"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Te Tou Rongo-nui-o-te-Ao, Te Ringa Mangu v HNZC and NZ Police State

Behold - the work of the NZ Police Prosecution Service.  Police information sharing is characterised by Police sharing all the wrong information with all the wrong people.

- Note the time of the alleged commission of the crime, namely "at about 9 pm on Monday 30th June 2014", as the alleged 'victim' "informed the Defendant that he was going to bed."  According to the Police:

This is further stated in HNZC's Request for Termination of a Tenancy - this says the alleged incident happened "on Monday evening (30/06/2014)."

Now compare this with the evidence given on oath by the complainant, and note the time the alleged offence was allegedly committed - some 14 hours difference, and a very serious fundamental discrepancy in the case for the prosecution:

"He was amiable."

Mr Dickie is clearly exaggerating.  He is very unfit and in poor health, and couldn't hold his breath for one minute let alone two.

No motive was ever put forward in support of this unsubstantiated allegation.  The element of mens rea was completely missing and any suggestion of actus reus is highly questionable as the transcript shows.  The transcript also shows that Mr Dickie responded to the majority of the questions with "I can't recall".

"I don't know with any clarity, I just can't recall that" responds the complainant.

The plot thickens.

On 21 April 2015 Naomi Davies of Housing New Zealand Corporation recorded the following outrageous, slanderous and defamatory breach of privacy:

Mr Mihaka has specifically asked Police where they "heard" this damning and untrue allegation.

Police, funnily enough, have denied telling Housing New Zealand Corporation any such thing.

Here is evidence that Constable Tahere is the likely suspect regarding the "information sharing" with Naomi Davies:

Now let's have a look at the notebook of Constable Saunders - who had obviously made up his mind to arrest Mr Mihaka before he even knocked on the door, and who told Mr Mihaka he was charged with an offence that allegedly happened not on 30th June at all - Saunders told Mr Mihaka the alleged crime he was charged with and being arrested for was supposed to have happened on the 1st of July!:

So here we have it, the problem, in a nutshell, is the Police State information sharing policies and procedures, and systems of governance - to which, of course, the Maori people did not sign up to in the first place.  Sharing all the wrong information with all the wrong people.  Shoddy, slaphappy, incompetent, negligent, biased.

The writer has been contacted by several people who know Mr Dickie and Mr Mihaka, these people all claim that although Mr Mihaka is no angel, Mr Dickie is a racist and a bully.  The EVIDENCE speaks for itself - Mr Dickie assaulted Mr Mihaka, not the other way around.  Mr Dickie moved, thus ending HNZC's problem, but HNZC is pursuing a malicious vendetta against Mr Mihaka, like the Police and others associated with the colonial "justice system".  Mr Dickie droned on drunkenly with his patronising and racist views, then touched Mr Mihaka inappropriately while he was asleep - THAT is when the assault took place, as page 2 of Mr Dickie's statement makes perfectly clear:

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