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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, February 4, 2013

More whoppers from Mark Elliot - corrupt and incompetent Court Manager, Masterton

Mark Elliot's Court is already a local joke, held at no fixed abode, including in a caravan.  It's unsafe, security officers can't control the rampant violence that results from the corrupt local police focussing on harassing and persecuting innocent people like me while violent thugs like Michael Francis Murphy - whose uncle murdered a woman in Paekakariki in one of the most depraved - and premeditated murders in this country's history, walk free, protected from prosecution by corrupt local officers.  Ron Mark gets a mention in the 'news' article - his own incompetence and corruption is every bit as bad as that of disgraced MP Georgina Beyer and local incompetent drunken idiot Gary McPhee.  

Mark Elliot's Court is run jointly by Deputy Registrar Liz Harpleton and her lover, corrupt police prosecutor Garry Wilson.  Despite the outright lies in Elliot's emails (below), Harpleton and Wilson were making eyes at each other as they perverted the course of justice together in the Masterton Court AGAIN last week, on the 14th January 2013, when I appeared on the latest corruptly laid charges against me!  Elliot's an utter LIAR!  As well as being DELUSIONAL and seriously CORRUPT!  Masterton police are RUNNING the methamphetamine distribution network and child sex abuse rings locally - the ringleaders of the corruption in the local police have been actually promoted for it.  This ongoing corruption is due to corrupt lawyers milking the legal aid system on whims, while refusing to assist the victims of this outrageous corruption.  

The lawyer assigned to defend me refused to mention the obvious conflict of interest created by allowing Wilson and Harpleton to work together in the Court, or the fact that the charges were corruptly laid and were part of an ongoing pattern of corruptly laid prosecutions against me and an outright and blatant abuse of the Court process.  She was instructed to request ALL INFORMATION from the police regarding these matters and the previous involvement of Constable Gallagher's family in complaints to the IPCA by me, including the refusal to charge members of Constable Gallagher's family in spite of overwhelming evidence of their guilt.

Here are Mark Elliot's latest LIES, contained in emails to me, this is absolutely typical of how enquiries for information are dealt with by the Masterton Court - here Elliot lies and tries to inform me that I am delusional and that Judge Barry didn't sit in Masterton on 1 February 2012 - Mark Elliot is either:
(a) delusional, 
(b) incompetent, 
(c) corrupt, 
(d) a liar, or 
(e) all of the above.

Here's the indisputable EVIDENCE:

from: Katherine Raue
to: Mark Elliott
cc: Kelvyn Alp ,
 Benjamin Easton ,
 editor ,
 editor ,
date: 14 December 2012 09:23
subject: Re: Minute of Judge Hobbs 
"1.   Why did nobody at your Court advise me - or other defendants - that the Court moved from the Masterton District Council building to the site of an old supermarket on about 14th August?  Your corrupt Court knew I had no lawyer from 16 July.
2.   Was Judge Behrens QC aware of the Minute of Judge Hobbs - which stated quite clearly that the formal proof hearing on 4th July - which I attended - was adjourned because the Prosecutor, Sgt Lawrence, advised the Court of a conflict.  
3.   It seems to be common practise in your corrupt Court for the local police to completely contradict themselves.  How is it that Sgt Lawrence had a difficulty of such magnitude that the hearing could not go ahead on the day of formal proof, but that problem magically disappeared on the 12th September?  
4.   Two lawyers have told me that Court deputy registrar - and partner of police prosecutor Garry Wilson - Liz Harpleton was assisting Judge Behrens in the Court on 12th September, is that true?  There appears to be no mention of either the fact that I hadn't been informed of the change of venue, or that the previous formal proof hearing had been unable to proceed because of Sgt Lawrence's conflict.  This is typical of what passes for justice in the insult to justice that is the Masterton District Court.  
5.   Who was the duty solicitor on 12th September?
6.  This is a formal complaint regarding the actions of Court officer Nelda Day on 6th December 2012.  I arrived at Court as soon as I could get there relying on public transport, arriving at ten o'clock, and advised the duty solicitor that I was unwell, and provided a medical certificate to confirm this.  I asked that my matter be called as soon as possible so I could leave.  I had to sit in Court all day, listening to the most disturbing details of matters involving a man who raped five of his children repeatedly for years.  I had to sit within metres of this man in the stuffy stinking room you call a Court.  As a victim of these crimes I found the experience profoundly disturbing and traumatising.  I couldn't wait outside the courtroom because as you well know, it's not safe to do so, particularly when the security staff and police are all inside the Court as the victims read out their victim impact statements.  This has been well documented in the local papers - there was a well publicised 'incident' on the day Court opened at the old supermarket - the premises are not safe for victims of crime.  Nelda Day deliberately made me wait all day until the last train had left at 3:40, despite being made aware several times that I had to catch this train.  She didn't call my matter until around 4:30, and I had to cycle from Masterton to Carterton in pouring rain as a result.  Alison Mulholland knows perfectly well that I suffer from depression, and that psychiatrist have confirmed that this is partly caused by persecution from local police and court staff, I asked the duty solicitor to make her aware that I had a medical certificate and needed to be called up and dealt with as soon as possible.  Please advise Alison Mulholland to desist from chewing gum in the Court - there have been previous complaints from a number of people about this.  I request a list of the order in which the cases were called up that day and what time each was dealt with.  I note the prosecutor was Sgt Lawrence again.  K Raue" 

