"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

"Question authority, and think for yourself" - Timothy Leary

"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

"Information is the currency of democracy" - Thomas Jefferson

‎"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does." - Margaret Mead

"The truth is like a lion, you don't have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself."

"I = m c 2 [squared] where "I" am information" - Timothy Leary

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"The internet is a TV that watches you"

Friday, November 25, 2011

Election by Deception Part 2 - Idiots in Power, Political Science 101:

More on what passes for democracy in New Zealand these days, and anyone who thinks our elections are democratic needs to think again and face the facts. There are two main issues that need addressing, the role of the media in its reporting of matters involving politicians, and the corruption of the actual election process. Firstly, the role of the media:

This is ex Mayor of Carterton Gary McPhee, who is now on the Wellington Regional Council, after he and current Mayor Ron Mark 'helped' each other get elected. Gary McPhee is a bullying and violent lunatic and it's well documented. He is incompetent and corrupt and it is largely thanks to him and Georgina Beyer and the other local "politicians" that the Wairarapa has regularly has twice the national rate of suicide in a country with some of the highest rates in the world. Thanks to this incompetent and corrupt "leadership", Wairarapa also tops the child abuse statistics. Shortly after McPhee was elected he was involved in a particularly violent drunken home invasion and assault at a local residence.  He avoided being charged because of corrupt local police officers and journalists, who claimed that no complaint had been received, a common refrain from local police - and contradicted directly by the fact that the victims called the Police and complained to the local 'news' paper, as well as the evidence of a number of victims and witnesses.

What's also interesting to note is that a few days ago it seems eleven people "liked" Gary McPhee, 'Politician', according to his Facebook page, but today only nine do. How do these people get elected if only nine people like them? Or eleven, for that matter? The picture on it shows him with an insane grin on his face, holding a baby who is crying, while he is making the baby hold the bumper sticker he's invented that says "Kill Violent People".  - Note, it seems the page has been deleted since this post was published - no surprises there.

Anyone who advocates killing people should be ashamed of themselves, and so should anyone who "likes" them as a politician.  We've got serious problems with violence in our communities, and here's a politician advocating killing people and setting the utterly disgraceful example he is. A recidivist violent offender advocating killing people. Great! The same person who kicked in the door of an innocent person minding their own business in a drunken violent home invasion!

We need to adjust people's attitudes. We need jobs. We need resource centres and community gardens - regarding the jobs and the gardens - McPhee sold the Carterton Borough Farm to a local dairy farmer because he "couldn't understand what an educational reserve was" according to him, so the Wairarapa missed out on the international Cordon Bleu Cuisine School, which was perfectly suited to the Carterton Borough Farm, and at one point a real possibility for the Wairarapa, and would have brought billions of dollars to the local economy! And provided many training opportunities. McPhee's an idiot. Nobody wanted a six million dollar Event Centre (that only seats 300 people anyway). People wanted a Community Resource Centre that focused on important local matters - not a bad taste monstrosity of an edifice for the elite to perform the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. One of the leading lights of the local theatre is Mark Hinton of Wollerman Cooke and McClure (link to all their misdeeds will be up shortly, watch this space).

Here's Gary McPhee, Politician's facebook page, the one with 9 "likes" is today's, 26 November 2011, election day, how ironic.

(Update - it appears the facebook page has been removed since we drew attention to it, to spare McPhee the embarrassment of everyone seeing that only 9 people liked him.)
This is an article in the local paper shortly after he was elected Mayor, written by the local sycophant journos at the biased and prejudiced Wairarapa Times-Age, following a nasty drunken violent home invasion, committed by McPhee and his mate, fellow Council employee Chris Keegan. McPhee alleges this violent, drunken criminal attack was in response to "a noise complaint" - from some complainant he refuses to name because they are non existent, or some drunken delusional biker mate of his - for one thing neither McPhee OR Keegan was the local noise control officer so neither had any authority for the attack WHATSOEVER, and for another thing, since when is it alright to smash your way into someone's house and assault them with a weapon in response to a "noise complaint" anyway?!:

