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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gail Penney - wahine toa - petition to Free Kate Raue:

 Gail Penney is a particularly wonderful woman and I will always be extremely grateful for her help, support and assistance after I was unlawfully detained in a high security mental institution as part of a corrupt conspiracy by Police, members of a local school board of trustees, and others, to pervert the course of justice.

Gail Penney was one of the few people who even knew what had happened to me after I disappeared off the face of the earth (for all intents and purposes) the day after I was "arrested" by corrupt local Constables Paul Dallinger and Mia Wilton.

Luckily for me Gail Penney is a woman who does not stand by and watch injustice, she moves swiftly to do something constructive about it.  Neither Gail or I think that internet petitions are worth the paper they're not written on, but the have their uses nevertheless, and raising awareness is one.  Petitions are covered by Parliament's Standing Orders.  Successive governments have created a labyrinth of legislation to confound even the sanest person, entwining the mental health system and the so called justice system, in a manner that has proven to be very dangerous indeed.  In order to achieve other more constructive action Gail initiated an internet petition to raise awareness about the gross abuse of human rights, action including ensuring the matter was judicially reviewed.

Gail provided me with a number of essential items such as basic toiletries, pens, paper, stamps etc, as well as huge moral support - she would ring often and inquire what was happening with me and what she could do to help.  She and Jenny Evans also managed to provide me with copies of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act and the Mental Health Compulsory Assessment and Treatment Amendment Act

Gail initiated this petition:
Release KATE RAUE: Improperly detained at Rangipapa

    author: Gail Penney and Penneylaneonline.com
    target: Nigel Fairley, John Edwards, Annette Gray, Amanda Courtney, Kathryn Crooks and Richard Stone

Overview of petition
Katherine Raue aka Kate is a blogwriter and the owner of the website Transparency in New Zealand (TiNZ), a website dedicated to telling the true stories of corruption in New Zealand.

For more than 1 month now she has been 'improperly detained'in the mental health facility called 'Rangipapa' in Porirua, NZ. Kate has been denied both basic civil and human rights during and throughout her 'detainment'. When she was 'detained', she had never been medically diagnosed or assessed as having a mental disorder.

Today, based on reports of "direct observations or info from other sources incl. family" (dubiously garnered) Kate is being treated as if she HAS a mental disorder and is currently under Doctor's instructions to be forcibly medicated.

She is forcibly medicated with two different pills (Risperidone and Aripiprazole - their use TOGETHER is outside the terms of the manufacturer's instructions - incapacitation?) for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

What YOU can DO:

1. Please SIGN the petition
2. Fax or write to these District Inspectors for Mental Health seeking a Judicial Enquiry into the 'improper detainment of Katherine Raue at Rangipapa and/or to register your protest :

Nigel Fairley
Director of Area Mental Health Services for Capital & Coast DHB
Private Bag 7902
Wellington, New Zealand

John Edwards                                                                   
District Inspector for Mental Health                       
P.O.Box 11 290
Manners Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Level 4, 60  Ghuznee St, Wellington
Tel:(04) 802 4164 Fax:    (04) 802 4169


Annette Gray                                                      
District Inspector for Mental Health                   
P.O.Box 24057
Level 5 , 82 Willis St
Wellington, New Zealand
Tel:(04) 472 8269 Fax: (04) 472 8270

Amanda Courtney                                              
District Inspector for Mental Health                           
Barrister & Solicitor
P.O.Box 5415
Wellington, New Zealand
Tel:(04) 385 3881 Fax: (04) 385 3882

Kathryn Crooks                                                    
District Inspector for Mental Health                            
Armstrong Barton                                                   
P.O. Box 441
Wanganui 4540
New Zealand
Tel:(06) 349 1599 Fax: (06) 345-5399

Richard Stone           
District Inspector for Mental Health           
Souness Stone Law Partnership
PO Box 975
New Zealand
Tel:(06) 878 7761 Fax: (06) 878 6599 

We the Undersigned,

Call for a Judicial Inquiry into the 'improper detainment' of Katherine Raue, commonly known as Kate Raue in 'Rangipapa' at Kenepuru Hospital, Porirua. We have serious concerns relating to the denial of Kate's basic civil and human rights together with instructions to 'forcibly medicate' her using Risperidone and Aripiprazole contrary to manufacturer instructions i.e together and at the same time.

As the Director of Area Mental Health Services for Capital & Coast DHB and designated District Inspectors for Mental Health for the Wellington region we regard the expediting of Katherine's 'improper detainment' as a matter for your urgent concern. We thank you for reading this letter and wait to see your prompt actions to our call for both a Judicial Inquiry and for Kate's release.

Ms. Christine Phillips, New Zealand
May 16, 14:28
# 281

Name not displayed, New Zealand
May 15, 21:59
# 280
Let this person go John key.

Ms. April Rowe, New Zealand
May 15, 21:38
# 279
I'am registering my dislike of wrongful incarceration or Katherine Raue. She must be released

melissa rose, Australia
May 15, 20:06
# 277
c mon people need more singnatures this is bullshit government think they can get away with alot of things the whole system is corrupt even over here its all expected to go on hush human rights is one thing you should neveer loose keep fighting for your rights kate there angry cause they were exposed

Ms. Jessica Radcliffe, LA
May 15, 19:51
# 276
Let this woman out . This is a breach of her human rights.

Ms. Ann Schexnyder, LA
May 15, 18:03
# 275

Name not displayed, New Zealand
May 08, 17:41
# 274
No medical assessment? Really, this is just too Orwellian and cannot be allowed to happen here! Go to Campbell Live and see if they can expose the corruption.

Ms. lisa kazazi, New Zealand
May 08, 15:37
# 273
I have already signed this petition- I rang Rangipapa to see if i can visit Kate = Kate has been refused all visits - I am very alarmed and concerned for Kate - this has happened because of the corrupt cops in the Waiarapa where Kate comes from - they have constantly persecuted Kate and have used the system to do this to her. I no I have witnessed first hand the level of corruption in the Waiarapas police system GET KATE Out

Mr. Adrian Buis, New Zealand
May 08, 01:39
# 272
Free her now!!

Natalie-Hine :McKay, New Zealand
May 07, 04:38
# 271

Mr. Geoffrey Dunbar, New Zealand
May 06, 16:18
# 270

Mrs. Elaine Miller, United Kingdom
May 06, 00:34
# 269

Ms. Karen Walsh, United Kingdom
May 06, 00:16
# 268

dianne lake, New Zealand
May 05, 16:15
# 267

cindy arriola, CA
May 05, 12:50
# 266

Ms. julia shaylor, Spain
May 05, 10:48
# 265

Ms. Manda Malott, TX
May 05, 10:11
# 264
Freedom of speach !!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Brendon Mune, New Zealand
May 05, 04:02
# 263
If the claims in this story are true, there has been a catastrophic failure in the NZ medical system and no effort should be spared to correct it permanently

Mr. Preston Kaplan, South Africa
May 05, 03:41
# 262

Ms. Ay├ža Kandemir, Turkey
May 05, 03:37
# 261

Mrs. Agness Ruwangalegedara, New Zealand
May 05, 01:28
# 260
We want a judicial inquiry and want this woman released.

Ms. Tracy Osborne, New Zealand
May 04, 23:58
# 259

Ms. Attiya Andrew, New Zealand
May 04, 23:10
# 258

Name not displayed, New Zealand
May 04, 22:46
# 257
To whom this may concern The issues here hghlight a serious miscarriage of Justice and abuse of power. I will be part of a group wanting to investigate this issue under a micro scope. I do not like the way the state has handled this affair.

Tracey-lee Repia, New Zealand
May 04, 22:33
# 256

Tania Phelan, New Zealand
May 04, 22:03
# 255
OMG are you for real.....are you going to put everyone into a mental health facility if they dare go against the grain or tell the people the REAL truth....RELEASE KATE TODAY!!!!

Name not displayed, New Zealand
May 04, 21:39
# 254
It has come to my attention that Kate Raue has been improperly detained under false pretenses. Just because someone expresses their lack of consent to this currently mentally ill social establishment, does not make them mentally unstable, it actually means they are sane enough to see through the corruption and sickness of our current system. Free her NOW!!

Ms. Vanessa Kingi, New Zealand
May 04, 18:26
# 253

Mrs. rhoda Mahanga, New Zealand
May 04, 18:24
# 252

tracey tully, Thailand
May 04, 18:08
# 251

Ms. Moana Flowers, New Zealand
May 04, 17:40
# 250

Maree Taylor, New Zealand
May 04, 15:39
# 249

marie dutch, New Zealand
May 03, 20:29
# 247

Mr. jonathan bundellu, Australia
May 03, 15:28
# 246
As a Kiwi living in Australia I am appalled to hear of the unjust treatment of one of our own. This activity is highly suspicious and is potentially going to expose some serious malpractice!

tania Marsden, New Zealand
May 03, 14:44
# 245
Why use 2 medications together? That's insane!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Jackie Greeley, VA
May 03, 14:14
# 244

Mr. Roger Stratford, New Zealand
Apr 29, 16:01
# 243
Makes the Hamilton Police look tame in comparison. Judiciary and Senior Counsel should be elected by citizens, not appointed.

Mrs. Aletta Kraan, ON
Apr 27, 18:43
# 242

Ms. Ruth Rogers, CO
Apr 27, 14:38
# 241

Name not displayed, MA
Apr 27, 03:50
# 240

Name not displayed, New Zealand
Apr 26, 17:39
# 239
This is bullshit, I know Kate very well. Very strong woman. She will come out of this with guns a blazing, believe me! She does not deserve this.

Simon Kaiwai, New Zealand
Apr 26, 07:29
# 238
Good on you for standing up Kate. Now it is time for the good people of Aotearoa to stand up in support. From a common law perspective the state has kidnapped this woman. If half of this number of signatories were to demand her release from outside of parliament or in front of the hospital I suspect she would be released in short order. I have been subjected to a similar attempt and had to go to extra ordinary lengths to avoid a similar outcome so know this "process" well. Supposedly independent psychiatrists will not even accept $350 p/h for a 4 hour assessment once they hear that the Crown has initiated a mental assessment on you. It's up to the family and supporters now.

Mrs. Whetumarama Tuhua, New Zealand
Apr 25, 20:36
# 237
I am not surprised. The Mental Health Service is an absolute disgrace in this country. The number of Matakite Maori MISDIAGNOSED as mentally ill because of their spiritual, religious, cultural and political beliefs is CRIMINAL. Release Kate Raue and PAY HER COMPENSATION for emotional trauma induced by arrogant and ignorant CRIMINALs dressed up as Medical Professionals.

Joanna Wharehinga, New Zealand
Apr 25, 18:01
# 236
This is bullshit, i fail to see how their actions are justified. By not providing adequate evidence - you do nothing but leave us to fill in blanks to find proof for your claim.

Mrs. Elzbieta Gotkowska, Poland
Apr 24, 11:34
# 235

Ms. Mischele Rhodes, New Zealand
Apr 22, 04:16
# 234
Release Kate Raue now!! This is in breach of her Human Rights.

Mr. gareth evans, New Zealand
Apr 22, 00:12
# 233
I know Kate Raue she is a lovely lady how can they do this to her. give her human rights back

Mr. Grant Adams, New Zealand
Apr 21, 19:45
# 232
I have read her blog and Kate speaks the truth clearly .

