"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The great con - Electionz.com or Electionz.con?

Wikipedia states that prostitute Georgina Beyer "began to take an interest in local politics, first winning election to a local school board."  That statement is blatantly and deliberately misleading. 

All depends on the definition of "winning" - Beyer was never 'elected' to the Board of Trustees of Kuranui College, as the Minutes prove (more on this later).  Furthermore, Beyer's involvement with the Board was utterly disastrous, and so was the involvement of former teacher at Kuranui College, Cathy Casey, currently Auckland City Councillor and former Labour party puppeteer, who was responsible for foisting Beyer on the Board.

Casey was the girlfriend of Matt McCarten, both of whom were involved in the Alliance Party, then the Labour Party.  McCarten is usually referred to by media as a "spin doctor", or paid liar.

It seems that Casey and McCarten hatched a plan to create a political career for Beyer in a cynical attempt to capture "the gay vote", beginning with a seat on the Kuranui College Board of Trustees.

Casey was the staff representative on the Board.  The Minutes of the Board meeting held on 21 October 1993 show that the Board was in disarray, and Casey was pulling the strings.  Of particular interest is the first item under General Business.  The Minutes show evidence of being altered after they had been typed up, with the addition of the following handwritten words:  "Dr Casey read a Curriculum Vitae on Ms Georgina Beyer and suggested that she would be a suitable candidate to fill the Carterton seat."  Enquiries to "Dr" Casey as to what she is actually a "Dr" of have been consistently refused, the Wikipedia page of "Cathy Casey" sheds no light on the affectatious title and the information on that page is extremely brief indeed (see link in first paragraph).

The Minutes record that there were 4 votes in favour of Casey's "suggestion", 3 against, and 1 abstention - hardly a glowing endorsement of the idea!  Following the recording of the motion the Board moved into committee (excluding the public) to discuss urgent matters of legal liability facing the Board as a result of their previous incompetence.  The full Minutes can be read at the link in the preceding paragraph.

The following month the Minutes of the Board meeting held on 18 November 1993 further evidence Casey's manipulative scheming, recording Casey's objection to a meeting with Beyer prior to "co-opting" Beyer to the Board:
So the claim on Wikipedia that Beyer's political career began with Beyer "winning election to a local school Board" is clearly nothing more than a pack of utter lies.  Beyer's entire political career was the stuff of smoke and mirrors - created by political puppetmasters Casey and McCarten.  Casey "read out" the CV instead of providing a written copy to the Board which prevented any validation of Casey's fanciful claims regarding Beyer's background, which were almost certainly a pack of lies.  Beyer was a transvestite prostitute who had never had a real job in his life - the son of a convicted thief - a thieving policeman no less George Bertrand,.  Beyer's rise to fame and fortune, like Labour party pet Jevan Goulter's (see page 26 onwards at the link), was based not on what they knew but who they knew, and how effectively they were able to blackmail them, including local journalists and media. 

The penultimate page of the November Minutes show Casey's opposition to due process regarding the proposed "co-option" of another member of the Board, Mrs Win Morris, and the penultimate page of the December Minutes show Casey and Beyer again trying to circumvent due process regarding another "co-option" to the Board, under paragraph (ii), "Co-option of a Maori Representative to the Board."

The next Board meeting, in February 1994, records the intensification of division and dysfuntion within the Board, and evidence of Casey moving a vote of no confidence in the Board.

Shortly thereafter the Board was relieved of its duties by the Minister of Education and Brian Lochore was appointed Statutory Manager on March 24.  So much for Beyer's much lauded involvement on the Board, and Casey's for that matter.

Between 1993 and 1995 Beyer formed a close association with "media celebrity" Paul Henry Hopes (commonly known as Paul Henry), and received considerable public exposure due to involvement in the taxpayer subsidised local radio show produced by Henry.

Following news of Beyer's "election" to the Carterton Mayoralty in 1995 there was intense sycophantic media cheerleading, contrasted by the media totally ignoring the many calls for a recount of the vote, and widespread incredulity by many members of the public who suspected voting fraud.

Casey was the author of a propaganda publication on Beyer's fictional "life story", and responsible for conning members of the Labour party, including Sonya Davies, into supporting Beyer's entry into politics.

Beyer's "election" as MP coincided with the appointment of a limited liability company operating from Christchurch, Electionz.com, to run almost all of the New Zealand elections.  Their website contains the following self promotional blurb: "With our internet voting (also known as online voting or e-voting), telephone voting, fax voting and postal voting options, no election is too large, too complex, or too small for our experienced, independent elections management team."

In fact, the company was under scrutiny from the media regarding serious flaws in its processes.

