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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wairarapa Police Pervert the Course of Justice with Michael Murphy & Tracy Feast:

The "evidence" on the Perverting the Course of Justice and Escaping Custody charges  (which can be read at this link, just click on the highlighted text) would be funny if it wasn't such a serious attempt to pervert the course of justice by the corrupt Wairarapa police, Gary McPhee, and their mates.  Have hardly had a chance to look at it myself, just read the Depositions Evidence, and it's like something out of Monty Python - honestly!  Page 7 of the Depositions Evidence in particular, the star witness for the police is asked
"So what was the question that you recall Mrs Raue saying to you about that, can you remember the words she asked you?"  Star witness for the prosecution says "Not particularly, because I've got a short term memory."
"What's that?" the greasy amicus curiae (Brian Yeoman) asks, lifting his snout out of the trough momentarily, "I've got adhd, I forget things." says the star witness, Aaron Brook.
Greasy amicus curiae asks him: "What was the question, then, that Mrs Raue asked you, or what statement did she say to you on this occasion?"  This being the whole point of the case - what did she actually say to you?
Star police witness answers: "She goes to me, she says, - I don't know, it's gone."  - Before confirming that he did indeed see Murphy in the near vicinity of my house at the time I told police he had been there (before I had even spoken to the star witness myself), thereby independently corroborating my evidence, not that of the prosecution.   This witness said in the first place that he had seen Murphy near my house at the time I had previously reported the burglary and the witness has never retracted that, despite the police trying to make out that somehow I'm lying, and concocting this absolutely unbelievable orchestrated litany of lies. - Honestly -  Monty Python stuff!
Serious questions need to be asked about how this so called evidence ever made it past a Depositions hearing!  These two Justices of the Peace are perverting the course of justice by pretending the evidence is up to the standard required to commit the matter to trial and are deliberately attempting to pervert the course of justice by pretending it did!  Read the actual Depositions transcript at this link and leave a comment below if you thing "I can't remember" "I've got ADHD" and "I forget things" is up to the standard required!

Michael Murphy's statements all conveniently ignore - deny - the fact that he repeatedly harassed and threatened me, coming to my home repeatedly, threatening and abusing me.  On 1 May 09 he states that he didn't have much to do with me after January 2009.  At Depositions on 20 November 2009 he states, when questioned about being at my address on "previous occasions": "prior to Christmas and one or two occasions after Christmas, I did go to Kate Raue's address.  This was when we were friends."  

The statements from him, and Clare Cook, and the other completely independent witnesses to his violent attack on me in my home, which were made to police on 12 February 2009, and the recordings of the phone call from another witness,  make it indisputably evident that he came to my home with deliberate, calculated, malicious intent to attack me on 11th February, and that he deliberately incited others to attack me too, by deliberately making up enormous whoppers.  Friends indeed!

He sent me text messages on about the 6th February 2009 saying "We're at your house with the cops and Gary McPhee""You smell like Satan", etc.  Oh, that's friendly all right, isn't it?

There were a number of other incidents of Murphy coming to my place and carrying on, for no reason at all apart from the fact that he is a complete and utter nutter, which is indisputably confirmed by the attack on the 11th February 2009, which is the subject of the phone calls to emergency services from a neighbour, and also from two women walking their dog at the time the attack was taking place, two of these women called 111 and the third, Clare Cook, intervened (with her dog).  They described it as "a huge fight going on" "some men have turned up in a car and are smashing up my neighbours house", "smashing down the door", etc.  This incident arose after Murphy and his friend, a very jealous woman called Tracy Feast, made up a story about how I left a 5 year old child alone in the supermarket, and after the cctv footage showed this to be utter rubbish, the story changed to another whopper about how I allegedly took said 5 year old to the supermarket without her mother's permission - as if this is any sort of excuse for a violent home invasion and assault even if it had been true - which it was not!

The police "Offence Report" of the attack on 11th February 2009 is like something out of Monty Python, an orchestrated litany of lies.  Police deny that any attack took place.  The statement of one of the witnesses, Clare Cook or Kelly Wilson, refers to Murphy shouting "Get out of the way Kana, and I'll smash down the door."  Oh, friendly all right.. 

Police corruptly refuse to release the tape of this call, clearly overpaid Manager of the Police Communication Centre, Inspector Wayne Ewers, claiming that "According to the Privacy Act you are not entitled to any information that has been created by other people." - Yeah, right.  What section of the Privacy Act says that?  What rubbish!  - What outright corruption!

The local police, however, in response to the same request, provided me with a disc with 46 tracks of police radio calls, including one from my neighbour, which I was previously unaware of, containing the words quoted above.  

Not included in any of the 46 tracks was the call from the two women who intervened, OR the call I made myself.

Police did however, provide me with written information regarding my own call though, and very interesting it is too.  It says:  "Caller extremely rude and abusive" and other rubbish, which is totally contradicted by the audio recording the police provided after I complained to the Privacy Commissioner with four tracks including the call I made, but NOT the one from Clare Cook and Kelly Wilson.

Here is the transcript of the "extremely rude and abusive" call:

The audio recording of the call makes it clear that I am NOT shouting.

I went out briefly on 8th April in the afternoon and returned at 4:45 pm to see Murphy leaving my address with a satchel that had been on the dining room table.  I immediately advised police of the burglary.

Later that evening two boys who lived over the road came to my house and volunteered the information that they had seen Murphy drive out of Brooklyn Road and into High Street at the same time I had previously told police that he had done so.  They have never retracted that, or wavered in their certainty about seeing Michael Murphy in the same place at the same time as I had reported to the police.

Murphy came and took the disc because it was evidence of his violent attack.  Police are saying there was no attack and I am just a mad woman who is making it all up.

Police didn't even interview Murphy, after the burglary on 8th April, until 1st of May, and still refuse to release the audiotape of the phone call to emergency services from Clare Cook and Kelly Wilson on 11 February 2009, because Murphy can be heard screaming threats at me in the background of the audiotape, as noted in Clare Cook's statement.  Despite all the evidence of violence in the Wairarapa, police are still getting away with this outright, blatant corruption, protecting repeat violent offenders like Murphy, and violent lunatic Gary McPhee.

This corruption has been going on for years, and getting worse all the time.  It is the reason for the completely unacceptable rates of crime, suicide, child abuse, etc.  Tracy Feast has played her part in the suicide rates in the Wairarapa, already the cause of at least one suicide, not content with leaving one little girl without a mother, Tracy Feast continues to cause trouble with her manipulative lies.  She incited the attack on me on 11th February, along with Michael Murphy.

Murphy threatened me in the local supermarket on about the 15th November 2009, approaching me in front of a woman I was speaking with, after he had been warned not to come near me after the attack on the 11th February 2009, he said "You better make sure you turn up to Court on the 8th [December 2009] and don't waste everyone's time by not turning up or you'll be sent to prison."

Predictably, it was the police officer in charge of the case, Constable Laura Rhymer, who didn't turn up, wasting everyone's time, tax payer's money, police resources, Court resources, Crown resources, public resources, finite, limited resources.  - Local police have been recently damned and shamed by headlines regarding revelations that there are hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse allegations being ignored by the very police who have been harassing me with a campaign of malicious and vexatious prosecutions, mainly unsuccessful because they are based on corrupt evidence, or more usually, no evidence.

