is true and correct.

Clare Marie Cook: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009
Note: This statement contains several inaccuracies, one obvious one is that when Cook asked me why I was looking after their children I said that it was obvious to anyone that they were both violent people who had anger management problems, and looking after their kids was what any normal person would do.  What kind of person calls that rude?  Cook and Wilson are both employed caring for children and when I requested their permission for access to the audiotape of their call to emergency services they refused, saying I should just "get over it."  It's obvious to most people that Cunningham has perverted the course of justice to cover up for Feast and Murphy, a careful read of the documentation reveals the corruption to anyone with half a brain!  This isn't an attempt to resolve a crime, this is a corrupt cover up and Cunningham should have been sacked years ago.

The cost of not sacking him is that he has now corrupted so many other police officers, dragging them into this, like Constable Rhymer, who said to me "You are going to be charged" because she wasn't stupid enough to risk her career for arresting me for something I didn't do in the face of all the evidence of this corruption, while violent child abusers were protected by this blatant corruption.  Cunningham and his corrupt fellow officers have created an environment where corruption flourishes, the blatant cover up of corruptly 'elected' Mayor Gary McPhee involved other Carterton officers Pope and Cadwallader, all conspired to pervert the course of justice and cover up McPhee's serious violent home invasion, none of this has been addressed.

Here's Murphy's lies - he never once came to the farm where I lived to pick mushrooms - what a liar! 

Michael Francis MURPHY: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009

I have known Kate Raue since May last year.  We went and picked mushrooms from her farm.  When I first met Kate she convinced me that Gary McPhee was a bad person.

She use to come around lots.  She would say I have a sore back and am tired I’ll burst into tears if you don’t agree with me.

Malcolm Swanson is a mate of mine.  Kate was in our group as a friend.  We all shifted Kate from Moreton Road to Brooklyn Road

She didn’t have enough room at her new property in Brooklyn Road for all her stuff.  I let her put some of her property in my garage.

When she is stressed she talks really fast.  Malcolm and Kate became interested in each other.  She stopped talking fast and stopped going on about the Council.

Malcolm started to go out with Kate.

When we went to Auckland we all left out house keys with Kate.  When we came back from Auckland about the second week of January 2009, Kate and Malcolm had broken up.

Since then Kate has blamed me for breaking them up.  She has decided that all her problems were caused by me.

I decided to convert some of my garage to a gym.  I had a lot of Kate’s property stored in the garage and decided to take it back to her.

I took one load in the car around to Kate’s house.  Her landlord Hayden was there.  I put the stuff in the shed.  He was sweet over this.

I went around the next day to work out how to shift the rest of her stuff.  It was too big to fit in the car and I didn’t have a trailer.

Kate came running out and looked angry.  She was saying get off my property.  I didn’t want a confrontation with her.  She was calling out to a mate called Aaron across the road.

She was saying look Aaron he is assaulting me look at his face remember his face.

I left and came home.  I decided to go to talk to Gary McPhee to see if he could help.  He wasn’t in his office but  phoned me back saying he was going to be in his office at 3:15 pm.  I went and asked if he could help get her property out of my garage.

Gary made an offer to help move the property and drop it off at Kate’s place.

He also said he would ask the police to come with him

We had tried to get Kate to come and pick up her property but she didn’t.

Gary and I took the property around to Kate’s house.  Constable Cadwallader came with us.  We dropped the property off.  I felt that Kate was inside her house but she didn’t come out.  When we finished dropping it off Constable Cadwallader asked me to text Kate to say her property had been dropped off and to take responsibility for it.

Later Malcolm came over and showed me a letter that Kate gave him the letter was upsetting because it referred to me not looking after my daughter and talked about me hurting her horses.  I would never hurt any horse.

I later learned that Tiare who is Tuakana’s daughter had been to the supermarket with Kate.  I heard from Lee Ann that Tiare was left in the supermarket and was found wandering around by herself.

Tuakana was at her home.  I went around with Mitch.  I told Tuakana what I had heard about Tiare and the supermarket.

I wanted to go and tell Kate to stay away from all of our friends.  Tuakana wanted to go and ask her what happened at the supermarket.

We drove to her address.  I had to get out the passenger side of the car because the drivers door is broken.  Kate ran into the house.  Tuakana was on the door step asking Kate what had happened at the supermarket.

Kate was inside the house laughing at us.

Tuakana yelled what did you do to my baby.

I was standing behind Tuakana.  I went down the steps and started to walk back to the car.

I was yelling as well.

A lady with a dog came up to me.  She asked what was going on.  I told her that Kate was abusing Tuakana’s child.

She said to go to the police.

I said the police are not doing anything.

I went up and grabbed Tuakana and pulled her back to the car.

We left and went back home.

The police officer came to number 14 Wyndham St where I had parked my car in the driveway.

He came up to the back of the car.  I had to get out the passenger door again.

I told him the drivers door was broken.

He asked what had happened in Brooklyn Road.

I told him that Tuakana was upset because Kate Raue had taken her daughter without permission to the supermarket.

I admitted going to the address and yelling and I was also upset at Kate.

I told him that I didn’t hit Kate and the door was shut and she was inside and we were outside.  I didn’t see Tuakana hit Kate either.

I know it was silly to go around there but with all that has been going on we were both upset.

After the lady with the dog talked to me I realised that I had played into Kate’s hands by going there.

I went and got Tuakana and left.

I have read this statement and it is true and correct.

Michael Francis MURPHY: Handwritten statement -  PC Cunningham           12 February 2009

"We left and went back home" - Murphy and Greig went straight back to Tracy Feast's house - paid for with Donna Thompson's money.  The car wasn't even in warrantable condition, and I doubt it was road legal.  Compare Cunningham's lack of concern over any of this with his zeal in issuing me with hundreds of dollars worth of tickets for not wearing a bike helmet.  Methamphetamine addict Wayne Friend was pulled over by police recently in the same car, still unlicensed and unwarranted, but after a brief discussion with the officer's supervisor, Wayne Friend was allowed to drive away without even a ticket!

In the Wairarapa you can get away with murder if your name's Tracy Feast.  Read Cunningham's corrupt "Offence Report" - this isn't an offence report at all, it's an orchestrated litany of lies!  Cunningham didn't even speak with me, his focus was on covering up what Tracy Feast and Michael Murphy had done.  I didn't demand that police repair my door immediately as he states - I insisted that they arrest Murphy because I had made a number of complaints about him stalking and harassing me in the weeks and days before the attack, including that very morning.  I pointed out that while he was still at large and the door was unable to be secured I was at risk of another attack from him during the night while I slept.  I've since been introduced to another local woman who made a formal complaint to police about Murphy making almost identical threats to her a few years ago.  Police are of course saying they can't find the file.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Corrupt Amicus Curiae needs his head read far more than me!

The Amicus handed me an 8 page document at Court the other day, a "Notice of Application to Court to Determine Whether Or Not the Accused Was Involved In the Offence(s) Alleged in the Indictment Filed and is Fit to Stand Trial Pursuant to Sections 9,11,12,13 and 14 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act 2003 at Special Hearing Post Committal but Prior to Trial Commencing by Amicus Curiae".

Then he babbled on about me having to have two more psychiatric reports.  I said I wanted an inquiry into the blatantly and deliberately erroneous original one by Dr Justin Barry-Walsh, in consultation with the corrupt police officer in charge of the case and a lawyer who quit acting for me after refusing to accept basic instructions.  Corrupt amicus curiae Bryan Yeoman is an ex police officer who is conspiring with corrupt local Police and Court staff to pervert the course of justice by pursuing this malicious and vexatious litigation, and dragging it out as long as possible, in order to milk the taxpayers of New Zealand of as much money as possible to fill their own pockets - it's disgusting - no wonder NZ has the highest rates of suicide in the world!

Ken Daniels was assigned by legal aid to represent me, after quitting at short notice twice before after differences of opinion. In this case the differences arose almost immediately. I incurred around $40,000 in legal fees from Michael Appleby as a result of the last matters Ken resigned from, and wrote at least one complaint to the Law Society about him, so was therefore amazed that he had been assigned in the first place. My first instruction to him was to obtain the audio recordings of all the calls to 111 on the 11 February 2009. I instructed Ken to write his standard information request to the police: He refused. Repeatedly.