FLAMBOYANT Carterton mayor Gary McPhee has broken his silence over an incident in the town last Thursday that led to him being questioned by police.
The rangy first term mayor, who stands 6 foot four inches and is a Harley Davidson fan, has described his role in the High Street incident as being something he regretted, but he was not backing away entirely from it.
"I do regret it. It's something I wish I hadn't done but if someone else had done it I would have supported them," he said.
The incident that led to him being interviewed by police involved Mr McPhee pushing his way into a flat in the centre of town and arguing with the people inside.
According to Mr McPhee - and to police ? (sic) the flat had been at the centre of many police inquiries.
Mr McPhee said on Thursday he had a few drinks with friends and had fielded yet another complaint about the flat.
He had " rightly or wrongly" intervened by visiting the premises, forcing the door open and confronting those inside.
There had been a "verbal exchange" and he said he had then left without further ado only to be later spoken to by police.
"Mr McPhee said the flat had been a problem area for a long time.
He said he had "reacted, or possibly over-reacted" when he had received the complaint on Thursday night.

"Carterton is my town." [NO GARY, IT'S OUR TOWN.]
"I am proud of it
"I want it to look good and for people to feel safe." Yeah, right.
Mr McPhee said he has been negotiating with the owner of the flat, which is tenanted, over its future." [BLACKMAILING THEM MORE LIKE IT!]
"The mayor was back at work yesterday after being in Tauranga during the weekend and in Wellington on Monday.
He said he has talked to the council's chief executive officer Kieran Shaw over what had happened, but not to his councillors.
"It's really nothing to do with the council." [Yeah, right - nothing to do with the community either, according to the nasty, drunken, bullying oaf.]
It's time people stopped believing what the local journalists tell them about our politicians and started having a good look at who they really are. This was allegedly in response to a "noise complaint" - neither of these two drunken oafs was the noise control officer and if there WAS a noise complaint - which there wasn't - there would be a record of it - which there isn't - and it most certainly WOULD be Council business!
McPhee is a bullying bikie with a drinking problem and a violent and aggressive personality.
We've just had the suffer the noise and frightening spectacle of the Boobs on Bikes White Ribbon hoons roar through the town, The Christmas parade had hardly finished!
Yesterday a cyclist was knocked off her bike by a car right outside my house and it will be interesting to see what Constable Sykes and the Masterton Police Prosecutors do about it. Kids don't like these great big Harley Davidson's roaring past with these big fat blokes in black gear and intimidating helmets and balaclavas etc.

Drivers need to be WAY more careful when opening car doors and when pulling out of driveways. This driver was not looking where she was going, and she was going too fast. Drivers open car doors in front of me on an almost daily basis, then deny it, then abuse me, and other cyclists I know confirm it happens to them all the time too. Look before you open your car doors please motorists, the edge of a car door in the face does really terrible damage. Look before you come out of your driveways please, because the point is, that could have been a child yesterday. The victim was thrown several feet onto the road, and could well have been hit by a vehicle, the area is near a 100 kph zone and speeding is common in the area.

It's not safe for kids to ride their bikes on the roads and it's safe for them to do so on the footpaths as long as they show consideration for pedestrians and motorists, slowing down and getting off whenever necessary, and wearing high visibility reflective vests at all times.

Kids round here get bored because there's nothing for them to do, they want to go and play, and ride the Community Garden ponies, but yesterday we were told off by Emily Brown's mother in law, who works for the Council who told us "This is the dogs park. You're not allowed here." We weren't bothering anyone. Her dog should have had a muzzle on and there was nothing stopping her from running it off the lead as she was claiming our presence prevented her from doing. Kids have nothing to do here, because the Carterton DIstrict Council have sold off the Community Centre, Health Centre, Borough Farm, and everything like it to pay for the $6 million Event Centre that nobody wanted - for the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!
Me being safe, High visibility safety vest, helmet, glasses, bell, rear vision mirror, and looking for traffic and pedestrians.

McPhee in his usual get up, he regularly refuses to wear a helmet, and wouldn't be seen dead in a reflective vest - he REGULARLY crashes, and here he is moaning about having to pay ACC fees!
Me showing someone how long McPhee will be Mayor for, or how big his brain is or something.

Media reports show a clear and indisputable bias in favour of Georgina Beyer and Gary McPhee, and several clear and indisputable attempts to slander and defame other candidates, and minimise or ignore relevant news items about other candidates.
This is a link to the TV3 report on the 2007 local body election after it was revealed that there was widespread problems with the election, you will see that the video has been deleted and the font reduced in size. The video included an interview with me, and the fact that the local elections were a farce and a travesty! A request to TV3 to have the video replaced on the website was refused as was a request for a copy of the deleted video footage (and any other footage of the interview) to be mailed to me.

Here's how it works - local media blackmail incumbent Councillors and violent bullying Mayor to pay protection money for the propaganda on offer!:

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Day of One Love. One Life.

"Once I understood each word the caterpillar said
Once I smiled in secret at the gossip of the Starlings
and shared a conversation with a housefly in my bed
Once I heard and answered all the questions of the crickets
and joined the crying of each falling dying flake of snow,
I once spoke the language of flowers.
How did it go?
How did it go?"
       - Shel Silverstein

When the sun came up today the lives of many people were changed forever.

Less than 24 hours ago, Ceridwen Claire Allom was living and breathing and laughing, and riding her bike.  News of her death has taken my breath away and struck deeply into my heart, which bleeds for her brothers, her mother, her grandparents and great grandparents, and all her friends and the many, many people who loved her.

There will be more written here about this, but now's not the time.   For today, Ceri's pictures and her friend's songs can tell the story of a beautiful young woman, an original. My heart is with her family and friends today.  This was one of the last things Ceri posted on her facebook page:

This one from Ceri's mum;

I remember the complete and utter desolation, devastation, when my brother died, how much I just wanted to fix it, like we want to fix dear, sweet little Ceri. How hard it was to sleep, how much you come to treasure those few, precious seconds every morning when you wake, before you remember again.

Here's a little bedtime story, The Fisherman and his Soul, by Oscar Wilde, who wrote some of the most beautiful children's stories you've ever heard (and you probably have heard one or two of them, and just not realised they were written by Oscar Wilde).   Chapter 33 goes like this:
"And as he spake there came a great cry of mourning from the sea, even the cry that men hear when one of the Sea-folk is dead. And the young Fisherman leapt up, and left his wattled house, and ran down to the shore.  And the black waves came hurrying to the shore, bearing with them a burden that was whiter than silver.  White as the surf it was, and like a flower it tossed on the waves.  And the surf took it from the waves, and the foam took it from the surf, and the shore received it, and lying at his feet the young Fisherman saw the body of the little Mermaid.  Dead at his feet it was lying.

Weeping as one smitten with pain he flung himself down beside it, and he kissed the cold red of the mouth, and toyed with the wet amber of the hair. He flung himself down beside it on the sand, weeping as one trembling with joy, and in his brown arms he held it to his breast. Cold were the lips, yet he kissed them. Salt was the honey of the hair, yet he tasted it with a bitter joy. He kissed the closed eyelids, and the wild spray that lay upon their cups was less salt than his tears.

And to the dead thing he made confession.  Into the shells of its ears he poured the harsh wine of his tale.  He put the little hands round his neck, and with his fingers he touched the thin reed of the throat. Bitter, bitter was his joy, and full of strange gladness was his pain.

The black sea came nearer, and the white foam moaned like a leper. With white claws of foam the sea grabbled at the shore.  From the palace of the Sea-King came the cry of mourning again, and far out upon the sea the great Tritons blew hoarsely upon their horns."
And that's how it feels. It's not pretty. It hurts the people you leave behind, the ones you love the most, brothers, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunties, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents - it was so surreal, meeting Ceri's great grandparents - it hurts more than anything, and the terrible images of the discovery, and the utterly unbelievable reality, cannot ever be washed away from the memory. Imagine seeing your beautiful sister like that.

Death is forever, it's final, we know that much, and that's all we really know for sure. You can't undo it, you can't fix it, you can't come back. On the official form certifying the death someone has to identify the person. When my brother died, it was my sister. On the form it had the question "How long have you known the deceased? The answer, in little handwriting, "All my life." The pain my sister and I feel, the pain Ceri's mum and dad and brothers, grandparents, great grandparents, all her friends feel, so strong it's almost overwhelming. 

Ceri's gone where we can't find her now, where we can't fix her, no matter how much we want to, or how much we love her.  Life is for living.  And it's so short anyway - just a tiny insignificant speck in the great scheme of things, but while it lasts it's magic, it's a wonderful gift from the Universe, it's Paradise, right here, please, please, please don't waste it. Spend it having fun with your friends, or travelling the world, do what you love.  Don't do this to the one's you love.

We have an epidemic in this country. Wairarapa has for several years had twice the national rate of self inflicted death, in a country with the highest rates in the world. Every few weeks another family, and all the friends at all the schools, have to go though this.  More will be written about this matter in due course, and we must remember that there has been no formal decision regarding the cause of death of Ceridwen Claire Allom yet, and there may not be for some time.

Meanwhile, here's another of Ceri's favorite songs, thanks to her friends for sharing the love, a sweet little song for a sweet little lady who had great taste in music. 

. . . and another song, because music heals the soul (even birds singing).

Ceri's friend Zoe sang Elton John's Tiny Dancer like an angel for her friend, her fingers resting on the white wooden box with her friend inside, but her voice never faltered in it's sweet purity and strength, in that little chapel full of broken hearts.  It soared above and around all of us, and filled up the room to overflowing with love, for a little bird forever silenced now.  

No words can describe the utter perfection of Zoe's singing, which still echoes in my heart, or the utter desolation in the hearts of her friends and family as we stood and sat in the little chapel and listened to it fill up the silence and drown out the sound of all the weeping.

The story of Ceridwen, the Goddess of White Words, Ceridwen's Cauldron of Divine Knowledge, Wisdom, Rebirth, and Inspiration, represents regeneration in the womb of the Goddess.  According to the legend, the name of Ceridwen's Cauldron was Amen, and its transforming magic was said to happen through change, experience and divine inspiration. So, from the passing of Ceridwen Claire Allom was born the Circle of Love, part of the FOCCCers, Friends of Caring Communities, committed to addressing the epidemic of youth suicide, child abuse and lack of adequate care that's plagued the Wairarapa for far too long, and committed to preventing it.

Ceri's short life was so full of love and laughter, and she touched so many hearts.

The story of Ceridwen's Cauldron speaks of the Cauldron representing the womb, the Holy Grail, the source of Love.  

Her mummy bore her, and brought her into the world, and loved her more than anything.   It took six men to carry her outside into the sunshine yesterday.

Ceri was just fifteen years old.  She'll always be just fifteen years old. 

 That's just not right.  Too many of our young people are at risk, and next to NOTHING is being done about it.

The message being delivered locally to people at risk is "Talk to someone" - unfortunately the standard of the "someones" involved in the many local "community organisations" is lacking in quality, integrity, common sense, empathy, and other vital qualities, and the sound of silence is deafening.

Mental health services are particularly lacking. There is a lot more information on this site about the causes and the factors contributing to the shocking death rates, but this is about One life, Ceridwen Allom's short, sweet, life. 

I was employed as a Boarding Matron at St Matthews Collegiate, where Ceridwen attended when she lived in Masterton.

One of the people who deserves special commendation in this community is the Deputy Principal of St Matthews Collegiate, Julie Holdsworth.

I'll refrain from commenting here on some of the other staff of St Matthews, or the Board of Trustees, but St Matthews is very fortunate indeed to have Julie Holdsworth.

After the service for Ceri, in the little chapel at the funeral directors, after all the purple balloons had drifted away, we went to St Matthews for a cup of tea.  The Principal and others had been at the service, but they weren't to be seen at the school afterwards, instead Deputy Principal Julie Holdsworth greeted everyone and presided over the occasion in her usual impeccably (and naturally) warm and graceful manner - we were a bit of a motley, 'colourful' crew, and it was an extremely emotional time, but Julie Holdsworth has a gift for empathy, healing, listening, facilitating growth, growing potential, emanating compassion, and Julie Holdsworth made us all feel very welcome.   Julie Holdsworth is the sort of person Ceri might have grown up to be.  It was a very special communion in honour of a very special little lady, who broke our hearts without realising it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Secret Life of Information - Wairarapa Times-Age Backpedals:

Here's a link to the latest response from the Press Council, with the attached correspondence.  Note the sheer, utter arrogance and cheek of both the reporter AND the editor!  Not to mention the fact that they are both proven WRONG.

Here's the link to the original article, published over two months ago:

Here's the link to some more of the politically biased rubbish they print.

Here's the link to the evidence that there is not, and never was, anything wrong with my health.  Here's a link to more evidence of that, and there is even more evidence at the posts after that and the posts after that.

The evidence is overwhelming, and numerous links can be found to it on this site and many others.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carterton Events Centre - More of the Whorehouse Mentality:

The Worst Little Whorehouse in Carterton:

Here it is, in all it's tawdry glory, the premier production of the "Limelight Theatre Company, which took over all the remaining assets of the former Phoenix Theatre, as well as getting a mysterious grant of "several thousand dollars" which has suddenly come to light after local lawyer and thespian Peter Totman suddenly remembered it's existence twenty years later - yeah, right!  The first production in the famous Carterton Events Centre that nobody in Carterton wanted, the one we were promised was going to be for everyone, family friendly, etc.  Real family entertainment alright, all the kids are asking mummy, what's a whorehouse?  Is the best we can do?  R 16

More of the same old fraud from the same old people.  Once upon a time Carterton had a Community Resource Centre, running about ten community organisations including the Community Gardens, Supergrans, First Steps, programs to assist less able members (called 'disabled' by other people) to find employment, etc. It was taken over when the people named below and others took over the Centre illegally by punching the Secretary and Finance Officer in the face and changing the locks to cover up the fraud and misfeasance described by these lawyers.
Laura with the giant turnips.

This money should have gone to the Phoenix Theatre, the people's theatre, but of course they were never told about it, were they?  Peter Totman knew perfectly well about the Phoenix Theatre for years but obviously chose to keep this money a big secret from them.  Now suddenly he produces it like a rabbit from a hat to give to this bunch of vulgar self important show offs to ponce about putting on their "performance" of "The Best Little Whorehouse In Carterton" or whatever it is.  Here's what the article in the local rag says:
"It was the case of the reappearing money for a Wairarapa drama society on Wednesday, as thousands of dollars gets set to boost theatre productions 20 years after it was squirrelled away.

At Wednesday's Carterton District Council meeting councillors were told $7000 had been held by the council since 1989, the date when the former Carterton Amateur Dramatic Society went into recess.

Council chief executive Colin Wright noted in a report it looked like that money was held on the condition it one day be given to another such group.

"Inquiries indicate that the intention was for these funds to be utilised by a similar amateur group in the future," Mr Wright said.

"The Limelight Theatre Group [formerly Phoenix] have now requested these funds in accordance with the original intention as they have little in the way of financial resources for producing their proposed show during November in the Events Centre or any future events."

A letter from Peter Totman, last president and honorary solicitor of CADS, confirmed the two-decades-old decision.

"It was resolved that the funds of the society be transferred to Carterton District Council to be, in due course, transferred to a society within the Carterton district with similar objectives as CADS.

"I subsequently arranged for the funds to be deposited accordingly."