Name not displayed, New Zealand
Apr 20, 22:45
# 231
Have we gone back to the dark ages.? What on earth is going on here.! Since when was it ever a criminal and punishing act to open your mouth and speak words of truth. Clearly someone does not like it. Not acceptable. Are we actually living in 2011.? Or some other ridiculous time zone, that we are unaware about.

Mrs. Robyn Hembry, New Zealand
Apr 20, 18:49
# 230

Ms. Kitty Boaza, New Zealand
Apr 20, 01:55
# 229
What ever happened to freedom of speech? This is inhumane what is happening to Kate Raue, she must be freed!

Mrs. Jan Adams, New Zealand
Apr 20, 01:34
# 228
Why? This does NOT seem right in any way/shape/form!!

Dairne Kirton, New Zealand
Apr 19, 22:53
# 227
This is a breach of basic human rights let her go

Steve Green, New Zealand
Apr 19, 15:56
# 226
Please help spread this around your networks. This has got to stop! No State or group of people should have powers to forcibly detain someone without conviction, against their will; drug them, harrass them, stop them and friends from communicating. These are serious violations of human rights.

Ms. Hinemaukurangi Simpson, New Zealand
Apr 19, 04:12
# 225
It gets sadder by the day what NZ government allows to happen.....

Mr. Carl kitchenham, New Zealand
Apr 18, 23:32
# 224
Shocking, free this Lady NOW!

Ms. Sarah Kelley, TN
Apr 18, 22:48
# 223

Mr. Rowan Neate, New Zealand
Apr 18, 19:58
# 222
This is f*#ked!!! I thought New Zealand might have more integrity than that.

Mr. Aidan Crighton, New Zealand
Apr 18, 18:39
# 221

Amie V, New Zealand
Apr 18, 18:33
# 220

Andre Dromgool, New Zealand
Apr 18, 18:27
# 219

Ms. deborah mcgregor, New Zealand
Apr 18, 18:12
# 218
I hope that when she is released that the doctors and anyone involved are charged with deprivation of liberty

Mr. Lindsay Joyce, New Zealand
Apr 18, 17:45
# 217
1st of MAY- join in to the PROTEST of Chris Wingate, concerning this exact problem here in NZ. GOVERNMENT CURRUPTION

Mrs. Susan Harris, New Zealand
Apr 18, 15:58
# 216

Mr. Michael MacDonald, NS
Apr 18, 09:57
# 215

Pat McNair, New Zealand
Apr 18, 05:05
# 214

Ms. Cindy Arnesen, New Zealand
Apr 18, 01:57
# 213
jasmina henderson, New Zealand
Apr 17, 22:57
# 212
let her go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Isha Edwards, New Zealand
Apr 17, 22:35
# 211
This is outrageous! NZ is supposed to be a civilised country - there is nothing civilised about locking someone away just because she is telling the truth. She needs to be released immediately!

Gail Taylor, New Zealand
Apr 17, 22:20
# 210
We are meant to be living in a democratic society where we have freedom of speech. Kate is being denied her basic human rights.

Ms. Lynley Frame, New Zealand
Apr 17, 22:05
# 209

David Holden, New Zealand
Apr 17, 21:20
# 208

Ms. Lisa Er, New Zealand
Apr 17, 20:25
# 207

Ms. janine seymour, New Zealand
Apr 17, 20:05
# 206
this is one of the greatest abuses of our time, numbing and dumbing those who can see whats happening and being brave enough to speak out...ITS TIME.. most of usa is medicated creating a numb,half dead population, doctors need to be informed of whats really happening and what mental health really is and how to help HEAR a nation that has had enough of drug companies ruling and controlling doctors,and trying to numb down those who have had enough of the fear based, controlling , greed ...well done Kate

Greg Villers, New Zealand
Apr 17, 17:01
# 205
This madness has to stop. What sort of society are we living in when people are forced to endure what this woman is going through.

Ms. Heather Howes, New Zealand
Apr 17, 16:08
# 204
If this is the new weapon of keeping people with ethics who care about YOUR freedom quiet then it is a very sad day indeed. Free her immediately!

Ms. Lynn Crandall, AZ
Apr 17, 08:44
# 203

Mr. Tony Kazlauckas, NM
Apr 17, 08:03
# 202

Name not displayed, PA
Apr 16, 20:39
# 201

Name not displayed, New Zealand
Apr 16, 19:30
# 200

Mrs. noeleen reynolds, Australia
Apr 16, 17:28
# 199

Name not displayed, Sweden
Apr 16, 14:41
# 198

Dr. Gael Murphy, FL
Apr 16, 14:11
# 197

Mrs. Monika Huber, Austria
Apr 16, 09:12
# 196

bronwen ford, New Zealand
Apr 16, 03:44
# 195

Please release her and stop the abuse of medication for her, she has the right to freedom of speech
Mr. Craig Terris, New Zealand
Apr 15, 20:53
# 194

Mike Francis-Roberson (Mike Ro, New Zealand
Apr 15, 20:35
# 193
Having been the recipient of corrupt and fraudulent treatment courtesy of the New Zealand government, together with the ongoing effects and ramifications since 1990, I can vouch for the actions of the 'Dirty Tricks Brigade' in New Zealand. Lawfully and legally those in New Zealand who abuse power and their 'authority' over others - just because they can - do so because they sincerely believe that they will never be brought to account. The People of New Zealand and Globally can demonstrate otherwise. Do it NOW! The woman illegally detained is being medicated against her will - this in itself is a criminal act. Sign the Petition for her immediate release

Ms. amanda fenwick, New Zealand
Apr 15, 20:34
# 192
this is very disturbing....

Ms. Clare Swinney, New Zealand
Apr 15, 12:56
# 191
I was held against my will because I maintained 9/11 was an inside job. I got an apology from the hospital after 2 years. I hope Kate gets an apology too.

Maria Morani, New Zealand
Apr 15, 03:44
# 190
I can't believe that this is happening in New Zealand...