Michael Murphy's Depositions Evidence records him taking exception to the statement in his Brief of Evidence "I used to frequent Kate Raue's place". He goes on to elaborate, saying that once or twice since December 2008 he visited but it was when we were friends. I told Ken Daniels and the Amicus Curiae that Murphy came and attacked me on 11th February, seriously enough for three woman to call emergency services and tell police that there was a massive fight going on and men had turned up in a car and were smashing up my house and smashing down my door. Kelly Wilson's statement documents Murphy screaming "Get out of the way Kana and I'll smash down the door" etc, and the audio recording of the phone call will no doubt record Murphy's other murderous threats.

Read Constable Cunningham's record of events, the Offence Report, read the statement he took from Murphy about the attack - is this a report of some people coming to my house and attacking me or is this an attempt to pervert the course of justice by trying to make out that a violent home invasion never happened? Cunningham apparently excuses the attack because Murphy told him that some woman called "Lee Ann" told Murphy that I had left a child unattended in the supermarket earlier in the day.

I told the Amicus to ask Murphy a simple question at the Depositions Hearing: "Did he come to my house and smash the door in and attack me on February 11 2009" The amicus refused to ask it, or anything to do with it, and a record of his cross examination is here.

Friday, November 26, 2010

More psychiatric reports for Alice - Cunningham, Murphy, Brook and Rhymer need psych reports much more than me!

Went to Wellington again yesterday for Court, accompanied by a fellow member of Transparency in New Zealand and the FOCCers, who kindly offered to act as my McKenzie Friend.  Hopped on the train, and as it swept around the bend and onto the waterfront, rolling round the harbour and into the little city I love so much I felt slightly less sick and depressed and anxious about the Court hearing (or whatever it was called) at 2:15.  

We noticed the difference immediately as we cycled round the waterfront to some very sweet music from the buskers.  There were people everywhere, walking, jogging, on skateboards, rollerblades, a rickshaw, and all manner of wheeled contraptions.  As usual, there was a happy and peaceful mingling of everybody.  Everyone was smiling, quite a few cycists weren't wearing helmets, and certainly not the rickshaw riders, skateboard riders or anyone on the other wheeled contraptions.  

What a contrast to the Wairarapa, where locals feel obliged to shout out "Where's your helmet?" at me ad infinitum, and police feel obliged to carry on the way they do - issuing hundreds of dollars worth of tickets one after another for not wearing a cycle helmet, and a campaign of malicious and vexatious litigation and corruptly laid charges against me. 

 There is some strong feeling against cyclists in Wellington, but in my own experience most drivers there are considerate of cyclists when driving, and when opening car doors when parked, and there is mutual tolerance, and deference to, pedestrians.  There is a markedly different attitude in the Wairarapa.  Most motorists in Wellington have a reasonably considerate attitude to cyclists, and most cyclists have a reasonably considerate attitude to pedestrians, we all have to share the same space and there are few problems.

We went to check out the new bus lanes in Manners Mall - scary stuff!  The road is clearly too narrow for buses to pass each other, and bicycles will be forced onto the footpath.  Six cyclists killed on the roads in a week!  I bet all six were wearing their helmets too.  75% of accidents involving cycles and cars are caused by the car and cyclists suffer far serious injury than drivers in these cases which are often fatal to the cyclists.
So, off to Court it was at 2:15 pm; I was the last person called, and had to stand in the dock trying to balance my papers and diaries and write on a thin shelf in mid air as the prosecutor and amicus curiae carried on, perverting the course of justice with this utter travesty of justice, based on an orchestrated litany of lies.  It was as surreal as ever.

The amicus curiae got up and started going on about me having two more psychiatric reports!  Saying I needed two more done!  This is an outrageous abuse of taxpayers money - something needs to be done about recovering whatever money Dr Justin Barry-Walsh was paid for cobbling together the orchestrated litany of lies he came up with in support of the corrupt attempts to have me declared insane or written off as a hysterical and pitiful nutter.  The amicus curiae knows this perfectly well.  His communications with everyone except me are here for all to see.  Except that I didn't ask him for the transcripts of the calls to 111 on the 11th February - I asked for the audiotape of the call, which records Murphy's mad threats and the sound of him smashing down my door!  Yeoman has been asked to provide all communication he has received from me regarding these matters, which will show these communications of his to Pearl Christian and Michael Snape to be corrupt and inaccurate rubbish.  Yeoman deliberately refused to ask Murphy "Did you or did you not go to Katherine Raue's house on the 11th February 2009 and attack her, smashing down her door and bashing her with the door handle which you ripped off the outside of the door, violently in a sustained and violent rage?"  He also refused to ask Rhymer why she refused to charge Murohy with the attack on me of which there is indisputable evidence, unlike the basis for the Crown case in this matter which is an orchestrated litany of lies.

Then the Judge looked at me and said "Mrs Raue, do you think you need to have a psychiatric report done" - what a question to ask someone!  Especially if they're suspected of being mental!  Of course I responded by pointing out that the only reason I'd had to have one done in the first place was because of the notes written by a certain lawyer who was representing me at the time and was actually present in the Wellington Court yesterday as well but who shall remain nameless, who wrote  the notes at left, which include the comment that "everyone agrees that she's a bit marginal!"  It is perfectly obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that I'm the last person involved in these proceedings who needs a psychiatric report.  This matter is an abuse of process and it's obvious that it should never have made it into the Court in the first place - it is further evidence of police corruption in the Wairarapa and a refusal to investigate child abuse allegations if they are against mates of the police or police informers.  The Evidence of Aaron Brook, Peter Cunningham, Laura Rhymer and Michael Murphy makes it perfectly clear that I am the last one involved in this matter who needs a psychiatric report!

More evidence of why Murphy and Brook need psychiatric reports tomorrow!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Public service wages - how your taxes are spent:

It's unbelievable what some public servants are being paid, here is proof of what Earthquake Commission claims managers are being paid - $800-$1300 per day. Note the ease with which the outrageous amounts are just accepted by 'Paul'. This is where your taxes are going folks:

From: Graham Booth [mailto:GRBooth@EQC.govt.nz]
Sent: Friday, 5 November 2010 11:24 a.m.
To: John Topp; Paul Flatt
Subject: Remuneration Derek Larsen and Julie Robinson

Good Morning John and Paul

I have elected to review the remuneration paid to Derek and Julie.

Julie is currently working in a management role and is working additional hours for which she has not been claiming extra for. She has provided commitment to this role and accordingly her remuneration should reflect the additional effort she has put in. I have therefore increased her daily rate to $800.00.

Derek is no longer working as an office manager but has taken on the role and responsibility of Manager Claims Processing. He has direct reporting lines to myself. IN view of the additional responsibility and recognition of the effort he has made his daily rate will now be $1300.

Both of the above are effective from 1 November 2010.


Graham Booth
Claims Manager
DDI 64 4 978 6408
Mobile 029 978 6408

From: Paul Flatt <Paul.Flatt@wheelercampbell.co.nz>
Date: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 12:03 PM
Subject: RE: Remuneration Derek Larsen and Julie Robinson
To: Graham Booth <GRBooth@eqc.govt.nz>
Cc: John Topp <John.Topp@wheelercampbell.co.nz>
Thanks Graham

I will make the necessary changes

Thanks and regards


And here's what these public servants are spending OUR money on: In the High Court at Wellington yesterday, EQC worker Brendan John Clarke, 37, was sentenced to four years and eight months jail for possessing what the police said was a $1 million shipment of cocaine for the purpose of supply.

Justice Robert Dobson said the 2.985kg of cocaine was brought into New Zealand in the bottom of a foreign drug courier's suitcase. The Mexican courier, David Negrete Nevarez, was sentenced last week to seven years jail.

And meanwhile, hundreds of elderly Christchurch residents are demanding answers to why it's taking so long to get action regarding their damaged homes, well this is the reason why, because EQC staff are robbing the taxpayers blind and want to keep their snouts in the trough for as long as possible!

Thank goodness, people are holding them accountable and providing more transparency into what the EQC are spending our hard earned taxes on.

