"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

South End school Garden update - 8 April 2013:

After all the work and all the money that was put into establishing a garden to feed the children at the South End school, and teach them self sustainability, support at risk and vulnerable children, deliver our powerful and effective suicide prevention strategy, and other vital social services, the latest actions of the Board of Trustees of the South End school continue to destroy the efforts of so many people for the profit of one or two.  Members of the small nasty spiteful and vindictive group running the school have now put two sheep into our garden to destroy the few remaining plants left there and cheat the reopened Ombudsmen's inquiry!  

These photos were taken on 7th April 2013 after we received more complaints from parents of children at the South End school about the ongoing bullying and general dysfunction of the governance and administration of the school.  We found these sheep locked in the garden - heartbreaking and grossly insulting for the children and adults who worked so hard to establish a great vegetable garden, with three big peach trees, raspberry bushes and many other edible plants - destroyed by people like Ray Craig - new chairman of the BoT apparently - a local farmer who thinks grazing a couple of sheep is more important than allowing Friends of the Gardens to resume teaching the children gardening, self sufficiency, confidence, the value of consistency and hard work, good nutrition, numeracy and literacy, music, swimming, first aid, and so many other things.  Behind the sheep can be seen the compost bin which is never used, another waste of money.  Trees and other plants dead because nobody bothered to look after them.  What a waste of time and money.  It is in the public interest for the community to be informed of these matters, and for the individuals involved to be held accountable, and the organisations involved, such as the Board of Trustees of the South End school, and the Carterton District

Council, scrutinised transparently, and that they also held accountable.  The South End school, like the Carterton Community Centre Gardens, obtained a lot of funding from government and corporate sources as well as private trusts etc, and it has all been wasted and ripped off - AGAIN.  The previous Community Garden was the subject of a community petitions calling for an inquiry into the fraud of the funds from the ten bank accounts being controlled by the committee of the former Carterton Community Centre, a group of people mainly associated with the Carterton District Council.   It's all very well to start a school garden or a community garden, it's easy to apply for a lot of funding and then waste it all or quietly rip it off, leaving the children with nothing but a lot of weeds, locks on the gates, slanderous letters, serious breaches of privacy, etc.

When the small group involved in the illegal take over of the Carterton Community Centre by violence and illegal activity (such as theft of the mail, and funds and assets of the Centre) wound up the affairs of the CCC in the High Court they claimed that the reason given for their application to wind up the Carterton Community Centre Inc was because:    "The Society has since its creation in 1991 been the provider of social services to the Carterton Community.  However in recent times the Society's role in the Community has changed as a result of the changes to the way the Government delivers social services.  Many of the ociety's traditional activities are now undertaken by other organisations and as a result there has been less need and interest i the Society by the community in recent times."

This isn't social services, this is a rip off.  The Carterton Community Centre was replaced with the Carterton Event Centre, in order to further indoctrinate the public with political propaganda, and the same sort of politically aspiring bullies are continuing to unlawfully bully those who ARE providing the social services!

The Board of Trustees needs to honour the final paragraph of this letter!

There never were any charges involving a child!  This website is full of evidence of a corrupt campaign of harassment and blatant criminal attempts to pervert the course of justice by certain members of the NZ Police, Court staff, etc.

According to the final paragraph of this letter from the Board of Trustees, if the charges are withdrawn or I am found not guilty this would "remove [the Board's] problem" and the Board hopes to be in a position to resume my work at the school in the near future because they appreciate the work and enthusiasm I have brought to the school garden.

What nonsense this is - that FOUR YEARS LATER this bullying is STILL going on and the Board refuses to admit they were wrong and honour this letter and give me back my job at the school, while all these taxpayer funded 'investigative' organisations are covering up incompetence and corruption on a massive scale!  No wonder we have such high rates of suicide locally!

The two latest ERO reports on the South End School also document the dysfunction and poor governance.  It's all very well to talk about feeding the kids - the FOCKCers are teaching them to grow their own kai (food) and other vital life skills, including the virtues program and important suicide prevention programs like Let's Get Growing, Circle of Love, and other initiatives with proven success.  Why are these sheep in our garden?  They are destroying the raspberries, peach trees, rhubarb (which is poisonous), etc.

Meanwhile, here's the fob off from the Ministry of Education - which is utter nonsense because as we've informed them, the school and the BoT simply ignores any attempts to communicate with them, correspondence is ignored and phone calls result in the phone being abruptly hung up as soon as I identify myself - other parents of children at the school have complained about these matters and been fobbed off in similar fashion - it has to stop - this is a clear indication of the intention of the Minister of Education to abdicate all responsibility for the governance of schools and give up any last pretence of holding school Boards of Trustees accountable.

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