Mr. christopher tauchmann, Germany
Apr 15, 02:55
# 189

Mrs. Pam Boland, GA
Apr 15, 00:53
# 188

Sarah Garlick, New Zealand
Apr 15, 00:01
# 187

rod Rod's incorporeal, New Zealand
Apr 14, 22:17
# 186
Tell Kate to change her signature to full legible name and this will re-instate her human rights.

Mr. Jonathan Wilson, ME
Apr 14, 22:03
# 185

Mr. philip smathers, New Zealand
Apr 14, 21:28
# 184

Bernard O'Shaughnessy, New Zealand
Apr 14, 17:51
# 183
The State should NOT do this, it is illegal

Bruce Bisset, New Zealand
Apr 14, 17:48
# 182

benjamin aberhart, New Zealand
Apr 14, 17:47
# 181
the truth doesnt belong in the wallets of the wealthy

Name not displayed, China
Apr 14, 17:36
# 180

Mr. Cliff Bye, New Zealand
Apr 14, 17:31
# 179
NZ own Gestapo, Chuck them in under the mental health act!

Mr. Robert Hoy, New Zealand
Apr 14, 17:17
# 178

amanda spooner, New Zealand
Apr 14, 17:10
# 176

Mr. Jesse Wheeler, New Zealand
Apr 14, 17:01
# 174
This is out of control. Will NOT stand for this.

Ms. Vi Pirini, New Zealand
Apr 13, 18:17
# 173
What's this world coming too???

Mr. Douglas Jarrett, New Zealand
Apr 13, 14:20
# 172
This is a democratic Country and we all have rights to be able to speak and act without the fear of persecution from our government. Katherine is not allowed to become our lady of the lake. Release her now.

Ms. Jenny Chittenden, United Kingdom
Apr 13, 13:56
# 171

Dimity Patterson, Australia
Apr 13, 13:48
# 170

Esther Lance, India
Apr 13, 12:14
# 169

Jo Horton, New Zealand
Apr 13, 10:56
# 168
Improperly detained? Forcibly medicated? This lady needs a high quality lawyer. Surely a case for legal aid?

Marguerite Paku, New Zealand
Apr 13, 10:56
# 167
Geeze this government of ours is bloody criminal! Hope this helps Katherine

Mr. Shorne Morris, Indonesia
Apr 13, 05:49
# 166
I strongly disagree with the detainment of anyone against their will and for reasons of no scientific, criminal, or other proof. Dont let New Zealand become a country that is not managed for the people, and a Government that is automated, machine like, and devoid of compassion.

Mrs. S Baylis, New Zealand
Apr 13, 05:15
# 165
Several young New Zealanders experienced this in the 1960's and 1970's. I'm dismayed that it is still going on.

Ms. Brigham Tarawa, Australia
Apr 13, 04:29
# 163
Im an ex serviceman and Ive learned after the Vietnam war the govt dont give a hell we are still fighting for our human rights after 42 yrs we need medical assistance to give us quality of life and the same thing has been done to this beautiful lady because of the Truth,stick with it darling I very near went to gaol for 5yrs for telling the truth I dont know you but i certainly Have a very healthy respect for people like you.Im a war invalid its the same Kia Kaha I would love to meet you one day Kia Ora BT

Ms. Terri Ste, New Zealand
Apr 13, 03:20
# 161
Release Kate Raue! To detain a person in a mental institution who has not been assessed as having a mental disorder is an abomination. Too many people have been locked away who tell the truth and expose the wrongdoings in society. More and more people are now aware of your incarceration of Kate and we will not stop publicising this injustice until Kate is released.

Mr. Jamie Linton, New Zealand
Apr 13, 03:18
# 160
Something v wrong here.Cld it b corruption? Compare this terrible sitn with Kate to my experience. An unlawful leading question technique by chief psychologist at CAFS - Child, Adolescent & Family Services of Capital Coast Health, caused massive damage to my family.Then followed total failure of chief psychiatrist at Wgtn Hospital to care for our disturbed son - mental health services failure.Kate is being wrongfully treated against her will.In our case, mental health services failed to care for & treat our son.1 of the terrible consequences of 16 yrs of constant, unbelievable stress, was the death of my beloved wife.

Ms. Whaku Turaukawa, New Caledonia
Apr 13, 03:02
# 159
Let Kate Raue go back to the life she chooses

Mr. Billy Mckee, New Zealand
Apr 13, 02:57
# 158
Come on you guys you have proved your point. Let Kate go now. I fshe has got problems your treatment is not going to help.

Ryan Simmons, New Zealand
Apr 13, 02:48
# 157

Cathryn Eden, New Zealand
Apr 13, 02:31
# 156
This is terrible. Don't we live in a deomcracy??

andrew wilkins, New Zealand
Apr 13, 02:00
# 155

Mrs. Dorothy Reardon, New Zealand
Apr 13, 01:49
# 154

Ms. Tonia Waugh, New Zealand
Apr 13, 01:11
# 153
This is completely outrageous! So much for free speech in New Zealand. Under who's orders is Kate detained and for what reason??????? These criminals should be locked up themselves!

Mrs. Jacqueline vanEerten, New Zealand
Apr 12, 22:06
# 152
We allow this kind of abuse and hidden agenda's. Why? because its part of our culture and is in our school systems. Policies on antibullying ~ yip ~ implemented ~ Nope! All just an illusion ~ Bless you Kate. Kia kaha

Ms. Annette Rutledge, New Zealand
Apr 12, 20:13
# 151
OMG Im stunned. How naive we are to think it doesnt happen here in our own country! Good on you Vinny:)

Mr. Al C-T, New Zealand
Apr 12, 20:11
# 150
So much for freedom of speech let alone basic human rights! Repugnant!

