"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's the definition of hypocrisy? The Secret Life of Information:

ACC Minister Judith Collins wants the state insurer to start sacking staff who breach a new
"zero tolerance" policy on privacy breaches.

A furious Ms Collins has
revealed her astonishment at the failure of ACC to include privacy among nine of its "top priorities".

"They have to act in the way that I expect them to act. When I go around the branches, most of the people there absolutely understand it.

"But, actually, a few are letting them down and when we have things like the audit and risk committee having nine priorities for the year and not one of them [being] privacy, how can that be acceptable given everything else that's going on?"

Ms Collins' comments come as figures from ACC show 11 staff members have been reprimanded over "serious misconduct" since 2010.

The breaches involved: theft; fraud against ACC or a claimant; serious misuse of ACC property, including information and systems; dishonesty; disobeying a lawful and reasonable instruction from a manager; and any act that had the potential to bring ACC into disrepute.

Meanwhile, in some parallel universe, Paula Bennett is boasting that in spite of the recent ruling by the Human Rights Commission that she breached the privacy of Natasha Fuller when she revealed details of her benefit to the media.

"It's three years later, the letter has been done, we've all decided to move on," she said. "I certainly respect her request for privacy now and that the media aren't hounding her. So I want to show a degree of respect for that."

Greens co-leader Metiria Turei said it was a serious concern for Prime Minister John Key that Bennett was refusing to apologise or rule out releasing private details in the future.

"Beneficiaries have a right to privacy, they are entitled to their personal dignity and they shouldn't have a minister who is prepared to breach that and to interfere with their dignity just because she disagrees with what she says."

All beneficiaries were now at risk if they spoke out, she said.

"Paula Bennett will go into your personal files and use that information to attack you in public."

Saying the Commission had made an opinion was "just weasel words".

Shearer said Fuller was abused by Bennett.

"It was wrong, she should apologise, not just say she regrets it."

Fuller had come to an agreement with Bennett because she had been "damaged and hurt" and wanted the situation to go away, he said. The NBR recently reported there is an alarming amount of bribery in NZ . . .

More on the policy of "information sharing" at this link. Shows what a waste of time it is writing to the Human Rights Commission these days anyway. Like writing to the IPCA, and a lot of other 'authorities' charged with upholding justice.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ewen Macdonald, his brother, and the Clown prosecutor:

Hot on the heels of the Urewera fiasco and the Kim Dotcom circus, Clown prosecutor Ben Vanderkolk has stage managed the prosecution of Ewen Macdonald to make sure that the jury only got to hear half the facts.

It's been revealed that Ewen Hyde had a long history of deliberate and premeditated criminal activity, much of it malicious and violent and aimed directly at Scott and Kylee Guy, such as the graffiti he sprayed on their home saying "fucken bitch slapper", "you cheating whore, what comes around, goes around'', "stay away from him Kylee, you whore'', and "now you know how it feels to lose something you love''.(sic). Given that Macdonald has admitted this, and said he did it for fun, why has there been no request to have him examined by a psychiatrist, he is clearly psychopathic and a danger to other people!  It's now been revealed that Macdonald bashed 19 calves to death with a hammer. This behaviour is not normal - what's wrong with the Clown prosecutors and the police, just accepting this and not questioning his sanity - unbelievable that the corrupt police and their corrupt mates at the Court can conspire to lock me up for three months for alleging I'm a danger to myself instead of arresting the REAL criminals, but nobody seems to see anything wrong with Ewen Macdonald's mental health . . .

Here's a timeline of SOME of his recent activities:
December 30, 2006: Ewen Macdonald killed two trophy stags on Craig Hocken's Feilding property.

August 9, 2007: Intentionally destroyed 16,000 litres of milk at Graham Sexton's farm at Himatangi.

August 9, 2007: Intentionally killed calves causing loss to farmer Paul Barber at Foxton.

March 21, 2008: Damaged a duck-shooting whare belonging to Graham Sexton.

October 24, 2008: Damaged an old house by fire on Scott and Kylee Guy's property in Feilding.

January 30, 2009: Vandalism of Scott and Kylee Guy's new home in Feilding.

July 8, 2010: Scott Guy shot dead at the end of his driveway in the early hours of the morning.

April 7, 2011: Ewen Macdonald arrested for murder.

September 2011: Callum Boe convicted of arson, vandalism, etc, and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

June 5, 2012: Trial begins in the High Court at Wellington. Macdonald is acquitted a month later.

August 6, 2012: It is revealed that Callum Boe is already out of prison.

September 14, 2012: Macdonald to be sentenced in the High Court at Palmerston North on six remaining charges - the same charges that Boe was convicted and imprisoned for last year - Macdonald should have been jointly charged at that time with those offences!

The only reason Boe was not called to give evidence, and that the previous history or RELEVANT criminal violence directed specifically at Scott and Kylee Guy was hidden is because Clown prosecutor Ben Vandervolk exercised his personal discretion and conspired with his mates to make sure that the jury and the Court didn't hear about it - which amounts to a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in my opinion (and that of many others).

Ewen Macdonald's brother is a Wellington police detective, the corruption and incompetence of the New Zealand police is legendary - staff refer to police national headquarters as "Bullshit Castle".   It appears very likely that a combination of a police investigation aimed at making sure that no evidence was found, and a Clown prosecutor who conspired with the police to pervert the course of justice, has resulted in his acquittal for cold blooded, premeditated murder. Justice in NZ comes down to how much money you've got and who your mates are.

Macdonald lied and lied, over and over again, living a lie, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  How many other women are living with monsters like Ewen Macdonald? Apparently "respectable" blokes, how many monsters lkike this are on school Boards of Trustees - as Macdonald was?  How many women, like his wife, just accept stories about little "night missions" with "mates" like Callum Boe?

The suppression order regarding the other charges was supposed to be lifted when Macdonald appeared in the Palmerston North District Court for a callover on Tuesday 31 July 2012, but were continued by the district court judge, who declined jurisdiction to sentence Macdonald.

He will now be sentenced by the High Court later this year - a sentencing date will likely be set when he next appears in court on September 14.

The news report dated 6 August 2012 shows that despite being sentenced to two years jail last September, Callum Boe is out already - less than 12 months later - what an insult to justice!

Ewen Macdonald is a ticking time bomb. The arson and vandalism were committed "for retribution" after Macdonald and Boe were caught poaching Samba deer and were trespassed from the farms. Retribution for the fact that Macdonald and Boe were caught in the act committing crimes, not retribution for any OTHER act - it's not retribution, it's extreme psychopathic behaviour and Macdonald has never been subjected to a psychiatric examination - nobody thought it necessary to ask for one, but I think there is clear evidence of a serious mental illness and one which presents a clear and indisputable danger to the public!

Andrew Hoggard, Federated Farmers Manawatu-Rangitikei provincial president, said Macdonald's actions were "inexplicable".  What a funny word to use.  I'd say Macdonald needs to be locked up in a secure mental asylum for what are clearly deranged and dangerous thought processes and extreme behaviour.  Normal people do not commit such acts of purely malevolent destructive atrocity - he's admitted to it - but the video of that admission is extremely chilling, watch how off hand he is about it, how little he cares, how casual he is, almost thinks it's a joke by the look of it.  His matey relationship with the police is evidence also.

"We genuinely thought crimes like this were committed by some low-life toe-rag who'd never worked a decent day in their life. It is a real shock to discover MacDonald has admitted to what are acts of sabotage"  said Hoggard.  

How many other "respectable" "pillars of the community", "award winning farmers" and members of Boards of Trustees are living lives that are lies? How many of them are malicious and psychopathic bullies?  Ray Craig certainly is and so was Gavin Kennedy, both of the South End School Board of Trustees, and involved in the ongoing bullying and corruption that saw a Statutory Manager appointed last year, and the resignation of the former principal Rod O'Leary after O'Leary lied about the employment of me and of another staff member, and conspired with the Board to sack us over deliberately false allegations and further the political careers of their mates. Ray Craig is also thick as thieves with corrupt local Constable Stephen Wakefield, his son Constable Michael Wakefield, and the other corrupt local cops, who are conspiring to cover up the epidemic of child abuse by throwing hundreds of files in the rubbish bin and lying about it.

Macdonald had committed a large number of serious crimes, ALL of which the local police had failed to charge him with, after Boe confessed, they had no choice.

The so called investigation into the Wairarapa child abuse cover up has not involved anyone from the so called 'investigation team' interviewing Det Sgt Mark McHattie, the ringleader of the corruption, the one who threw hundreds of files in the rubbish bin and lied "Hand on my heart" they'd been "resolved".

McHattie and his mate, Area Commander Jack Johnston, have both been promoted instead of charged and imprisoned. - What kind of 'investigation' doesn't interview the main offender, the ringleader? A CORRUPT ONE! This so called investigation has been sucking up taxpayer's money for YEARS - feeding the pigs on the gravy train, with their snouts in the trough, while the media and the politicians and the middle classes spin out their attacks on "some low-life toe-rag who'd never worked a decent day in their life" and other attacks on "beneficiaries", "dope smokers", "Maoris" and other social groups.

Most chilling of all is the glimpse into the mind of someone who committed these atrocities just because he could.  Ewen Macdonald had everything; a beautiful wife and a lovely family, a guaranteed future that was very rosy indeed. But he just couldn't stop himself. The blood lust of men who poach stags for trophies, like he did, is unfathomable, never mind the blood lust it took to even think up the idea of killing nineteen calves with a hammer - never mind actually carry it out!   I'd kill an animal for food if I had to, but that's not what Ewen Macdonald and Callum Boe were doing on their little "missions", they were engaged in sheer mindless violence, and destruction, theft, deceit, lies, etc.  The video interview where Macdonald admits the crimes Boe had already confessed to shows that Macdonald thought the whole thing was a bit of a joke.

He joined the Board of Trustees of the local school AFTER murdering Scott Guy apparently, which suggests a degree of arrogance as well as a lack of remorse that is deeply disturbing.
The landowners pointed the finger at Macdonald, who originally denied it, but then he said it was "just that easy" and their property was not the only one he had been poaching on.  I guess it is all rather easy when you're such good mates with the local cops.

The motivation behind Macdonald and Boe’s crimes was revealed in September when Boe appeared in Queenstown District Court and was sentenced to two years’ jail for his offending. He served less than twelve months and was out before Ewen Macdonald's even been sentenced for the same crime.

The details of that appearance were suppressed until this week.

This looks like a blatant case of perverting the course of justice. George Gwaze was tried twice, so why can't Ewen Macdonald be retried? I know which one I tend to think is guiltier.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lawyers - above the law? Looks like it!

We knew it would finally come to light. It seems the corrupt old boy lawyers in New Zealand are dying off at too great of pace for the new crop to replace them. In the past, Attorney General Chris Finlayson has spoken publicly about his difficulty in finding lawyers in New Zealand willing to take judicial appointments.

The queen maker need not worry.

It was reported yesterday that a recent law graduate was found guilty of perverting the course of justice by fronting a shill to take a paternity test for her 2-year old in order to have the true father's name removed from the birth certificate.

Crown prosecutor Claire Robertson said imprisonment was usually warranted for such a crime, but did not seek it in this case because it might impede the woman becoming a lawyer - and maybe a judge some day. See this link for more evidence of the Clown prosecutors perverting the course of justice for their mates!

The lawyer-to-be was given permanent name suppression by the court. New Zealand Law Society general manager regulatory Mary Ollivier was reported as saying a criminal conviction would not stop someone becoming a registered lawyer. And because of the name suppression order, no one would know.

Judge David Wilson stated he could "understand" the woman's motivation but not excuse the "lengths" she went to.

A Family Court judge had picked up the discrepancy and reported the woman to police. The lawyer then asked DNA Diagnostics to destroy the samples she had falsified after another District Court Judge ordered new samples be taken and tested.