"from: Mark Elliott
to: Katherine Raue
date: 17 December 2012 10:57
subject: Re: Minute of Judge Hobbs
In reply to your questions
 You were notified of a change of date in January for your February appearance but this was returned saying you no longer lived at that address and we did not have any other mail address for you we have not sent any further notices out. There were notices placed at the Masterton District council advising we had moved to the old shoprite building that first week commencing the 13th August.  There was also publicity in the newspaper about the new court hearing centre and as you mention you believe it is unsafe due to the publicised incident which could have happened in any court at any time.
As to Judge Behrens QC being made aware of the minute I do not know and do not know what was recorded on the Court record sheet.  The minute was only transcribed for you when you requested it.
I cannot comment on Police actions but do know Liz Harpelton was not assisting anyone in Masterton as she has not been working in this court for the past 5 months.
As to who was Duty Solicitor on 13 September I believe it was Ian Hard who was your assigned lawyer about that time.
In Masterton Court we have a policy that people who have had warrants to arrest issued earlier in the day and then turn up are called again at the end of the list. There is other public transport from Carterton to get to Masterton earlier for a 9:15 start and other people who attend court from the South Wairarapa can get to Masterton at the correct times.
Mark Elliott
Satellite Court Manager
Ministry of Justice
Tahu o te Ture
P O Box 461
ph (06) 3700238"

- Which certainly differs from information received from my solicitor Ian Hard:

 from: IAN HARD LAWYER via yahoo.com 
to: Katherine Raue
date: 17 July 2012 
subject: Re: New Defended hearing date of 12 September 2012 at 10am
Dear Katherine

Liz Harpelton was the Deputy Registrar at Court yesterday, 16 July 2012, Gary Wilson was police prosecutor..

Kind Regards

Ian Hard

from: Katherine Raue
to: Mark Elliott
cc: Nelda Day
date: 22 February 2013 16:27
subject: The load of codswallop in your email of 17 December:
Regarding this latest evidence of your incompetence and corruption:
"You were notified of a change of date in January for your February appearance but this was returned saying you no longer lived at that address and we did not have any other mail address for you we have not sent any further notices out. "
Where is the EVIDENCE of this latest load of codswallop from you!  Forward to me immediately a copy of the envelope of the letter you allege was returned to you - I'm most interested to see where you DID address it to!  I think you're a blatant LIAR - I've lived at this address for years - the address of a person who you know very well indeed because they used to work in your Court and with whom you are in regular contact - did you bother to pick up the phone and ask that person if I lived there or not and if not whether they had a forwarding address - of course not - because you're a blatant LIAR!
If it WAS returned to you it will be on my file and I request it be provided immediately.
Katherine Raue

from: Katherine Raue
to: Mark Elliott ,
 Nelda Day [pictured above, in the caravan, snuggling up to Sgt Greg Peters, corrupt Masterton police prosecutor]
date: 27 December 2012 11:59
subject: Request for Minute of Judge Barry dated 1 February 2012
Please provide (as soon as possible, by return email and by post) a copy of the Minute of Judge D R W Barry dated 1 February 2012 regarding my request for information held by the District Court.
Thank you for your attention to this matter, which is urgent.  K Raue

"from: Mark Elliott
to: Katherine Raue
date: 14 January 2013 11:45subject: Re: Request for Minute of Judge Barry dated 1 February 2012I believe this minute of Judge Barry you are requesting a copy of may be from the Wellington District Court as Judge Barry was not sitting in Masterton on the 1st February 2012Mark Elliott Satellite Court Manager Ministry of Justice Tahu o te Ture P O Box 461 Masterton ph (06) 3700238" 

"from:  Katherine Raue
to:  Mark Elliott
date:  14 December 2012 18:23
subject:  Formal complaint regarding your deliberate LIES!
This is a formal complaint regarding your deliberate LIES!  You're DELUSIONAL!  - Not to mention CORRUPT!  Of course Judge Barry presided in Masterton Court on that date - clearly I know more about your Court than you do - you're incompetent and corrupt and your policy of allowing Liz Harpleton and Garry Wilson to conspire to pervert the course of justice is corrupt and you know it!  The pair of them should be in prison for what they've done!  Provide the Minute immediately and forward this formal complaint to your supervisor/superior/boss at the Ministry of Justice immediately and provide me with a direct email address for that person without delay!  
 K Raue"

from: Mark Elliott
to: Katherine Raue
date: 15 January 2013 08:53                                                                                               
subject: Minute Judge Barry 
I trust this is what you require  
Mark Elliott Satellite Court Manager Ministry of Justice Tahu o te Ture P O Box 461 Masterton ph (06) 3700238
And so here is the first page of the Judge's "Minute" regarding my request for information on the Court file  - more soon, and more about the current practise of Judges issuing these so called "Minutes" instead of proper decisions here, and District Court Judge Caroline Wainwright's Order that the Police provide me with disclosure regarding the corruptly laid charge of allegedly breaching a protection order - a charge they admitted should never have been laid because it was "laid by mistake".  Right before the Crown announced that they intended to offer no evidence against me regarding the charges of perverting the course of justice etc , because they knew full well that the prosecutor and her witnesses would run a very high risk of being found guilty of perjury if they tried to produce their 'evidence' in the Court.  Evidence that was nothing but an orchestrated litany of lies.

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