"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

OURNZ's Kelvyn Alp - South Canterbury Finance Inquiry imperative.

OURNZ party co-leader Kelvyn Alp calls for inquiry into the receivership of South Canterbury Finance:

"There is no justification to refuse to allow any kind of proper transparency into the South Canterbury Finance asset sales program by way of a full inquiry - because taxpayer money is being used to subsidise the losses.

It is simply unacceptable to quote "commercial sensitivity" as a justification for refusing transparency when taxpayer money is at stake.

Evidence is now appearing that indicates South Canterbury Finance's assets have been sold considerably below fair market values, under a cloak of secrecy provided by John Key and Bill English.

Given that no court order has ever been issued to warrant the actions that ultimately led to the South Canterbury Finance receivership, the refusal to allow any kind of transparency is utterly unacceptable.

The refusal to allow any inquiry without question effectively places the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance above the law.

It requires us to take their word for it, that wrongdoing has occurred without any lawfully acceptable or recognisable proof.

Given that most of the assets have already been sold without any form of trial having taken place, this is unacceptable.



Their refusal to allow any inquiry to take place into the asset sales process under these circumstances is completely unacceptable.

There needs to be a public inquiry into the entire asset sales process, with the following terms of reference:

1: Who were the assets sold to and what is/was their relationship (if any) to the decision makers involved?

2: What was the fair market value of each asset when it was sold?

3: Were independent valuations done for each asset prior to sale, and if so, who completed the valuations, and what (if any) relationship do the valuers have to the decision makers involved?

4: If independent valuations did not take place in any instance, why not? What is the justification for overlooking this requirement given the use of taxpayer money to subsidise losses?

5: Why did Treasury allow private sector business interests, which benefited materially from the DGS pay-out triggered by the receivership, to influence Treasury decisions prior to the receivership?

6: To what degree did those private sector business interests benefit from the pay-out, and by what means? Given the Crown oversight automatically occurring due to the renewal of the DGS by the Minister of Finance, who authorised it or had prior knowledge of it?

7: What offers to recapitalise SCF were received prior to the decision to place SCF into receivership? Why are the details of those offers being withheld from NZ taxpayers, given that taxpayer funds are now being used to subsidise the losses?

There are simply too many questions that need to be answered to satisfy NZ taxpayers that this process has been fair and properly handled.

Kelvyn Alp
Party Co-Leader
OURNZ Party"

Second press release regarding Alan Hubbard and South Canterbury Finance:

OURNZ Party demands a real and independent investigation into South Canterbury Finance (SCF) and the death of Allan Hubbard.

In a previous release I provided the details of what needed to be investigated in terms of SCF - and to date the silence has been deafening. I now add the details that need to be investigated in regards to the death of Allan Hubbard.

Facts about Allan Hubbard's death: 

1: Jean Hubbard had already stopped when the other driver hit them at high speed.

2: The only skid-marks were the other driver's.

3: The other driver's skid marks were on the wrong side of the road for the direction he was travelling in - directly into the oncoming Hubbard's car.

4: The other driver claims he was driving from Dunedin to Nelson to visit his children for father's day - towing a cement mixer.

5: The Police did not appear to investigate the accident in a normal fashion - no spray paint, no signs of any forensic investigation, no markers, nothing.

6: The Police have allowed the other driver to keep deferring his court case (3 times now) and have reduced the charges from dangerous driving to careless use.

7: Jean Hubbard has been invited by the Police to appear as a witness against the other driver when his case goes to court on December 3rd. She is upset about this and does not understand why he is defending the charges when he was clearly on the wrong side of the road.

8: It is alleged that the other driver now lives on a farm in Southland, specifically in Bill English's electorate. If this is true, and the farm has any historical tie with South Canterbury Finance, the matter should be thoroughly investigated, and the other driver's bank account and phone records should be seized and investigated.

9: Allan Hubbard's doctor says the autopsy report raises more questions than it answers. He says the report indicates that "the type of tests they ran on him are completely inconsistent with the tests they would normally run on a road accident victim. He says "the family are not qualified enough to understand the implications of the autopsy report". It is possible that Allan was given the wrong blood or injected with something that killed him.