Mediaworks owned TV3 news reporters contacted the writer (Katherine Raue), who was standing as a candidate for the Council and the Mayoralty in 2007, requesting an interview regarding these flaws, including the fact that Carterton voters had been sent voter information packs for the candidates from Central Otago.  Postal voting was being introduced, which meant this was a serious issue, with only a limited time frame to correct the problem.  Many voters were confused and it was widely suspected that there were a considerable number of invalid or ill-informed votes cast.  Mediaworks broadcast the interview with Mrs Raue at the time on the evening news, and carried the video of the interview on their website for a time, but it abruptly disappeared following Mrs Raue's allegation of voting fraud started to gain traction, requests for a copy of the recorded interview have been refused, and the entire article regarding the matter has been re-edited and moved to a completely different URL on the Newshub site following the re-branding of Mediaworks as Newshub, after massive taxpayer funded cash injections from the Key government, made in the face of overwhelming advice to the contrary.

Beyer the prostitute was succeeded as Mayor of Carterton by Gary McPhee, a drunken, violent bullying bikie, who claimed to be the boss of the "Seven Day Club", a bikie gang devoted to drinking to excess for seven days in a row.  This 'club' managed to get their hands on a great deal of funding before letters to the funders were sent informing them of the true nature of the 'club'.

McPhee and another Council officer, Chris Keegan, who was appointed by McPhee because he was a "mate" rather than any actual ability to do the job, committed a vicious, violent home invasion and assaulted the occupants of a local flat.  Local Police refused to act on the numerous complaints they received regarding the matter, and in fact lied in the local 'news' paper, claiming that the reason they could not act was because no complaints had been received.  Of course this was a blatant lie - Police stated that their inquiries were prompted by calls from the occupants of the flat, who rang Police to report the violent assault and home invasion!

Local journalists at the Wairarapa Times-Age and corrupt local Police officers rushed into damage control mode and conspired to publish a series of propaganda articles beginning with a report taking up most of the front page, titled "EXCLUSIVE - McPHEE - WHY I DID WHAT I DID", complete with a historic photograph of McPhee wearing his best clothes and looking respectable instead of the dishevelled, drunken lout he was.  Like the Mediaworks interview, this report has since been edited and the photograph and actual caption removed on the Herald website.  The original report in the Wairarapa Times-Age has also been removed from the website, it is reproduced below:

Further investigation shows that this limited liability private company Electionz.com is controlled by one director, Stephen John Kilpatrick.  The company is controlled almost exclusively by "Steve" and his wife Geraldine, with a shareholding listed as "Hagley Trustees" representing two other private individuals, Peter John Cordner and Timothy John Hill.

It is evidence that the limited liability company is subject to no oversight whatsoever.  Mrs Raue was eligible for the return of her nomination deposits of $400, but Electionz.com appointed a staff member at Carterton District Council, Julie Hallam, as Receiving Officer.  Ms Hallam was up to her neck in the fraud at the former Carterton Community Centre, perpetrated by herself and others associated with the District Council, conflicts of interest were many, and the evidence of fraud indisputable.  Ms Hallam simply lied and claimed that no record of expenses had been received, and Mrs Raue discovered that there was no process to dispute that lie, no checks and balances, no way of holding the Receiving Officer to account.  Despite a number of letters to Police from senior lawyers Police refused to act regarding the evidence of fraud at the Community Centre, and instead embarked on a campaign to discredit Mrs Raue, charging her with Bill Sticking for allegedly putting up a notice advertising a public meeting to discuss the evidence of the fraud, instead of investigating the fraud and charging those responsible.

One of those responsible for the fraud was Beyer the Liar, who was Patron of the Carterton Community Centre at the time and had enjoyed a close association with the District Councillors who comprised the committee of the Centre - despite the fact that the Council was a major funder of the centre, and thereby establishing a clear conflict of interest.

Beyer was eventually forced to resign the day after a vote of no confidence in the government following the distribution of indisputable evidence of Beyer's interference in a police investigation regarding the fraud.

Gary McPhee is reported as dying from suspected suicide in 2016, comments on the 'news' reports regarding his death were heavily censored and limited to comments in praise of him, any criticism or differing views were swiftly deleted.

Recently RNZ broadcast two reports raising concerns about internet voting.  In the report titled "Is internet voting secure enough to use?" Vanessa Teague of the University of Melbourne outlines some of the reasons for concern regarding internet voting.

In a swiftly produced follow up report Steve Kilpatrick can be heard defending internet voting.  Anyone who is capable of thinking for themselves can soon work out that the man and his claims are simply not credible.

Even the oily whale is on about it.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fran goes to Sudan:

Fran Mold has resigned from her job as chief of staff for Phil Goff the Mayor of Auckland, and announced that she's off to Sudan to take a job with the United Nations working alongside David Shearer, leader of the UN mission in Sudan.

Fran formerly worked as Phil Goff's chief of staff, and has recently completed a Masters of Philosophy in politics with a thesis on communications used by ISIS and Hammas to achieve political objectives.

Fran was always a cut above the average 'reporter', as this somewhat enhanced homage clearly shows: