"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Arthur Allan Thomas evidence of the extent of NZ Police corruption:

Speaking to the media this morning Arthur Allan Thomas, 75, said he called the press conference to address police tributes paid to Hutton.

Over the years Hutton remained resolute that Thomas was the killer and that the shell case was genuine evidence, insisting "it was not planted".

Following his death earlier this month, police paid tribute to a dedicated officer who had "integrity beyond reproach".

Today Thomas, who has avoided the limelight since his release from prison, said it was these statements which prompted him to step into the public eye.

"That's why I'm having this meeting, to tell the people of New Zealand what sort of a man he was," he said at the press conference in Pukekawa this morning.

"He criminalised the police, right at the top, that we still have police officers now covering up for the man. He was a corrupt police officer. An innocent man went to prison," he added pointing to himself.

Asked what he thought of Hutton, Thomas said: "I'd better not say it shall I, it wouldn't be very nice."

However, he did describe the former detective as "pretty smooth".

"He got around me alright," Thomas said.

"I had faith in him that he was going to find out who done it, I couldn't believe when it started to come out about the shell case."

He called on the police to set up a fresh investigation into the Crewe murders, of which no-one has been charged since his pardon and release from prison.

"I was pardoned, I'm innocent, but I want to find out who done it. Rochelle Crewe wants that for her mother and father," he said.

"I might be wrong if I mention people's names, all I know is that I didn't do it and where I was when the murders happened. The evidence is there for them to look at."

He also said he would be in favour of police officers who contributed to the planting of evidence, and who colluded in his framing for the murder, being charged with perverting the course of justice.

"We have a system now of officers who don't want to look at who done it, they're protecting their own, covering up for their own. And this is New Zealand, and it's a shame we have this system of cover up," he said.

Thomas said he had found the investigation and time since his pardon "very frustrating", and said it had wider implications for New Zealand and its citizens.

"The problem here is with young police officers joining the ranks today, they read the Crewe murder inquiry and think, 'well Hutton got away with that, the next time I suspect someone I might dirty up some evidence, and if I get caught out, the boss will cover up for me'. This is breeding young officers to do the wrong thing," he said.

Speaking about a fresh police review, due to begin shortly, into the investigation of the Crewe murders, Thomas said it would amount to "a waste of taxpayers' money", and predicted it to be a "whitewash".

"We don't want police looking after police by having their own investigations," he said. "An inquiry has got to be independent, otherwise it's just a coverup."

Asked what would have to happen for him to accept such a review, he said: "They'd have to admit that they fabricated evidence, and I expect them to apologise to me, in writing. But they won't do that, I know that."

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