Rhymer applied for leave two working days before the defended hearing set down for the 8th December 2009 when police realised that Judge Behrens would be hearing the case.  Judge Behrens QC had previously recognised in his written Judgement that the police had used force against me and not arrested me and acted completely unlawfully at the public meeting at which Georgina Beyer the Liar delivered her vicious, nasty, personal attack on me.

That Judgement begins:  "This case has taken some unusual turns. . . . ."  And so it had.  I'll put the transcript of the evidence up soon, including that of Georgina Beyer, Carterton Destruct Councillors Elaine Brazendale and Jill Greathead, Ewen Hyde (Council librarian and general nuisance in these matters) and the Wairarapa Police - not a single member of the community, or the public, apart from those associated with the Council or the Police, would give evidence for the prosecution - this was a public meeting to discuss a community facility!

I was the last legally elected Secretary and Finance Officer of the former Carterton Community Centre, the group trying to get the six million dollars are the same people who took over the Community Centre by violence and deceit.

The evidence clearly shows that the local police acted like the Gestapo in storming into the meeting and attacking me as I was trying to leave, after having committed no crime whatsoever, because I had told the audience, as I had every right to, that the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre regarding the allegations made in 2001, had not been audited as Beyer alleged they had, and that the same 'group' associated with the Carterton District Council who had been committing gross misfeasance and fraud regarding the affairs of the Community Centre, were the ones trying to get a mandate to another six million dollars to build another "Community Facility" which nobody was in favour of.  Ii wasn't trespassing, or disorderly, as the statements made by independent witnesses prove.  Police corruptly refused to interview the witnesses, and the local APN owned "news" - (ha!) paper lied about it like they lied about McPhee's other drunken home invasions and violent attacks.  This link also has a reference to the posters displayed on Friday October the 5th 2007, days before the last local body election at which I was a candidate, regarding the corrupt - not to mention ultimately unsuccessful - AGAIN - prosecution of me by police for charges regarding another false allegation, and that matter ALSO was thrown out because THE PROSECUTION HAD NO EVIDENCE TO OFFER THE COURT AND HAD BEEN WASTING THE TIME OF THE COURT ALL THE TIME.  AGAIN.

Pet Therapy - the Community Garden Horses:

These are two of the horses belonging to the Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens.  The appaloosa horse in the photo on the left is Flynn, and the skewbald one standing behind him on the right is Brutus.  These horses, and Flynn in particular, have given countless hours of fun to local children, and taught them valuable lessons about trust, communication, fairness, friendship and all sorts of other things.  Flynn and Brutus have been friends, brothers, for over twenty years.  Lily and Flynn were both five in the photo on the left, Flynn was given to me for nothing because he was so "difficult", but he was always just lovely with children, really kind.  Kids always loved him, and he wasn't really so difficult, you just have to be patient with him.  Brutus always looked after him, there he is, always right behind him.

Kids don't have to be disabled to benefit from pet therapy, it's a great thing and all community gardens should have a few horses like these.

Carterton District Council animal control officers Murray Clark and Karen Higham saw fit to impound Flynn last weekend, with the help of George Smith, who provided a temporary "pound" and put up a trespass notice.  Then they took him all the way to Clareville, and kept him there for a week without his warm cover.  This was completely and utterly unnecessary, and caused a lot of unnecessary suffering and stress to poor old Flynn, who's done nothing but provide a community service to the kids of this town since he's been here - to kids in lots of towns ever since I was given him over twenty years ago, actually.   

The Carterton District Council have gone out of their way to shut down the Community Gardens, refuse us funding, and steal our assets, our sheds can be viewed on the property of Council employee Melvin Pike, great mate of local bullying Mayor Gary McPhee, who boasts about all the perks of the job he and his mates manage to lay their hands on quite regularly.

So Melvin Pike gets a free shed, that we worked for and we paid for, while poor old Flynn's got no shed to put his hay in, the kids at the Community Gardens have got no sheds to put their tools in any more - aren't you ashamed of yourself Melvin? - that's outright theft.  Theft from poor people, working for the community, how utterly despicable.

Council staff have been making up the rules in order to shut down any grazing options for Flynn and his mates Brutus and Paddy, telling kind people who offer grazing that stock has to be tethered (rubbish), that I am a criminal and a trouble maker (rubbish), etc.

A woman who works at the Council recently had a go at me in Belvedere Rd for having the horse in an area where she wanted to run her dog off the lead, and a complaint was made to the police regarding the actions of Sean Crawford regarding another incident involving Crawford speeding past the horses with loose "sculptures" rattling round on the back of his truck.

Council staff and local SPCA "officers" stole a horse from a paddock in Dalefield Road last year at the insistence of a Council worker's wife, who wanted the horse herself, and her friend who told me about it.

They took poor old Flynn all the way to Clareville last Sunday, refused to return messages for several days, then sent a ransom letter telling me that there was over a hundred dollars owing to the Council - who also stole my $400 election nomination deposit after the last election.   Julie Hallam thought she'd won that one, but it was a bit of a hollow victory, given where Julie Hallam is now.  Poetic justice indeed.  With a bit of luck, Karen Higham and Murray Clark will be next, for what they did to Flynn, and the children who enjoy him.

The ransom letter said that Flynn would be sold or "otherwise disposed of" in 7 days.  I am on an invalid benefit after being sacked from two local schools because of lies spread by corrupt local police.  I haven't got over a hundred dollars to pay the Council to get Flynn back.

I've never lived in a community like this in my life, shame on these people.  I've lived in great communities like Wellington, Te Awanga, Waimarama, Poukawa, Maraekakaho, and others, where people help and support each other, caring communities.  There's no unity in this community.

Flynn was in George Smith's paddock, with a trespass notice on the gate, when I went found him on Sunday morning.  George's partner is on the Board of Trustees of the South End School.  I haven't got over a hundred dollars to pay the thieving Council to get Flynn back because I was sacked from the South End School because of a malicious false allegation spread by corrupt local police that I have recently been charged with child abuse.  I have NEVER been charged with any such thing.

I contacted George's partner, and said that I was very depressed about this situation, I asked her to pass on, and endorse, a request for a meeting between myself and the Board of Trustees of the South End School of which she is a member, because I have not been charged with the offence I was allegedly sacked for, and the Principal is lying to the police and the Privacy Commissioner.  I reminded her that Flynn had given her kids rides for nothing in the past and that this situation is very unfair.

Unbelievably, she ignored everything I said, then came to the home of some friends who I was visiting, to inform me that she was so concerned about me being depressed that she had contacted the police and the mental health unit!  But not the Board of Trustees, who had actually caused and continued to cause the depression, and the Principal and groundsman, who continued to cause it.

Goodness knows what on earth she thinks they will do about me being depressed, but I'll tell you what they did last time some do gooder rang them because I started talking about the rate of suicide in the Wairarapa - twice the national average for several years in a country with the highest rates in the world - the corrupt local police smashed in my back door - totally unnecessarily - it was just an excuse for their Gestapo like violence - then they locked me in a cell at the Masterton Police Station for over six hours.  After which I felt much more depressed.

Thanks for that Emily, I would like a meeting with the Board of Trustees please.
Being on the Board isn't about going on courses, it's about common sense and telling the truth, and acknowledging indisputable evidence.  Ignorance comes from ignoring things.