10: Allan survived the "golden hour" at Oamaru ED. He had a fractured pelvis, a broken femur, and a dislocated hip. He was laughing with nurses and was stabilised before being put in the helicopter for the 20 minute ride to Dunedin Hospital.

11: Allan died during the helicopter ride, of causes that have never been publicised. The media keeps reporting that he died in a car accident. He did not. He survived the car accident and died in the back of a helicopter, nearly two hours after the accident occurred, having survived the 'golden hour'.

12: Allan died 3 days before he was due to start a court case against the government, challenging the statutory management and fraud investigation they imposed upon him. This was only a few weeks before the 2011 election.

13: His lawyers were due to submit evidence in the court case which would have caused extreme embarrassment to the following people:

a) The Governor General - for signing the executive order which led to the seizure and sale of Allan's assets without a court order, while he was still 'under investigation'.

b) The Prime Minister - for influencing public opinion against Allan on national television while the matter was still under investigation, more than once - effectively interfering in the course of justice.

c) Simon Power - same as Governor General (see point a) as well as sending an email which was going to be used as evidence against him. The email was timed less than an hour before Simon Power announced to media that he was placing Allan into statutory management and investigating him for fraud. The email asked someone from Treasury to contact Simon Power urgently to explain what statutory management means (despite telling the public that he gave the matter "careful consideration").

d) Bill English - same reasons as the PM (see point b).

e) Adam Feeley - never met Allan Hubbard, never interviewed him, and never got any other SFO staff to interview him either - but still charged him with 50 counts of fraud. Also gave Allan's biography away at an SFO office party, as "booby prizes, while Allan was still "under investigation".

f) Neville Harris - for deceiving Hubbard investors and the government (Google "Kerry Grass Hubbard Regulatory Review).

g) Grant Thornton - for deceiving Hubbard investors and the government (Google "Kerry Grass Hubbard Regulatory Review).

14: The SFO and MED (Feeley and Harris) paid Grant Thornton (a private sector insolvency firm) to write the report accusing Allan of reckless management and fraud, which resulted in their own appointment to the role of statutory managers, from which they have earned more than $51,000 per week in fees since June 2010. 

15: Their (Grant Thornton's) report resulted in the seizure and sale of Allan's assets WITHOUT A COURT ORDER TO THIS DAY as well as the 'fraud investigation' which led to the charges laid against him. 

16: Grant Thornton carried out the entire investigation for the SFO and the "evidence" they produced resulted in Allan being charged with fraud. Allan was effectively stripped of all legal rights and protection by this process and was found "guilty" by evidence that was produced by Thornton's, who were NOT independent, and who clearly had a major conflict of interest.

17: In summary, the evidence due to be put before the courts, starting three days after Allan's death, would have placed John Key in almost PRECISELY the same situation he is now facing with Kim Dotcom. Effectively caught with his pants down, having broken the law in a number of places, as well as having waded into the middle of it on national television to influence public opinion directly himself, while the whole matter was still 'under investigation'.

18: Allan's court case would have proven EXTREMELY embarrassing for the government, weeks before the 2011 election.

It is important to add that John Key allegedly had Dunedin Hospital placed under "lockdown", according to DHB staff, the night Allan died.

It is certainly not hard to see why Allan Hubbard is dead.

Kelvyn Alp
Party Leader

That's the Grass report, here is another, by Tur Borren of Demi Holdings - Allan Hubbard expressed considerable confidence in Tur Borren, who has extensive experience in financial restructuring in the NZ business sector, and was involved in negotiating an alternative plan to avoid the imposition of statutory management at the time of Allan Hubbard's death:
Hubbard Report
The deconstruction and disposal of South Canterbury Finance bears similarities with concerns raised regarding the receivership of the Crafar Farms.

Kiwisfirst editor Vince Seimer ended up in Mt Eden Prison after exposing Michael Stiassny and Korda Mentha, and was responsible for revealing that the Emperor has no clothes as far as Transparency International New Zealand is concerned. 

Paul Carruthers explains it well:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Secret s 95 inquiry into Hutt Valley Mental Health 'services' long overdue!

