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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Delusional Disorder

 After Tui Taurua received this letter from the Ministry of Health, warning her of a ten thousand dollar fine for impersonating a clinician, she published a post on social media falsely accusing people of "attacking" her and threatening her, following a hui at Te Tii marae on Waitangi day 2018 and the manner in which the matters which were the subject of the hui have developed.  Not only was Tui demonstrating evidence of Delusional Disorder in advertising herself as a "clinician", but she was Delusional in claiming to believe that the letter was not genuine, and that the letter is evidence of "threats" and "attacks" by other people.  Nobody threatened or attacked Tui, there is not a single shred of evidence to support her allegations, she is manipulative and dishonest, and in all probability she is delusional.  She is a danger to other people, and deviously divisive, as the evidence establishes without any doubt:

Tui is well funded by a number of government organisations and NGOs as a 'Maori with lived experience' of mental health issues'.  In regard to the letter from the Ministry of Health (above); firstly, despite the Ministry confirming to us that they emailed it directly to her, and the fact that the website profile containing the false claim was swiftly edited immediately following her receipt of the letter, and then the website was shut down entirely, Tui is clearly either in denial, or lying, in the comments on social media trying to suggest that the letter is a fake - her own social media comments in regard to the letter are inflammatory, divisive, devious, deranged, and seriously disturbing. She knows perfectly well that she received the letter from the Ministry and she knew all along that it was genuine.  Trying to frame it as an "attack" by other people is delusional.

Tui Taurua wrote to the Prime Minister in February 2018 falsely claiming to have a mandate to speak for four iwi - Ngapuhi, Tainui, Tuhoe and Ngati Porou.  In the letters to the Prime Minister Tui Taurua and others falsely claim that these alleged mandates were given to them by the taumata of Ngapuhi nui tonu at Te Tii marae at Waitangi during Waitangi commemorations 2-6 February 2018.  The claims are false and the writers knew the claims were false.

This Nga Hau E Wha 'mental health peer support organisation' does not stand up to scrutiny at all.  The leader of the organisation, and one of the signatories to another letter to the Prime Minister in February 2018 and allegedly handed to her at Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Victoria Roberts, received the letter below, from the 'umbrella organisation' through which Nga Hau E Wha funding is channelled - because NHEW are not a legal entity of any kind such as a Trust, and Incorporated Society, limited liability company, etc, they would not normally be eligible for funding by the Ministry of Health or many other funders, so they use these 'umbrella organisations' which are legal entities to channel the funding to NHEW, it is a loophole that is often exploited for various reasons, none of which stand up to scrutiny in most cases.  It is fraud.

There more we scrutinise NHEW and the Ministry of Heath the more a pattern of increasing delusion and dishonesty are revealed.  NHEW provided us with this letter some weeks after Waitangi commemorations, which we had been previously unaware of, the letter is the subject of the delusional emails from Jak Wild to Amanda Luckman of the Ministry of Health:


Tui Taurua and Jak Wild solicited signatures and contact details on a document at Waitangi Marae on 6 February 2018, fraudulently misused the document, and continue to refuse to provide a copy of the document to the signatories.  Jak Wild, on behalf of NHEW, claimed to the Ministry that he handed the letter to the Prime Minister during an alleged "fifteen minute one on one meeting with Jacinda at Waitangi" during which the Prime Minister allegedly made certain comments and offers in regard to the upcoming mental health inquiry:

Now the interesting thing is that the Prime Minister's office deny all that ever took place and essentially say that Jak Wild is Delusional.  The Prime Minister is closely attended by security staff, secretarial staff, fellow members of parliament and all manner of other attendants at Waitangi and it is inconceivable that not one of knows anything about this 15 minute one or one - including the Prime Minister as the correspondence from her office proves:

Jak Wild is Delusional.  We were present in the whare for the duration of these matters, we signed the attendance register and provided our details for the stated purpose, the establishment of a whanau database.  None of us were informed about any letter to the Prime Minister let alone asked for permission to affix our signatures to the letters!  None of us were convinced by the korero of Jak Wild and Tui Taurua and we did not give them any mandate tow engage with the government or the Prime Minister on our behalf!  They are both dangerously delusional - and they are both devious liars!

When summoned to inquiry by the taumata, Tui lied again.  This time she produced a report which can be read at this link, including an altered copy of the letter she wrote to the Prime Minister - she lied to the taumata and tried to tell us that her letter to the Prime Minister only claimed a  mandate for Ngapuhi and not the other three iwi - is she Delusional, is she a devious liar, or is it a bit of both?:

After complaining through the proper channels for two years, the Ministry of Health finally deigned to grant us a meeting to discuss our complaints about their ongoing support and enabling of these people and their extremely dysfunctional little group.  

On 4 March 2020 wee met with the Ministry of Health Principal Advisor Mental Health and Addiction Directorate regarding our complaints about the Ministry involvement with NHEW and the lack of accountability regarding the fraud perpetrated at Waitangi when Tui Taurua, Victoria Roberts, Jak Wild and NHEW  We recorded this meeting and the recording can be accessed via this link

Waiatamai Tamehana, the Principal Ministry of Health Advisor Mental Health and Addiction assigned to deal with our complaints about Tui, and the very person who seems to have been enabling Tui and her mates can be heard on the recording.

Eight days later Waiatamai Tamehana rang us up repeatedly around midnight and sent us over fifty extremely offensive and disturbing messages, telling us she was "Karen Browne of the Big Belly Womens Music collective from Rawene" and a considerable number of other Delusional statements

Here are some of the text messages she sent us when she rang us up repeatedly in the middle of the night recently to try and trick us into dropping our complaints:



The full transcript of the messages we received from this Principal Ministry Advisor are at this link.

The recipients of the midnight phone calls and text messages sent by Waiatamai Tamehana made complaints to NZ Police.  

Police refused to charge Ms Tamehana.  The correspondence with Police shows that Police first advised the victims that they refused to charge Ms Tamehana with "harassment". Correspondence with Police is copied below:

Hi Katherine
I am writing about a recent complaint you made to Police. Can you please confirm that Waiatamai is the person you suspect of calling you and sending you text messages?  If you do not believe it is her can you please advise who you suspect it to be. Can you please also send any evidence you have of the harassment.
Can you confirm that you have blocked the number now?
Also please advise what action you would like Police to take?
Constable Tom Newby


We requested that this woman be charged with misuse of a telephone and attempting to obstruct justice!


 On Wed, 8 Apr 2020 at 16:08, NEWBY, Thomas (Tom) <Thomas.NEWBY@police.govt.nz> wrote:

    Hi Katherine
    I have read the messages on the website provided. It seems things have gotten a little complicated and some of your complaints the Police are not the appropriate agency. For instance complaints about breach of privacy would not be dealt with by Police if they were not the agency providing the information. Instead the complaint could be made to the privacy commission a link to their website is here:
        In regards to a Ministry of health employee contacting you, to me the first step should be to communicate with the Ministry of Health in order to make a complaint about Waiatamai’s actions. They would have a better understanding of the background of the case and would be able to begin an employment case if they needed.
    From the material I have read that you have supplied I do not believe that it would meet the threshold to pursue a criminal charge. The basis of this is there was one occurrence of harassment. Under the harassment act 1997 there should be at least two occurrences of harassment:
    3 Meaning of harassment
    (1)    For the purposes of this Act, a person harasses another person if he or she engages in a pattern of behaviour that is directed against that other person, being a pattern of behaviour that includes doing any specified act to the other person on at least 2 separate occasions within a period of 12 months.
    I could speak with her directly and advise her not to contact you anymore, however I believe this would be better coming from an employee as a direction and them taking actions to separate you.
    At this stage your complaint is noted and can be used for context if further harassment continues.
    To reiterate I believe you best course of action is to contact the Ministry of Health.


May 8, 2020, 5:37 AM
to ThomasNewby, TeRingaManguMihaka, 

Tena koe Tom,
We will not accept your refusal to charge Waiatamai Tamehana and insist that your communications are reviewed by police and IPCA without delay.  This is a formal complaint of prosecutorial misconduct against you - please forward it without delay to the IPCA, and provide all information regarding this matter - and your so called investigation of it - according to the Privacy Act and the Official Information Act immediately..
Misuse of telephone device s 112.png:

We insist that you charge Tamehana with misuse of a telephone under the Telecommunications Act immediately, an offence police have charged me with several times, unsuccessfully.  Each time police charged me on the basis of less evidence than the evidence to support a prosecution of Tamehana, and there is clearly sufficient evidence to support a prosecution of Tamehana!  Ringing us at midnight repeatedly and sending well over 50 deranged text messages lying about being Karen Browne is misuse of a telephone device and YOU KNOW IT!