Rod O'Leary is lying to the Privacy Commission investigator, and others are condoning this:
  1. The only meeting between O'Leary and I on the matter was AFTER I received the letter from the Board, NOT before as O'Leary alleges, he is deliberately lying.
  2. Deputy Principal Dallas Powell told me she had seen notes made by the staff representative on the Board of Trustees about the allegation against me
  3. that the notes recorded the decision of the Board to write the letter, in early 2009.
  4. Dallas told me she had spoken to the staff rep about the written notes, and that the rep had confirmed that the meeting had been told that I had been charged with child abuse and was not a fit person to work at the school, and the decision had been made to write the letter on the basis of the false allegation.
I would like a meeting with the Board of Trustees please, as I've been asking since I got the slanderous letter.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Latest Wairarapa Police Corruption, Waste of Resources, Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice:

Yesterday, on 15th June 2010, corrupt police prosecutor Gary Wilson and several other local police officers wasted their time at the Masterton Court trying to prosecute me for "Other Language Offences" under some obscure Section of the Summary Offences Act or something - like the Billsticking charges and all the other rubbish they waste their time with while refusing to investigate hundreds of child abuse allegations! -  for allegedly calling the Principal and groundsman of the South End School liars and theives, which is exactly what they are, and why it is written here in black and white, and all over this site and others, and has been for over a year now, like the Beyer the Liar posts.  There is no offence in publishing or stating information if it is true, and the police know it.  Local police have corruptly charged me with criminal offences for speaking the truth for over ten years now.  It's in the public interest to know that the South End School is being run by liars and thieves, and no coincidence that liar Rod O'Leary was involved in the schooling of Aaron Brook, the pathological liar giving evidence for the police in the corruptly laid charges of Perverting the Course of Justice.

I biked several kilometres in the rain and hail to get the train to Masterton, wasted all day sitting around, after being told in writing by the Court to be there at 10 am, I found that the Court List had the matter listed for 11:45 am, so had to go away and wait around in the cold for another couple of hours.

I went back to the court at 11:45 and the matter was duly called.  Corrupt police prosecutor Gary Wilson, who lives with corrupt Court Registry Officer Liz Harpleton (since they both cheated on their respective spouses - before sitting in judgement on the rest of the community!), stood up and told the JP's that none of his 3 witnesses was there AGAIN.

This is exactly what happened when the matter was set down for formal proof last month also - the police witnesses didn't turn up BECAUSE THEY ARE PROVEN LIARS WHO NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF TURNING UP TO EITHER HEARING BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY ARE PROVEN LIARS.






I sent the Deputy Principal an email a few days ago asking her to write a brief statement of events that she was involved in regarding these matters, if she had done so at the time, over a year ago, the matter could have been easily resolved.  The DP had plenty to say when the South End School was trying to get their hands on all our tools and equipment, barrels I'd arranged to be collected from Premier Bacon for the Water Conservation project, for which funding was granted and then the money spent on plants that died from neglect instead, but the cat seems to have got her tongue all of a sudden.  

I thought I'd be nice and not issue her with a witness summons, because it was obvious that Rod O'Leary's lies would not stand up to cross examination anyway, but when I got home to find that she'd been round here instead while I was in Court, and had just let the horse out and gone home leaving it out, I decided that enough was enough.  The violence at this address is caused by her coming round when I'm not here - when I'm in Court because she won't speak up and tell the truth - and winding up the owner of the property and letting our horse out.  Email communication between myself, the school, the DP and the Privacy commission shows that the actions of the Principal, Deputy Principal and BoT of the South End School need looking into, like the whole matter, which is indisputably linked to the attack on me in my home by Michael Murphy and his mates, and threats to me days earlier from Murphy and his mate Mayor McPhee who were regularly threatening and harassing me in my own home and anywhere else they happen to run nto me like the supermarket, in front of the local real estate agent who was herself violently attacked - Murphy approached me and threatened me and then police didn't turn up to Court AGAIN - Constable Laura Rhymer applied for leave two days before the hearing because she knew that THE PROSECUTION WAS BASED ON AN ORCHESTRATED LITANY OF LIES, AGAIN.

The emails, and links to these ongoing lies, will be up this afternoon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Corrupt police cover up for local MP Beyer the Liar and their other mates

Spot the difference: 
Two complaints were made to Police regarding the takeover of the Carterton Community Centre, the lawyer representing the group who illegally took it over, Mark Hinton - who knew full well that the group he was representing had no legal standing whatsoever and were the very people who had committed the fraud etc, complained that I was in possession of property belonging to the Centre, namely the Minutes Book and the financial records, and I alleged they were illegally occupying the Carterton Community Centre and illegally operating the bank accounts and the incorporated society, stealing the mail, committing fraud, the Chairman had assaulted me and smashed two of my teeth!

One of these police investigations was very thorough, indeed and the other was deliberately and corruptly non existent.

Area Commander Rod Drew was well paid to declare that "Because Georgina Beyer and the Mayor of Carterton have had discussions around issues regarding the Centre it is most unlikely that any Criminal Law (sic) has been broken" - what utter lies!  Drew knew perfectly well that there had been serious criminal offences committed by Beyer and 'her' mates on the Council!  That's why they were forced to wind it up in the High Court (the Carterton Community Centre Inc) and that's why all the funding stopped - they had to admit to the High Court that it was true - they only had eight members - only EIGHT peoplein this community supported the thieving liars - and the minimum number of members required to operate as an incorporated society was fifteen.

My complaints were never investigated at all because Area Commander Rod Drew decreed that because Georgina Beyer, formerly known as George Bertrand, the son of a thieving policeman funnily enough, a transvestite ex-prostitute who has never had a proper job in 'her' life and bludged off the tax payers of New Zealand long enough, had "discussed issues around the closing of the centre" and that "In such circumstances the actions of the 'elected' officers of the centre are most unlikely to have breached any Criminal Law." What utter rubbish! This is blatant corruption! It is politically motivated corruption which is even more unacceptable too!

Firstly, we need an inquiry into the corruption that resulted in the closure of the former Carterton Community Centre, and the actions and involvement of people associated with the Carterton District Council. The purpose of this is to hold people accountable and honestly assess their suitability for involvement in community affairs through a proper social audit, and weed out the rotten apples, the people in the District Council who are holding the town back, holding the District down. Then we can get on with identifying and electing capable honest people to replace the incompetent and corrupt ones, and send the message that the people of the Carterton District are not going to put up with second rate governance any more, we're going to do things differently now, because it's the putting right that counts. Vote for Kate Raue and let's put the Unity back in this community! Let's elect someone who is not only colourful but capable as well, the Audit Report on the Carterton District Council (highlights are contained in paragraphs 93 - 101 at that link) is an utterly damning indictment on McPhee and Beyer, so are the crime, violence and suicide statistics!

Secondly, we need a proper Community Resource Centre, and community gardens, run by capable and honest people, not the grand half planned Events Centre, or the Information Centre/Gallery, which is focussed on providing a glorified attendant paid for by someone else to staff the "Gallery" promoting local artists like those featured at the post titled Art Fart Stinks. Artists like Jo Roffe and Sean Crawford were the focus of the last community centre, and are the reason it was closed, by Sean Crawford's father John and mother Heather and their mates, after funding stopped when the funders became aware of the fraud and misfeasance. If artists want to make a career choice of what for many of them is a glorified hobby, why should taxpayers fund it? I'd quite like to swan round all day being an artist too, but I'd rather do an honest day's work. I've never felt the need to apply for $1000 grants to have an exhibition in a free gallery, come off it Sean, you're a bludger, way worse than any WINZ beneficiary.

The police are covering up for Beyer and McPhee because those two incompetent and corrupt politicians are covering up all the police sanctioned child abuse!

When I was running the Community Centre it focussed on getting people into employment, creating jobs, helping people access resources and information, supporting families, and running courses and programs and initiatives such as the Carterton Community Gardens, that really benefited individuals and the community as a whole, in particular the less well advantaged.   It operated as the hub of the community.  The Community Gardens provided practical help to establish gardens in every home, we provided practical assistance to those in need.  The new Event Centre has so far hosted "The Best Whorehouse in Texas, the Full Monty, and Ladies Night"  family entertainment?  No.  An excuse for local lawyers like Caroline Wait, Gareth Bodle, Mark Hinton, John Greenwood et al to 'perform' on stage and gratify a few egos.

I represent the Residents and Ratepayers who voted for me at the last election, and who have signed petitions calling for a proper inquiry into the matters regarding the Carterton Community Centre, Event Centre, Community Facility, and the general dysfunction, incompetence and corruption at the Carterton District Council.

Beyer the Liar's fervent sales talk in favour of amalgamation is aimed at furthering the cover up and keeping the same old snouts in the trough. The ones pushing the idea are the same ones responsible for the global financial crisis, their lies only fool the ignorant, the ill informed and the gullible, and we must speak up. The world is watching.

Why Beyer the Liar resigned from parliament in disgrace and will never be Mayor of Masterton:

On 6th June 2003 I met with Georgina Beyer MP to discuss the allegations of fraud and serious mismanagement involving several people associated with the Carterton District Council who were involved with the running of the Carterton Community Centre.  I provided Beyer with a considerable amount of information, including the financial reports and letters from several lawyers, confirming that the committee was acting with no lawful authority and making large, unauthorised payments to individuals in direct contradiction to legal advice, signing government contracts without lawful authority, etc.

Beyer wrote to the group claiming to represent the Community Centre, and to the Mayor of Carterton, on 6th June 2003, regarding the allegations, and requested "copies of the audited accounts" for the 2000/2001 year among other things.

On 3 July 2003 Beyer wrote to me to say "Further to our meeting on June 6th, 2003, when you raised concerns abot the former Carterton Communty Centre I proceeded to make my own inquiries with other parties involved with this matter. This is to inform you that I am satisfied, on balance, that I do not find it necessary to take the matter any further."

We immediately rejected this response. The evidence of the fraud and mismanagement is overwhelming and indisputable. The community wants the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre audited by lawyers and accountants, not looked over by a transvestite prostitute!  We asked to see copies of the audited accounts and the other information Beyer had requested in the letters to the Mayor and the "group":

On 29 July 2003 Beyer wrote to me again, refusing to provide evidence or copies of the audited accounts, stating that 'she' considered the matter closed, and requesting that I not contact 'her' again about the matter.

On 20 September 2004 Beyer wrote the attached letter again endorsing the actions of the group who took over the Centre illegally, by punching the Secretary and Finance Officer in the face and changing the locks of the Centre in order to cover up the fraud and mismanagement.

The financial affairs of the Centre were never ever audited for the period in question, there was a monumental and corrupt cover up by Beyer, corrupt local police, and a group of people associated with the Carterton District Council.

The group took control of the Centre by violence and stealth, they refused mediation, and refused to appoint an auditor. Instead of having the books audited in accordance with the motion at the public meeting on 18 April 2001, and the motion at the meeting on 24th April to appoint R G Thompson to do the audit, the books were never audited by Mr Thompson or anyone else. The 'group' associated with the Carterton District Council, a major funder of the Community Centre, had the financial statements "complied" (sic) by Carterton District Council Accountant and current Masterton District Councillor Lyn Patterson - an outrageous conflict of interest! Ms Patterson wrote a Disclaimer of Liability on 20 September 2001, knowing full well that there had been gross misfeasance and serious fraud at the Carterton Community Centre and she deliberately tried to cover it up.  Councillors Elaine Brazendale, Ruth Carter Jill Greathead and others associated with the Council, including Ewen Hyde, Julie Hallam, Martyn Preece, and others were involved in the corrupt cover up of the fraud and mismanagement at the Centre, and conspired with Ms Patterson to cover it up.

On 20 September 2004 Georgina Beyer wrote a letter saying: “As MP I was asked to investigate certain allegations made by Ms Kate Raue, which I did. After extensive inquiries I was satisfied that no wrongdoing had taken place.” The letter goes on with much self importance and impotent bluster about how Beyer 'outlined her position' and alleged I was vexatious.

This is outrageous arrogance and corruption. The people of Carterton, and in particular, the members of the Carterton Community Centre Inc, called for the affairs of the Centre to be audited in 2001. We require them to be audited by lawyers and accountants, not “looked over” by a transvestite prostitute. Several lawyers have confirmed the allegations, and a community petition has called for a proper and open investigation.

Beyer knows that the records of the Carterton Community Centre for the financial year 1 April 2000 to 31 March 2001 have never been audited in spite of the petition, in spite of the lawyers letters, and in spite of the minutes of the meetings of the Centre, and all the evidence of the fraud. Beyer knows perfectly well that there was a huge cover up of the involvement of people associated with the Carterton District Council, Beyer was involved in the fraud and the cover up.

Ken Daniels' letter (on this site) details the theft of thousands of dollars from the bank accounts controlled by the committee of the Carterton Community Centre in late 2000. The financial reports of the Centre are evidence of the fraud, Beyer continues to deliberately cover up this fraud, incompetence and corruption.

Beyer is like McPhee, incapable of getting or keeping a proper job involving actual work, or getting on with other people and working as part of a team.  I decided long ago to work on orchards and vineyards as part of a happy and hardworking team, rather than take the easy way out and have sex with people for money like Beyer.  Beyer used to sellotape his diddle up the crack of his bum and solicit sex while pretending to be a woman, then wrote a lurid autobiography (with lots of help of course) painting a fantasy picture of "her" sad, sordid little life, claiming "rape" by the very blokes "she" used to flag down and offer cheap sex to - what a cheek!  Beyer lasted all of a couple of weeks at Michael Hill in Masterton before announcing "her" resignation to pursue the Masterton Mayoralty - yeah, right, Georgina.

Only complete idiots would ever vote for a confirmed corrupt liar like Beyer.

Evidence of the Police corruption regarding the matter is contained in the letter below, from Inspector Rod Drew, claiming "I am aware that the Carterton District Council members, the Carterton Mayor and MP Georgina Beyer have recently discussed issues around the closing of the Centre.  In such circumstances the actions of the 'elected' members of the centre are most unlikely to have breached any criminal law."

 Repeated complaints by Mrs Raue and a number of senior lawyers regarding this outrageous response have been laughed off by Police and IPCA, and vicious retaliation against Mrs Raue and the lawyers supporting her have swiftly ensued.

Beyer the Liar's "aggressive and threatening" unprovoked personal attack

The following is an account of the events that occurred at a public meeting to discuss the proposed Carterton Community Facility, and in the days following the meeting.  It was written by a married couple, whose names I have changed to X and Y Z in order to protect their privacy. 

These people are mature, professional people with impeccable credentials, who did not know me from a bar of soap, in other words they are completely impartial and independent, and intelligent and sane. 

