"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

"Question authority, and think for yourself" - Timothy Leary

"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

"Information is the currency of democracy" - Thomas Jefferson

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hundreds of Uninvestigated Child Abuse Files Discovered, Police Lie to Cover It Up, Top Cop Promoted!

Here's Wairarapa Police Area Commander John Johnston, who boasted of his refusal to resign in the wake of the scandalous backlog of hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse complaints ignored by corrupt local police under his corrupt command, arrogantly boasting of his latest corrupt coup.  Here's the link to the story in the Dompost.

And here's the unbelievable story of how the man responsible for this outrageous incompetence and corruption, Detective Sergeant Mark McHattie, was promoted for it!!!!!

Like wily Justice Bill Wilson and John Moss, Dave Archibald and Gary Smith, arrogant, corrupt idiots like Johnston are being rewarded by even bigger taxpayer funded salaries for ignoring child abuse, violence and suicide epidemics in favour of harassing hard working law abiding people like me.

Go to the website of the Masterton Library and click on the link to 'Searches', 'Newspaper Index' (- not sure if that link will work), then type in keywords 'police', 'crime', 'child abuse', murder', 'suicide', etc to see John Johnston's shameful legacy.  Look how arrogant he is with getting away with this latest scandal - being appointed to the newly established role of director of sport with the NZ Police Sports Council, of which he's been chairman for 12 years.  "The position was not advertised." - no, of course not!  The old boys network creates jobs like this for themselves all the time!  And while Johnston and his police mates bleat about not having enough resources, Police waste the precious resources they're given on the Police Sports Council and the Mounted Police and other hobbies of their own.  Suzanne Mackle is being touted my the media as a hero in all this - nothing could be further from the truth!  Mackle wasted her time pursuing the malicious charges resulting in the complaint to the PCA by Michael Appleby, and committed perjury in her unsuccessful attempt to lie to the Masterton Court about the public meeting in Carterton.  She should have been getting on with investigating the child abuse!

Read the other posts on this site, such as those containing the opinions of lawyers,some more lawyers, and ex-police and Ministers of Police for more evidence.  Then do something about it - write to your Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and support Transparency in New Zealand in exposing corruption in New Zealand and working toward accountable, competent and honest government.

Meanwhile, local police refuse to take legitimate complaints from law abiding citizens:

Today's correspondence to police:
On Saturday at about 2 pm I was in Wild Oats cafe in Carterton.  Alan Donoghue and his mate Darren were seen touching my bike which was outside tied to a tree with a bicycle lock.  I opened the door and told them to leave my bike alone.  They accused me of stealing Donoghue's bike - which is more lies from him, and absolutely outrageous - given that he has confirmed in his own statement that he's stolen my bike!.  They also both threatened and abused me.

When I retuned to my temporary accommodation several hours later, I found a note from the manager on the door asking to speak with me about an incident that had occurred in my absence.  I was told that Donoghue and his shifty little mate had been round there as well, stalking and harassing me, and spreading their outrageous lies!  

On page 2 of Donoghue's statement - oh no, there's no statement from Donoghue, funny that, this is page 2 of the "Caption Summary" of Constable Wilton - same corrupt constable who refused to take statements from Reynolds and Murphy about the theft by Rachel Taylor - it specifically refers to Donoghue interfering with my bike on that occasion!  

This is a formal complaint that this statement statement from Wilton and others regarding the current charges are an orchestrated litany of lies, and that police are refusing to take my complaints, and refusing to take statements from Reynolds and Friend regarding the thefts of my property by Rachel Taylor, Wayne Friend, Kylie Donnelly and others, and the broken glass and putty throughout the drawers of my dressing table, etc, put there by Friend and others, the damage to the property in my car and the car itself, etc.  Police are ignoring all the evidence of the crimes I complain of and continuing a corrupt campaign of litigation against me based on no evidence or fabricated 'evidence'.

List of stolen property includes:
Acoustic brown wooden guitar, Kasuga brand, in hard case with yellow lining,
Blue electric guitar
Scanner and printer
Brown leather handbag and contents, high quality with two tapered straps going through a ring to form a backpack, zip on top.  
Clothing, footwear and jewellery
Russell Hobbs electric kettle
Sewing machine

I asked Constable Wilton and other police to arrange with the owner of the property for a lock to be put on the door months ago, this is a formal complaint that police demanded that I be bailed to an address where they knew I had previously been the victim of violence, as confirmed by the letter before the Court from lawyer Frank Minehan, and then did nothing about taking my complaints or safeguarding my property or taking statements regarding the theft by Rachel Taylor in particular but also the other complaints of theft and assault -

- I have told police repeatedly that Donoghue put his arms around me and pressed his disgusting little dick against me and said he'd like to have a relationship with me - after I'd told him I didn't like people coming within an arms length of me physically, and wan't at all interested in a relationship on several previous occasions.  He held me for several minutes and I felt physically sick and still do at the thought of it - that's called kidnapping and sexual assault as you know perfectly well.  

He threatened me with the axe on at least two occasions also, and was using it to chop wood aggressively within inches of my bike so I couldn't get at the bike when Harvey Pope arrived at the property in response to his other lies.

The manager tells me that their behaviour was shifty, touching a vehicle, asking questions, etc, the manager doesn't want them here and neither do I.  I want them charged with harassment and ordered to stay well away from me and my bike, and I request that police recover my bike from Donoghue immediately, charge Friend with stealing my guitar, etc and take statements from him and Reynolds about Rachel Taylor's burglary.

Friend is selling drugs from the property, and this is a formal complaint that police continue to ignore his drug dealing and that of Kylie Donnelly.  These people are methamphetamine addicts and steal to support their habits.  Wayne Friend's addictions are well documented, like Donoghue's problems with women.  Friend's mother Karen works in pubs to feed her addictions to alcohol, gambling and cigarettes, Donoghue is just repeating his father's nasty bullying hypocrisy, and sick, perverted sexual predation.

I request that my property be taken from the Carterton Police station to the Post Office for collection because of the many previous occasions when I've gone there to make statements and complaints and been treated with bullying and violence.

I request that you immediately forward the rest of the email from Basher, about my blog and the statements on it, and have him itemise the statements he objects to and advise me why he objects to them.  Also immediately forward any other emails from or to police about me.
Other complaints that local police have refused to investigate are the child abuse complaints I made about Michael Murphy, and the assault on me in the Salvation Army shop by David McKenzie and the theft of my property by him and his staff.

Merlene Chambers or Shedlock or whatever she calls herself stole $50 cash and a considerable amount of property from me as I have told several officers who refuse to investigate the matter.  This woman took a considerable amount of my property to the Salvation Army and David McKenzie accepted it knowing full well it was stolen, and when I went in and identified the property as mine he assaulted me, grabbing my clothing and pushing me out of the shop.  I want him charged with assault and knowingly receiving stolen property, he is a bully who was sacked from his last job for indecent assault of a child.  Chambers/Shedlock admitted to witnesses that she stole my property and disposed of most of it at the Salvation Army, and that she stole my money, now charge her.

Because of the repeated assaults on me by Dallinger, Pope, etc, and corrupt arrests every time I go to the Carterton Police station to report crimes, etc, I don't feel safe going there to collect the property you say is there, have it delivered to the Carterton post office immediately, I'll collect it from there.

Kate Raue
Transparency in New Zealand
Friends of Caring Communities
Photo- Wairarapa Times Age
Here's a link to a story entitled "Region's former police chief quits after 40 years" which was published in the Wairarapa Times-Age on 6 May 2011 apparently.  It's worth trying to locate a copy of this article, but I note it's been removed from the internet, or made extremely difficult to find - I wonder why!

Main Title:Region's former police chief quits after 40 years [newspaper article]
Author:Farmer, Don
Source:Wairarapa Times-Age, Friday, 06 May 2011, p. 1
Summary:John Johnston will retire from the police force at the end of next month after a 40 year career with the police.
Article Length:Less than 1/2 page
Subject:JohnstonJohn Francis, fl 2003
Police -- New Zealand -- Masterton
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Here's another link, to an article entitled "Top cop - I have no reason to resign" published May 20th!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's Get Growing NZ

Let's Get Growing NZ, in co-operation with Friends of Caring (Cultivating) Communities, is part of a holistic community health initiative which aims to establish Community Gardens, and Community Resource Centres, in every community in NZ.  Kai for Kids and Mahi Mara work to establish vegetable gardens and frut trees in every school, particularly low decile areas, and teach kiwi kids to grow their own kai, cook it, preserve and store it, and trade it.