In an affidavit to the court, the woman claimed to live in fear of the biological father.

The father, who also has name suppression, said he was disappointed with the sentence of three months community service considering the extensive deception of the court by his former partner. He's not the only one!

- Source: Kiwisfirst.com

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sophie-Maree Hunter:

On the same day as I was born, Sophie-Maree Hunter passed away.

Sophie was just two years old, she never got to see the world, or reach her potential.

Monarch_butterfly : A beautiful Monarch butterfly with vibrant color, feeding on a Lantana bloom

There are currently two investigations underway into Sophie's death.

Sophie was taken to Whanganui Accident and Medical Clinic (WAM) on Monday 23rd July after her parents, Scott and Sarah Hunter, became concerned about her health after she developed a temperature and seemed unwell. Her parents were allegedly told her symptoms indicated a virus, and Sophie was asked to provide a urine sample. She was unable to do so at the clinic, but a sample was obtained and delivered to the clinic later that day.

Sophie's parents took her back to the clinic on Wednesday 25th, by which time her condition hadn't improved. They were told that the original urine sample had been lost. Sophie was asked to provide another one, but was again unable to do so, and after about two hours, she was again sent home.

On Saturday morning Sophie's condition was markedly worse, she was listless and appeared jaundiced. Her parents took her straight to Palmerston North hospital from Fielding where they were staying at the time with family. Blood tests were taken and Sophie was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her parents were told that the results of the blood tests would not be available for forty eight hours. She was wearing a breathing tube, sitting up and talking, but began vomiting. Her condition deteriorated quickly, her parents were told that septic shock had set in and her heart was failing. Staff worked to stabilise her as arrangements were made to fly her to Starship Hospital in Auckland. Her condition was extremely unstable, but there was no alternative, the staff at Palmerston North hospital worked frantically to save Sophie, but there was no more they could do there and the decision was made to try and get her to Starship as quickly as possible where there are specialised staff and equipment.

The plane never left the airfield, little Sophie's body had been through too much for too long and septic shock had set in. Her heart had already stopped for a time at the hospital earlier but the staff managed to resuscitate her, this time when her heart stopped they were unable to save her, despite their best efforts.

Thinking about Sophie's last hours, about what her mum and dad and the rest of her Family went through and are still going through, the medical staff involved, there are no words that can do Sophie and her Family justice. This is an utter tragedy and it seems to have been preventable.

Sophie never got to see the world, never got to grow up and fulfill her true potential.

Sophie deserved better than this. All Kiwi Kids deserve better than this.

There are inquiries underway by the Whanganui Primary Health Organisation and the Whanganui Coroners Office, they won't bring Sophie back.

News reports at this link (Wanganui Chronicle), and New Zealand Herald.

Sophie's family are determined to fight for better health care for Kiwi kids and ensure this never happens to another child.

Here are another couple of recent news reports about the New Zealand health system to think about. And another. This post will be updated when the results of the inquiries are available.

Less than two months after Sophie passed on, another child was turned away from a medical centre too:

Happy Birthday Flynn:

Flynn officially turns 30 today.

It was love at first sight years ago when we met. Flynn was given to me by our blacksmith Steve Nolan. He was pretty naughty alright, and some interesting behavioural problems, but he's always been a very kind horse. His behaviour problems were caused by fears mostly, and overcome by patience and kindness mostly.

Flynn loves children, always has. He was four years old when we got him, so was Lily. It was love at first sight. He's pretty much retired now, but he still likes to play with the little kids, they sit on him while he wanders around eating, he's a real asset to the community, providing pet therapy to lots of local kids and making them happy. Our community garden provides pet therapy as a sort of extension of Riding for the Disabled, only you don't have to be "disabled" as such, Pet Therapy builds confidence, compassion, empathy, and all sorts of positive virtues. It teaches kids about trust, relationships, patience, and all sorts of other things.
Happy Birthday to Brutus and Paddy too, and all the other horses whose birthday it is today :)