There are four documents below, (1) an account of what happened at the meeting, (2) a copy of an email to Prime Minister Helen Clarke expressing outrage at the behaviour of Beyer and the police at the meeting, (3) an account of a discussion that took place between the one of the writers and Ewen Hyde, Carterton DIstrict Council librarian, and member of the group that took over the former Community Centre illegally and closed it down to cover up the fraud and mismanagement, and self appointed chairman of the Facility Focus Group, and Georgina Beyer, and (4) an account of a discussion between the writer and Police Area Commander Jack Johnston about what happened at the meeting. 

The police burst into the meeting like the Gestapo, after driving at dangerous and reckless speeds to get from the Masterton police station to the Masterton Municipal Hall in only seven minutes - it usually takes 25 minutes - Judge Behrens QC was rightly disgusted to discover that.  They seized me physically as I was trying to leave with everyone else after the meeting finished.  I was most definitely not told I was under arrest, let alone what for, and these witnesses attest to that clearly and firmly.  It was an outrageous act of politically motivated police brutality, committed on the instructions of Georgina Beyer and Gary McPhee and the Area Commander of the local police.  The evidence of the Court hearings will be posted soon, and the judgement.  Watch this space, you won't believe your eyes.

An Account of the Happenings at a Meeting at the Community Hall Carterton
We, X and Y Z were present at the Municipal Hall, Holloway Street, Carterton on 26 October 2005 at a public meeting to discuss a report being presented by the Community Focus Group on a proposed new community facility.

We estimate that there were approx 40 – 50 people present at the meeting. However the attendance book, which we were asked to sign, would give a more accurate head count.
Prior to this meeting we did not know Kate Raue or know of her. We had never heard her name. It was not until the following day when discussing the incident on this night that we were given her name.

After signing the attendance book in the foyer of the hall we seated ourselves on the right hand side of the room, four or five rows from the back. Approximately a third up the bank of chairs.
The meeting was chaired by Ewen Hyde and began with a presentation by Mr Hyde and Glen Hughes of Opus Consutants who had carried out the preparatory work on the concept.

Ewen Hyde then invited the public to ask questions and offer comments regarding all aspects of the proposal. There were diverse comments on the financial and physical aspects of the proposal.
A person, who the next day we were informed was Kate Raue, was seated a couple of rows behind us, on the same side of the room and slightly to the left of us. Kate waited politely for a chance to speak and when she did she asked the people present, in words similar to the following, “Do you really want to let these people who caused the last community centre to close down amid allegations of mismanagement and fraud, to be the ones in charge of a new four million dollar project?”

She said that members had asked for an audit of the books and these people had refused. She said that people had been asking for this for some time and asked why the same people trying to push the $4,000,000 proposal continued to refuse the audit. She said there had been a cover up of the mismanagement and because of this the same people shouldn’t be allowed to control this new proposal.

Ms Raue spoke forcefully but was not screaming or shouting. She was making her point but not ranting or raving. Her body language was neutral and non-threatening, she stood in place, used mild gestures and referred to a piece of paper she was holding.

Ewen Hyde asked her to sit down. He said that this was old ground and that she was disrupting the meeting by raising old issues when they were looking at new matters. Kate added 2 or 3 more comments and then sat.

Two or more people spoke, then Kate spoke again and was again asked to sit down by Mr Hyde which she did but added the comment “I haven’t finished yet, I’m just having a rest.” Mr Hyde then said “You will be asked to leave.” Kate replied “This is supposed to be a public meeting for people to comment on your proposal and that is what I am doing.” Ewen said “Please leave.” To which Kate replied “No.”

Others then spoke after which Georgina Beyer stood up to speak. Ms Beyer was seated two thirds of the way up the room on the left hand side, the side opposite to us, and a few rows ahead. She commenced by thanking the committee for their work on the project, said that it was a good idea and she would do all she could to facilitate funding, by which we thought she was implying that she would be a facilitator between the committee and those in power in Wellington.

Then with absolutely no provocation Ms Beyer turned and faced Kate Raue and began to abuse her in a most personal manner. One phrase being “Kate Raue you are a blight on this community.” Ms Beyer also threatened Ms Raue with legal action. Ms Beyer’s body language was aggressive and threatening. She was leaning forward, pointing and jabbing her finger at Ms Raue. Her facial features were distorted as she ranted and stunned the room in to silence.

Georgina Beyer’s reaction was excessive to what had preceded it and actually alerted us to a shared history. She was obviously aware that she was under attack from Kate’s comments but she had not been named, whereas her comments were a direct personal attack on Ms Raue.

Ms Beyer’s inflammatory and defamatory tirade continued for 30 seconds or so and others in the hall appeared stunned but at no time did Mr Hyde say anything to her about her behaviour. Her outburst was embarrassing and seemed to us an over-reaction to robust criticism.

Kate Raue responded briefly and there were some low murmurings for her to sit down, which she did and the meeting continued with others exchanging their views on the proposed complex.

One of the speakers, who introduced himself as Matthew Morris, a consultant, stood up to ask some very pertinent questions but before he did he very pointedly looked at Georgina Beyer and said words to the effect of “there is more than one person in this hall tonight who should be reprimanded for their behaviour.”

A debate continued regarding the desirability of the new building complecx, what was to happen to the old Municipal Hall, etc. A member of the public offered the view that it was disappointing the Lord Mayor wasn’t at the meeting, Whereupon Bill Knowles put in an apology for the Mayor, but as the meeting had been going for about an hour at that point a few in the audience seemed sceptical about the late apology. Ms Raue commented that he was probably at the pub. Many of those present laughed but one person did call out “Be quiet Kate.”

About then Bill Knowles and Ewen Hyde left the hall leaving Glenn Hughes of Opus to chair the meeting which was quiet and orderly. Kate was sitting in her seat. X leaned towards to me and asked “What are those two up to?”

A little while later two policemen entered the main hall and stood, leaning against the wall at the back of the room in a direct line with Kate Raue’s seat. One of the policemen was a large man with close cropped grey hair. The second officer was younger, shorter, of finer build and had dark hair. Several people, including us, became aware of them and turned to look. It was only up to a matter of a minute at most from the time they entered the body of the main hall to the moment the larger officer approached Kate Raue who was sitting quietly in her seat.

He bent over Kate’s right shoulder with his head next to hers and spoke to her. We did not hear what he said. Kate stood up and attempted to leave the hall but was being blocked by the officer.

At this time Ewen Hyde closed the meeting saying it would continue another time.

By this time Kate and the two officers were involved in a struggle in the foyer, and it appeared to us that Kate was being prevented from exiting the building. The larger of the two officers was the one most involved and at one point I (Y Z) placed my right hand on his arm to try and get his attention and ask him to stop this fracas. This was a fairly violent struggle which continued on to the pavement outside. A male unknown to us, repeatedly asked the officers why they were arresting Kate, as did others, also what were the charges and to please release her and let her go home. At no point did we hear either of the officers say they were arresting her or what charges, if any, they were laying.
As the larger of the two officers bundled Kate, who appeared to be passively resisting, in to the back of the police car I (Y) stood behind and to one side of the younger officer, who was standing free of the melee, and just shook my head, saying “Oh dear, oh dear.” The young officer turned to look at me but without expression.

Before we left the area I (Y) had a short conversation with Ewen Hyde telling him that I was disgusted with what had just occurred and he should be ashamed of his part in it. He told me that I didn’t understand the history of the situation. I pointed out, for the first of many times to come, that I was only concerned about and commenting on what had occurred that night. Mr Hyde thrust a paper in to my hands citing a by-law that gave the action to be taken if someone was trespassing and refusing to leave if asked to do so. He said he was within his rights to ask Mrs Raue to leave as she was trespassing. I pointed out it was a public meeting and Kate was entitled to voice an opinion.

X and I left the area to walk home, venting our anger to each other at how the situation had escalated and how poorly we thought it had been handled. We were very angry and upset.

I (Y) sat down at my computer and started to write an account of the evening’s happenings. However after a few lines I abandoned this and went online to seek an email address for office of Helen Clarke, Prime Minister.

I typed and sent an email advising her of the behaviour of one of her party’s list MP’s. I did not expect a response to this email as it states on the web site that they only respond to letters. However I do know that the email is stored in their archives as I enquired about it in June 2006. * email attached (2)
Whilst I was composing the above email X returned to the Municipal Hall to speak to Georgina Beyer and Ewen Hyde. * account attached (3)

We both felt then and still do, that the actions of the police officers at the Municipal Hall that night were not only unnecessary but were inflammatory as there were no problems at the time of their arrival and nothing prior to that which even warranted them being called out. As they were called to the hall by one of the conveners a ‘wait and see’ attitude was all that was required. If necessary they could have spoken to Kate Raue later. As it was a mildly embarrassing situation was blown up out of all proportion. We felt that the only person who had behaved in a threatening and disorderly manner was list MP Georgina Beyer.

As a result of this meeting and its aftermath I made it my business to find out more about the demise of the previous community centre. I spoke to long term residents and also accessed the archives of the Wairarapa Times Age newspaper. Concerns were expressed to me regarding the manner of closing of the centre and the non-disclosure of the destination of any remaining funds. Newspaper articles also highlighted an arrogance on the part of some people involved as to how much they would tell the community, whom they were supposed to be serving.

The day following Ms Raue’s handcuffing and removal by police from the Municipal Hall X rang Masterton Police station and asked to speak to the Area Commander.
* account attached (4)

This is a copy of the email sent to the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand (p.m.@ministers.govt.nz) from Y and X Z of 22 Tyne St, Carterton on the night of a public meeting which ended in the arrest of Kate Raue.

Subject: list MP’s behaviour as a function of community welfare.

May I respectfully ask the Prime Minister to make herself aware of the actions and involvement of Georgina Beyer in a most disgusting and upsetting incident in a public meeting in Carterton on this night 26th October 2005.

A female member of the public, who in the first instance when she was speaking, evidently opened some old wounds relating to previous community projects. It was slightly embarrassing for some of us in the audience but the woman sat down and then when Georgina Beyer rose to speak, instead of concentrating on the agenda, she chose instead to launch a stream of verbal abuse including the threat of legal action. This did nothing to calm the situation.

However the meeting moved on but one councillor and the convener of the meeting chose to involve the Masterton constabulary. I was sitting one row in front of the woman who had so upset Georgina’s equilibrium and at the moment the two large police officers arrived on the scene she was sitting quietly in her seat, whereupon they tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to leave the hall. She refused and pointed out she was just having her say. The Police did not ask Georgina Beyer to leave due to her embarrassing behaviour.

The whole scene degenerated into a debacle which ended in the handcuffing and physical removal of the supposed offender.

Ms Beyer should be adept at defusing situations such as this and not allow others to exacerbate a mildly embarrassing incident into a deeply upsetting occurrence.

We are also of the opinion that the police actions were unnecessarily heavy handed. A wait and see position would have been more circumspect and a public meeting to debate and discuss a $4 000 000 community project would have concluded on a note of optimism and inclusiveness instead of dismay, disbelief and division.
Y and X Z

Account of Conversation Between Mr Hyde, Georgina Beyer and X Z Outside the Carterton Municipal Hall on the 26/10/2005:

After Kate Raue had been removed from the Municipal Hall I returned home with my wife. However I was so incensed at what I had just witnessed that I returned to the Hall with the intention of voicing my displeasure to the two people I considered to be the instigators of the actions taken that evening.
When I arrived Ewen Hyde and Georgina Beyer were just inside the foyer, near the main doors. I spoke to Ms Beyer telling her that in my opinion people who enjoyed a position of trust and power such as she did should not abuse it. Ms Beyer told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and that Kate Raue had a history of this sort of thing. To which I replied “I wasn’t interested in the history I was only interested in what I had witnessed earlier that evening.”

Mr Hyde was similar to Ms Beyer’s in that he told me I didn’t understand the situation. I then told him that in my opinion his behaviour was inexcusable and a case of over kill.

Account of a conversation between X Z and Area Commander John (Jack) Johnston of Masterton:

On the morning of 27/10/2005 I rang Masterton Police station and asked to be put through to the Area Commander who I was informed was Inspector Jack Johnston. I was told that he was not available and my details were taken. I informed the woman on the switch the nature of my call which I wanted her to pass on to the Inspector so that he had time to prepare his thoughts on the matter. I didn’t wish to ‘ambush’ him.

Inspector Johnston returned my call the next day, the 28th.

The general discussion was about my displeasure at what had occurred on the night of the 26th at the Carterton Municipal Hall.

My first point was that it was an over reaction by Mr Hyde and Mr Knowles to call in the police to remove a member of the community for expressing an opinion in opposition to that of the Focus Group Committee and list MP Georgina Beyer.

My second point was that the inexcusable behaviour of the aforementioned list MP should have resulted in her being removed or at the very least, spoken to.

The third point I raised was concern at the tactics employed by the police officers attending on the night in question. The physical removal of the ‘so called’ offender and the handcuffing and rough treatment used to put her in to the police car.

I also pointed out to the Inspector that I objected to the blatant misuse of police resources for such a trivial matter (2 vehicles and four officers) and that a more prudent use of tax payers funds was called for.

Inspector Johnston took my comments on board and said that I had the advantage over him of being there on the night and witnessing the events as they occurred.

Inspector Johnston pointed out that Kate Raue “has a history,” to which I replied “I am not interested in her history only the current debacle which we are discussing.”
X and Y Z

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wairarapa Police and Court Staff Corrupt and Incompetent:

I was shocked when local police let off Tony Feinson with Diversion after he assaulted me in the office of the Carterton Community Centre (CCC) in 2001, breaking two of my teeth.  Locals soon assured me that this was normal Police practice, to bully and persecute the victims of violence and protect the offenders.

Feinson and a gang of people associated with the Carterton District Council (CDC) illegally took control of the CCC by assaulting me in early April 2001, and changing the locks on the building after complaints were made to the Police regarding the fraud and serious malfeasance at the Carterton Community Centre and the involvement of disgraced former MP, and transvestite prostitute Georgina Beyer the Liar.

I was legally employed at the Centre, as well as holding my Executive positions on the committee.  Corrupt local lawyer Ainslie Hewton took $50 from me, promising to file a claim in the Employment Tribunal.  I spent considerbale time completing legal aid applications and Employment Tribunal applications.


Dear Kamil,

As discussed with Kate and yourself I said I would get back to you with my view of the issues arising from her relationship with the Carterton Community Centre (CCC).