Imagine a big pot of soup and a big bowl of fruit for hungry kids, food they've grown themselves and taken pride in preparing.  This is primary health care in the community, teaching basic life skills, building self esteem and all sorts of other virtues.  The first day I went to the South End School I took a big basket of peaches off the tree I grew from a stone planted two or three years earlier.  The kids all came running outside into the afternoon sunshine and gobbled up the peaches, then we planted the stones.  Those same children are now eating the peaches from those trees they (we) planted, and the raspberries, etc, it's like magic to them, watching a tiny seed grow to something so amazing and colourful and delicious, then you remind them that it wasn't just magic, it involved a bit of commitment and care, watering and weeding, but that really, when you consider the size of the whole universe, and you look around at our beautiful planet, it really is a little bit magic, the magic of seeds.  By giving seeds and plants to children in schools we can encourage the establishment of gardens in homes, we facilitate tool libraries, time banks, and community markets, teaching values, morals, mathematics, communication, commerce and so much more.

Teaching them about the food value of sprouted seeds, brings in another bit of "magic", as in how the food value increases exponentially to such a hich degree when the seed is sprouted, just add air and water, and abracadabra!  You're teaching them good nutrition.  It's good physical excercise too.

Teaching kids to grow kai is fun, they love it, it addresses a lot of the problems they are facing today, and the value of our gardens and programs cannot be underestimated.  These community gardens are vital for the health of our communties, physically and spiritually.

Establishing these gardens in schools will also provide a sanctuary, and a physical presence in schools to address such things as bullying, depression, child abuse, youth suicide and other problems facing young people (and old) in our communities today and in the future.

Facilitators are trained in suicide prevention, identifying vulnerable children, victims of abuse, or bullying, etc, and trained in addressing those problems effectively and appropriately, listening, referring, advising, sharing information in a positive, constructive and lawful manner to achieve the best outcomes for individuals, and the community as a whole.

We run a holistic community health program, including holiday programs in schools, because the main gardening season is over the summer holidays and school gardens need tending over the summer.  Too often we are seeing schools, kindy's etc, start gardens in October or November in the southern hemisphere, and then when the holidays start they are pretty much abandoned, or tended in a bit of a haphazard way.  We want to fill the gap and maintain the consistency and the maintenance of the school gardens throughout the holidays and provide this stable, consistent, basic, natural, place of rangimarie, peace.

As well as gardening, and the skills associated with growing kai all year round, and preserving and cooking it, we teach additional things like basic first aid, cycle maintenance and safety, swimming, music, art and other useful life skills, as well as facilitate other activities, sports and games, networking with other approved organisations where appropriate to provide these services using new and existing resources.

We also conduct and facilitate Pet Therapy, Riding for the Disabled is widely recognised as being thereapeutic, and Pet Therapy extends the benfit to the wider community.  The link between animal abuse and other forms of abuse has been established, and the benefits of forming relationships with animals and learning about the psychology of those relationships helps build confidence, emotional maturity, self discipline, and other virtues, as well as alleviate boredom, depression, anxiety, etc.

We started here in the Wairarapa, in Carterton, eleven years ago, and had huge success in the community with these community gardens, and it's been good to see it catching on throughout the country in recent years.

There's a huge opportunity here to bring the whole community together, and address issues like vandalism, bullying, youth suicide and depression, child abuse, hunger and poverty, boredom and poor self esteem, and turn these things around in a totally postive way, rewarding on so many levels, to everyone involved, and the community as a whole.  Kai for Kids, Mahi Mara and our other programs are beneficial to all communities, so Let's Get Growing NZ.

Checking Out: Time to talk about the silent epidemic.

New Zealand has the highest rates of suicide in the world.

Wairarapa has had twice the national average for several years.  

Corrupt and cruel governance and legal system doesn't help, this site's full of examples of that.  Here's someone else's wise words: Our friend died on his own battlefield. He was killed in action fighting a civil war. He fought against adversaries that were as real to him as his casket is real to us. They were powerful adversaries. They took toll of his energies and endurance. They exhausted the last vestiges of his courage and his strength. At last these adversaries overwhelmed him. And it appeared that he had lost the war. But did he? I see a host of victories that he has won!

“For one thing, he has won our admiration, because even if he lost the war, we give him credit for his bravery on the battlefield. And we give him credit for the courage and pride and hope that he used as his weapons as long as he could." 

When Someone Takes His Own Life
by Norman Vincent Peale (thanks to Waynescot Lukas)

In many ways, this seems the most tragic form of death. Certainly it can entail more shock and grief for those who are left behind than any other. And often the stigma of suicide is what rests most heavily on those left behind…..

And my heart goes out to those who are left behind, because I know that they suffer terribly. Children in particular are left under a cloud of differentness all the more terrifying because it can never be fully explained or lifted. The immediate family of the victim is left wide open to tidal waves of guilt: “What did I fail to do that I should have done? What did I do that was wrong?” To such grieving persons I can only say, “Lift up your heads and your hearts. Surely you did your best. And surely the loved one who is gone did his best, for as long as he could. Remember, now, that his battles and torments are over. Do not judge him, and do not presume to fathom the mind of God where this one of His child is concerned.”

A few years ago, when a young man died by his own hand, a service for him was conducted by his pastor, the Rev. Weston Stevens. What he said that day expresses far more eloquently than I can, the message that I’m trying to convey. Here are some of his words:

“Our friend died on his own battlefield. He was killed in action fighting a civil war. He fought against adversaries that were as real to him as his casket is real to us. They were powerful adversaries. They took toll of his energies and endurance. They exhausted the last vestiges of his courage and his strength. At last these adversaries overwhelmed him. And it appeared that he had lost the war. But did he? I see a host of victories that he has won!

“For one thing, he has won our admiration, because even if he lost the war, we give him credit for his bravery on the battlefield. And we give him credit for the courage and pride and hope that he used as his weapons as long as he could. We shall remember not his death, but his daily victories gained through his kindnesses and thoughtfulness, through his love for family and friends, for animals and books and music, for all things beautiful, lovely and honorable. We shall remember not his last day of defeat, but we shall remember the many days that he was victorious over overwhelming odds. We shall remember not the years we thought he had left, but the intensity with which he lived the years that he had. Only God knows what this child of His suffered in the silent skirmishes that took place in his soul. But our consolation is that God does know, and understands.”

“There is no suffering greater than that which drives people to suicide; suicide defines the moment in which mental pain exceeds the human capacity to bear it. It represents the abandonment of hope.” 

                    - John T. Maltsberger, M.D., past president of the American Association of Suicidology, practicing psychiatrist, and teacher at Harvard Medical School.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Propaganda and censorship - New laws to silence the truth

Quoted verbatim from the Herald (Derek Cheng) 15 October 2010: (my comments in red)

The Government is looking into regulating bloggers, Twitter, Facebook and other internet-based publishing to protect the integrity of the justice system.  The police are already "looking into" sites that question their own integrity: Kevin Basher---07/09/2010 07:47:45---Something needs to be looked at regarding RAUE using her 'Blog" to make statements regarding our staff .   What?!!  Regulating blogs, or even reading them, is NOT police business.  Furthermore, let's remember that I was sacked from St Mathews Collegiate and South End School following the local police contacting both schools and putting pressure on them to sack me, telling the South End School that they'd recently charged me with child abuse.  

But bloggers warn it is very difficult to draw a line between what should and should not be published over the internet, and regulation can always be sidestepped by setting up a site overseas.
Television, radio and newspapers reports about criminal trials or other aspects of the justice system are regulated by standards of balance, truth and fairness.  They are not regulated at all, they are self regulated, which is if completely different.  The NZPA is based at parliament and journalists have an incestuous and sycophantic relationship with politicians.  The NZPA makes up it's own "guidelines" and enforces them or not as it sees fit.
But "new media", as Justice Minister Simon Power termed them, are not regulated beyond the requirements of the law.  The internet is subject to the same laws as other publications, the laws are perfectly sufficient as they are.  If someone defames person on the internet, that person can sue them just as if the statement had been published elsewhere.
"It's a bit of a Wild West in cyberspace at the moment, because bloggers and online publishers are not subject to any form of regulation or professional or ethical standards," Mr Power said.  Neither are mainstream publications subject to any real standards - and are we talking about professional standards or legislation - two very different things - why should mainstream media be self regulating but bloggers be regulated by law?
"Issues I'm concerned about include how trials can be prejudiced by information posted on websites and seen by jurors, real-time online streaming of court cases, breaches of court suppression orders, and republication of a libel."  The more information available to jurors and Judges the better.  Breaches of Court suppression orders and libel are already well covered by legislation.

He said there should be one set of rules for all news media, and the review - by the Law Commission - would look at extending the powers of the Broadcasting Standards Authority and/or the Press Council to cover new media.  Neither of those organisations have any powers, they write their own "guidelines" and apply them or not as they seem fit.  It's like the police investigating complaints about themselves under the auspices of the so-called Independent Police Conduct Authority, renamed to give weight to the idea that they are actually independent - which they are not!
Kiwiblogger and National Party member David Farrar welcomed the review, but said it was difficult to regulate what people said over the internet.  David Farrar is a mouthpiece for the National Party.
"Good luck to the Government if it wants to impose ethical standards for what people want to say on the internet."
Other issues included whether regulation should cover high-profile blogs but not apply to the average tweet on Twitter.
Mr Farrar said the law applied to all forms of publishing - blogger Cameron Slater has been convicted for breaching name suppression orders - and the internet could self-regulate.
"If you tell a lie you can be exposed as a liar, if you defame someone you can be sued for defamation," he said.
"You get pounced on within minutes if you have something wrong.
"The gap between traditional media and new media isn't what the minister makes it out to be."
Even if the Government imposed regulation on internet users, there was nothing to stop someone setting up a site from overseas.
"Then there's nothing current or future law could do unless they want China-style internet filters," Mr Farrar said.
He suggested a voluntary opt-in to the Press Council for online publishers.  The Press Council is archaic and a waste of time.  I have been defamed by the local Wairarapa newspapers, and the Dominion Post, several times, some more subtly than others.  Reports of bad behaviour at meetings in particularly, are lies, and refuted by other information on this site, such as witness statements.
The public will be able to have its say when the Law Commission releases an issues paper by December next year.
* Media are regulated by standards of ethical reporting, such as being balanced and fair.
* Bloggers, tweeters and other internet users are not regulated beyond the law, and the Government is concerned about the adverse effect this could have on the justice system.
This is an extremely dangerous precedent of proposed censorship.  I have been seriously defamed in the mainstream media, complained about it to the Press Council and discovered that they are a law unto themselves and writing to them is a complete waste of time.  In my case they simply refused to investigate the complaint at all.
Mainstream media published articles about Mayor Gary McPhee's violent drunken home invasion under the headline "Why I Did What I Did" in a pathetic attempt to dishonestly portray the innocent victims as "criminals and troublemakers" and dishonestly portray McPhee as a hero instead of a violent criminal.  
Mainstream media ignored Georgina the Beyer's involvement in the fraud at the Carterton Community Centre, the reason for "her" resignation from parliament was "her" denial of it under official letterhead.
Journalists hold far too much power, it's time we legislated against dishonest and inaccurate reporting in the mainstream media.  Local chief reporter of the Wairarapa Times Age Nathan Crombie used his position to keep Georgina Beyer the Liar and Gary McGoophee in power when they should have both been in jail, and put posters outside all the retail outlets proclaiming "Mayoral Candidate in Court Appearance" to sabotage my campaign - refusing to publish anything when the charges were thrown out because the police had no evidence to offer.  The Times Age refused to publish my profile as well - that's the only way idiots like McPhee and Beyer can get in.
We urgently need legislation covering mainstream publications.  Bloggers are subject to the same laws as everyone else already.

This is an email received from police recently:


I refer to your e-mail below, dated 06.09.10

The purpose of this e-mail is to notify you that Police require an extension of time in which to respond to your request, pursuant to section 41(1) of the Privacy Act 1993, because the request necessitates a search through a large quantity of information and consultations such that a proper response to the request cannot reasonably be made within the original time limit.

Police require until 15.10.10 to provide a substantive response to your request.

You have the right to complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner about this extension. The contact address for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner is P O Box 10094, The Terrace, Wellington 6143.

Murray Johnston
Senior Sergeant

Kevin Basher---07/09/2010 07:47:45---Something needs to be looked at regarding RAUE using her 'Blog" to make statements regarding our sta

Kevin Basher/POLICE/NZ



07/09/2010 07:47

Fw: Formal Complaint, Information Request: Assault by police, refusal to take complaints or investigate them properly

----- Forwarded by Kevin Basher/POLICE/NZ on 07/09/2010 07:42 -----

Katherine Raue 

kevin.basher@police.govt.nz, "J Collins (MIN)" , Independent Police Conduct Authority , Ken Daniels 

06/09/2010 15:45

Formal Complaint, Information Request: Assault by police, refusal to take complaints or investigate them properly

I request all information regarding me held by the NZ Police under the Privacy Act and the OIA.

Particularly, and with priority:
1. All camera footage, CCTV, street camera, etc, of the incidents involving Constables Dallinger and Wilton when I went to the police station to report the theft and assaults at Hodders Road South last weekend.
2. All camera footage, CCTV, etc, of me that same day at Masterton Police station, including footage of the alleyway I was sent down to the gate that wouldn't open.
3. All information regarding the complaints I made to Constables Dallinger and Wilton regarding theft and assault at Hodders Road South.
4. All information regarding any complaint of theft at Hodders Road South by Rachel Taylor.
5. All information regarding a complaint of theft of a bicycle - not just disclosure - ALL information, audiotapes, documents, all information.
6. All information regarding a complaint I made within the last few weeks about another assault at that address by Wayne Friend.
7. Audio recordings of all telephone calls to or from police regarding me since January 2007, in particular:
8. The audiotape of the call from Clare Cook and Kelly Wilson on 11 February 2009,
9. Confirmation or denial of whether Constable Dallinger was involved in any way in the corrupt investigation of the assault on me by Colin Allomes in Dannevirke.
This is a formal complaint that police continue to refuse to take complaints from me and treat me with prejudice and bias, regularly use excessive force amounting to sadistic violence and psychological torment, and have established a pattern of malicious and vexatious litigation against me which is unwarranted and a waste of public resources.

I received a message from the owner of the property at Hodders Road South, sent on 29th August at 9 pm, to say that a well known local methamphetamine addict Rachel Taylor had been caught red handed stealing my property from the room I rent at that address.  I received another message the following evening inviting me to the address to see what was missing this time and secure the room.  When I got there I was confronted, abused and assaulted by another well known P addict, Wayne Friend, whose mother is a well known local police informer, and who let Rachel Taylor into the address while the occupant was absent apparently, and allowed her to leave with my property after witnessing her in my room, and is refusing to make a statement to police regarding this blatant theft, apparently.

I was then assaulted and effectively kidnapped by the owner of the property, my former partner, and held against my will for a considerable time and assaulted during that time, while Wayne Friend called the police and told them a pack of lies.  I was only released after police advised the occupants to
do so, because they wouldn't be rushing to the address in spite of all the complaints.

Katherine Raue

Police should get on with providing me with the information I have requested, in particular: the recording of all the phone calls to emergency services on 11 February 2009 regarding the attack on me in my home by Michael Murphy.  In particular the phone call from Kelly Wilson and Clair Cook, which records Murphy screaming in the background "Get out of the way Kana and I'll smash down the door." - which rather contradicts the statements he made in the Depositions Evidence.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lawyer Ken Daniels' Letters to the Area Commander:

Police have corruptly and arrogantly completely ignored these letters from lawyer Ken Daniels, as well as letters from about half a dozen other lawyers, (as well as letters from myself and other people, including two substantial community petitions), and so have the Police Complaints Authority, who are anything but independent! They ignore all these letters because their mates are involved in the blatant criminal activity at the former Carterton Community Centre, and the same people responsible for this are behind the widely unpopular plan to build a Community 'Event Centre'/'Facility', the same people who condoned the illegal takeover of the former Carterton Community Resource Centre by punching the Secretary and Treasurer in the face and changing the locks to conceal the fraud and misfeasance by the committee, mainly associated with the Carterton District Council, a major funder of the Centre. Here are some of Ken Daniels's letters to police, evidencing this blatant corruption!
From: Ken Daniels, Lawyer, Chapel St, Masterton

To: The Area Commander, New Zealand Police, P O Box 443, Masterton
26 August 2004 

Dear Sir
Re: Katherine Raue
There have been numerous items of correspondence written between Kate Raue and yourself and correspondence with the Police Complaints Authority over a number of issues that she has raised in recent times. 

I must confess that I have not given what I believe was sufficient attention to some of the matters that Kate Raue had raised with me in the past mainly I suspect because the matters appeared to be far too complex and involved and I tended not to see any relevance in some of the complaints that she was making. 

On a recent visit to me however and after spending some time looking at documentary evidence that she showed me, I largely changed my view and believe that there genuinely are matters of concern that do need to be investigated. 

I have not got to the bottom of all the matters Kate Raue complains about but there is one instance that does seem to suggest that there has been fraud at the Carterton Community Centre which has diverted funds designed for one purpose deliberately to another. 

I enclose with this letter a copy of the accounts which appear to represent income and expenditure from the Carterton Community Centre for the financial year 01 April 2000 to 31 March 2001 as they related to the Community Gardens. You will notice how in the income received, there was a sum of $9,000 received from the Tindall Foundation. It is assumed that this money was received following an application for a grant from that Charitable Foundation. The monies would have been requested and received for purposes relating to the Community Gardens in Carterton. The sum of $9,000 was received in April of 2000. 

The following month in May there was a payment of $6,000.00 paid from the Community Gardens account for a personal grievance payment. The information that apparently exists although I have not personally seen it is that there were insufficient funds to pay a personal grievance from the Community Gardens and the funding that was obtained from the Tindall Foundation was immediately paid out as at least part payment on that personal grievance. The payment apparently could not be made at an earlier stage and the fundng received from Tindall Foundation was a necessary receipt to enable the payment to be made to settle the personal grievance. 

If the above set of circumstances is accurate then there is no doubt whatsoever that there was a fraudulent use of the monies received from the Tindall Foundation. There had been no budgeted allowance made for personal grievances. This can be seen from the budget column in the expenditure part of the accounts where an amount of only $220 was allowed for the twelve months involved. A payment of $6000 was needed and this was paid directly from the charitable donation. 

I believe that the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre are in disarray. There is currently an application before the High Court to have them wound up because of insufficient numbers. There are numerous other complaints as well about the way in which members of the public including members were excluded from meetings etc. This letter does not purport to address all those issues but I am deeply concerned after having seen the information supplied to me by Kate Raue that monies received for one purpose be used for an incorrect purpose. 

I have been advised that a similar improper payment may have been made in respect of the account that was run for the disadvantaged members of the community. This apparently exists under the copy of the account also enclosed which is headed up VOSP 2000 – 2001. You will see also that there is a “miscellaneous” payment of $1,000.00 made in September of 2000 following receipt of a substantial amount fromWINZ funding. It is understood that this also was a payment to an individual who claimed to have a personal grievance. 
I am not an accountant (as will be obvious) but I believe there are sufficient genuine concerns raised here to warrant some investigation. These are community funds which were largely received from charitable donations which appear to have been siphoned off improperly.

I should add that according to Kate Raue there was possibly legal advice given to the people running the Carterton Community Centre that they should not make personal greivance payments in the way that they did. This is another matter that may need to be looked into because it would make the payments even less appropriate if they were done contrary to legal advice. 

I appreciate the fact that earlier complaints may have been thought to be ill-founded or frivolous or for whatever reason were not properly investigated but I believe that there actually does exist hard evidence to suggest that a reopening of the investigation should be made with urgency. As I have said the Community Centre and its funds are currently subject to a High Court Application. 

If it is more convenient for you to do so I would be happy to act as a go-between between yourselves and Kate Raue so that I can request further details from her.
Are you able to assist with what I believe is now a genuine complaint?
Yours faithfully
Ken Daniels


The frauds refered to are the numerous "personal grievance" payments the committee was making to their friends and the grossly inflated and unjustified "wages", "volunteer reimbursements" etc, and the other serious discrepancies in the Financial Reports and the Minutes of the Carterton Community Centre Inc (scroll down at the link to view them).
These records show that thousands of dollars were taken from organisations that had nothing to do with the particular organisation which was the subject of the "personal grievance" - a "personal grievance" that was never ever referred to the Employment Tribunal or Mediation Service and was not a formal personal grievance at all.

In the case of the particular records at the link, it can be seen that several thousand dollars was taken from each of about six or seven different "organisations" which were "acting under the umbrella" of the Carterton Community Centre for funding purposes.  The organisations from which the money was taken had no liability for the so called "grievance" whatsoever, their own funding had all been applied for for specific purposes and the payments made to the grievance against the other organisation was outright theft - and it was one of two such "Personal Grievance" payments being made at the time in just the same way, which is why lawyer Ivan Young-Gough wrote me a letter confirming the illegality of it, and there was a long history of similar fraud and malfeasance at the Centre.  The beneficiary of the particular "grievance" documented at the link was a Helen Staples - I wonder if she's related to South Wairarapa Mayor Adrienne Staples - nepotism is rife in the Wairarapa, and those in charge of local governance are the one profiting from this blatant theft from the less well off and from the so called 'community organisations' - most of the local community organisations benefit the people running them - not the intended beneficiaries at all - which is why Wairarapa tops the New Zealand suicide statistics regularly.