A secret government inquiry (links to media reports are below) into treatment blunders and leadership problems within Hutt Valley's mental health services has come up with a predictable 'report' - but nothing's changed, as I experienced first hand recently after corrupt 'psychiatrists' wrote 'reports' that they knew full well were orchestrated litanies of lies - designed to pervert the course of justice - as recognised by the Courts.

It's clear that lunatics are running the asylum, dangerous and overpaid lunatics like Linda Astor, Brenda Sally Rimkeit, Gary Orr and others.  

I experienced the sadistic corruption first hand, and consider myself lucky to have ever got out alive after being forcibly injected with dangerous drugs by corrupt and sadistic lunatics.
Leaked documents show the Health Ministry's mental health director, David Chaplow, ordered the investigation in June, but both the ministry and Hutt Valley District Health Board have kept it under wraps since.
In a letter to then-Hutt Valley chief executive Michael Hundleby, Dr Chaplow said he was ordering the inquiry under section 95 of the Mental Health Act after being made aware of problems with the service.
"There are two main areas of concern – the leadership of the mental health services, and a number of clinical issues presenting as `complaints' involving individual patients, which may, in turn, be related to the leadership issue or to wider systemic issues."
The service has come under fire three times in the past year from Wellington's coroners. The latest was last Tuesday, when coroner Ian Smith released findings into the death of Upper Hutt man Jerry Korewha.
Fi Perez, whose husband Jerome, 40, killed himself in March 2008, welcomed the inquiry. Mrs Perez tried for six months to get help for her husband, a long-time bipolar sufferer, before he died.
She said it was "fabulous" that an inquiry was taking place. "Too many people have died.
"The one thing that has really grated [with] me ... is that the district health board's response each time is that `We have made changes'. Well, Jerome died in 2008 and the next guy died in 2009 ... so that's just rubbish."
The inquiry is being carried out independently by Barry Wilson, a mental health district inspector and lawyer from Auckland. District inspectors are appointed by the Health Ministry to investigate complaints, conduct inquiries and inspect mental health services.
Deputy mental health director Susanna Every-Palmer said the inquiry – which covers the two years from June 2008 – was now well under way and the ministry expected to receive the completed report in a few months.
It was ordered after Wellington's five mental health district inspectors raised concerns, she said. "The clinical [concerns] are similar to those that have been reported in the public domain, such as in coroners' reports."
She would not provide specific details, saying patient privacy needed to be protected, and could not confirm whether the completed report would be made public. Section 95 inquiries were not normally announced publicly, she said.
Before the inquiry was ordered, the district health board insisted it had made improvements to the mental health service, including a major restructuring in late 2009.

Acting chief operating officer Toni Atkinson said the health board viewed the current inquiry as a "quality improvement opportunity" and believed recent changes had addressed historical problems.
"The DHB ... is fully committed to implementing any recommendations."
Dr Every-Palmer said the ministry believed the health board was trying hard and there had been significant management changes already. "However, in June we did have concerns."
Those They Failed
James Barnden, 31, died in 2007 after administrative bungles at Hutt Hospital. The Stokes Valley man went to an appointment at the hospital on June 11. Christine McCarrison, the specialist meant to see him, was unaware of the appointment. Only Andrew Green, a second-year WelTec student working as a trainee, was present. He told the inquest he felt he could not turn Mr Barnden away, so assessed him, noting he had been thinking about suicide. Mr Green did not complete a risk assessment, made a second appointment for June 26 and put the file in his pigeonhole without reporting to Ms McCarrison or Mr Barnden's GP. Two days before the second appointment, Mr Barnden's mother found him dead.
Depressed Lower Hutt man Jerome Perez killed himself in March 2008 after waiting months for a respite placement. The 40-year-old had struggled for years with bipolar disorder. His wife, Fi Perez, begged the health board for about six months to provide him with care and accommodation. When that did not work the pair decided to fake their separation. Mr Perez killed himself three weeks later. His death prompted Wellington coroner Ian Smith to call for improvements to temporary care facilities in the Hutt Valley health district. The DHB admitted that Mr Perez was denied respite care because of a lack of facilities.
Upper Hutt's Jerry Korewha had chronic depression when he was hit on State Highway 2 near Upper Hutt, after smoking marijuana, in March 2009. His death was not found to be suicide, though the possibility existed. A former Mongrel Mob member, Mr Korewha was well known to police and was under post-detention conditions for a drink-driving conviction when he died. As part of those conditions, he was referred to the DHB, which missed his recent history of chronic depression and put him through four alcohol and drug treatment sessions instead. The coroner found the DHB failed to complete a "simple" check, did not follow its own protocols and may have had a management-level breakdown when it misdiagnosed Mr Korewha.
19 January 2011 - The Dominion Post

TV3 reports that "Barry Wilson" is conducting the inquiry - I sincerely hope it's not the same Barry Wilson who was running the FAILED Wairarapa DHB suicide prevention program!