Kate Te Rure, New Zealand
Apr 12, 16:30
# 149
Leigh McNeil, New Zealand
Apr 12, 13:59
# 148
lisa ritchie, New Zealand
Apr 12, 13:16
# 147
Jessica Smith, United Kingdom
Apr 12, 13:04
# 146
Mr. Alister Benn, Spain
Apr 12, 10:45
# 145
This is simply wrong..
Mr. J Thomas, CA
Apr 12, 10:20
# 144
Ms. Monique Rosales, IL
Apr 12, 09:30
# 143
To detain someone for speaking the truth is wrong, but to drug someone to silence them while detaining them is absolutely INHUMANE and it is monstrous! Each of you know how WRONG this is and it’s astonishing to think how anyone can go about each day enjoying life with a clear conscience while committing such a heinous act against humanity! All throughout history we have had inhumane dictators who tortured drugged and murdered thousands of his own people. But, was that not enough? For the sake of our human race and this generation and for all the generations to come PLEASE release Kate Raue and STOP THIS madness! Our society has seen ENOUGH already!

Mrs. Phillipa Mazidi, New Zealand
Apr 12, 07:58
# 142

Mrs. Barbara Pennington, United Kingdom
Apr 12, 07:27
# 141

Dr. Teresa Wlosowicz, Poland
Apr 12, 07:20
# 140

Ms. deb williams, New Zealand
Apr 12, 04:49
# 139
This will expose the govt and big pharma for the legal drug pushers they are. This is a crime against all womin, democracy and our right to question and challenge your corrupt intentions and actions

John Lawrence, New Zealand
Apr 12, 04:42
# 138

Name not displayed, New Zealand
Apr 12, 02:00
# 137

Mrs. Ede-Leigh Bothe, Australia
Apr 12, 01:21
# 136
This is totally against our human rights. Sadly, New Zealand is not the only place that does this.

Ms. Crystal Rock, New Zealand
Apr 11, 23:24
# 135

Mr. Kevin Owen, New Zealand
Apr 11, 22:50
# 134
Quite simply, if you are diagnosed mentally ill, you can lose all your civil and human rights. Even if you commit no crime, you can be incarcerated in a psychiatric facility against your will. http://www.cchrint.org/tag/forcibly-detained/

Ms. Kiely Waiomio, New Zealand
Apr 11, 22:37
# 133

Ms. Iona Kentwell, Australia
Apr 11, 20:03
# 132

Melissa Medley, MT
Apr 11, 19:26
# 131

Name not displayed, CA
Apr 11, 19:10
# 130

Mr. Xavier Talley, TX
Apr 11, 18:42
# 129

Ms. catrina scott, DE
Apr 11, 18:20
# 128

Mr. Michael Kirkby, ON
Apr 11, 18:18
# 127
This is going to become a common occurrence if we don't stop this now. Anyone who doesn't think it could happen in North America needs to get a reality check.

Name not displayed, Australia
Apr 11, 18:03
# 126

Azzah Suhayr, BC
Apr 11, 17:25
# 125
Shame on New Zealand. There must be a terrible amount of corruption in your country to have to resort to this level of intimidation. Brings to mind Ai Weiwei, recently detained in China where they have a saying, 'A ruler will never fail to find a crime to put on the people he wants to punish'. Release Katherine Raue immediately and let her speak to the world and tell her story.

Mrs. Angeles Madrazo, Mexico
Apr 11, 16:26
# 124

Ms. Jenny Sisk, IN
Apr 11, 16:15
# 123

Ms. Denise Hok, VT
Apr 11, 16:12
# 122

Name not displayed, CA
Apr 11, 15:48
# 121

Ms. Penny Bright, New Zealand
Apr 11, 15:13
# 120
In my opinion,it is absolutely unacceptable for people expressing a strong (albeit unpopular) political opinion to be detained and forcibly medicated against their will. Upon what lawful basis is Kate Raue being detained? How do we know that these 'direct observations' were not malicious, or politically motivated? On what lawful basis is Kate Raue allegedly being forcibly medicated with Risperdal and Aripiprazole for the treatment of schizophrenia and in bipolar disorder - if she has apparently - at the time of detainment never been medically diagnosed or assessed as having these conditions? It is my considered opinion, that Kate Raue that must be released forthwith from Rangipapa.

Ms. Valeria Bonfiglio, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 14:49
# 119

Ms. laura zanoli, Italy
Apr 11, 14:27
# 118

Mr. Vincent Eastwood, New Zealand
Apr 11, 14:00
# 117
I am a radio show host and I called rangipapa regarding Kate, they said "no you can't talk to her because of privacy (secrecy) laws" I was then passed on to the senior nurse, when I said I was from the media, she passed me on to another person who passed me on to their voicemail. I left a message asking them to contact me back but I'm not gonna hold my breath!!!! Vinny Eastwood www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com

Mr. James Samuel, New Zealand
Apr 11, 13:34
# 116
From the story offered here, and what I've read on her blog, I support Kate's release. I don't read anything that suggests she is dangerous - outspoken yes, but a danger to society or herself, no. Medication for any condition at the best of times is a questionable approach, and against her will by people who disagreed with her views is unconscionable.

