"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Glenn Taplin and the Super Maori Fullaz:

The newspaper article below is headed "Family abuse down" and claims that "The number of incidents in region has almost halved" (sic)  - What rubbish!  Police refuse to acknowledge complaints and abuse, they persecute the victims and protect the offenders.  The article describes how police hired some ex cop "Rob Field, who is considered a leading expert on family violence" - by whom?  Field came up with a plan to get all the community groups to work more closely together.  This is the cause of the problem, not the solution.  An independent contractor - yeah right!  Numerous people have approached me to describe their own experiences of police violence and corruption in the Wairarapa, providing evidence that their complaints have been ignored or fobbed off like mine have.

The news article at this link was published in 2008, and describes how this strategy works:  Police slap a person's file down on the table and let anyone from any of these "community agencies" take whatever they want out of the file.  The problem with the strategy is that these community agencies in the Wairarapa are run by incompetent idiots like the ones who were running the former Carterton Community Centre.  Bullies like Tere Torea and Gary McPhee.  Police have been sharing information with idiots for far too long, and the result is an increase in violence and crime.

Here's a link to another couple of reports about how the Police lie to suit themselves, regarding crime statistics in the Wairarapa.  Several people have sought me out recently to report their own horror stories about the Police and the manner in which they respond to domestic violence, one woman was dragged out of bed and attacked by an officer who said "In America it's recognised that 90% of domestic violence is caused by the woman so that's why the woman is always arrested first."  She was locked up at the Police station all night, not charged with anything, then released the following day and told to piss off.  This woman has in inoperable brain tumour.  These photos were taken the following day, she tells me that a few days after this they were considerably more pronounced.  The police are out of control in the Wairarapa, protecting the perpetrators of violence, not the victims.  

Glenn Taplin is a corrupt cop who refuses to charge Rachel Betteridge and her husband for sending me text messages saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back".  Have a careful read of this article, Taplin supports the Super Maori Fullaz, like he supports all the other useless little organisations that are all just a front for the individuals running them, and an excuse for those individuals to get their hands on taxpayers money to follow their own agenda.  Getting together with your biker mates and going for a bike ride is just an excuse to get publicity and funding and we're sick of it.  Piss off back up north Super Maori Fullaz, don't come down here with your BS!  We don't need these dodgy organisations and their misguided 'initiatives' about "raising awareness" and "gathering feedback", we want professional intervention for once and a full public inquiry into community services in the Wairarapa, organisation like this are using the problems with violence to get their snouts in the trough, applying for funding and getting huge amounts for their stupid "ideas". 

The correspondence at this link shows how Taplin has been perverting the course of justice for years in the Wairarapa!  It also confirms that Police made no effort whatsoever to obtain any evidence whatsoever relating to the corrupt prosecution taken against me at the instigation of lying prostitute Rachel Betteridge.  Police knew she had sent me the messages, but prosecuted me instead, and it ended up costing me over $4500 in lawyers fees.

Taplin covered up the fraud, misfeasance and serious assaults at the former Carterton Community Centre,and now the same people who closed it down - assisted by lawyers John Greenwood and Carolyn Wait - are being empowered to build an "Event Centre" which nobody wants.  The former community resource centre was taken over following an assault on the Secretary and Finance Officer, who was making enquiries into the serious fraud and misfeasance at the Centre, which was being run as a money trough by the committee, mainly associated with the Carterton District Council.  It was being run to cater to local bludging artists like Sean Crawford and Jo Roffe.

The former community resource centre provided resources for the less well off, a phone, computer, internet access for beneficiaries, etc, to empower disadvantaged people.

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