I note that Kate already has a personal grievance underway with Gawith and Co, arising from a previous employment relationship.  I do not believe it would be helpful for her cases by having three lawyers working for her.  I also hold the view that the personal grievance arising from her employment at the CCC is too closely associated with the other issues that arise and that the wisest course is to confine the matters to one lawyer.  

The issues as I see them are as follows:
  1. personal grievance for unjustifiable disadvantage before her dismissal (or lock out);
  2. personal grievance for unjustifiable dismissal (good arguments on substantive and procedural grounds;
  3. arising from the above there seems to be holiday pay owing (I am not sure what notice provisions there were, if any;
  4. a second complaint to the Police arising from an alleged assault the day before the one that went to Court;
  5. A complaint to the Police concerning the granting of diversion for an assault causing actual bodily harm (broken teeth) and the manner in which that outcome was arrived at by the Police;
  6. A claim for ACC cover and entitlements;
  7. A civil claim for restitution/reparation for the costs of treatment and associated matters arising from both assaults;
  8. Civil action against the person who assaulted Kate if this is possible; 
  9. and civil action against the CCC and the individual members if they nave acted ultra vires (which seems to be the case)
From past experience I doubt if the CCC itself has much in the way of assets.  I doubt whether most of the individuals concerned have much either.

I would be happy to assist, advise or provide whatever I can to progress Kate’s claims.  I believe there needs to be a pragmatic approach, and that any proceedings unlikely to succeed or achieve much for the effort expended should be ditched.  The rest needs to be prioritised and set down in some sort of plan/strategy.

Finally, Kate has asked me about a Notice of Costs the CCC paid to me sometime last year.  As she is no longer employed in the position she held I cannot assist.  This could possibly be obtained by disclosure.

Give me a call if you want any help; leave a message if I am out or unavailable.

Yours sincerely,

Ivan S. Young-Gough, lawyer 

"Acting ultra vires" means acting with no lawful authority.

Ainslie Hewton took $50 off me, telling me it was a mandatory initial contribution toward legal aid, then Hewton refused to do any work on the matter whatsoever, refused to submit the legal aid application which I had completed and handed to her along with the $50, and refused to refund the $50.

When an application was made to the High Court to wind up the Carterton Community Centre, by John Crawford and his SEVEN friends (Elaine Brazendale, twice bankrupted Frank and Maureen Craig, Evelyn Dearnley (who wouldn't know what day of the week it is, and took me to Court unsuccessfully for calling her a hypocrite, poor woman), Julie Hallam, Ewen Hyde, and Jill Greathead,) members of Friends of the Carterton Community centre put up notices advertising a public meeting to discuss the illegal takeover mismanagement and closure of the former Carterton Community Centre and the involvement of a group associated with the Carterton District Council, a major funder of the Centre, in the fraud and misfeasance at the centre, which had been confirmed by several lawyers, including Ivan Young-Gough, Kamil Lakshman, Michael Appleby and others.

I was charged with Billsticking.  Following my acquittal, after the police failed to turn up to Court, like they did on 8th December 2009, and again on 7th April 2008 in the Decision of Judge Butler.

This letter to the police from lawyer Ken Daniels in 2004 clearly details one instance of the frauds complained of by members of the Carterton Community Centre.

Click on the image to enlarge it and read it, or email me for a better copy.

Funds granted for specific projects,  to several community organisations, was indisputably stolen from several different bank accounts of unrelated organisations, and given to an individual against legal advice.
Evidence can be viewed of the Minutes of the Community Centre committee at which the decision was made here and the financial records of the organisations under the control of the committee of the Community Centre there and everywhere on this site, with more going up daily.  Ken Daniels had to be asked repeatedly to write this letter, following my acquittal on the Billsticking charge, and the pathetic "apology" from the police regarding that matter, and repeated harassment from Constables Wakefield, Cunningham and Pope, refusal of police sergeant Glenn Taplin to charge Rachel Betteridge and her husband with sending me extremely threatening and offensive text messages, etc.

The second page of this letter has just disappeared (along with 3/4 of this posting,) but we'll move on and come back to this letter later.  The letter was completely and utterly ignored by police.

On the left is the boastful confession published by the local propaganda distributor the Wairarapa Times-Age, (25 May 2005) complete with the photo of the big oaf in his Sunday best suit with the Mayoral chain - to give the story extra credibility for the many gullible idiots who accepted this rubbish as an excuse for McPhee's drunken criminal violence, instead of the usual one of him with his silly little baseball cap on backwards astride his stupid Harley Davidson.

  Screamed the headlines, and all the posters outside the retail outlets.  McPhee's mates in the police and the Wairarapa Times-Age made up rumours that the victims of the attack had "asked for it" because they were criminals and "trouble makers" -according to drunken violent criminal McPhee!  McPhee and his drunken mate were the criminals, police and local journalists corruptly perverted the course of justice to prevent McPhee being charged!

Contrast that with the posters outside all retail outlets in the electorate two weeks before voting day saying "Mayoral candidate in Court appearance" referring to a corruptly laid charge against me which was promptly dismissed or withdrawn - like so many others!  - Not to mention the other slanderous "reports" of alleged "disorderly behaviour" - NONE of which have been upheld by the Courts and which have also been discredited by WITNESS STATEMENTS - from people who have actually been present - unlike the 'reporters' on many occasions!

Below, left, is a letter faxed to police by Ken Daniels in 2006, refering to  "a total lack of action" regarding numerous complaints, including the ones about corrupt local Mayor McPhee's drunken home invasion, and the ones in the previous letter in 2004 at the top of the page.

And next to that is the unbelievably rude, arrogant, dismissive, unprofessional, damningly corrupt email from Sgt Murray Johnston, who knows perfectly well that there were several complaints about McPhee's drunken attack (with his drunken mate).  Nearly as corrupt as this rubbish from the corrupt Area Commander John Johnston, recently exposed for his corruption and incompetence regarding the systemic failure of child abuse investigations in the Wairarapa - he squanders the resources he gets, and this site is exposing more of it every day:                                                                                                                                               
This is supposed to be an apology to me from the police after they failed to turn up to Court after wasting so much time and money prosecuting me for Billsticking for putting up notices calling for a public meeting to discuss the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre, and gross misfeasance regarding the affairs of the Centre by a group of people mainly associated with the Carterton District Council.
It refers to "police action or inaction" - ? and "procedural disputes within the Masterton Police at present." 

The letter is supposed to be an apology, but as readers can see it is a rude and sarcastic insult, not an apology, written by a man who was once a good police officer, but who has now been corrupted to write this rubbish.

This letter to Ken Daniels is evidence of how the Wairarapa police deal with formal complaints from lawyers, they just ignore them.

Police are supposed to forward formal complaints to the PCA, but in the Wairarapa they do things their own way and simply don't bother when it doesn't suit them.  Even when they are forwarded, the PCA just give the complaints to the police themselves, the subjects of the complaints, to investigate. ad infinitum, at the tax payer's expense, providing employment to people like Tara Sewell of the police, who continues to claim that the file regarding the investigation into the many allegations about the Carterton Community Centre does not exist.

The excuse given for police wasting so much of everyone's time and money is:  "As I've said in the letter, this is part of an ongoing difference of expectations between the Prosecutor and other staff.  The Area Commander is looking into it and I hope a solution will be found quickly."

Well a solution hasn't been found.  The NZ police - and the Wairarapa police in particular - are as corrupt and incompetent as ever, and the (I)PCA is as useless and corrupt as ever - Prosecutors are throwing more money at the corrupt charges before the Court regarding the South End School and Michael Murphy.

I wrote back to the PCA to say that Ken Daniels agreed with me that the letter was rude and sarcastic and was not an apology at all, and that there were far more serious allegations that needed to be investigated, such as the allegations on the notices that Police had charged me with displaying.  Constable Cunningham claimed, when he tried to "arrest" me, that the notices were defamatory.

Cunningham was clearly acting corruptly, like Constable Steve Wakefield, and the other incompetent and corrupt police officers in the Wairarapa.  Like the illegal trespass notice served by Wakefield to prevent me attending the meeting at which corrupt Carterton District Council employee and former corrupt Electoral Officer - who stole $400 from the poor while acting in that position, after stealing all our community resources at the former Community Centre with her other mates on the Council - changed the Constitution of the Community Centre to ensure indemnity and limitation of liability for Hallam and her mates over the corruption and gross misfeasance they had practised at the CCC, which Beyer the Liar had to resign from parliament for 'her' (yeah, right) role in covering up.

Beyer the Liar perverted the course of justice by writing letters repeatedly denying that there was any wrongdoing at the former Carterton Community Centre.  Beyer knew perfectly well that there was, and that it was out of control and the committee was corrupt and incompetent.

Ken Daniels' letters refer to the fact that "I must confess that I haven't given sufficient attention to some of the matters that kate Raue has raised with me in the past mainly I suspect because the matters appeared to be far too complex and involved and I tended not to see any relevance in some of the complaints that she was making." (Ken Daniels letter to The Area Commander NZ Police, dated 28 August 2004, on this site, will locate it and link to it shortly for those with a short attention span).

Ken Daniels' letter goes on:  "On a recent visit to me however and after spending some time looking at documentary evidence that she showed me, I largely changed my view and believe that there genuinely are matters of concern that do need to be investigated.  I have not got to the bottom of all the matters Kate Raue complains about but there is one instance that does seem to suggest that there has been fraud at the Carterton Community Centre which has diverted funds designed for one purpose deliberately to another."

The letter refers to the personal grievance payment which was made in direct contradiction to the legal advice given to the committee chairman Tony Feinson (who assaulted me in the office and broke two of my teeth, Constable Wakefield let him off with Diversion, the police prosecutor lied to the Court, telling them that (1) ACC would pay for my injuries (they didn't) (2) Feinson had written a letter of apology (he had not) (3) I had been given an opportunity to be heard by the Court (police changed the date of the hearing and didn't tell me).

The letter goes on "There is no doubt whatsoever that there was a fraudulent use of the monies received from the Tindall Foundation."  "I believe that the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre are in disarray.  There is currently an application before the High Court to have them wound up because of insufficient numbers.  There are other complaints as well about the way in which members of the public including members [of the Incorporated Society] were excluded from meetings etc.  This letter does not purport to address all those issues but I am deeply concerned after having seen the information supplied to me by Kate Raue that monies received for one purpose be used for an incorrect purpose.

I have been advised that a similar improper payment may have been made in respect of the account that was run for the disadvantaged members of the community.  This apparently exists under the copy of the account also enclosed which is headed up VOSP 2000-2001.  You will see also that there is a "miscellaneous" payment of $1,000 made in September of 2000 following receipt of a substantial amount from WINZ funding.  It is understood that this also was a payment to an individual who claimed to have a personal grievance."

"I believe there are suffficient genuine concerns raised here to warrant some investigation.   These are community funds which were largely received from charitable donations which appear to have been sipnoned off improperl.  I should add that according to Kate Raue there was possible legal advice given to the people running the Carterton Community Centre that they should not make personal grievance payments in the way that they did.  This is another matter that may need to be looked into because it would make the payments even less appropriate if they were done contrary to legal advice.

I appreciate that earlier complaints may have been thought to be ill founded or frivolous or for whatever reason were not properly investigated but I believe that there actually does exist hard evidence to suggest that a reopening of the investigation should be made with urgency.  As I have said the Community Centre and its funds are currently subject to a high Court Application.

If it is more convenient for you to do so I would be happy to act as a go between between yourselves and Kate Raue so that I can request further details from her.  Are you able to assist with want I believe is now a genuine complaint?
Yours faithfully, 
Ken Daniels

This letter was completely ignored by police, who had the cheek to write this rubbish to me:

The last paragraph on the first page of this letter says it all:  It's clear that I am being harassed by Constable Cunningham, and other corrupt members of the police.  This letter was supposed to be an apology for not turning up for the Billsticking hearing.  Area Commander Inspector J F Johnston has got the utter cheek to say that it's alright for Constable Cunningham to harass me, and for the police to proceed with a prosecution on which there was no evidence whatsoever that a crime had been committed, because he "was following the directions of his superiors."  - What???  Sack his superiors then!

In 2007 lawyer Michael Appleby wrote a scathing letter to the Police Complaints Authority, which has totally ignored most of our complaints - I intend taking the IPCA to Court regarding that matter - there has NEVER been any investigation WHATSOEVER into my allegations regarding the FRAUD and THEFT, assaults, etc, at the former Carterton Community Centre - which resulted in Georgina Beyer resigning from parliament when we confronted the Clerk of the House with the EVIDENCE of Beyer's corruption and lies.

Like Constable Laura Rhymer, who didn't turn up to Court on the 8th December 2009, because she stupidly followed the instructions of her superiors and made up a pack of lies about her interviews with Aaron Brook, who came and told me that he and his cousin had seen Michael Murphy in the same place at the same time as I had reported to police that he had earlier burgled my home to retrieve a computer disc containing evidence of an attack by him on me in my home on 11th February 2009, which Murphy and Cunningham are trying to pretend didn't happen.

Constable Rhymer applied for annual leave about two working days before the hearing of the charges of Perverting the Course of Justice and Escaping from Custody set down to be heard in Masterton District Court on 8th December 2009.  

Police did this because they found out that the charges were to be heard by Judge M J Behrens QC, who knows perfectly well that the local Police are not to be trusted.  Police are hoping to get a more corrupt Judge next time, like Judge Susan Thomas, who took the word of Larry Manson, with all his recent convictions for dishonesty (68 convictions apparently, Mr Manson works for the local "news"paper, the wairarapa Times-Age, where the ability to make up a story is considered a great asset to your employment prospects).

Or The Judge who heard the corruptly laid charges based on the perjurous evidence of local prostitute Rachel Betteridge who lied on oath, claiming that I had sent her offensive text messages - over 60 of them.  I never sent her a single one.  

Evidence was produced in Court that Betteridge's claims that she didn't send me any messages was an utter lie, because the phone showed no such messages from me to her, but showed instead that Betteridge and her husband Jason had sent me extremely threatening and offensive messages saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back" among other things.  Statements from two Justices of the Peace confirm it, but police refuse to charge them!

Police conspired with corrupt Court staff to obtain a warrant illegally, based on information they knew was false, and used the warrant to imprison me on 22nd and 23rd February 2010, to punish me for speaking to Donald Rose about a lie his wife told, well several lies actually, but the one about the door in particular, which was damaged on the attack on me on 11th February by Michael Murphy and his mates, which the police are trying to pretend didn't exist.  Jenny Rose falsely claimed in the Tenancy Tribunal that I damaged the door.