Mrs. Wendy yukihiro, WA
Apr 11, 13:18
# 115

Mr. B J Ellsworth, OR
Apr 11, 13:15
# 114

Mr. Sandro Jozic, Croatia
Apr 11, 13:13
# 113

Mr. Bazz Rahipere, New Zealand
Apr 11, 12:58
# 112

Mrs. ivana prpic, Croatia
Apr 11, 12:26
# 111

Mr. Miles Murray, FL
Apr 11, 12:19
# 110

Mrs. Helen Rowan, OH
Apr 11, 12:15
# 109

Ms. Danny Madzhurova, Bulgaria
Apr 11, 12:14
# 108

Ms. Sanja Tamarut, Croatia
Apr 11, 12:02
# 107

Mr. Matt Kelly, MA
Apr 11, 12:01
# 106

Mrs. Carol Facey, MA
Apr 11, 11:40
# 105

Mr. Steve Finger, NC
Apr 11, 11:28
# 104

Ms. sayma a shahid, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 11:16
# 103

Mr. Micah McC, NC
Apr 11, 10:57
# 102

Mr. Edward Catterton, ME
Apr 11, 10:49
# 101

Ms. elfriede morris, GA
Apr 11, 10:37
# 100

Ms. ginger walker, LA
Apr 11, 10:06
# 99

Dr. Fill Caps, CA
Apr 11, 09:35
# 98

Ms. Anna Ostrowska, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 09:27
# 97

Ms. Nina Gergenrejder, Germany
Apr 11, 09:25
# 96

Mrs. Gordana Roljic, Serbia And Montenegro
Apr 11, 09:21
# 95

Mr. Jakob Geist, Germany
Apr 11, 09:18
# 94

Ms. Susie Kaplan, CA
Apr 11, 09:08
# 93

Mr. ALI AHARBIL, Morocco
Apr 11, 09:06
# 92

Mr. Patrick Whyte, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 09:00
# 91

Ms. Barb greene, IL
Apr 11, 08:45
# 90

Mr. Phil Kaplan, CA
Apr 11, 08:24
# 89

Ms. Toni Colina, Philippines
Apr 11, 08:23
# 88

Mr. michael earley, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 08:10
# 87

Dr. Erika Miller, MO
Apr 11, 08:07
# 86

Ms. Poorvi Perpetua de Sa, India
Apr 11, 07:39
# 85

Mr. Stephen Nicklay, MN
Apr 11, 07:26
# 84

Ms. Esther Zamora, CA
Apr 11, 06:53
# 83
Name not displayed, Portugal
Apr 11, 06:23
# 82

Ms. Teresa DeNardo, FL
Apr 11, 06:18
# 81

Mrs. Rosie Petran, ON
Apr 11, 05:51
# 80

Mr. Jaime Tenorio, Peru
Apr 11, 05:39
# 79

Ms. Joi Johnson, IL
Apr 11, 05:37
# 78

Mr. Gordon Forbes, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 05:00
# 77

Mr. Marvin Grantham, LA
Apr 11, 04:52
# 76

Ms. Mari Yamm, ME
Apr 11, 04:52
# 75

Mr. geoff cox, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 04:51
# 74

Mrs. Carol Winder, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 04:50
# 73

Mr. David Price, South Africa
Apr 11, 04:45
# 72
How can New Zealand claim to espouse Human Rights when it treads all over them!?

Mrs. shea diab, Singapore
Apr 11, 04:40
# 71

Michelle Helliwell, New Zealand
Apr 11, 04:36
# 70
This is EVEN MORE UNACCEPTABLE treatment of the people of New Zealand and keeping her detained is ABSOLUTE PROOF of corrupt practices occurring in what used to be A FREE COUNTRY. Release her NOW!

Mrs. Dieuwke van Wijk, Netherlands
Apr 11, 04:36
# 69

Ms. Ana Cetinic, Serbia And Montenegro
Apr 11, 04:35
# 68

Ms. Maria van der Meel, New Zealand
Apr 11, 04:34
# 67
There goes our freedom of speech and Kate the obvious victim, its time to stand up..........

Mr. James Hills, New Zealand
Apr 11, 04:31
# 66

Mr. Ben Johnson, New Zealand
Apr 11, 04:31
# 65
Immediate Inquiry and action solicited. Mental Health Work is a big business in New Zealand. Both Psychiatrists and support workers play with People's life in New Zealand.

Ms. Margarita Vasic, Serbia And Montenegro
Apr 11, 04:18
# 64

Ms. Ineke Top, Netherlands
Apr 11, 04:17
# 63

Mr. Steve Hay, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 04:17
# 62
In New Zealand? Which New Zealand? I can't believe NZ could do such a thing. Is NZ a new US state? Evaluate her and treat or release her, but stay within the law, NZ

Mr. Arild Warud, Portugal
Apr 11, 04:17
# 61

Dr. Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, New Zealand
Apr 11, 04:13
# 60
fight the good fight.

Mrs. Krasimira Buyuklieva-Darzeva, Bulgaria
Apr 11, 04:09
# 59

Ms. Sophia Bertolino, CA
Apr 11, 03:56
# 58

Mrs. Jackie Ramsden, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 02:25
# 57