EQC Truths have recently published further information about the exhorbitant sums of taxpayer's money paid to EQC staff.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Police not performing - time for a complete review of the Police and the IPCA:

On 1 July 2009 the Dominion Post published the following article showing that investigation had found that police lacked the policies, procedures and practices to deal effectively with incidents of sexual misconduct by police officers.  The fact that the investigation was restricted only to incidents of sexual offending is ridiculous! The real issue was not the sexual offending but the deliberate and corrupt refusal of so many senior police officers to investigate the allegations!  The sexual offending of the officers involved was one thing, but the orchestrated litany of lies covering up the complaints, and the blatant corruption of senior police to investigate the complaints exposed the level of corruption in the NZ Police and the need for a proper inquiry into how the Police Complaints Authority operates.  They are not independent and never have been!

Then on 23 June 2010 the following report appeared, once more focussing solely on "sexually inappropriate behaviour".   

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sir Owen Woodhouse - Kinney v Police:

A sublime decision from the great Sir Owen Woodhouse.  In particular, the second paragraph on page 2:  "The ducks barely altered their rate of stroke and the attitude of the goldfish is unknown" - classic stuff!

This is the judgement we referred to in several successful appeals.  It demonstrates very well the officious, self important and bullying attitude of some police officers.  It can also be read at this link.

Decision of Judge Barry - Escaping from Custody - ACQUITTED.

A few days ago I received an email from Pearl Christian at the Wellington Court, telling me that I was meant to have appeared on the 2nd November in the Wellington Court for yet another hearing regarding the corruptly laid charges resulting from the attack on me in my home which the Wairarapa police are trying to pretend never took place, and charging me for perverting the course of justice because they allege I am a liar.  NZ tazpayers are funding gross and deliberate corruption being practised on a routine basis by the NZ police force, which is why staff refer to national headquarters as "Bullshit Castle".

On 11th February 2009 three independent witnesses rang 111 to report a home invasion type attack on me at my home in Carterton.  This attack was planned by ex Mayor Gary McPhee, who conspired with a woman called Tracy Feast and her friend Michael Murphy to commit the attack after I made allegations to the police of child abuse regarding Murphy and others.  The Mayoral Diary shows that McPhee was deeply involved in planning the attack, and text messages received from Murphy days before the attack say that him and McPhee are at my address trying to provoke another confrontation with me.  Corrupt librarian Ewen Hyde has tried to prevent me accessing the Mayoral Diary and other information by corruptly having me issued with a trespass notice from the library to prevent me accessing resources and information such as this and sharing it.  The information at this link shows clearly the conspiracy regarding the attack on the 11th February.

Police have corruptly refused to release the audio recording of a call to emergency services from two women, Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson, who were walking past my address at the time and saw the attack in progress, because they know that it contains evidence of Murphy's violently insane screaming and threats, and the sound of him smashing the door.

On the 8th April 2009 Murphy returned to my address to steal a computer disc containing 46 separate recordings of police radio calls, including another call to emergency services regarding the attack, made by one of my neighbours, evidence of the attack which police had corruptly denied existed.

When I caught Murphy red handed in the act of stealing the disk I immediately called police and made a statement, which was later corroborated by two witnesses who had also seen him very close to my address at the same time I had reported the break in and theft to police.

When I later went to make further complaints to police and enquire about the progress of earlier complaints, such as the original attack on me by Murphy, Constable Laura Rhymer refused to take any complaints and told me I was "going to be charged" with perverting the course of justice!  

Rhymer knew perfectly well that I was totally innocent of any such thing, and was not prepared to stake her own career on charging me with something she knew perfectly well I was innocent of, which is why she didn't arrest me herself.

The corrupt amicus curiae tried to make me sign an agreement that Rhymer not have to appear and be cross examined in Court and that we all just take her word for it that she "arrested" me, at the Depositions hearing.  I refused and made a formal complaint, which resulted in the hearing of an application by the Crown that Rhymer's written evidence be admitted unchallenged.  

The transcript of that hearing shows that responsibility for the application was assigned by prosecutor Jodi Ongley to prosecutor Andrea Ewing - because Ongley knew perfectly well that the charge was corruptly laid and the prosecution amounted to perjury!

The decision was received by me on 4th November 2010 - the ruling was apparently made on the 30th September 2010, but corrupt, arrogant Court officer Pearl Christian did not provide me with a copy of it until six weeks later!  Here it is - the decision is also available at this link:

Aaron Grimwood, shot and killed aged 17 on 15 November 2008, killer gets 4 months:

This article was published in the Wairarapa Times-Age in October 2010.  Read it carefully.  Note that police considered it unlikely that the gun discharged "accidentally".  On 22 October 2010 the Dominion Post published a report of a very similar incident, the killer was 12, the victim was just eleven years old.

Andrew Dean Kupa Caudwell was 17 years old when he and his mates, aged 15 and 25 went on an orgy of violence, fuelled by methamphetamine, boasting to friends that they were going to look for someone to bash.  The found poor, defenceless - harmless - Paul Irons, and beat him to death savagely, over many hours.  The attack was planned, and utterly cruel and degrading.  It was absolutely horrifying in its sheer brutality and sadism.  Kupa Caudwell is the son of the local police officer, and was a regular methamphetamine user.  Police are controlling the distribution of methamphetamine and other drugs in the Wairarapa, and protecting violent offenders.

The prosecution of Raven Walters for careless use of a firearm was an absolute travesty, like the prosecution of the vigilantes in South Wairarapa, ex police Vizor and Sullivan, who went out looking for a fight, armed  with police issue weapons, discharged a gun and left a 13 year old with a gaping head would and then got off when police stuffed up the prosecution deliberately.  In Walters' case the Judge made disturbing comments about the police case for the prosecution and the lack of "evidence" presented, serious discrepancies in the "evidence" presented to the Court and other serious irregularities that caused the Judge great concern.  It was clear from the Judges comments that he was of the opinion that the shooting may well not have been an "accident" at all and may well have been deliberate.  Why else would Raven Walters show absolutely no remorse whatsoever?  

Aaron Phillip Grimwood's father Phil was manager of the Carterton Community Gardens, their family lived in Tubby Rose's farmhouse before I lived there.  Aaron was a good boy, a nice boy, and he's sadly missed.  Thinking of him today, 15 November 2010 the anniversary of his killing two years ago.

Coroner calls for gun law review:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Refusal of police to provide information: More corruption from the Wairarapa Police:

Read Sergeant Murray Johnson's response to my complaints and requests for information.  Here are two of the many complaints I've written to Johnston, and his response, which is to ignore all my requests and complaints and then refuse my request to deliver information to the Post Office for me to collect from the counter, saying "I am not going to involve the Post Office in this."  What arrogance!  Police just want an excuse to harass me, and lie to anyone providing me with accommodation, as usual!

A number of people have recently complained to me of harassment by the local police regarding me and my affairs, repeated visits to deliver property then refusing to leave the property in spite of written authority to do so and written agreement from the occupiers, police making door to door inquiries regarding the corrupt bike theft incident (I'll put the link in later).  Apparently police went to several nearby houses to try and find anyone who was offended by my alleged swearing at the police after they assaulted me, corruptly and illegally and cruelly took the bike I was riding, and my property that was with the bike, and then police kicked in the bedroom door of a 14 year old girl and assaulted me, took me back to the station and assaulted and locked me up and tormented me all afternoon, bailing me and then making me go out into a narrow corridor with bars and then leaving me there for about half an hour while they had a good laugh and then locked me up for a few more hours.  No wonder Wairarapa has the highest rates of suicide in the world!

The Wairarapa Police are the single biggest cause of the suicide, violence, child abuse and drug abuse in the Wairarapa.  Constable Dave Gallagher was recently run out of Eketahuna after annihilating half the population there, one family in particular, from what I hear.  News reports said "he will be missed by his work colleagues." - Yes, his corrupt police mates - but not the community!  He is the brother in law of the man who smashed a window at my home in front of police, just weeks after being seved with a trespass notice, and was never charged for it, and Tracy Lee, who stole $500 and lied to police about having received a phone call from me which was her excuse for taking the car with the $500 in it.  Gallagher and his mates made sure neither was charged, like they made sure Gary McPhee wasn't charged and Michael Murphy and his mates were never charged.

The evidence of Constable Laura Rhymer is yet more evidence of what happens when I go to the police station to make complaints, ask for information, etc.  Rhymer refused to listen to me, or take my complaints, Dallinger refused to listen or take complaints and then brutally assaulted me and Sgt Murray Johnston himself told lawyer Ken Daniels that Wairarapa police in general will not be investigating any complaints I might make:

"I sent Kates latest letter off to the PCA for registering as a complaint. Will get a copy to you. The PCA has already ruled on a number of issues she raises and where that is the case they will not be re-visited .

