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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recordings of calls to 111 during Michael Murphy's attack:

This is a link to one of several calls to emergency services from witnesses to a violent attack on me in my home on 11th February 2009 (I've finally managed to delete details identifying the caller, I would have put this up months ago but felt strongly about protecting this woman's privacy). Corrupt Wairarapa police are trying to say I made it all up and are charging me with perverting the course of justice instead of charging the attackers, Michael Francis Murphy of 18 Wyndham St, Carterton, and his mates.

Police also refused to charge disgraced ex Mayor Gary McPhee with the drunken home invasion he committed in May 2005, featured in the second image on the clip at the link (another link to details of McPhee's attack is below). McPhee was at my home with Murphy only days before this attack, texting me and trying to provoke a confrontation, sending messages like "You smell like Satan", etc. The Mayoral Diary records his role in planning this attack. The radio track at this link describes how Murphy's car returned to Tracy Feast's house immediately after the attack, after initially reporting that it returned to Murphy's. Feast lives two doors down from Murphy. The track also records the comment "Yeah, they're all um, exceptional characters there mate, it'll be very hard to establish exactly what's happened, I'll come out there as well." What??? It's clear what's happened, there's been a violent attack on me in my home by Murphy and his mates after Tracy Feast incited the attack with her lies, that's what's happened. The police report (link further down this post hopefully) tries to corruptly change it all, so that it's about some vague allegation about some non incident at the supermarket hours earlier and what some woman was cooking for tea. Page 6 of Murphy's statement records how he had to get out the passenger door "again" because the car was not up to warrantable standard and the drivers door would not open. Police didn't even give him a ticket for that - they give me tickets for not wearing my helmet all the time though! Police also let Wayne Friend off for driving the same car without a warrant or rego some months later, and didn't issue a ticket on that occasion either.

Feast and McPhee were involved in inciting the attack, Feast being the main instigator. Murphy returned to steal the disk with these recordings on it in a further attempt to pervert the course of justice and get rid of the evidence, after the Manager of the Police Communications Centre, Inspector Wayne Ewers, wrote me a letter in response to my request for the recording of the call from Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson, refusing the request on the grounds that he alleges "according to the Privacy Act I am not entitled to any information that is created by other people." Check out further evidence of the attack, including the statement of Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson in which they report hearing Murphy say to his mate "move out of the way and I'll fucking smash the door down." - What do you think he intended to do after that?

In his depositions evidence Murphy denies all this, saying he hadn't been to my house since the previous December "when we were friends". Here's the link to details of Aaron Brook's Depositions evidence, the rest of the statements and Briefs of evidence, Depositions evidence, etc are on this site somewhere (although it's all a little disorganised) which is also evidence of the monumental corruption and incompetence of the Wairarapa police.

Aaron Brook and his cousin said they saw Murphy within yards of my house at the same time I reported the burglary, Aaron Brook says it in his statement, his Brief of Evidence and his Depositions evidence and their evidence has never wavered from that. Instead of charging these violent nutters, police are wasting huge amounts of taxpayer's money, aided and abetted by corrupt Court staff like Liz Harpleton, who lives with the Police prosecutor, to pursue a number of corruptly laid prosecutions against me amounting to a corrupt campaign of malicious and vexatious litigation.

They make a habit of letting violent offenders off in the Wairarapa. At this link, half way down the page, there's a scan of a newspaper article titled EXCLUSIVE: McPhee - Why I Did What I Did: It describes the drunken, violent attack McPhee and his mate committed at a local flat in 2005, the occupant had only got out of hospital, after suffering a stroke, the day before the attack.

At that link, there's also scanned copies of other documents and correspondence, including letters to Police from various lawyers, and the unbelievably arrogant email from Sgt Murray Johnston:

What, and three witnesses who all saw this attack on 11th February 2009 imagined it all too did they? What about the witnesses who were prepared to give evidence against Georgina Beyer and eleven District Councillors and local Police officers - except that it became unnecessary when the Judge acquitted me of the charges - did they imagine it all too? As well as Judge Behrens QC, who acquitted me before the Police finished presenting the case for the prosecution, after it became apparent that the officer in charge of the case was likely to commit perjury? What about the lawyers at the previous links, and Michael Appleby, who spoke to several witnesses who were at the meeting, well respectable and honest people like Ron Sadler, are all these respectable people delusional too? No. Here's more evidence, there's just no end to the corruption of the local police, they need sorting out.

Track 9 and track 46 are linked to above, this is the link to tracks 3,4 and 6.

More links to the radio tracks will be added to this post in the next few days.

At left is the letter I received in response to my request to the Manager of the Police Communication Centre for the recording of the call to emergency services made by Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson. The claim that "Under the Privacy Act you are not entitled to information that is created by other persons" is, of course, utter and complete rubbish as Inspector Ewers knows perfectly well. Nowhere in the Privacy Act does it say a person is "not entitled to information that is created by other persons." - of course I am if it's about me.

The fact that this lie is being deliberately and knowingly told by the Manager of the Police Communication Centre is cause for serious concern. There has been a considerable amount of correspondence regarding the recording of the call from Cook and Wilson, Police are still refusing to provide it, I intend making an application under Section 14 and/or 24 of the Criminal Disclosure Act 2008 for the recording of the call from Cook and Wilson. The 46 tracks on the disk provided to me by another Police officer make an absolute mockery of this letter from Ewers! As I said, I have spent months trying to edit these tracks to remove the personal information of other people, disclosed to me by Police in spite of this letter.

When I asked Ewers which Section of the Privacy Act prevents me accessing the call from Cook and Wilson, he said he'd have to look it up, I haven't heard from him since, despite sending many letters and emails to Police and PCA. He should have looked it up before he wrote the letter.

TV One is advertising an expose on the NZ Police on tonight's late news (18 January 2011) by a "top cop", should be interesting. There's a post on this site and on Kiwisfirst site containing an account written by Ross Meurant about the culture of corruption in the NZ Police. I believe that corrupt Constable Cunningham, the officer in charge of this case, encouraged Murphy to return to my house to steal the disk with these tracks on it as soon as he found out I had it, for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, police are wasting money on this rubbish - if they dealt with the incompetence and corruption that are rife and the lack of morale, they wouldn't have to advertise! Margaret Bazely's inquiry found that officers routinely refer to Police National HQ as "Bullshit Castle" - for obvious reasons!

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