Ms. Bettina Lorenz, Germany
Apr 11, 02:25
# 56

Ms. Ellen Mccabe, WA
Apr 11, 02:00
# 55
Erin Young, New Zealand
Apr 11, 01:59
# 54
Please stop force-medicating this woman with psychotropic drugs and let her go!! The effects they have on the body are horrific and it's a violation of a person's basic right to choose what goes into their body. Please step in, investigate, and make things right.
Mr. paul d mcdonald, New Zealand
Apr 11, 01:58
# 53
Ms. Maya Divers, New Zealand
Apr 11, 01:58
# 52
Sakura li, Germany
Apr 11, 01:54
# 51
Mrs. Petra Haisam, Egypt
Apr 11, 01:33
# 50
Mrs. Carla Antunes, Portugal
Apr 11, 01:31
# 49
Ms. Anne Cook, New Zealand
Apr 11, 00:59
# 48
Ms. Natasha Case, South Africa
Apr 11, 00:58
# 47
M Bennett, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 00:30
# 46
Poor woman........... To the powers that be that put her in there, release her or you will be judged.
Mr. Andrew Lamont, New Zealand
Apr 11, 00:26
# 45
Ms. Fran Fulwiler, OR
Apr 11, 00:21
# 44
Mr. anthony roberts, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 00:19
# 43
Mrs. Sylvia Ferreira, CT
Apr 11, 00:14
# 42
Is this an April Fools Joke? I cannot believe this is happening in Godzone (NZ)! Let this person go Let her have her dignity and most importantly freedom of speech! Kia kaha Kate
Mr. Sundeep Shah, India
Apr 11, 00:12
# 41
Matt Stoddart, New Zealand
Apr 10, 23:53
# 40
Removing the rights of one (as you have done in Katherine's case) is to remove the rights of all - including yourselves. Let her go - we will NOT be silenced...
Stephen Maire, New Zealand
Apr 10, 23:44
# 39
I suggest Amnesty International and the UN Secretary for Indigenous Peoples be informed immediately.
Mr. Aaron McLoughlin, MA
Apr 10, 23:34
# 38
Name not displayed, New Zealand
Apr 10, 23:34
# 37
Ms. Molly Marshall, New Zealand
Apr 10, 23:24
# 36
and the truth shall set us all free.
Kirthi Sagar, India
Apr 10, 23:22
# 35
please release kate because she is fighting against corruption
Ms. Staci Golladay, AZ
Apr 10, 23:19
# 34
Loral Griffiths, New Zealand
Apr 10, 23:09
# 33
Political prisoners in our country are UNACCEPTABLE, this isn't Guantanamo Bay!! RELEASE HER from her UNLAWFUL detainment grrrrr or we truly do live in a lawless dictatorship after all.
Mr. Roger Monk, United Kingdom
Apr 10, 22:56
# 32
Kelvyn Alp, New Zealand
Apr 10, 22:46
# 31
Mr. James Duncan, Australia
Apr 10, 22:43
# 30
Mr. billy riches, New Zealand
Apr 10, 22:42
# 29
free her for god sake
Name not displayed, AZ
Apr 10, 22:41
# 28
Linda Merritt, AZ
Apr 10, 22:41
# 27
Please promptly release Katherine-Kate Raue and conduct an Judicial Inquiry. Thank you in advance.
Mr. A-Jay Hunt, New Zealand
Apr 10, 22:41
# 26
Kate Raue has done some great work exposing police corruption in New Zealand. She is of very sound mind. Please pass this on , She is being forcibly drugged against her will with toxic pharmaceutical drugs that are killing her in a slow painful death while dr's are harming her in-humane ways we must save this lady and get her out of hell
Mr. Charlie Fam, BC
Apr 10, 22:07
# 24
Ms. Jessica Adams, Panama
Apr 10, 22:04
# 23
Mrs. Anna Little, MA
Apr 10, 21:39
# 22
Pono Freeman, United States
Apr 10, 21:19
# 21
We know Kate is of sound mind and that it is another crime of the police and court system to be forcing pharmaceutical poisons on her to keep her silent. Do the right thing police and courts.
Ms. Amanda Benson, IA
Apr 10, 20:52
# 20
Ms. Amy Witt, CA
Apr 10, 20:51
# 19
Name not displayed, FL
Apr 10, 20:46
# 18
Ms. Christine Co, BC
Apr 10, 20:02
# 17
Mr. Mark MacNamara, CA
Apr 10, 19:47
# 16
Katherine, there are many that stand behind you....
Paul Barton, New Zealand
Apr 10, 19:45
# 15
This is undeniably an attempt to stop the truth for coming out about the corruption in this country,
Ms. Nichole Long, AL
Apr 10, 19:38
# 14
Name not displayed, New Zealand
Apr 10, 19:18
# 13
Ms. A Thompson, ON
Apr 10, 19:06
# 12
Ms. Karen Tucker, FL
Apr 10, 19:04
# 11
Ms. Freya Harris, GA
Apr 10, 19:02
# 10
Ms. Jenna Brennan, NC
Apr 10, 18:50
# 9
Forcibly medication to prevent her from detailing corruption - my God its like something out of a horror movie. This is disgusting. Let the girl go and stop participating in such corruption, that forces you to silence your own citizens!

Mr. L E Payne, NH
Apr 10, 18:49
# 8

jenny evans, New Zealand
Apr 10, 18:45
# 7

Mr. Alastair Cameron, ME
Apr 10, 18:35
# 6
Held by Terrorists in her own country... What's going on in NZ... Let her go now!...

Liz Lambert, New Zealand
Apr 10, 18:14
# 5
First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me

Name not displayed, Portugal
Apr 10, 18:09
# 4

Ms. Mila Christ, CA
Apr 10, 18:08
# 3

Ms. Gail Penney, New Zealand
Apr 10, 17:45
# 2
Some injustices are right under our noses. Kate's 'improper detainment' is one of those! We pursue a judicial inquiry on her behalf. We seek to speak up for her because she is unable to at this time.

Mrs. Ellen Bartlett, NY
Apr 10, 17:40
# 1

Dear All,

I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for your support of this petition.

As at 10am this morning [17 May 2011], I wish to confirm that Katherine is no longer in Rangipapa. She has been released.

I am grateful that this petition has highlighted not just Katherine's plight but goes some way toward highlighting the wider narrative of accountability and to improve the practices of a system with policies that does what they say they will do.

As a society we ought to feel some security (however small) that we have human rights that serve to insist upon a moral pause in those who are charged with the societal responsibility over those held in institutions like Rangipapa.

The aim of this petition was always and only ever two-fold. Firstly, to have Kate released and secondly to seek a Judicial Inquiry. We will approach the second in due course but for now, we welcome Kate back among us and all of you, her friends and supporters.
From my heart, to each of yours, thank you all so very much. Gail Penney for penneylaneonline.com
I am incredibly grateful to Gail Penney, Jenny Evans, Marion Goodall, Tony Pearce, Benjamin Easton, Maria Van Der Meel, Areta Chapman, Stephen Cotterell, HK, Katrina, Jackie and many other people for supporting and assisting me during this unbelievable experience.

