"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Invasion - "No Charges To Be Laid":

Regarding this letter from Police Damage Control Manager, "I will try and address the issues as I see them" - not "I will try and look at things from your perspective and address the issues you have raised."
According to his numbered points:
  • Firstly, has there been any response to the two letters sent by Mr Daniels, and the vague allegation that "these matters have been addressed in previous correspondence . . . . . and I do not intend to revisit them."  This is utter rubbish, Tara Sewell of the Police lied and wrote a letter dated 30 May 2008 stating this (my comments in italics):
1. “All information regarding police file 010518/2481’

There is no file with that number held by Police therefore your request for information is refused pursuant to section 29(2)(b) of the Privacy Act 1993 as the information does not exist.  The file is the subject of the letter to lawyer Kamil Lakshman of Ainslie Hewton from Sgt GN Reid of Masterton Police
2. “All information regarding a complaint of theft by the same group of people against myself and Jennifer Armstrong and Oasis Trust regarding a derelict caravan on the site of the former Carterton Community Gardens in Moreton Road”

I am advised by Senior Sergeant Johnston there is no correspondence or documentation held by Police on the theft of the derelict caravan. He further advises that this matter was dealt with at the time on the telephone. Your request for this information is refused pursuant to section 29(2)(b) of the Privacy Act 1 993 as the information does not exist.  What rubbish - there was a pile of paperwork on this one!  Links will be up soon, watch this space, this is a really good one!  Police wasted a whole lot of time over this complaint against me and Jennifer Armstrong, when the complainants had no authority whatsoever to make any complaints at all, and lied in telling everyone they had been authorised.  And, this was 6 months after they'd signed ownership over to us anyway!

3. “All information regarding the complaints relating to the illegal takeover, fraud, theft of mall and theft of all assets of the former Community Centre”

Police currently have insufficient information to locate the information that you have requested. Police will require more information from you in order to locate the information.

Please provide Police with details such as the date(s) of the above mentioned incidents, the approximate time(s) of the incidents, any Police staff involved and what specific information you require from Police.

Police will consider and process your request for information once further details are received.  This was, inter alia, the subject of the letters from Ken Daniels and the other lawyers.

4. “AII information regarding the phone calls made to the police by Larry Mason (through 111 emergency services I believe), Rachel Betteridge and Ewen Hyde (either 111 or directly to Masterton Police station), including all transcripts and audio recordings, job sheets, etc regarding the complaints made against me to the police by these people”

Police currently have insufficient information to locate the information that you have requested. Police will require more information from you in order to locate the information.

Please provide Police with details such as the approximate date(s) of the above mentioned phone calls, the approximate time(s) of the phone calls and any further information that you think will help Police in the search for information about the phone calls. - This was the subject, inter alia, of the two letters sent by Ken Daniels referred to above, and a large amount of other correspondence.

5. “Any information that any attempt whatsoever was made by police to obtain any evidence of Rachel Betteridge’s claims.”  The second page of the letter claims that "this information doesn't exist."  No, because Police never even looked at her phone let alone contacted Vodafone, to verify Betteridge's outrageous lies.  I challenge them to do so, and to address the signed statements from the JP's, seeking sworn statements from them both.  Links to these matters will be up soon, in the meantime, search the site for them.

There was more than a "verbal exchange" - there was a violent and unprovoked attack by two huge, drunken bikies, on tiny little sick people and women.  This article above us pure political propaganda of the Adolf Hitler School.  "The flat had been the centre of police inquiries" indeed.  Yes, like my house was the "centre of police inquiries after the violent attack on me on 11th February 2009.  "I want people to feel safe" indeed!  So I bash people's doors in and assault them for no reason.  Yeah, right.

Gary McPhee and Ron Mark are posers.  Read these two articles, and the other information on this site, and marvel at the mentality of people who voted for this nit wit.
It doesn't take 20 years to do something about violence - unless you spend your time like this, posing for pictures and getting 'touched up' (by 'artists').  Check out the silly little baseball hat for goodness sake.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wairarapa Police Pervert the Course of Justice Again

Here's the letter from Senior Sergeant Johnston, corruptly trying to cover up a vicious, violent, planned home invasion and assault with a weapon.

Here is the link to one of several phone calls to emergency services while the attack was taking place, from witnesses, first hand. This is a blatantly corrupt cover up of a vicious violent home invasion orchestrated by Michael Francis Murphy and Tracy Feast. This is evidence of blatant police corruption, and it's why Sgt Johnston doesn't work at the Masterton Police station any more apparently.

