"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, May 8, 2001

The rip offs at the Carterton Community Centre:

Here's the letter from Mark Hinton, of Wollerman Cooke and McClure (now trading as WCM Legal) to local Police - Hinton and Jock Blathwayt and the others at Wollerman Cooke and McClure knew FULL WELL that the group the firm was "acting for" had NO legal authority WHATSOEVER to instruct the solicitors of the Carterton Community Centre Inc!  Hinton was corruptly acting on behalf of a small group of local residents who had been robbing the Community Centre blind for years - a group which included WCM's clerk Colleen Fafieta's husband - local Post Office manager - who was guilty of theft of the CCC mail when he illegally changed the lock on the postbox - in total breach of the Postal Services Act!  Colleen Fafieta was one of several women involved in this sordid affair who was having it off with local Police Constable Stephen Wakefield - which is why Police turned a blind eye to the blatant fraud and other criminal offences!:

I had every right to possession of the keys of the society - Post Office manager Paul Fafieta had no authority whatsoever to change the locks of the postbox and Police must charge him with theft of the mail without further delay!
 And here's the response of Sgt G N Reid of the NZ Police - he agrees with me!  Unfortunately "his superiors" didn't like this, and Sgt Reid left the NZ Police not long after writing this letter.  He has remained in the local community, he works as a security guard and is held in high regard in the community for his integrity, ethics and honesty.  I told him that I had a legal right to possession of the property of the Carterton Community Centre and that the group instructing Wollerman Cooke and McClure were acting ultra vires (without lawful authority) and should be charged with theft of the property belonging to the Incorporated Society that THEY held!:

Compare the response above with the one below, from Rod Drew - Drew should have been sacked years ago!  This is a blatant cover up!

Corrupt Police Area Commander Rod Drew was well paid to declare that "Because Georgina Beyer and the Mayor of Carterton have had discussions around issues regarding the Centre it is most unlikely that any Criminal Law (sic) has been broken" - what utter lies!  Drew knew perfectly well that there had been serious criminal offences committed by Beyer and 'her' mates on the Council!  That's why they were forced to wind it up in the High Court (the Carterton Community Centre Inc) and that's why all the funding stopped - we wrote to the funders and showed them where their money had gone!

Then we wrote to the Companies Office and advised them that the 'group' who had taken over the Centre did not have the support of any more than eight people in the community and as such was in breach of the Incorporated Societies Act.
The group, headed by John Crawford, and made up mainly of people associated with the Carterton District Council, had to admit to the High Court that it was true - they only had eight supporters- only EIGHT people in this community supported these thieving liars - and the minimum number of members required to operate as an incorporated society is fifteen.
Police and IPCA regularly use the excuse that they can't see any evidence of any "Criminal Law" being "breached" - what rubbish!  The financial reports at this link clearly and indisputably show that thousands of dollars was stolen from half a dozen different bank accounts to pay a so called "personal grievance" which was nothing but a blatant theft!  There is also evidence that this was one of TWO such payments being made in this manner at the same time!
Then Wollerman Cooke and McClure wrote this letter:
"We refer to our telephone conversation and while the writer is still awaiting formal instruction from the Society in response to your communication, it is our belief that mediation can only proceed if your client releases to the Committee the material which she removed from the Society's offices so that the duly elected Officers of the Society could consult and then consider her claim relative to the Society's financial and administrative records.

We would obtain instructions that, subject to receipt of, and reasonable time to consider those records), the Committee would meet Ms Raue at mediation regarding her alleged personal grievance. We believe this view is consistent with what would be ordered if the matter went to the Employment Court.

We suggest that the material and records be available at your offices, for the writer or a member of his staff to collect.
Yours faithfully
Mark Hinton - Wollerman Cooke and McClure"
What a joke! I instructed my lawyer, Kamil Lakshman of Ainslie Hewton's law firm to instruct the writer forthwith that he was taking instructions from people who were not authorised to issue them and his letter would be treated with the contempt it deserved!  The Employment Relations Service had sent me the following letter on 16 May 2001 advising me that the group Hinton was acting for had refused my request for mediation weeks earlier!:


 On the second page of the letter from Sgt Reid it states that "on the 5th June a representative of the Carterton Community Centre (Elaine Brazendale) advised Senior Constable Wakefield that the Carterton Community Centre had declined to meet with Raue." More accurately, they declined to meet with, or even appoint, an auditor. Because of the FRAUD and gross malfeasance

It was proposed by the group to appoint R G Thompson - so I contacted Mr Thompson, and presented him with information regarding the affairs of the Community Centre, including the two 'personal grievance' payments.

This is the "refusal to meet with Raue" referred to in Sgt Reid's letter - I offered to meet with R G Thompson and a representative of the Council group who took it over illegally, in order to hand over the information we both held, and Elaine Brazendale refused, because I'd already discussed it with R G Thompson, who had advised of the likely outcome of an audit - Brazendale and her mates would likely be charged with fraud!