I will be publishing all evidence of my corrupt incarceration, including a journal I kept.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Witnesses evidence confirms Harvey Pope's sadistic corruption:

I've complained to local police more than once about people who deliberately try to hit me with their cars when I'm cycling.  It's bad enough having to dodge the car doors opening without the homicidal maniacs round here.

This affidavit was recently read out in Court by the person who wrote it - police continue to refuse to take any action whatsoever about this matter, or my other complaints - this is taxpayer funded corruption:

"My name is [withheld to protect privacy of witness].  I am a sheep and beef farmer from [withheld to protect privacy] near Masterton.  I have known Kate Raue for about ten years.

In January 2011 Julian Tyerman, a glazier I know, came to my farm to look at replacing a window and other carpentry work.  While in conversation with Julian Tyerman he invited me to join a group (I believe there were four of them) that were harassing Kate Raue.  He said they had followed her away from Masterton Court and had verbally harassed her.  He seemed to think it was funny.  He also said they had knocked her off her bike, on another occasion, on a Carterton road, with a car.

I was quietly incredulous at what he was saying and asking me to join in with.  There was zero chance that I would join in.  I was concerned about what was happening to Kate Raue.  Julian has told me that he uses drugs and I assume that is the explanation for what he was saying and doing.  I told him to leave Kate alone.  He didn't appear receptive to that idea.  I was concerned about Kate being assaulted with a motor vehicle and physically threatened and consequently in distressing circumstances.  I decided to catch up with her when the opportunity arose.

I bumped into Kate a week or so later but didn't let her know what I knew.  Kate had a cut to her hand and face and I asked her "What happened to you?"  She told me she had been knocked off her bike with a car and the people in the car had laughed as they drove away.  She said she had made a complaint to the police but Harvey Pope, a Carterton policeman wouldn't take a complaint.

I commiserated with her over the matter but still didn't let on I knew someone who had been in the car.  It was clear to me that Kate's version of events tallied exactly with what Julian Tyerman had told me.  I decided to maintain contact with Kate as and when I could.  I am a sheep and cattle farmer running three properties ranged over 30 miles apart and am busy, so couldn't see Kate often.

On 10 February 20011 I discovered the unoccupied house on the Waiohine runoff property had been broken into.  A cast iron cooker and lead acid batteries had been taken - scrap metal.  I went to police to make a complaint the next day.  I spoke with senior constable Harvey Pope.  While there Malcolm Blair came into report a suspicious vehicle on the same rural road.  Malcolm owns a lifestyle property on that road, ten miles from Carterton.  He said the occupants of the suspicious vehicle were looking for scrap metal.  Malcolm Blair spends most of his year in England and appears to stay at Waiohine in the Tararuas about one month a year at most.  His place is unoccupied most of the year and has seen a series of burglaries too.

Unbidden by anything either Malcolm Blair or I had said, Constable Harvey Pope launched into a verbal attack on Kate Raue, telling Malcolm "If you ever see Kate Raue, have nothing to do with her" and "She's just a sociopath".  I had been told by Julian Tyerman that Kate had a blogsite and that it had upset Police and others.  I thought that was what had upset Harvey Pope.  He was vociferous in his criticism and condemnation of Kate to the point of negating her as a person.

I said "Look, I've been invited to join a group that's harassing Kate Raue.  they have followed her away from Court in Masterton and harassed her."

Harvey Pope didn't seem much interested but asked me if I was going to join in.  Of course, I said I was not.

I said "They have alsso knocked her off her bike with a car."

He replied "As far as I am concerned she deserves what she gets."

I was in disbelief at what I was hearing.  He further stated "Anyway, they hit her with the door"  As if the door is not part of the car, and as if to diminish the assault.  To know what part of the car hit Kate Harvey Pope had to have talked to the person(s) who did it, as Kate herself didn't know.

Kate could have been killed or seriously injured in this incident.  She had visible injuries but policeman Harvey Pope would not take a complaint from her,  His action in not taking a complaint when he knew that an offence had occured and how it had occured is inexplicable to me.  His statement "As far as I am concerned she deserves what she gets" is a sanction allowing the offenders to do it.  Perhaps to do it again.

I believe those things are a corruption of police procedures by Harvey Pope.

When Kate Raue says she is harassed by a group of Carterton individuals who take physical action against her, she is telling the truth.  Also when she says she is harassed by a group of Carterton individuals who take physical action against her, she is telling the truth.

On a personal level, some years ago I had a a disagreement with a Carterton mechanic, Nicholas Andrews, who proceeded to let my ute's tyres down whenever I went to the hotel to socialise.  I left it to the Police to handle it, and they were going to do 'this and that'.  One night when I left the hotel my tyres hadn't been let down.  I was surprised the problem was that regular.  Suspiciously checking the wheels I found that the front wheel nuts had been undone, enough to precipitate a crash.  I drive in hill country roads going home.

I went to police the following week to make a complaint.  Despite the previous attacks on my vehicle Harvey Pope wouldn't take a complaint, despite my protests.  I knew then and also from subsequent events that I could be murdered using those methods and police were likely to treat it as a car 'accident'.  I took it seriously and haven't drank in a Carterton hotel for about 8 years.  I rarely drink at all, these days. I walked away and just work.  Because of the above events I know how Kate Raue feels and what risk she is at when no complaint was taken by Harvey Pope.  I believe the Court should look at the road he is heading down.  Respectfully I say that, I ask it.

Sworn at Masterton by me [Name withheld to protect privacy] this 2nd day of May 2011 before P D McEwen, JP #8181 Masterton.

Julian Tyerman is an evil and malicious individual who exposed himself by writing an evil malicious blog about me, in which he urges me publicly to commit suicide - Tyerman's own brother committed suicide and I can see why!