The letter below refers firstly to some of the letters written by lawyer Ken Daniels to the police. Follow the link to read two of the many letters sent by lawyers to the police, and Sgt Murray Johnston's rude and arrogant email dismissal of our complaints. The complaints have been corruptly ignored in spite of monumental evidence of fraud and gross misfeasance.

Secondly, the letter contains the refusal of the police to charge local prostitute Rachel Betteridge with Perjury, or anything else, after Betteridge and her husband sent me text messages, saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back" among other extremely offensive and threatening messages. Police have been provided with signed statements from two Justices of the Peace, and a considerable amount of other information, in support of my complaints regarding this lying prostitute. We'll come back to this matter in a minute.

Thirdly, the letter refers to the nasty drunken home invasion and assault committed by corruptly 'elected' Mayor Gary McPhee, and the refusal of the police to charge him or his co-offender. "The matter was investigated at the time and no charges were to be laid." - Oh really? WHY NOT? - This sounds like another PITIFUL EXCUSE used by the police to let criminals off: "I am aware that the Carterton District Council Members, the Carterton Mayor and MP Georgina Beyer have recently discussed issues around the closing of the centre. In such circumstances the actions of the 'elected' officers of the centre are most unlikely to have breached any Criminal Law."

A number of lawyers have written letters referring to the indisputable evidence that it most certainly IS fraud!

Fourthly, the letter refers to the Bill Sticking charges laid against me by Constable Cunningham in about 2003, and the fact that the prosecution was so zealously pursued although there was absolutely
no evidence whatsoever to support the police wasting their time on it right from the beginning. Like the lies of Rachel Betteridge.

Like the trespass matters, all politically motivated corruption.
Read full story:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pope Loses the Plot:

This is the huge rock which was thrown through my window while I slept, innocently minding my own business as usual, at about 20 past one in the morning.

If this rock had hit my head, I would probably be dead.

Constable Harvey Pope, of the Carterton Police, is apparently in charge of "investigating" the matter.

Instead of doing so, he abused his position, and used it to pervert the course of justice, as usual.

The previous post has a link to one of the fake Facebook profiles created recently, and a copy of a message from another one, these have been created by Julian Tyerman and Robert Brook and their associates, and Police could easily confirm that if they were so inclined, but they aren't, because they like to cover up violence and protect violent offenders in the Wairarapa.  Here's the hole in the window.  The window was 5mm thick, and the slices of glass were razor sharp.
Here's the link to Constable Harvey Pope's paperwork relating to his "arrest" of me, still waiting for the paperwork about this investigation into the attack - that should be interesting!  To say the least.  We're seeing a pattern here.

This all started when the Police charged me with bill sticking because Constable Peter Cunningham issued me with an illegal trespass notice regarding the Carterton Community Centre, which he later had to apologise for - actually he never did apologise as far as I recall, Sgt Murray Johnston and the Area Commander did.  Cunningham was babbling on about how the notices were defamatory to Georgina Beyer and Councillors and Council staff, everyone tried to tell him defamation was a civil matter, but oh no, Constable Cunningham knew better . . . and now Pope is having hysterics about me writing a blog, when people are assaulting me (see link next paragraph), smashing my possessions

This is an outrageous act of violence.  Like another outrageous act of violence, the attack by Michael Murphy and others on 11 February 2009.  Like this nasty mindless destruction by Wayne Friend and Tim Reynolds:

And here's the highlight of all the paperwork Constable Harvey Pope created when he came and arrested me, promising he was going to send me to prison till March, and this is the highlight of what he presented to the Court, and wasted all day, and probably all of the few days prior to this, doing, instead of  investigating all the child abuse allegations the local police ignore as a matter of course.  Oh, and giving me bike helmet tickets all the time.  No wonder crime is out of hand in the Wairarapa, the cops have lost the plot.  They spend their time perpetrating politically motivated corruption, in order to keep their mates, Georgina Bayer and Gary McPhee in positions of power.

Constable Harvey Pope is the spitting image of disgraced Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope, who was recently told not to bother reapplying for his job.  Harvey Pope only got the job because he's related to Rob Pope - nepotism was one of Dame Margaret Bazely's main criticisms in her recent report, which was utterly damning of the NZ Police.  Harvey Pope has failed to be promoted above the rank of Constable because of his incompetence and corruption.

He spends all day persecuting the victims of violent crime and making up long involved excuses for the recidivist violent offenders, like his mates in the Wairarapa Police, and the NZ Police in general.

This post will be updated daily with more information about Pope's corruption.  The public need to be warned about creeps like Alan Donoghue and Wayne Friend, and instead, Harvey Pope is worried about me defaming them?  The sooner Pope is sacked the better for the NZ Police and the Wairarapa.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More hatred and vandalism condoned by corrupt Wairarapa Police:

This fake facebook profile was created in the last couple of weeks, and these threats were made on it.  It's the second time these people have created fake Facebook pages.  Police could forensically trace who made these pages very easily, if they were so inclined, unfortunately, they support this behaviour and encourage it and protect the offenders.

On Monday, several local people came to alert me to the graffiti, and a large number of posters stuck up around the town, pushed under shop doors, etc, which contained spiteful and defamatory statements about me.  Many of them said they'd taken the posters to the police station and complained, and that Carterton Police told them that they had spoken to me (named in the posters) which was an utter lie because they refused to speak to me about it, smirking and laughing instead.  I rang the Masterton station and the Police Communication Centre, because the calls are recorded.

I spent hours at the Masterton Police station on Tuesday, trying to make a complaint about this graffiti, and the facebook page (identity theft, and the threats), the theft and vandalism of my property by Rachel Taylor, Wayne Friend etc, among other things.  The officer who came to the counter wrote down about four words on a bit of paper, disappeared for ages , then came back and said they wouldn't be taking my complaints because "they're already being dealt with."  I wanted to make a statement or statements about the complaints, and as usual, corrupt Wairarapa Police refused to take statements, or even acknowledge the complaints.

This is the standard lie from the local police, the exact same lie which has been trotted out since our complaints about the illegal activities at the former Carterton Community Centre involving Georgina Beyer the Liar and the people associated with the Carterton District Council.  One of the more bare faced examples of this is the letter from corrupt and overpaid Tara Sewell of the legal section at Police headquarters.

Police spent a considerable amount of taxpayers money when they charged me with Billsticking (in about 2003) for putting up notices in Carterton advertising a public meeting to discuss the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre.  The excuse given initially (in writing) by the Police for proceeding with the prosecution, which they were later forced to apologise for, was that the notices were defamatory (against Georgina Beyer and members of the Carterton District Council).  Defamation is a civil matter and nothing whatsoever to do with the Police.  Wairarapa Police are ignoring child abuse allegations and focusing their attention on persecuting law abiding people like me, who seek to rid the Wairarapa of the shameful crime, child abuse and suicide which has characterised the area for decades.  The only evidence to support the Billsticking charges was that my fingerprints were allegedly on the notice, but I was acquitted when the Police had no evidence to offer at the trial, because they knew full well that the fingerprints only meant that I had touched the notice in question, and not that I had put it on the building in question on the date in question, which was the Community Centre building.  As I was the Secretary and Treasurer of the Community Centre, it's no wonder Police didn't turn up in Court, because as usual, no crime had been committed.
Compare this with the indisputable evidence of my complaints which are ignored every time.

I asked the Police to ensure that they fingerprinted the notices stuck around the town on Sunday night, these notices were completely different to the notices I am alleged to have stuck up advertising the public meeting, they are extremely nasty, hate filled, offensive, and most certainly defamatory, unlike the ones I put up.  Let's see if Police do, or whether they get rid of the evidence as usual.  There were a large number of the notices given to Police, including several which had been carefully picked up to preserve the prints.  Many were stuck up in view of the security CCTV cameras, I requested the footage first thing Monday morning, let's see if we get it.

Yesterday, corrupt local constable Harvey Pope, who is the spitting image of disgraced Police Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope, recently told not to bother reapplying for his job, arrested me for alleged bail breaches.  I was locked in a cell for most of the day, which Police typed up reams of paper full of excuses why they opposed my bail and tried their utmost to have me imprisoned.  The alleged bail breaches involved me and a friend asking for my property back, including the keyboard which was smashed after I went and asked for it back, from where it was locked in the house occupied by local methamphetamine dealer Wayne Friend and Tim Reynolds.  Police, who have twice assisted their mates to move house while on duty, have refused to assist me at all regarding this matter.  I was living at the address and was assaulted by my partner, the tape of the call to Police during an assault on me at the property after I was invited by Reynold to come and see what Wayne Friend's P addict mate had stolen, is on this site and is clearly evidence of an assault and kidnapping of me.  Harvey Pope wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars of Police resources trying to corruptly lock me up, but Judge Tuohy wouldn't even let them read out their corrupt little story in the Court and released me.

Last night a huge rock was thrown through my window.  If it had hit my head, I would be dead.  Police are refusing to do anything about any of it, like the other complaints, and the new Area Commander refused to make an appointment with me when I rang him this morning.

We need an urgent inquiry into this Police corruption in the Wairarapa, and NZ in general, one that involves the investigators acknowledging the complaints made by me which have been ignored, and then investigating them.  The complaints about the Community Centre were fobbed off with the excuse that they had been "addressed in previous correspondence" which is nothing more than a pack of blatant lies, when we requested the file on the complaint Police wrote back and said the file doesn't exist - of course it doesn't, because the complaints were corruptly ignored.


This is a photo of the creep who complained to Harvey Pope that I was harassing him, Alan Donoghue, who sexually assaulted me last year and has conspired with corrupt Constable Pope - no wonder he's still a Constable! - to cook up a pack of lies alleging that I assaulted him.  Donoghue spent years in prison for armed and aggravated robbery, he is a criminal, who spends his taxpayer funded benefit on drugs and alcohol and spends his days drinking and taking drugs.  Corrupt local Police are refusing to take my complaint about Donoghue's assault on me and charging me instead.  Donoghue's statements go on about how he feels he is a "victim", and he's scared of me and feels intimidated, etc, but Police are ignoring the fact that he and his mates are the ones harassing me.  They came to the address I'm staying at, where the rock was thrown through the window, making a nuisance of themselves after he alleged he felt scared of me - there was no reason for him to come there whatsoever, and if it were true that he feels scared and intimidated, why has he approached me about five times since the charge was laid to abuse and threaten me in front of witnesses?!  He and his mate Darren Hughes (another low life druggie criminal, unemployed, like Donoghue, were caught interfering with my bicycle on another recent occasion and he approached me when I was talking to a person outside the supermarket, witnesses have noted his menacing and unpleasant attitude and demeanor, and Police refuse to issue him with a Harassment notice.  Here he is in the bottle store, stocking up on supplies for the day.
Allan Donoghue, guilty of sexual assault and making a false complaint to Police.
Harvey Pope's whole excuse for locking me up was because Alan Donoghue had complained that I took a photo of him and Constable Pope said I should be locked up to stop me putting information on the internet about people.  Unbelievable.  Constable Pope is like Constable Cunningham, who started all this in the first place, by charging me with Billsticking after trying to arrest me (her read me my rights for heavens sake - and it's one of the few times local police have done so too!) for defamation.  After I told defamation was a civil matter and he wasn't allowed to arrest me for it, he went away, and a little while later I got a summons for Billsticking.  His friends were stealing money hand over fist from the Carterton Community Centre, stealing funds that had been granted to assist the less well off in the community.  They closed down the Carterton Community Centre and stole every bit of money in the ten bank accounts, after saying they were going to give any left over to the IHC on the application to wind up the Centre, they never did, they stole every single cent from the ten organisations "under its umbrella".  This grand Event Centre is just another reincarnation of the trough for the pigs to feed from that was the Carterton Community Centre, because it's run by the same people and their mates, rich lawyers who have hidden agendas, and greedy artists who have figured out how to get plenty of funding for so called community projects.  Sean Crawford received a grant of $1000 just for "having an exhibition" for two weeks at Prime Gallery, a free gallery, as in free to have an exhibition, while we got just $250 from the same people to run the Community Gardens for a whole year.  It was a darn sight harder doing that than Sean Crawford's effort - described by him as "kicking stones".  His work consists mainly of tortured animals, weapons, snarling dogs made of razor wire, and other sharp metal, gun and bomb imagery, etc.  We helped people to establish vegetable gardens and fruit trees, we established gardens in schools, like the South End School.  We got everyone doing their community hours sooner or later too, and trained people in good work habits, and good life habits.  We got them off the streets and into jobs, and rehabilitation programs, etc, and just helped to bring out the best in everyone.  It was a great garden, and a great community centre and we need an inquiry into the manner in which it was taken over and mismanaged and defrauded by the very people behind this Event Centre, opposed by two petitions, the very same people who are still on the Council after years of this corruption and fraud.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tim Reynolds and Wayne Friend Smash TV, Keyboard, etc:

Here's what these gutless wonders have done now.  After stealing my guitars and allowing their mates to take other property of mine, here's what they have done to my electronic keyboard, the one I used to teach kids music with.  

Wayne Friend and the other violent P fuelled nutters who have moved into the house where I lived until recently have been smashing and destroying my property for months, and the corrupt Wairarapa Police condone and encourage it, while refusing to acknowledge my complaints.  Merlene Chambers alias Shedlock has stolen my guitars, that were likewise used to teach kids music with, and corrupt local Police continue to refuse to do anything about it.  Merlene's always having garage sales to sell all the stolen property she accumulates, to get money for her drugs and alcohol.  Police continue to laugh at my complaints and refuse to investigate this mindless violence.  This keyboard was among property of mine which remains at the Gallon Road address, owned by Tim Reynolds, it was recently found smashed inside my car - which is also at the address (Reynolds has the keys for it in his possession).  It almost certainly has the fingerprints of the person/persons who destroyed it and placed it in the vehicle on it, but police refused to investigate this, and the keyboard disappeared from the car shortly after police officer Tony Mathieson visited the property in response to a complaint I made in front of witnesses at the police station after being "arrested" on another matter - in other words, police deliberately destroyed the evidence, or conspired to destroy the evidence.

This mindless violence happened after I took a couple of Karen King's kids riding on our horse, and asked the occupants of the address for my saddle and bridle, as well as this keyboard.  Local bludger Karen King conspired with corrupt constable - EX constable now I believe - Paul Dallinger regarding the saddle and other property of mine at the address - Karen King will be the subject of another post in the very near future, now that I have a copy of her 'statement' to Constable Dallinger - so New Zealanders can see how their taxes are being wasted supporting Karen King and her growing brood of illegitimate children and the effect of King's destructive "social work", etc.  Interesting that King's 'partner', Jack Yan, is the publisher/owner of 'Lucire' magazine, which seems to be Pearl Going's main supporter . . . 

Then there is the little creep at the local Mobil garage, Robert Brooks, who fraudulently stole $60 from my bank account, made a fake profile on Facebook using a photo of me and my name, on which he reveals his true colours, but more revealingly, he sent me several messages from that Facebook account, threatening to "plaster your name all over town" and to poison our horse Flynn.  Police have the technology to find out exactly who wrote this:
But they won't do anything about it because Robert Brooks is one of their nasty little friends - criminals have been getting away with murder - and child abuse - for years round here, thanks to the police policy of assigning officers to the very same communities where they grew up and went to school, ensuring that their mates are treated with kid gloves and anyone who questions them or their criminal mates is dealt to the way I have been since having the misfortune to move to the Wairarapa.

These threats are clear and unequivocal evidence of a crime, like the statements of the two JP's in the matter of local prostitute Rachel Betteridge, and police simply refuse to do anything about it, except persecute the victim.  And last Monday night Robert Brooks did exactly what he threatened to do, putting up posters and spray painting obscene graffiti all over Carterton.  His brain must be the size of a pea to blab on Facebook about it then do it, but that's the Wairarapa - the Police support and encourage these people and they do it again and again, like Michael Murphy.  More photos will be uploaded to this post, evidence of crimes the police refuse to investigate.

Police were alerted immediately and asked to secure the CCTV camera footage they boast about all the time, the bet is that they will lie and say it's been deleted as they always do.  The front of the Marquis Hotel and the Dance Studio over the road are covered by more than one camera.  Police are refusing to take my complaints about it again, as usual, I have just come straight from the Masterton Police Station, after coming up here yet again for a Court hearing, only to find that I wasn't required because apparently the matter was called on the 27th January - after being set down for today! - and adjourned on 27th January until some other date (24th February I think) - after the Duty Solicitor refused to speak to me on the 27th January and I was refused the opportunity to address the Court.  There's no justice in the Wairarapa.  Many people went into the Police stations with the posters that were put up, Police went to great pains to prosecute me for bill sticking, but they refuse to fingerprint any of the recent notices about me, including those picked up with tweezers.

There's another post titled Police Corruptly Delete CCTV Footage, further evidence of their corruption.  This is a regular occurrence these days, and well documented at other posts.

More local news:  Masterton Police were branded "unprofessional cowboys" by Allan Kirk, chief executive of NZ Motorcycle Safety Consultants for leaving a burned out Harley Davidson, which caused an accident with a car, on the road for over three hours, creating an unnecessary hazard for other road users (Wairarapa Times-Age 1 February, page 3).  Also, on page 1 of that paper is a report that Gary McPhee's dogs were recently shot for killing a neighbour's stud sheep.  Typical of McPhee's irresponsible attitude and inability to manage his affairs - let alone manage public affairs!

And as for Allan Kirk calling other people "unprofessional cowboys", well perhaps Allan Kirk should ensure that his motorcycling mates wear high visibility vests when they're riding, these vests should be mandatory, and there is only one reason why they are not, because lawmakers are too gutless to try and tell the Harley Davidson louts what to do - it's easier to pick on cyclists like me and issue them with ticket after ticket for not wearing a cycle helmet (I don't wear one sometimes, and have a doctors letter explaining why, but almost always wear a high visibility reflective vest).

Police continue to refuse to accept my complaints or take any action whatsoever about any of them, but Constables Harvey Pope and Paul Dallinger - a couple of violent thugs - kicked in the bedroom door of a 14 year old girl to arrest me on the basis of this pathetic rubbish from Tim Reynolds - who is holding a large amount of my property illegally - while police.continue to refuse to assist me to recover it.  When I attempted to do so Reynolds ordered me to leave, as the house was in the middle of nowhere and my bicycle had a puncture I borrowed his bicycle, which he'd bought when he lost his license one time but never actually ridden - he has about two dozen road legal cars, he knows as well as Pope and Dallinger that the bike would have been returned when I came back to collect my own bike and repair the puncture, at the time I didn't feel safe because of Reynolds's aggressive attitude and just wanted to leave as soon as possible - here's his pathetic call to emergency services:

- And here is the shameful evidence of the reaction of local corrupt Constables Harvey Pope and Paul Dallinger to this pathetic phone call!:

It can be seen from these documents that there was at least one witness to this incident (I have obscured her name to protect her privacy) - Dallinger and Pope tried to convince her to back up their story but the witness refused to do so because she was shocked at their actions, like the witness who wrote the statement at this link.  The claims by Pope that I told him the bike belonged to Reynolds or agreed to Pope taking it are BLATANT LIES - as anyone can see!

Now, here is the second page of the records of the police communications centre regarding this incident, which shows evidence of the three calls the police call taker apparently made to Reynolds to try and talk him into making a formal complaint - Reynolds repeatedly said he didn't want to or intend to do so!  Dallinger and Pope knew perfectly well that no crime had been committed!  THIS is what sadistic, vindictive local officers are doing while they're deliberately covering up for child abusers and paedophiles and making sure that our region regularly has TWICE the national rate of suicide - in a country with some of the highest rates in the world - REGULARLY!

Here's the statement of a witness to another of Constable Harvey Pope's sadistic attacks on me:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mark McHattie - rewarded and promoted for covering up child abuse:

The policeman accused of covering up the extent of child abuse cases in Wairarapa was never interviewed by the Independent Police Conduct Authority, a "glaring" omission, says the Police Association.

Former Wairarapa CIB head Mark McHattie is the officer who came out worst in the authority's report last week, which found "serious failings" in the investigation of child abuse.

It was revealed McHattie wrongly told superiors in Wellington that the number of unresolved child abuse files in his district had fallen from 121 to 29 in September 2006.

He wrote: "With my hand on my heart, I can honestly say the total number of [child abuse] investigation files currently held for investigation is 29."

Later McHattie was promoted to detective senior sergeant and headed Auckland's serious crime squad. But an internal investigation found 100 of the Wairarapa child abuse files were inappropriately resolved or misfiled, with 46 closed in two days at the end of August 2006.

McHattie now faces a code of conduct hearing. If misconduct relating to Wairarapa was shown, any sanctions would apply regardless of his new role.

After a nationwide investigation into the extent of the child-abuse backlog, 18 police staff were investigated, with 10 since dealt with informally, and eight cases involving officers from Wellington, the Bay of Plenty, Eastern, Waitemata, Canterbury, Central and Waikato still pending.

McHattie did not respond to calls from the Star-Times. He has been in the firing line of senior police bosses for some time.

National MP John Hayes told the Star-Times in 2009 that he attended a meeting that year in which Wellington regional police chiefs appeared to be "shoving the blame" at a Wairarapa officer who had "hidden paperwork".

"They essentially said the problem was someone had buried files, but I find that difficult to believe. If you have proper management processes, checks and balances, you know what's going on," Hayes said at the time.

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said McHattie was never interviewed by the authority. "You'd have to ask yourself why. Not talking to a key player is a glaring omission. It's an incomplete report."

He said McHattie provided written submissions that were not included in the report. They would now form the basis of his employment hearing.

The Star-Times understands McHattie will argue he was dealing with a huge caseload, was having to juggle files, and was coming and going from the Wairarapa.

O'Connor said the authority had not gone into what was happening at the time, and there was a climate of fear in which the previous administration "absolutely did not want to hear bad news".

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Top Cop Caught Lying - Our Police Rotten to the Core:

Work out the real cost of this.  Firstly, it's not just about the cost of the ticket, it's about how many man hours were wasted - Harrison should be charged with wasting Police time!   And the sentence should reflect the seriousness of this corruption and waste of resources, using Police time and resources to steal $200 - the sentence should act as a deterrent to other corrupt, selfish, greedy Police.

This is what Police get up to all day - and this is the National Manager of "Youth Services Group!  - no wonder our youth are so mixed up with role models like this!  - Like the corrupt Masterton Police who had no case to answer in Court again the other day!   

We urgently need a commission of inquiry into the NZ police.  Support Transparency in NZ and or call for a judicial review and a commission of inquiry into the NZ Police, and Wairarapa Police in particular.  And while we wait (pigs might fly all right), we'll inquire into it for them, right here at Kiwikileaks, the Official Website of Transparency in New Zealand, building a better country, one step at a time: (Open the images on this site in 'Paint' or a similar program to enlarge and view in detail, and leave a comment if you have a news tip or opinion.)

One of the country's top policemen is being investigated over allegations of providing false information on a police letterhead to get a $200 parking ticket waived.
The internal police investigation into Superintendent Bill Harrison, the national manager of youth services, began last month, two years after Wellington City Council waived the fine.
A police vehicle was ticketed on Harris St, Wellington, on September 25, 2008, for not displaying a current registration label. The fine was for $200.
Mr Harrison wrote to the council that day, using police national headquarters letterhead, asking for the ticket to be waived.
"I attach a copy of the current label that, through an oversight, was incorrectly displayed (behind the old label)," he wrote.
But certified documents obtained by The Dominion Post show that the registration label Mr Harrison attached to his letter was issued one hour after the car was ticketed. The council waived the ticket on the basis that the registration was current, despite the time discrepancy.
A council spokesman said yesterday the registration had been current, and the label supplied by Mr Harrison showed a later time because it was a replacement.
It is understood police have obtained council documents relating to the infringement as part of their investigation.
Assistant Commissioner Grant Nicholls said in a statement yesterday that police became aware of "details of the allegation" in December and started an immediate investigation.
"We are affording the superintendent all the rights of the employment process given to anyone alleged to have failed to meet the standards of behaviours expected in their employment."
The case would be concluded "as quickly as possible", the statement said.
Mr Nicholls declined to respond to further questions.
A woman who answered the phone at Mr Harrison's Churton Park home yesterday said he was at work. He is still based at police national headquarters.
The only other infringement held by the council against the police car was in 2007 for an expired-meter offence, which was later paid.
Last week, PricewaterhouseCoopers released a progress report on whether police were changing their culture after the 2007 commission of inquiry into police conduct, which was led by Dame Margaret Bazley.
The report found there was little confidence among police that "concerning" staff behaviour would be detected, and no action was being taken over poor-performing senior staff at police headquarters.
"The commissioner and all his inspector mates in bullshit castle at headquarters should get back on the street and get a reality check," one officer told PricewaterhouseCoopers.
              -The Dominion Post (NZ),  29 January 2011

It took police two years to even begin an investigation of the matter, this 'investigation' seems to involve a cover up of a criminal act, using a document with intent to deceive, and any number of dishonesty offences, but he hasn't been charged with a single thing, and probably got a very nice severance package or whatever you want to call it, when he
retired, on 17 May 2011, avoiding any disciplinary action.  The question remains - when is he going to be charged?

He was found guilty of serious misconduct by the police inquiry, and police refused to release details of the outcome of their inquiry.  It was only released following a complaint to the Ombudsmen's Office.  Police need to charge him and get on with it.