"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Investigators reveal Police incompetence or corruption in Guy murder:

Ewen Macdonald was acquitted of murdering Scott Guy in July 2012.  In September 2012  Macdonald was sentenced to five years in prison after he was found guilty of a number of other serious crimes, which he strenuously denied until Police elicited a confession from his partner in crime - and in who knows what else - one Callum Boe, a vulnerable orphan with a brain injury who was considerably younger than Macdonald.

Boe was convicted of arson, theft and intentional damage, he was sentenced to two years in prison, it is unclear how much time he actually spent in prison, the real question is why was he not called to give evidence by the Crown prosecutor, Ben Van der Kolk, who is a good mate of Macdonald's brother, a local Police detective.

Macdonald was sentenced to:
    Ewen Macdonald
  • nine months for poaching the Hocken family's prize stags, 
  • nine months for emptying the milk from Nigel Sexton's vat, 
  • twelve months for bludgeoning nineteen calves to death with a hammer, which was prosecuted as "willful damage",
  • two years for burning down Mr Sexton's duck shooting mai mai (camouflaged hut used by duck hunters),
  • three years for burning down Scott and Kylee Guy's farmhouse,
  • two years for vandalising Scott and Kylee Guy's new home.

The two sentences on the arson charges were cumulative and the rest were concurrent, which means the sentence amounted to a total of five years.  Macdonald's lack of remorse and repeated denials were the subject of comment from the Judge.  A few weeks after the sentencing Macdonald's lawyer, Greg King, appears to have committed suicide.  Macdonald first application for parole was about a year after he was sentenced.

In November 2013 Ewen Macdonald was denied parole for a second time, the Parole Board said he had a "significant personality disturbance".  Strangely, nobody ever suggested he be examined by a psychiatris.  He bears all the marks of a psychopath, and a sociopath.  After the murder Macdonald sought - and gained - a position on a local school Board of Trustees.

Recently investigator Mike Crawford sent cell phone data obtained from the Police file on the murder to  UK based intelligence analyst.  The investigators claim a series of mystery phone calls were made to slain farmer Scott Guy on the night prior to his death, and on the day of his killing, which may hold the key to the four-year-old murder.

Shortly after Macdonald's trial the Sensible Sentencing Trust approached four private investigators in a bid to bring Scott Guy's killer to justice.

The team has uncovered calls from a mystery phone number which were made to Scott Guy's phone the night before he was murdered. They believe he received another call from the unidentified number on the day of his death.  He was murdered early in the morning, around 5 am, so these calls would appear to be significant and relevant to the investigation, and it is outrageous and incredible that the Police have been unable or unwilling to find out who made them!

Investigator Mike Crawford said the evidence provided by police was "incomplete ... text messages were not there, there was an absence of cell-site data and three numbers did not have subscriber details attributed".

"We asked for raw telecommunications data from the cellphone sites in the area. The police came back and told me they never got that data, they overlooked it. I mean that is crucial evidence especially in a small rural area. You would then be able to see the phone numbers, who was texting or leaving messages - they never did that."

Crawford said after their probing, he and his team believe the main offender in the Scott Guy murder may have had an accomplice.  Callum Boe and Ewen Macdonald used to boast about their night time "missions", and there was speculation that Scott Guy became aware that there was an inappropriately close relationship between Boe and Macdonald, and fearing exposure, and filled with hatred, a sense of entitlement, and a desire for revenge for perceived slights, Macdonald murdered his brother in law.  Boe would be the obvious suspect as an accomplice.

After the jury found Macdonald not guilty of murder, police stated that they had no other suspect.

Crawford and his team believe there are still new lines of inquiry to be explored, but they are hamstrung because of a lack of funding.  It is outrageous that we are paying taxes to fund an incompetent and corrupt Police force, while so many killers walk free, thanks to a dysfunctional and corrupt 'justice system', while victims are forced to pay private investigators after Police appear to have destroyed evidence or deliberately failed or refused to obtain the evidence of who it was who rang and texted Scott Guy in the hours before his murder!