And two months after this was published, Police and the Clown Law Orifice conspired to pervert the course of justice and I was corruptly incarcerated in the Hotel Rangipapa . . .  

And when I filed an application in the High Court for a Judicial Inquiry, with Capital Coast District Health Board as co-respondent with the Attorney General, I was transferred out of the jurisdiction of the CCDHB, to Te Whare Ahuru, Hutt Valley Mental Health Services.  I was there for several more weeks, until I reinstated the application, which I discovered had been "discontinued".   Shortly thereafter my responsible clinician was changed, to Dr Wolfgang Kure, (a thoroughly professional and honest doctor with integrity, who granted me leave from the hospital immediately and allowed me to go home, completely discharging me from the mental health system with no need for any further "treatment". 

I hope Dr Wolfgang Kure can turn the Hutt Valley mental health services around, they have earned a very bad reputation indeed.  They also have a lot of potential, more of the staff openly spoke out against my detention there than at Rangipapa - realising that it was the height of corruption and a total abuse of power.  Dr Orr needs to be sacked for gross misconduct, like 'Drs' Rimkeit, Thabrew, Short, Romans, Safarti and others who all knew perfectly well that I was completely sane and that my incarceration was an utter travesty and a blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice and abuse the processes of the Court - funded by the tax payers - and a total lack of fiduciary duty. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

John Key's grand plan to save the NZ education system:

First Youtube video from this contributor, if you like it, please take the time to click the "like" button on Youtube and leave an appreciative comment, I think this person needs encouraging, they have talent!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chelsea Brindle Thabrew

Chelsea Brindle Thabrew, 8. January 1977 - 29 March 2010

"Chelsea, to her family and friends, was firstly a lover of nature. Barefooted, shy, freespirited, observing the little things in a bigger world, mending a broken wing, hatching a duckling, nurturing her chickens, plucking tiny wildflowers and looking up their names. Admiring dewdrops captured in the petals of a flower, untangling hedgehogs from the fishing netting of the tennis court. Exploring, learning, and investigating and always asking why?

Her first degree, a master's in biology was followed by her first real job, research into the co-dependence of native mistletoe and bell birds. Based in the Canterbury bush, they were some of the happiest days in her busy life. She was amazed when her findings were included in a publication. Such was her modesty.

She was sensitive, observant, insecure, artistic and creative, quiet, and contemplative, modest and private. Popular, loyal, quaint, quick witted and quirky, and funny. A great and fast talker! She loved learning, loved drawing, loved creating small whimsical gifts. She loved music and reading and always the wandering and exploring.

As a doer, always doing, she was attuned to the needs of others, and her passion for cooking and baking resulted in little treats for friends in need of nurturing. Beautifully packaged and presented. She was fastidious - a perfectionist.

Then came medicine, and she adored it all. The hands-on with patients, the research, and always the learning, the why? It was as a house surgeon that she met Hiran, a paediatrician retraining as a psychiatrist, and was completely blown away by him. Courtship followed and she knew he was the one.

Travel became a passion as she immersed herself in diverse cultures, soaking up the colours and smells of life. She couldn't get enough. The joy she showed that she had found her soul mate in Hiran was there for all to see. She glowed, she blossomed. She was so proud of him, in awe of him and she told us she never really felt worthy of him. In her, he saw not only the beautiful girl she was, but her inner potential, buried under layers of self doubt.

Try as she did to become the whole person for him, and for herself, she felt the continual failure and emotional conflict that ensued, as torment that would forever frustrate and hurt her beloved Hiran.  She loved him above all else, and the knowledge of the pain and anguish that their differences were causing was more than she could bear. As a deeply loving and private person she felt disloyal discussing their tragic situation.