On Tue, 12 May 2020 at 14:14, DAVIDSON, Tyron (Ty) <Tyron.Davidson@police.govt.nz> wrote:

Good Afternoon,

Please be advised that Constable NEWBY has elevated this matter for my review.

I will endeavour to review your complaint this week and make contact with you in writing before the end of next week, Friday the 22nd of May, 2020.


New Zealand Police Logo


Ty Davidson

Senior Sergeant TDW614

Wellington Police Operations Group



Sent: Wednesday, 8 April 2020 3:29 p.m.
To: NEWBY, Thomas (Tom) <Thomas.NEWBY@police.govt.nz>
Cc: teringamangu@gmail.com
Subject: Re: 200331/1849

Tena koe Constable Newby.

Due to a lack of access to the internet we have uploaded some of the evidence regarding these matters including screenshots of the communications received from Ms Tamehana by email and text and telephone, as well as a recording of a meeting with her at the Ministry's officers recently regarding our serious pre-existing complaints to, and about, the Ministry.  The information can be accessed through this link: https://psychiatrickery.blogspot.com  

At that URL is a screenshot of part of an email sent to us on 20 February by Waiatamai Tamehana, in regard to an Official Information Act request, showing her phone number as "027 3734051".

Also attached are screenshots of some of the text messages received from the same number, showing the number of the sender, the number is the same, the Ministry have confirmed that and confirmed that she has admitted sending the messages and ringing us repeatedly in the early hours of the morning, despite the first three calls being rejected she persisted in ringing.  Any reasonable person would realise that these actions would cause harm and that the communications are extremely inappropriate and the communication clearly and emphatically unwanted.



Waiatamai Tamehana was tasked by the Ministry of Health to deal with our serious complaints regarding fraudulent mental health funding and fraudulent claims made in letters to the Prime Minister regarding mandates for Ngapuhi, Tainui, Tuhoe and Ngati Porou and other claims.

Ms Tamehana had a fiduciary duty to safeguard our privacy, she clearly breached it in a way that constitutes criminal nuisance, criminal harassment, her messages were clearly intended to cause harm.  She had a fiduciary duty to treat our complaint, and our information, in a professional manner, and her actions in that regard amount to a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice regarding a ministerial inquiry into the other serious allegations made to the Ministry.

We want police to charge this deranged woman with the crimes she has clearly committed!  All of them - she is/was in a highly paid position of authority and responsibility and she has clearly breached her duties and responsibilities in the most despicable and corrupt manner imaginable!  This is the manner in which our serious complaint have been dealt with for the last two years - this is serious corruption by a public servant and we expect Police to treat it as such! 

We could hear another person in the background during the phone calls received from Tamehana and suspect if could have been Karen Browne - who Tamehana claimed to be.  There is no mistaking the identity of the caller - it is the same as the voice of Tamehana in the recording of the meeting at the offices of the Ministry days just earlier!

We have not blocked the number because it is a MINISTRY PHONE and she was appointed to deal with our complaints into fraud and that is what taxpayers paid for the phone for - not for Tamehana to ring us up at all hours with this abusive, disturbing, unprofessional, corrupt drive - trying to pressure us to revoke our complaints to the Ministry and let her orchestrate some hui with her whanau instead!!!

This complaint is closely associated with the complaints about Tui Taurua - we request to investigate the indisputable evidence that both Ms Taurua and Ms Tamehana are Delusional and a clear danger to other people as a result of their Delusional actions - in Taurua's case that includes falsely claiming to be a mental health practitioner - a "clinician" to be precise - for which she received a letter warning her of a $10,000 fine, and letters to the Prime Minister containing a pack of utter lies regarding a document bearing our signatures, mandates for four iwi, and fraudulent misuse of a document bearing our signatures, evidence of a fraudulent funding application, etc, etc.  In Tamehana's case if manifests itself in her claims to be Karen Browne - it was clear from comparing the recordings that it was the same person (regardless of whether Browne was 'in on it' or not)!

Please phone us at the earliest opportunity.

Katherine Raue.