I don’t remember your letter dated from 2004 but my apologies if I’ve failed to respond. I suspect it will have been put on one of Kates many files and may be hard to locate. Any such allegation by Kate against the Community Centre management would take a very low priority from a Police perspective. Her allegations about the Community Centre have mostly proved unfounded, emotive and simply not credible."

Murray Johnston
Risk Manager Search & Rescue
Wairarapa Area
New Zealand Police
P O Box 443, Masterton
Telephone Direct: +64 6 370 0307  

What utter arrogance and corruption!  The PCA has never ruled on the complaints about the refusal of police to act regarding the evidence of fraud and serious corruption involving the Carterton District Council members, staff and associates, including Georgina Beyer, regarding the Carterton Community Centre.  This is raised by a number of lawyers, including Ken Daniels and Michael Appleby, who says:
30 May 2007

Your Honour,

1.   Further to Judge Borrin’s letter of 9 December 2005 (a copy of which is attached for your convenience and ease of reference), I write to confirm that all of the five charges have been thrown out by the District Court, and partial costs awarded against the New Zealand Police.
2.   I attach some relevant documents in connection with Mrs Raue’s complaint.
3.   Further background to the history of the treatment of Mrs Raue by the Masterton Police is the letter of 26August 2004 from Mrs Raue’s previous counsel, Mr Ken Daniels, to the Police calling their attention to what Mr Daniels himself believed to be fraud at the Carterton Community Centre.
4.   The only response to this letter seems to have been the brief e-mail dated 26 April 2006, from Police officer Murray Johnston, admitting that he couldn’t remember Mr Daniels letter, that he couldn’t locate the file, and scoffing at any allegations which might have been made in the letter from Mr Daniels, even though he couldn’t even remember receiving the letter. The e-mail states: “Any such allegation by Kate against the Community Centre management would take a very low priority from a Police perspective. Her allegations about the Community Centre have mostly proved unfounded, emotive and simply not credible”, even though Mr Daniels is a Lawyer, and had expressed his concern at what he himself believed to be fraud.
5.   The Masterton Police have, apparently, made no further investigations into Mr Daniels’ concerns about the fraud, nor do they intend to do so from the tenor of the email. This obviously requires further investigation by the Authority and constitutes a separate complaint.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Appleby

The Post Office is a perfectly appropriate place for me to collect the information.  I am repeatedly assaulted by police at the Carterton station, and the most recent conviction(s) entered corruptly in the Masterton Court in my absence were entered to try and avoid police having to provide information regarding the charges, which arose when police assaulted me and accused me of stealing a bike.  The owner of the bike had hung up on police 3 times - three times when police rang him - yes, when police rang him to ask if he wanted to make a complaint.  In other words, no he didn't, but Pope and Dallinger beat me up anyway!

The Court are refusing to provide information regarding the conviction(s):  More will be posted this evening regarding this matter.
To Murray Johnston
From Katherine Raue
On Saturday at about 2 pm I was in Wild Oats cafe in Carterton.  Alan Donoghue and his mate Darren Hughes were seen touching my bike which was outside tied to a tree with a bicycle lock.  I opened the door and told them to leave my bike alone.  They accused me of stealing Donoghue's bike - which is more lies from him, and absolutely outrageous - given that he has confirmed in his own statement that he's stolen my bike!.  They also both threatened and abused me.

When I retuned to my temporary accommodation several hours later, I found a note from the manager on the door asking to speak with me about an incident that had occurred in my absence.  I was told that Donoghue and his shifty little mate had been round there as well, stalking and harassing me, and spreading their outrageous lies!  

On page 2 of Donoghue's statement - oh no, there's no statement from Donoghue, funny that, this is page 2 of the "Caption Summary" of Constable Wilton - same corrupt constable who refused to take statements from Reynolds and Murphy about the theft by Rachel Taylor - it specifically refers to Donoghue interfering with my bike on that occasion!  

This is a formal complaint that this statement statement from Wilton and others regarding the current charges are an orchestrated litany of lies, and that police are refusing to take my complaints, and refusing to take statements from Reynolds and Friend regarding the thefts of my property by Rachel Taylor, Wayne Friend, Kylie Donnelly and others, and the broken glass and putty throughout the drawers of my dressing table, etc, put there by Friend and others, the damage to the property in my car and the car itself, etc.  Police are ignoring all the evidence of the crimes I complain of and continuing a corrupt campaign of litigation against me based on no evidence or fabricated 'evidence'.

List of stolen property includes:
Acoustic brown wooden guitar, Kasuga brand, in hard case with yellow lining, similar to the one currently featured in ad campaign for supermarket (with girl busking outside)
Brown leather handbag and contents, high quality with two tapered straps going through a ring to form a backpack, zip on top.  
Clothing, footwear and jewellery.  Blue leather boots, white sneakers New Balance brand
Russell Hobbs electric kettle
Sewing machine
Bicycle, old style, ladies large frame, silver, MCT brand, long chrome mudguards,

I asked Constable Wilton and other police to arrange with the owner of the property for a lock to be put on the door months ago, this is a formal complaint that police demanded that I be bailed to an address where they knew I had previously been the victim of violence, as confirmed by the letter before the Court from lawyer Frank Minehan, and then did nothing about taking my complaints or safeguarding my property or taking statements regarding the theft by Rachel Taylor in particular but also the other complaints of theft and assault -

- I have told police repeatedly that Donoghue put his arms around me and pressed his disgusting little dick against me and said he'd like to have a relationship with me - after I'd told him I didn't like people coming within an arms length of me physically, and wan't at all interested in a relationship on several previous occasions.  He held me for several minutes and I felt physically sick and still do at the thought of it - that's called kidnapping as you know perfectly well, and sexual assault.  

He threatened me with the axe on at least two occasions also, and was using it to chop wood aggressively within inches of my bike so I couldn't get at the bike when Harvey Pope arrived at the property in response to his other lies.

Their behaviour was shifty, touching a vehicle, asking questions, etc.  I want them charged with harassment and ordered to stay well away from me, and my bike, and I request that police recover my bike from Donoghue immediately, charge Friend with stealing my guitar, etc and take statements from him and Reynolds about Rachel Taylor's burglary.

Friend is selling drugs from the property, and this is a formal complaint that police continue to ignore his drug dealing and that of Kylie Donnelly.  These people are methamphetamine addicts and steal to support their habits.  Wayne Friend's addictions are well documented, like Donoghue's problems with women.  Friend's mother Karen works in pubs to feed her addictions to alcohol, gambling and cigarettes, Donoghue is just repeating his father's nasty bullying hypocrisy, and sick, perverted sexual predation.

I request that my property be taken from the Carterton Police station to the Post Office for collection because of the many previous occasions when I've gone there to make statements and complaints and been treated with bullying and violence.

I request that you immediately forward the rest of the email from Basher, about my blog and the statements on it, and have him itemise the statements he objects to and advise me why he objects to them.  Also immediately forward any other emails from or to police about me.

Kate Raue
Transparency in New Zealand
Friends of Caring Communities

Other complaints that local police have refused to investigate are the child abuse complaints I made about Michael Murphy, and the assault on me in the Salvation Army shop by David McKenzie and the theft of my property by him and his staff.  

Merlene Chambers or Shedlock or whatever she calls herself stole $50 cash and a considerable amount of property from me as I have told several officers who refuse to investigate the matter.  This woman took a considerable amount of my property to the Salvation Army and David McKenzie accepted it knowing full well it was stolen, and when I went in and identified the property as mine he assaulted me, grabbing my clothing and pushing me out of the shop.  I want him charged with assault and knowingly receiving stolen property, he is a bully who was sacked from his last job for indecent assault of a child.  Chambers/Shedlock admitted to witnesses that she stole my property and disposed of most of it at the Salvation Army, and that she stole my money, now charge her.

Because of the repeated assaults on me by Dallinger, Pope, etc, and corrupt arrests every time I go to the Carterton Police station to report crimes, etc, I don't feel safe going there to collect the property you say is there, have it delivered to the Carterton post office immediately, I'll collect it from there.