To free her Hiran of this burden, Chelsea took her life in the tragic belief that it would make life better for the one she loved beyond beyond. How wrong she was.

Chelsea was cremated barefooted, wrapped in the vibrant quilt made for her twenty first birthday by the twenty-one most significant people in her life up to that time.  'Bear Bear' snuggled in beside, and a pair of elegant 'heels' from Hiran -just in case."

That was copied directly from the obituary on the Canterbury University website.

Chelsea Brindle Thabrew was the wife of Dr Hiran Thabrew, who knowingly signed a form committing me to a mental hospital under a Compulsory Treatment Order, when he knew full well that there was nothing wrong with me, and that the process was corrupt.  Either Dr Thabrew wouldn't know mental illness if he fell over it, or he is a deliberately sadistic psychopath who should not be 'practising' medicine.  The written reports of his colleagues speak for themselves, and are indisputable evidence of these claims.  The irony is tragic and I feel very deeply indeed for the family of Chelsea Brindle Thabrew.  

Shortly before her death she spoke of how "her husband was finding the burden of her almost too much", and that they had also had a brief time apart.  

Chelsea had been taking the drug fluoxetine, prescribed for her depression.  Medication doesn't always fix depression - addressing the causes of it usually does.

Interested persons can write to Coronial.Information@justice.govt.nz and request a copy of the Coroner's findings on the tragic death of this lovely young woman, who had her whole life ahead of her.  Certain parts of the report are under a Court suppression order, other parts are just too sad and too personal for such a private woman to be repeated here.

I only mention that 'coincidence' because of comments made recently by the Coroner regarding another local suicide, and my deep concern at the way mental health "care" is being delivered in New Zealand, and who is delivering this mental health "care", and the chilling and indisputable evidence that my incarceration was a corrupt, sadistic and politically motivated effort to 'shut me up' for criticising local police and politicians - as Dr Justin Barry-Walsh confirms in his report, as well as a number of senior lawyers.  There are links to these reports and letters in the final paragraph below.

Then there's the Linda Astor fiasco, and the question, how could not one of Linda Astor's colleagues have noticed that Astor was not only not a woman, but not a psychiatrist either?  Not very observant at all.  Walter Freeman conducted thousands of brutal lobotomies, with ice picks, before his peers spoke up and stopped him.  So called 'psychiatrists' like Hiran Thabrew, Brenda Sally Rimkeit, Jacqueline Short, Sarah Romans, Gary Orr, and others are very dangerous individuals indeed.  All showed they were corrupt to the core regarding my unlawful detention.  The Health and Disability Commission, Ombudsmen's Office and other taxpayer funded organisations are dysfunctional - incompetent and corrupt, and consequently massively overworked - and changes to the justice system, administration of legal aid, access to the Family Court, etc, have eroded justice in New Zealand beyond the low standard already evident for years.  Letters from senior lawyers confirm that access to justice is now almost non existent for many people.  

I never knew Chelsea Brindle Thabrew, and I don't know how she felt, or what she was thinking or what led her to make the decision she did, apart from the information available; but I met her husband briefly, and I must say that he demonstrated a total and complete lack of empathy, insight, or basic humanity on that occasion.  The 'care' he afforded me was cruel, malicious, sadistic, dangerous, uncaring, and totally self serving - designed not to help me or care for me in any way, but to serve the interests of himself and his colleagues, and deliberately pervert the course of justice and derail a criminal trial that should have gone ahead, and did not go ahead because the charges were corruptly laid in the first place.  My experience of the mental health system was extremely disturbing on so many levels, and I have serious concerns regarding the level of incompetence and corruption evident in so many of the mental health "professionals" involved in my unlawful detention - to be lawful there would have had to be just cause to detain me in the first place, and to continue detaining me every day for three months, and there was none whatsoever.

But this isn't just about me.  I sincerely hope that this writing here does not cause distress to the family and friends of Chelsea Brindle Thabrew, and that they will accept my most sincere and heartfelt condolence on their terrible loss.  I think of her from time to time, and wish so much that she had lived a full and happy life, and her memory perches in a little place in my heart too now.