Te Ringa Mangu Mihaka (otherwise known as Dun Mihaka) is prosecuting her in the Wellington District Court on 12 October 2020, following a ruling by District Court Judge William (Bill) Hastings, who ruled that it most certainly IS in the public interest.  

Te Ringa Mangu Mihaka is also prosecuting Police for corruptly refusing to charge her in the first place, and the fact that there is no judicial oversight of Police regarding prosecutorial decisions and there is evidence of widespread abuse of power, racism, and blatant corruption by Police in regard to prosecutorial decision making.

The evidence of Delusional Disorder is clear - Tui Taurua is either lying or Delusional, Waiatamai Tamehana is either lying or Delusional, both of them are clearly a danger to other people, particularly vulnerable people affected by 'mental health issues', and what makes this all particularly odious and obscene is the evidence published at this website about the false allegations of Delusional Disorder which were made against a whistleblower in order to corruptly derail criminal charges of perverting the course of justice, and a number of other fabricated and corruptly laid charges, filed in the Courts by local Police, of which the accused was acquitted or the charges withdrawn, including several charges of misuse of a telephone, one of which had serious political implications. - posters featuring the front page headline were placed outside all the media retail outlets from Edetahuna to Featherston two weeks prior to the elections, and no mention was made of the subsequent acquittal, or any of the other acquittals, apart from one report:

There was never any basis for any of the charges:


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Text messages from Sonja Lawson regarding Brian Hunter and their lawyers:

These screenshots are numbered for reference purposes, and published for evidential purposes.
The first message relates to this news report:

I didn't respond, and ten days later Sonja Lawson sent the following message.
Ten days later I sent her this message:
Here is her response:

Then more requests about her previous lawyers:


Then another specific reference to Brian Hunter, in regard to Hunter working as IT consultant and working for lawyer and "nailing Hunter further".

"If I have copy of these documents I can nail Brian Hunter & I would say both Seth Fraser & Tony Ellis will be in crap too as I have documents that proves they all told lies and were going to submit false information in court of law."
"If I have copy of these documents I can nail Brian Hunter & I would say both Seth Fraser & Tony Ellis will be in crap too as I have documents that proves they all told lies and were going to submit false information in court of law."

Another reference to Brian Hunter- the seventh such reference so far I think :
Nothing offensive about my responses:



Eighth and ninth references to Brian Hunter by Sonja Lawson, quite interesting response to the advice regarding her claims regarding her alleged "evidence" about Brian Hunter and the lawyers:
Sonja obsesses about Brian Hunter a bit more, references ten and eleven:

Refers to Hunter for the twelfth and thirteenth time:
Blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah:


"I don't know what u r talking about" blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah:

Blah blah blah:
On about Hunter again - what's that? 14 times now?
Fifteenth reference to Brian Hunter:
Blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah:
Quarter to midnight, still at it, blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah
"Haven't got any money for a phone" - I question that.  In one of her recent affidavits she says she is currently using two phones, and she recently announced owning over twenty grands worth of bonus bonds.

Quarter to two in the morning, still at it:

Blah blah blah:
Again, nothing wrong with my response.  Unlike the increasingly erratic diatribe reproduced above:
"Stop wasting my time with these ridiculous texts":



On about Brian Hunter again - that's 15 times she has mentioned him, at least:

Sixteenth and seventeenth time she goes on about Brian Hunter:
Blah blah blah:

"Stop wasting everyone's time"
"Brian Hunter was named on drafts and mentioned in engagement letter."  References 18 and 19, confirming that Lawson was well aware of the joint claim involving her and Hunter:
"Stop this nonsense!!!"
Blah blah blah - "Full up with legal stuff so I have no issue with not txting so thats it"
"That's it" - except she just can't quit:  Blah blah blah:





Blah blah blah on and on and on - this is a step too far.  I did not contact her at all on 14th and this message contains false allegations and is totally unnecessary and unwanted:
Blah blah blah:
Blah blah blah - has to have the last word:

Like a little child.  Pathetic.  I hadn't contacted her since the previous day.

After begging for information about her dodgy co-claimant Brian Hunter the serial conman, Ms Lawson is now trying to claim that she's never heard of him and has no interest in him whatsoever and knows nothing about this document - a claim in which Ms Lawson and Mr Hunter are cited as co-claimants (below) - with her name on it, and her handwriting clearly on it:

This is her own handwriting on this document - the handwriting matches every other document she's filed in Court: