"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

"Question authority, and think for yourself" - Timothy Leary

"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Australia grows up - something to celebrate:

-Photo Jacky Ghossein, Sydney Morning Herald

Over twelve years after Pete Garrett and Midnight Oil took to the stage at the Sydney Olympics wearing black suits with the word SORRY written on them in big white letters after the Prime Minister of Australia refused to utter that word to the indigenous peoples of Australia, Australia Day 2013 marks the first time that both the Australian and the Aboriginal flags have flown side by side on the Harbour Bridge on Australia Day.

In a ceremony hosted by Rhoda Roberts, head of indigenous programming for the Sydney Opera House, both flags were raised simultaneously to commemorate the beginning of the Australia Day festivities.

The flags were ushered up the Harbour Bridge by a performance of the Creation Stick Procession. The performance depicted the creation process where Dhurumulun, son of Biyami the creator, was sent down to Earth with one wooden leg which left holes in the ground; it is from these holes in which all life came.

The ceremony was attended by her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO Governor of NSW, Aboriginal Elder and Aboriginal Land Council representative Charles Madden and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Victor Dominello.

"I'm pleased to be here today to witness an historic event, the raising of two flags on Australia day," Mr Madden said.

Ms Bashir spoke about the moving nature of the event and that this is an important symbol in recognising the Aboriginal people. "This is a very moving, deeply felt experience, to be here with you all this morning because it does denote so much symbolism and actual reality of the longest living civilisation of this planet. Lives were changed with the arrival right here of the First Fleet."

Mr Dominello believes that this is how every Australia Day should begin and hopes this ceremony becomes a nationwide tradition.

"I think it's critical, the reality is that the Aboriginal people are the first Australians and you can go anywhere around the world and you will never see the Aboriginal culture, it is uniquely Australian.
"So when we celebrate all that it is to be Australian, part of our collective DNA is our Aboriginal culture, I think it's very appropriate that we start Australia day like this."

Artist - Colleen Wallace Nungari
Those who lose dreaming are lost. - Indigenous proverb

Hold on tight to your dreams and never let go.  Believe, you can make them come true.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Secret Life of Information - Raue, Siemer and Misiuk:

After all the charges against me were thrown out last year when it became obvious that the Crown prosecutors and NZ police were LYING, I requested copies of the Court files.  A simple request you would think - well think again - this is the response - more on the recent trend for NZ Judges to issue "Minutes" instead of proper legal decisions at this link:


NZ POLICE - Informant

Date: 1 February 2012

[Application by Mrs Raue for Information held by the District Court at Masterton and at Wellington]


[1] By handwritten memorandum dated 21 September 2011 Katherine Raue wrote to the Wellington District Court Registry making the following request:

"I, Katherine Raue, DOB 28.7.1958 hereby request all information (or copies thereof) of all information held by the District Court at Masterton and at Wellington about me.
In particular I request all information regarding charges of perverting the course of jsutce and escaping lawful custody, and the six charges recently withdrawn in Masterton Court.  I require this information urgently in order to consult a lawyer regarding breaches of my rights etc, and take legal action against the police."

[2] Accompanying the letter is the first page of a standard form for requesting a copy of a criminal record under the Privacy Act 1993.  Below the words "I hereby request the Criminal Records Unit, Ministry of Justice, to provide me with the details of any criminal convictions I may have which are held on the computer systems administered by the Ministry of Justice" she has endorsed the following words in hand "All information about me held by Dept of Courts".

Discussion of legal position:

[3] Mrs Raue's letter does not specify the legal basis upon which she makes her request for information.  The most appropriate proceedure for obtaining information held by Courts is through the Criminal Proceedings (Access to Court Documents) Rules 2009.

[4] Mrs Raue has the right to access the formal Court record kept in the Registry of a Court pursuant to Rule 6(1).  The formal Court record relevantly includes the Register of persons committed for trial or sentence, the return of prisoners tried and sentenced, the charges set out in any information or indictment, and judgements, orders and  minutes of the Court (Rule 3).

[5] As a defendant Mrs Raue would also be entitled, under the supervision of an Officer of the Court, to search and inspect the Court files or any documents relating to those proeedings, and to copy any part or parts of them (Rule 7(1).  The definition of "document" includes records made in electronic form (Rule 3), but records of proceedings made in electronic form may only be copied with the Court's permission Rule 7(2)).  Any such permission is to be obtained through a particularised application under Rule 13.

[6] The form of application under the Privacy Act 1993 contains only part of the first page of the Privacy Act request for a copy of Ms Raue's criminal record as noted above.  It is not possible to invoke the Privacy Act as a basis for obtaining the information Ms Raue seeks.  This is because the Court is not an "Agency" for the purposes of the Privacy Act (Section 2(1)).

[7] Any application for information in respect of "the six charges recently withdrawn in Masterton Court" (sic) must be made to that Court (not Wellington District Court).


[8] Mrs Raue should be given access to the formal Court record and to Court files for the Wellington District Court cases she refers to in her application of 21 September 2011 in which she was the defendant in accordance with Rule 6 and 7.  If Mrs Raue wishes to make copies of electronic recordings of any proceedings she will need to make a particularised application under Rule 132.  If Mrs Raue does so the concerns expressed by the Court in Misiuk v Superintendant of a Penal Institution HC Auckland CIV-2010-404-6625 8 October 2010 Dobson J, and the Supreme Court & Siemer v Heron [2011] NZSC 116 will naturally be taken into account in considering the applications.  In particular I note the views of the Supreme Court in the latter case at paragraph [9]:
"There are obvious resource implications if Judges direct Court Registry's to provide parties with transcripts of hearings, of appeals and interlocutory matters generally on demand by litigants.  For that reason, Judges should always satisfy themselves that there is good reason in the interests of justice for giving such directions."
History of these matters to date:

[9]   I summarise, for the assistance of any other Judicial Officer later involved in this request, my understanding of the background to the matters Ms Raue seems to be requesting information about:
The Alleged Offending and Court Proceedings
1 On 8 April 2009 Katherine Raue made a complaint to Carterton Police alleging that she had been burgled by Michael Murphy, a former friend.  She claimed that Mr Murphy had stolen a computer disk containing evidence relating to another claim she had made in respect of him in relation to an incident on 2 February 2009 (sic).  Constable Rhymer took a written statement from Ms Raue, which was signed by Ms Raue as being true and correct.
        2      Later that day Constable Rhymer took a statement from Aaron Brook, who said that he had seen Mr Murphy leaving Ms Raue's property,  A short time later Mr Brook retracted that statement and claimed that Ms Raue had put him up to making the false statement.

- Let's just stop right there.  There are a number of factual errors contained in this "minute" - for one thing, the 'incident' relating to the disk - the violent home invasion - occurred NOT on 2 February 2009 - it occurred on 11 February 2009.  Evidence shows that police have a habit of covering up violent crime in the Wairarapa and are protection recidivist violent offenders, and that this pattern of behaviour is politically motivated corruption, according to several top NZ lawyers.

For another thing, the charges were thrown out because it was proven that Constable Rhymer was LYING about having taken these statements from Aaron Brook - who has NEVER retracted his evidence that he and his cousin saw Michael Murphy very near to my home at the time of the burglary.  Constable Rhymer was unable to explain to the Court why she took my statement in her notebook - but the statement she ALLEGES that she took from Aaron Brooks isn't in her notebook - and wasn't produced at all until very recently - it's conspicuous by it's absence in the Disclosure, and in the Depositions evidence, etc, she recently alleges that she took this statement from Brook on some pieces of A4 paper she just happened to have on her - YEAH, RIGHT!!!

The article at this link by Judge David Harvey discusses this matter of access to Court records.

This post will be updated shortly.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Arthur Allan Thomas speaks out:

Arthur Allan Thomas has condemned a soon to be released police inquiry into the Crewe murders as a mockery and a "cover up" following the police's defence of the man who led the original investigation.
At a rare public appearance this morning Mr Thomas, who was twice convicted and then pardoned in the murders of Jeanette and Harvey Crewe in 1970, said police were "protecting their own".

"It's a shame that we have this system of cover up," Mr Thomas told the media and members of the public at Pukekawa Hall.

He was flanked by daughter Bridgette and brothers Ray and Des, who called the press conference in response to comments made by Deputy Commissioner Mike Bush during a eulogy at former Detective Inspector Bruce Hutton's funeral last week.

Mr Bush said Mr Hutton was known as having "integrity beyond reproach" and spoke of the "tragedy" of accusations made against him.

Mr Thomas accused Mr Hutton of criminalising the New Zealand Police force and said the former officer and his colleague Len Johnston were corrupt.

"Bush wants to go back and read the evidence. He should do that and not open his bloody mouth."
The 75-year-old said he wanted police to find the real killer and apologise to him but he did not believe either would happen.

"It's a blatant cover up. They have to admit that they fabricated evidence and apologise to me in writing."
Des Thomas said the court of appeal upheld the finding that Mr Hutton and Mr Johnston planted a gun shell casing to frame his brother and police needed to accept it.

The family want an independent investigation into the murders.