On Wednesday that appeared to be the case, but no evidence had come to light.

"Unfortunately we can't find any correspondence and there's no minutes of it," Mr Wright said.

"But we definitely are holding what amounts to several thousand dollars of funds, and that includes about 20 years of accumulated interest."

The council were due to discuss releasing the money to Limelight at the meeting." 

The Limelight Theatre is the vehicle for show offs like the lawyers and their mates, Mark Hinton, Caroline Wait, John Greenwood, Kate Nolan, members of the Carterton District Council like Barbara Durbin, Elaine Brazendale, Ruth Carter, Jill Greathead, Ewen Hyde, etc - who were all on the committee of the former Carterton Community Centre when it was illegally taken over and closed down to cover up the fraud and gross mismanagement.  These are the people who thought it was such a good idea to hire unemployed transvestite prostitute Georgina Beyer (known locally as Beyer the Liar) to teach the youth of the town "Life Skills" - at the tax payers expense of course, it wasn't coming out of their pockets, it's YOUR money they're throwing down the drain with this sort of carry on while crime, child abuse and suicide skyrocket out of control in the Wairarapa under the governance of these corrupt and stupid idiots.  I use the term "stupid idiots" because the report of the Auditor General published on this site (highlights are at this link, scroll down to paragraph ninety something, 91 or 92 I think) makes it absolutely crystal clear that this is exactly what they are.  Mark Hinton wrote the letter to police accusing me of the theft of the community centre's financial records.  I've posted them on the internet to show why there has never been an audit, because Councillor Jill Greathead was told by RG Thompson that it would be a huge fail and the allegations of fraud were try, go Greathead closed the audit down!

What's also crystal clear is that there have been two substantial community petitions against this Event Centre, and that it is unwanted by the vast majority of people in the community and certainly all the well informed ones (apart from the corrupt well informed ones who were involved in the fraud and misfeasance), and that the Carterton Events Centre is an obscene insult to the real people of Carterton, and all the people who signed the petition calling for an audit of the former Community Centre, the Event Centre - including the so called "Facility Focus Group" and the involvement of the Carterton District Council and people associated with it.  This isn't our Community Centre, it's their "Event Centre".  Reminds me a bit of that comedian, who was had up for molesting his 4 year old daughter, got off with no conviction and name suppression (- I get more than that for not wearing my bike helmet!).  Judge Phillipa Cunningham said he deserved to get off because he was so funny and we all needed to have a good laugh [at this sort of thing?] adn the poor man wouldn't be able to get a job if he was punished in any way.  Maybe he should stop trying to be a comedian and get a real job.

We had a proper community resource centre, the real Heart of Carterton, with Community Gardens, a Health Centre, a Borough Farm, now we've got an 'Event Centre' run by the same thieves and liars who are responsible for the fraud and misfeasance at the former Carterton Community Centre, and the theft of all the assets and funds of that organisation, and the very first thing they do is put a big performance of this just to remind everyone of Cartertons's Whorehouse image - good one Ron Mark and the Carterton District Council, lawyers John Greenwood, Carolyn Wait, lawyers 'assistant' Kate Nolan, Councillors Brazendale, Carter, Greathead, librarian Hyde - for dragging the town into the gutter yet again.

Here's a link to an article published on 2 November 2010 in the Wairarapa Times-Age, titled "But trust boss says Carterton requests haven't stacked up".

Here's more about  how your taxes and rates are spent.  As you can see, Friends of the Gardens received the grand sum of $250 - conditionally - while Sean Crawford, son of John Crawford, leader of the gang of bullies and idiots who took over the former Community Centre for this very reason - so daddy could keep funnelling our hard earned money into little Sean's pocket, and the pockets of their mates.  

Check out the other information on this site about how John Crawford and his mates took over our Community Centre, ran it into the ground, stealing and wasting all the money, they closed it down when they couldn't get any more funding.  More links will be put up on this post in the next few days, and more posts tagged with labels, watch this space.