Kate Raue
Transparency in New Zealand
Friends of Caring Communities

1 Nov (8 days ago)
toKatherine Raue
date1 November 2010 16:24
subjectRE: Further to formal complaints

I am not involving the Post Office in this. 

What utter arrogance!  Sgt Murray Johnston corruptly refuses to investigate the manager of the Carterton Post Office for theft of the mail belonging to the Carterton Community Centre after he illegally changed to lock on the post box!
Michael Appleby's letter to PCA:
30 May 2007

Your Honour,

1. Further to Judge Borrin’s letter of 9 December 2005 (a copy of which is attached for your convenience and ease of reference), I write to confirm that all of the five charges have been thrown out by the District Court, and partial costs awarded against the New Zealand Police.
2. I attach some relevant documents in connection with Mrs Raue’s complaint.
3. Further background to the history of the treatment of Mrs Raue by the Masterton Police is the letter of 26August 2004 from Mrs Raue’s previous counsel, Mr Ken Daniels, to the Police calling their attention to what Mr Daniels himself believed to be fraud at the Carterton Community Centre.
4. The only response to this letter seems to have been the brief e-mail dated 26 April 2006, from Police officer Murray Johnston, admitting that he couldn’t remember Mr Daniels letter, that he couldn’t locate the file, and scoffing at any allegations which might have been made in the letter from Mr Daniels, even though he couldn’t even remember receiving the letter. The e-mail states: “Any such allegation by Kate against the Community Centre management would take a very low priority from a Police perspective. Her allegations about the Community Centre have mostly proved unfounded, emotive and simply not credible”, even though Mr Daniels is a Lawyer, and had expressed his concern at what he himself believed to be fraud.
5. The Masterton Police have, apparently, made no further investigations into Mr Daniels’ concerns about the fraud, nor do they intend to do so from the tenor of the email. This obviously requires further investigation by the Authority and constitutes a separate complaint.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Appleby
To The Police Complaints Authority

Re: KATHERINE RAUE, D.O.B: 28.7.1958

Complaint regarding numerous breaches of civil rights by the Masterton Police.

1. I have been asked by my above client to refer to you the manner in which she has been treated by the Masterton Police over the last year.
2. The Complainant is a political activist opposed to the building of a proposed $4,000,000 Community Facility in Carterton, where she lives, and attended a public meeting called for the purpose of discussing the merits or otherwise of building the facility. At the meeting she was seized by the Police, who later claimed to have arrested her, although contrary evidence was given by the Police regarding this alleged ‘arrest’. She was later charged with five offences: Trespass, Disorderly Behaviour, Resisting Arrest, Assault and Assaulting a Police Officer.
3. Mrs Raue’s previous Counsel, Ken Daniels, to whom legal aid had been granted, had withdrawn as her lawyer on Wednesday 14 June 2006, and he sought an adjournment accordingly.
4. In despair, Mrs Raue rang Mr Rodney Hide, Leader of the Act Party, to seek his advice and assistance. Mr Hide indicated that he was concerned that the case appeared to involve serious constitutional issues, and civil rights issues, and affirmed the importance of safeguarding free speech in a democratic society. Mr Hide apparently suggested to Mrs Raue that she approach myself for assistance because I was involved in the area of constitutional law and human rights law.
5. I have acted for Mrs Raue since being telephoned by her urgently on the evening of Wednesday 14 June 2006. She asked me to act for her, as she was defending five charges on the following Tuesday 20 June 2006. Two days had been set aside for the hearing, although Mrs Raue’s previous Counsel, Ken Daniels, had apparently originally asked for three days. A copy of his letter dated 1 6 February 2006 in which he expresses concern that the Masterton Police were proceeding with the charges is attached, marked “A”. FIRST BREACH

6. The Masterton Police opposed that application, in spite of the human rights protected by the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990, Section 24(d) of which states that “everyone who is charged with an offence shall have the right to adequate time and facilities to prepare a defence.” The Police opposed Mr Daniels’ application, and the District Court refused to grant an adjournment on the Wednesday, based on that opposition.

7. On Thursday morning, 15 June 2006, I traveled to Carterton to gather information and advise Mrs Raue, and at 5 p.m. on that day I filed another application to have the matter adjourned, as I did not have adequate time to prepare a 2-3 day defended Hearing in the few days (including a weekend) prior to the commencement of the trial on the following Tuesday.
8. Again, the Masterton Police opposed this application for an adjournment, and again breached Mrs Raue’s right under Section 24(d) of the NZ Bill of Rights for her (and her lawyer) to “have the right to adequate time and facilities to prepare a defence.”
9. On Friday 16 June 2006 the District Court again refused this application for an adjournment, based on the opposition of the Masterton Police.

10. As a result of the refusal to grant the adjournment on the Friday, I asked several legal aid lawyers to act for Mrs Raue, as I do not do legal aid work.
11. These lawyers advised that they would be unable to act for Mrs Raue on the Tuesday, as they would not have sufficient time to prepare a defence to the five charges she faced.
12. As a result of this, and under great pressure from an ethical point of view, in that I was required under the Law Practitioners Code of Duties and Responsibilities to act for Mrs Raue, as otherwise she would have no legal representation, as is her right under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, I very reluctantly agreed to act for her, based on my normal legal costs of $200 per hour, knowing full well that she was impecunious and on a benefit.
13. Mrs Raue has, therefore, been faced with a legal bill of $15,639 (see Bill of Costs attached as “B”) as a result of the opposition of the Police, thereby breaching her right under Section 24(f) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act , which states that she “shall have the right to receive legal assistance without cost if the interests of justice so require and the person does not have sufficient means to provide for that assistance.”
14. The District Court Judge, Behrens J., Q.C. dismissed the five charges at the close of the case for the Prosecution, following submissions from myself (and having six witnesses ready to refute the complainant’s ‘evidence’), with the Prosecution agreeing at the end of Counsel’s submissions that the evidence for the Prosecution was, indeed, “tenuous”.
15. The District Court took the most unusual step of granting costs against the Police following Submissions by myself as to the question of costs. Behrens J. granted costs of $3781 instead of Mrs Raue’s actual costs of $15,639, leaving a shortfall of $11,858 to be paid by Mrs Raue as a result of the actions of the Police in opposing the application for an adjournment, and based on their knowledge that they had only “tenuous” evidence against Mrs Raue.
16. An appeal against the refusal to grant actual costs on a lawyer-client basis was lodged with the High Court but this was unsuccessful.
17. Mrs Raue seeks not just damages for the various breaches of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, but also the shortfall between her actual legal expenses of $15,639, and the costs awarded to her of $3781, namely $11,858.
18. A copy is attached of the Judgment by Behrens J. dismissing the three charges of Trespass, Disorderly Behaviour and Resisting Arrest at the close of the second day of the trial on the Wednesday. Judge Behrens adjourned the two further charges of assault, and assaulting Police, until a subsequent date, and on that date he dismissed these two further charges, again at the close of the case for the Prosecution, following submissions from myself, without the Defence needing to call any evidence.
19. A copy of his further judgment is attached, and it can be seen that he took a very dim view of the whole sorry saga.
20. Apart from the three breaches of her human rights outlined above, a perusal of the various attached documents will reveal to you that a number of Mrs Raue’s other human rights have also been breached, namely:

21. Section 9 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act provides that “Everyone has the right not to be subjected to …… degrading or disproportionately severe treatment or punishment.” The so called “arrest” of Mrs Raue at a political meeting, and her being dragged away by the Masterton Police without their discussing the situation with a number of protesting citizens who were concerned that Mrs Raue had been singled out without any appropriate investigation (apparently for criticising local politicians, and in spite of the efforts of those citizens keen to discuss the matter with the Police), and bustled away like a common criminal, clearly breaches the Right to be not subjected to ‘degrading’ treatment.

22. And a further instance of degrading treatment and punishment occurred later on at the Police Station when the Police strip-searched Mrs Raue quite unnecessarily, and three of them wrestled her to the floor in an attempt to remove her pounamu necklace, while another approached her with a pair of scissors, threatening her with the possible loss of one of her eyes.

23. The Police refused to allow Mrs Raue’s friend to pass on her handbag containing her personal items including her heart medication, compounding the degrading treatment and punishment to which they subjected her.

24. Moreover, the singling out of Mrs Raue, among an estimated hundred participants in a spirited discussion at a public political meeting was a clear breach of the prohibition under Section 9 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act to not subject citizens to “disproportionately severe treatment.”
25. To treat her like this at a public political meeting was totally out of proportion to the desirability and reality of brisk political debate, at a public meeting which was advertised as being for just that purpose, and, what is more, being the only member of the public to be arrested, compounding the seriousness of this particular breach.

26. Section 13 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act provides that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief, including the right to adopt and to hold opinions without interference.”
27. The Police grabbed Mrs Raue out of the crowd after the political meeting had ended. Two burly Policemen grabbed her and manhandled her out of the building, pushed her across the back of the Police car and handcuffed this five foot six inch tall, eight stone, nearly 50 year old woman.
28. These bullying tactics against a known political activist, present at a public meeting to express her view along with everyone else, albeit in a forthright manner, clearly interfered with her Right to freedom of thought and belief and her right to hold those opinions and to express them at the public meeting called to discuss the viability of a $4,000,000 community ‘facility’ for a small provincial town which is already well served with such facilities, against which proposal Mrs Raue was a known campaigner. That the Masterton Police assisted in the attempt to silence her criticism of the proposed scheme, by arresting her without sufficient investigation, is a clear breach of this Right.

29. The above comments expressed in paragraph 28 apply equally to the further breach by the Masterton Police of her Right under Section 14 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, namely that “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and opinions of any kind, in any form.”
30. The treatment of Mrs Raue by the Masterton Police, and their complicit behaviour with the organizers of the public meeting to attempt to silence Mrs Raue was outrageous.
31. The local District Council proposed to spend $4,000,000 on a major community project which would, inevitably, result in large increases in rates as a consequence. Mrs Raue had every right to be at the political meeting and to express her views, and the behaviour of the Police that night clearly interfered with this Right. In fact, it breached nearly every combination and permutation of this Right in that the Police were complicit in the attempt to silence her, and to terminate her Right, i.e. - the Right to express herself freely on the matter, - the Right to seek information as to the proposed project, - the Right to receive any information pertaining to the proposed project, - the Right to impart her own opinions as to the wisdom or otherwise of the proposal, and - the Right to impart her own information as to the viability of the project.

32. Section 16 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act provides that “Everyone has the right to peaceful assembly.”
33. The Masterton Police had been forewarned that Mrs Raue might attend that public meeting and make her views known. She had every right to be there, according to the Right of peaceful assembly. Her treatment at the hands of the Police clearly infringed on this Right.

34. Section 17 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act provides that “Everyone has the right to freedom of association.”
35. A number of Mrs Raue’s supporters attended the public meeting. Many other concerned citizens attended the meeting. Some were for the proposal, some were against it, but Mrs Raue is assured under the Act of the Right of freedom to associate with other equally public spirited citizen, to gather together with them to discuss common social concerns, proposed public projects that will impact on the citizens’ future rates, to discuss the merits or otherwise of major public facilities, use of public resources, etc.
36. The actions of the Masterton Police following the break up of the public meeting clearly breached Mrs Raue’s Right to associate with her fellow citizens and to debate with them about public issues that affect them all. The violent manner in which they interfered with this Right compounds the seriousness of their breach of Mrs Raue’s Right of freedom of association.

37. When the Police stopped Mrs Raue from leaving the meeting (which had finished) and going home, when they grabbed her out of the crowd, when they dragged her out to the Police car, and when they pushed her face down over the boot of the car and handcuffed her, they quite clearly interfered with her Right to “freedom of movement”, a Right guaranteed under Section 18 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act.

38. Section 21 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act provides that “Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure, whether of the person, property ……. or otherwise.”
39. There appear to have been several breaches of this Section. The first was clearly when the Police seized Mrs Raue at the public meeting, and took her away to spend the night in the Masterton Police Station following the public meeting, without actually arresting her or advising her of the reason for the alleged arrest.

40. The next breach of her right not to be unreasonably searched was when the police were processing Mrs Raue at the Masterton Police Station when three Police Officers (clearly visible on the Police Station CCTV video presently in the possession of the Masterton District Court as Evidence) all piled on top of Mrs Raue in an attempt to detach from her, her pounamu taonga, while another Police Officer approached her with a pair of scissors, saying “It would be a shame if these scissors slipped and you lost an eye, wouldn’t it?”
41. There was absolutely no need whatsoever to force Mrs Raue to undergo such a search in such humiliating circumstances in an attempt to remove her necklace. It was totally unreasonable when one considers that Mrs Raue should have been processed straight away (there was nobody else being processed in the Station at the time), she should have been released immediately on Police Bail, and she should have been allowed to go home with her friend who was waiting for her in the public waiting area next door to the cell block.
42. There was no reason to think that Mrs Raue would do herself harm; it would not have been reasonable to suspect that she might harm anyone else, i.e. that she might, perhaps, garrotte a Police Officer with it, with five or six Police Officers milling around her and behind the public counter…... It was a quite gratuitous and public humiliation instead, and this search of her involving the attempted forcible removal of her pounamu taonga was manifestly unreasonable, and resulted in their ripping Mrs Raue’s blouse in the process.
43. The removal, and the manner of the removal, of the pounamu necklace showed an appalling lack of sensitivity to Mrs Raue’s cultural background. The pounamu necklace is a taonga, or treasure, of strong cultural significance to Mrs Raue. The cross cultural communication skills of the Masterton Police are well below the standard expected.

44. And then there was the strip search of Mrs Raue, with Police Officers taking off her bra and peering inside her panties and pulling them down. Mrs Raue was mortified, and this search was, again, an unreasonable breach of her Right against unreasonable search, when one reflects on the alleged offences with which she was later charged the following day, just prior to going to Court at about 10.30 a.m. namely Trespass, Disorderly Behaviour and Resisting Arrest (and two charges of assault which were apparently a result of defending herself against the illegal strip search and removal of her necklace, defending her Right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure).
45. Again, Mrs Raue should have been just charged immediately at the Police Station when she was taken there and processed promptly in the public area before being released promptly on bail. There was no need to take her into a cell (outside the range of the video cameras …..) and strip search her.
46. This unreasonable strip search, during which her blouse was further ripped, as can be seen on the video, once again breached her Right to be secure against unreasonable search.

47. In fact this wrestling to the floor by the three or four burly Police Officers, in an attempt to cut off her necklace, and the comment by the Police Officer that she might lose an eye, actually constitute another breach of the Right prohibiting “torture, as well as “cruel and degrading treatment”, pursuant to Section 9 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act.

48. And the further subsequent incident involving the forcible strip search, and further ripping of Mrs Raue’s blouse in the Police cell constitute a separate and distinguishable further breach of the protection of Section 9 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, which prohibits cruel or degrading treatment.

49. The arbitrary manner in which the Masterton Police seized Mrs Raue has clearly broken one of the cardinal human rights, set out in Section 22 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, that “Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily arrested or detained.”
50. The Masterton Police ‘arrested’ Mrs Raue at the close of the political meeting arbitrarily. They arrested no one else in spite of numerous onlookers, not just Mrs Raue’s associates, protesting at the actions of the police in their violent and cavalier treatment of Mrs Raue.
51. The District Court Judge made clear his concerns at the actions of the local Police force in effecting this ‘arrest’ in his Judgment, when dismissing the three charges relating to the offences allegedly committed at the hall, at the close of the case for the Prosecution.
52. And his unusual Order that the Police pay legal costs of $3781 towards Mrs Raue’s actual legal costs is indicative of his concern at the Police’s treatment of Mrs Raue at the point of the alleged arrest, and that she was not advised at the time of the reasons for her ‘arrest’.

53. Moreover, when Mrs Raue was taken to the Masterton Police Station and detained overnight, there was an obvious spirit of punishment by the Police, and of teaching Mrs Raue a lesson for her behaviour, rather than on any principled basis of ‘process her and let her go home’ (with her companion who was waiting next door).
54. The Police did not even process Mrs Raue by fingerprinting her and photographing her until the next morning. They knew Mrs Raue well, and the Evidence shows that Mrs Raue asked repeatedly to be charged, and processed and released on Police Bail.
55. The Police could have merely bailed her in the evening and told her to come back in the morning to face what charges they thought she might face after a proper investigation. Instead they arbitrarily detained Mrs Raue overnight, even though her companion waited next door until well after midnight to transport her home to Carterton.
56. This cavalier and arbitrary approach to Mrs Raue’s right not to be arbitrarily detained appears to have had no other reason but to teach her a lesson. She was not intoxicated, she was of no danger to herself or others, and she could have been quite easily processed on the spot at the Police Station, or told to come back in the morning.
57. The political meeting was well and truly over. To keep Mrs Raue in behind bars overnight was a serious breach of her Right not to be arbitrarily detained, and this behaviour by the Masterton Police is of utmost concern.

58. Section 23(1)(a) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act provides that “Everyone who is arrested …… shall be informed at the time of the arrest of the reason for it.”
59. Judge Behrens made it quite clear in his Judgment dismissing the charges of Trespass, Disorderly, Behaviour and Resisting Arrest, that he was most dissatisfied with the situation and arresting procedures carried out by the Masterton Police at the close of the political meeting at the hall.
60. Mrs Raue has given the most emphatic instructions to myself that she was never told what she was being arrested for when the Police grabbed her and hustled her off to be pushed over the boot of the Police car and handcuffed. She advises that she did not know what charges were being laid against her until the following morning (just before she went into Court at 10:30 a.m. the next day) when she was fingerprinted and photographed
61. It therefore appears that Mrs Raue’s Rights in this regard have been breached. Certainly the Masterton Police’s non-compliance with their duties and responsibilities in this area was of considerable concern to Judge Behrens Q.C. as can be seen in his Judgment.

62. The next breach by the Masterton Keystone Kops appears to have been their blatant disregard of the cornerstone of justice for centuries, contained in Section 23(b) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, which provides that “Everyone who is arrested shall have the right to consult and instruct a lawyer without delay and shall be informed of that right.”
63. Mrs Raue had asked to speak to her lawyer Mr Ken Daniels in the Police car while being taken to the Masterton Police Station, following the first Bill Of Rights warning given to her in the Police car.
64. She was, however, not allowed to ring Mr Daniels until well after she got to the station, following the attempted unreasonable seizure of her necklace and the unreasonable strip search, during which both searches she was physically (wo)manhandled and physically restrained in brutal and quite unnecessarily degrading circumstances.
65. She was, in fact, not allowed to contact her lawyer until well after the disgraceful treatment meted out to her at the Masterton Police Station. She should have been allowed to ring Mr Daniels as soon as she arrived at the police Station in Masterton.
66. Mrs Raue constantly requested to talk to Mr Daniels, but the Police refused to allow her to contact him until after she had been ‘processed’, which processing that night extended only as to the violent removal of her necklace and her underwear, and ripping her blouse on two separate occasions, but not, apparently to the usual processes of photographing, fingerprinting, laying of charges and arranging Police Bail for Mrs Raue. The Masterton Police chose to delay these procedures and processes until the next day!
67. For the Masterton Police to proceed with the unreasonable searches and seizures of Mrs Raue and to strip search her over her protestations that she wanted to talk to her lawyer, a mere phone call away, is indicative of either a cynical and conscious disregard for Mrs Raue’s Right to talk to her lawyer without delay after she was ‘arrested’ at the public hall, or an appallingly negligent or reckless ignorance as to what is an expected level of Police awareness that they should allow an arrested person to consult, as well as instruct, a lawyer without delay, once that person is arrested, i.e. at the Hall, not after the Police deign to allow this consultation, either at the convenience of the Police, or at their whim.
68. The Masterton Police Officers present that night need urgent reminders as to their duties and responsibilities regarding the Rights of arrested persons to consult their lawyers without delay.

69. Section 23(2) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act provides that “Everyone who is arrested for an offence has the right to be charged promptly.” Mrs Raue has instructed me that she was not actually charged with any offenses until the morning after she was taken into custody and kept overnight in the Masterton Police cells.
70. It should be possible during the investigation of the breaches to obtain written evidence from the Masterton Police Station records regarding these incidents, as to the exact time that Mrs Raue was charged with the five alleged offences, and this will, no doubt establish whether or not the Police’s own records indicate if there has been a breach of this right or not. These Documents were not discovered to the Defense during the criminal trials, but I have had information furnished to me in other cases where the Police record at what time the actual charges are laid. One would hope that the Police Complaints Authority has the power to force the Masterton Police to produce such evidence if it is available.

71. In his Judgment dismissing the last two charges of assault and assaulting Police at the close of the case for the Prosecution, following submissions from myself as to the numerous breaches of human rights that appeared to have been committed by the Masterton Police officers, and after watching the Police video, Judge Behrens Q.C. made clear his distaste for the behaviour of the Masterton Police at the Police Station, as well as having expressed concerns in his earlier Judgment as the behaviour of the Masterton Police during the situation at the Carterton Municipal Hall (again at the close of the case for the Prosecution, following submissions from myself as to the numerous breaches of human Rights that appeared to have been committed by the Masterton Police officers).
72. The behaviour of the Masterton Police officers clearly breached the duty pursuant to Section 23(5) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act stating “That everyone deprived of liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the person.”
73. Mrs Raue was most certainly not treated with dignity by the Police, and in no way did the Police treat her with respect for her inherent dignity, from the very first contact with her, to the last humiliating and vindictive actions of refusing to allow her companion, who was waiting for her in the foyer of the Police Station to give her her handbag containing her toiletries, heart medication and personal effects. This was not just mean-minded and mean-spirited, but an actual breach of Mrs Raue’s Right to be treated humanely, with humanity, and with dignity.
74. Judge Behrens rightly scolded the Masterton Police for their behaviour, but the litany of breaches suggests surely that the standard of respect for basic human rights amongst the Masterton Police must be amongst the lowest in the country. Urgent retraining of the local Police seems to be called for to correct this situation which currently exists in Masterton.

75. Amongst the Rights of persons actually charged, is the right under Section 24(a) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act “to be informed promptly and in detail of the nature and cause of the charge”. As stated earlier in paragraph 68, Mrs Raue has indicated that she was not informed of the charges until the morning after she was ‘arrested’ and detained overnight. This is a clear breach of the Right to be informed promptly of the nature and cause of the charge.

76. By detaining Mrs Raue in the Masterton cells overnight, the Masterton Police have clearly breached the right under Section 24(2) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, “to be released on reasonable terms and conditions unless there is just cause for continued detention.”
77. One of the Police Officers cross-examined by myself during the trial, Suzanne Mackle, admitted that Kate Raue was not bailed and released that night because of her alleged “poor behaviour”, which seemed to comprise the apparently bad behaviour, according to the Police’s evidence, of continually asking to consult her lawyer!”
78. No just cause was ever advanced by the local Police as to why they kept Mrs Raue overnight in gaol, and their breach of her right to be released on reasonable terms and conditions (perhaps, for example, to present herself the following day for further questioning) was arrogant, punitive, vindictive, and deserving of strong censure by the Police Complaints Authority.

79. The Police contend that they ‘arrested’ Mrs Raue for trespass and disorderly behaviour, but the District Court took the view that the arrest was illegal. Nevertheless, once the Police believed themselves to have arrested her, they were under the obligation, pursuant to Section 24(c)of the NZ Bill of Rights Act to ensure that Mrs Raue was able to exercise her Right “to consult and instruct a lawyer.”
80. But the Masterton Police did not allow her to exercise that right until towards the end of their dispensing their own particular brand of summary justice, which was horrifyingly recorded on their own video camera. The video is most alarming in its revelations as to the inability of the Masterton Police to deal with the volatile situation that developed, in a professional and calming way. They were supposed to be the professionals. They are supposed to be trained in preventing situations from escalating. Their conduct that night fell far short of that expected of Police officers, who should be trained to calm situations, rather than inflame them, surely?

81. It is clear that the Police gave their trip between the Masterton Police Station and the Carterton Municipal Hall a “Priority One” status. Evidence was presented that the trip was completed in seven minutes, under flashing lights and sirens, which haste and manner of traveling attracted the condemnation of Judge Behrens.
82. It is apparent from their conduct from the beginning that they totally ignored the fundamental Right pursuant to Section 25(c) of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, the Right “to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.”
83. Police ignored the attempts of numerous bystanders to explain the situation.
84. See particularly the transcript of the email from Mr and Mrs Kennedy to Helen Clark, written that night, and the record by Mr Kennedy of his outrage at the way Mrs Raue was treated.
85. Mr Kennedy even returned to the Carterton Municipal Hall after going home, so that he could remonstrate with the organisers of the meeting as to their treatment of Mrs Raue.
86. He also had a half hour discussion the following day with Jack Johnson the Area Commander of the Masterton Police, to indicate his outrage at the brutal and over-the-top behaviour of the Police when they dragged Mrs Raue out of the hall.
87. The Masterton Police presumed Mrs Raue guilty from the start and gave no credence obviously to the presumption that she was innocent. This was a clear breach of the minimum standard expected in criminal procedures instituted by Police.
88. Mrs Raue was entitled to the presumption of ‘innocent until proven guilty according to law’, and the Police never applied that presumption to her situation.
89. Their preconception that she was guilty arose before the meeting even took place, as it came out during the trial that the organizers of the meeting had alerted the Masterton Police to the possibility that Kate Raue would probably be present, and it was arranged that the organisers would contact the Police should they feel that Mrs Raue was causing trouble.
90. So, Mrs Raue was hung, drawn and quartered as far as the local Police were concerned before there were even any alleged offences committed by her. Their attitude was that she was going to be guilty, whatever happened. Their perception before the meeting, and on the way to the Carterton Municipal Hall was that she was guilty (of whatever) until proven innocent.
91. This is a situation which mirrors Kafka’s ‘The Trial”, and should be disapproved in no uncertain terms, especially in a political milieu, which was the case here.
92. The latest Long Term Council Community Plan of the Carterton District Council, including the Financial Reports, and current financial projections regarding the current budget for the immediate future has been assessed by the Council’s Auditors as “unsatisfactory”, which would appear to confirm that Mrs Raue’s concerns (concerns which are also shared by the signatories of a relatively substantial petition) are valid.
93. Laurie Desborough of Audit New Zealand, on behalf of the Auditor General, Palmerston North, has determined in his Draft Report on the Carterton District Council’s Long Term Council Community Plan 2006-2016, incorporating the 2006/2007 Annual Plan, Volume 1 Finance and Strategy (‘the Plan’), on page 157 that “In our opinion, the Statement of Proposal for adoption of the LTCCP of the District Council, incorporating Volumes 1 to 2 dated 19 July 2006, does not provide a reasonable basis for long term integrated decision-making by the District Council and for participation in decision –making by the public and subsequent accountability to the community about the matters listed below: - “There is inadequate underlying information to support the forecast information included in the statement of Proposal. As a result, the forecasts of capital expenditure and operating expenditure, including the estimates of depreciation, could be materially misstated across all of the District Council’s activities. Also, because the forecast expenditure is not supported by adequate asset management plans, the District Council has been unable to demonstrate that the forecast expenditure will deliver the proposed levels of service across all the District Council’s activities. As a result, the information in the prospective financial statements is not supportable, and has not been based on the best information reasonably expected to be available to the District Council at the time of preparing the Statement of Proposal. This is also a departure from Financial Reporting Standard No. 42 (FRS-42): Prospective Financial Statements."
94. As well, on page 158 of the Plan, the Auditor General found that: “The District Council has not identified and adequately explained the sources of funds for its activities’ capital expenditure. The District Council does not operate separate activity level reserves, and some capital expenditure is funded from a general reserve, which is funded from various activities. This may result in surplus targeted rates in some activities being used to fund capital expenditure in other activities. “Based on the above, the District Council has been unable to demonstrate, as required by Section 101 of the Act, that it is managing its revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities, investments and general financial dealings prudently and in a manner that promotes the current and future interests of the community."
95. As well, on page 158, the officer of the Auditor General found that: “The District Council has not complied with the requirements of the Act, and has not demonstrated good practice for a Council of its size and scale within the context of the environment in respect of the following: As explained above, the District Council has been unable to demonstrate, as required by Section 101 of the Act, that it is managing its revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities, investments and general financial dealings prudently and in a manner that promotes the current and future interests of the community.” “The underlying information used to prepare the Statement of Proposal is inadequate and does not provide a reasonable basis for the preparation of the forecast information, as explained above."
96. Furthermore, page 159 of the Plan shows that the Auditor General found that: “The financial information is not presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting practice in New Zealand, in that: As explained above the information in the prospective financial statements is not supportable, and has not been based on the best information reasonably expected to be available to the District Council at the time of preparing the Statement of Proposal. This is a departure from FRS-42. As explained above, the forecast expenditure is not supported by adequate underlying information, and the District Council has been unable to demonstrate that the forecast expenditure will deliver the proposed levels of service. Consequently the extent to which the forecast information and proposed performance measures provide an appropriate framework for the meaningful assessment of the actual levels of service provision does not reflect good practice for a Council of its size and scale within the context of its environment."
97. As well, the Auditor General found that: “the scope of our work was limited as we were unable to obtain sufficient information about the underlying information to support the forecast information included in the Statement of Proposal.”
98. Mrs Raue’s concerns about the viability of the proposed $4,000,000 community facility appear to be well founded. According to the Auditor General, the standard of performance of the Carterton District Council’s financial affairs is extremely poor; in fact, they appear to be in a very sorry state indeed.
99. Pages 11 and 12 of the Council’s LTCCP refer to the Council’s commitment to the proposal.
100. On page 12 of the LTCCP, the Council (who also, coincidentally, mainly comprise the members of the ‘Focus Group’ behind the $4,000,000 proposal) “seeks your views on contributing $1 million to this project."
101. The second paragraph on page 12 of the LTCCP states that: “Should the community support the concept,” the Council would agree to make a commitment of one million dollars towards the cost of this ‘facility’, and goes on to state: “Council seeks the views of the community as to whether you believe that this investment is important for the future of our district.”
102. Also referred to on page 12 of the LTCCP is the Council’s alleged commitment to the consultation process, although the events at the public meeting which led to Mrs Raue’s unlawful detention make a mockery of this document, and of the Council’s commitment to the consultation process.
103. The actions of the local Police in trying to shut Mrs Raue up, and to silence her questioning of the need for an expensive white elephant in the community is an intolerable intrusion into Mrs Raue’s political rights to involve herself into the debate by the local community as to the wisdom or otherwise of this community facility.
104. The behaviour of the Masterton Police towards Mrs Raue, and their numerous and serious breaches of her human rights, guaranteed under the NZ Bill of Rights Act, deserve the most serious investigation by the Police Complaints Authority, and consideration given to awarding her financial compensation for each and every one of these breaches.
105. As well, she is entitled to recompense for the legal fees she has incurred as a consequence of the blatant and cavalier disregard of these rights
106. The harassment of Mrs Raue was continued by the Masterton Police when they also charged her with disorderly behaviour for her alleged conduct in the local library, when she was attempting to obtain material relevant to the $4,000,000 proposal, from the Library, which was advertised as the contact point for material about the proposed facility.
107. Judge Goddard, on appeal, acquitted Mrs Raue of that charge and indicated that her behaviour certainly did not require the intervention of the criminal law.
108. But the Masterton Police, in laying the charge, and its pursuit of Mrs Raue, have resulted in Mrs Raue’s incurring further legal fees of $5,000 in defending the charge in the first instance, and then on the successful appeal to the High Court (which did not allow costs for the successful appeal).
109. The participation in the democratic process by civic-minded citizens such as Mrs Raue is to be applauded. Without the fearless questioning of local body officials by such citizens, who are prepared to stand up and be counted, the days of vigorous and healthy political debates would be numbered.
110. The bullying and intimidatory tactics of the Masterton Police that night were a disgrace to the New Zealand Police Force as a whole.
111. When Mrs Raue uttered her cri-de-coeur for help to Mr Rodney Hide, he expressed his concern that her upcoming trial was a serious constitutional matter, that it raised fundamental human rights issues, such as freedom of speech, in a so-called democratic society. He was right. Mr Daniels also expressed his concern to the Masterton Police about their insistence on continuing with these (politically motivated) charges.
112. It was fortunate for Mrs Raue that Judge Behrens Q.C. took an equally vigorous approach in his Judgments, upholding Mrs Raue’s human rights, and, dismissing all of the five charges laid against her, at the close of the cases for the Prosecution, the evidence presented by them, as they admitted, being “tenuous”.
113. Mrs Raue and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Yours faithfully,

Michael Appleby


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