After receiving no response to that letter whatsoever, and no reply to my own enquiries to the police and Mr Daniels about the matter, and after the instigation of the campaign by local police to corruptly target me with a large number of charges which were an abuse of power and malicious and vexatious litigation, Mr Daniels wrote the following letter to the Police Prosecutor:

This is the unbelievably arrogant response:

From: murray.johnston@police.govt.nzSent: Wednesday, 26 April 2006 12:01 p.m.To: Ken DanielsSubject: Kate RAUE – Your letter dated 18 April
Hi Ken
I’m having a quick look at issues outlined in your letter before I head off on a course for two weeks.
To assist me in doing so can I please have a bit more detail regarding points 1, 2, and 5.
I suspect that point 2 relates to REYNOLDS retrieving his car but may also relate to MANSON.
I suspect point 5 relates to Mayor McPhee’s unique way of dealing with a noise complaint that received so much publicity. I am not aware of Kate being in any way related to that.I’ll have to consult the Carterton Police regarding other points in your letter.
I sent Kates latest letter off to the PCA for registering as a complaint. Will get a copy to you. The PCA has already ruled on a number of issues she raises and where that is the case they will not be re-visited .
I don’t remember your letter dated from 2004 but my apologies if I’ve failed to respond. I suspect it will have been put on one of Kates many files and may be hard to locate. Any such allegation by Kate against the Community Centre management would take a very low priority from a Police perspective. Her allegations about the Community Centre have mostly proved unfounded, emotive and simply not credible.
Murray JohnstonRisk Manager Search & RescueWairarapa AreaNew Zealand Police
P O Box 443, MastertonTelephone Direct: +64 6 370 0307Facsimile: +64 6 370 5952E-mail: murray.johnston@police.govt.nz

None of our complaints have been investigated, they've all been repeatedly and corruptly covered up.

Note Johnston refers to "point 1" in the second paragraph of his response but never mentions it again? He knows perfectly well that the "threatening text messages" refers to the messages to me from Masterton prostitute Rachel Betteridge and her husband, which say "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back" among other things. Police refuse to charge Betteridge or her husband in spite of statements from two JP's and the indisputable evidence that Betteridge and her husband had sent the messages, and instead charged me with sending unspecified messages to Betteridge! Of course I was acquitted, and it was established that Betteridge was lying, but only after a lengthy trial and months of extreme stress to me, and ridiculous cost to the taxpayer, all because the local police prosecutor and his live in lover, Court deputy registrar Liz Harpleton, think it's funny to play little games like this in the Masterton Court.

Point two relates to Constable Cunningham smashing the shed doors after Larry Manson's lies to police.

Point 5 relates to ex Mayor Gary McPhee's violent, vicious, cowardly home invasion, committed by him and his Council mate, they weren't the noise control officers and had no right to smash their way into the local flat where the occupants were innocently and quietly cooking their dinner - let alone assault the innocent occupants! Johnston knows perfectly well that I witnessed this attack, and tried to make a statement along with the other witnesses and victims - police simply refused to acknowledge the complaints!!! This corruption is outrageous!!!

Another letter from Ken Daniels to me dated 25 July 2007 says this:
"I am pleased at the dismissal of a number of charges against you. That is as it should have been in my view. It was always apparent from an early stage that for whatever reason you were a "lightning rod" for Police attention in Carterton. 
This was, in my view, most unfair to you and unwarranted Police attention resulted in unnecessary charges being laid. On reflection it would have been far better if the Police had been able to discuss any concerns they had directly with you so that those concerns may have been laid to rest in a much more appropriate way." . . . 
"It is clear that there were many unanswered questions from the Police. We never did get full details from them regarding some of your cases. I have been unable to go back to "the matter of the 2004 letter" simply because of the volume of paperwork and the length of time that it would ave taken to have researched that matter. 
I do know however that numerous letters were sent to the Police and discussions held with them to try and get some satisfaction in relation to the allegations that they made against you. As I have said, those enquiries were not always met with success."
So instead of investigating crimes, police are busy plotting how to shut down my websites, sending each other emails like this one, which was sent by Sgt Kevin Basher to Sgt Murray Johnston on 7/9/2010:
Kevin Basher---07/09/2010 07:47:45---Something needs to be looked at regarding RAUE using her 'Blog" to make statements regarding our staff .

Repeated requests for the rest of this email and all others about me, and all other information police hold about me has been responded to with utter contempt for the law - police have provided "a composite file" because they claim that my files have been "lost" so they've had to make up new ones - what a pack of LIES!

The IPCA is corrupt, and anything but independent!  

Here is the correspondence between lawyer Michael Appleby, the IPCA and myself, which shows indisputably that the PCA and IPCA have been routinely lying and refusing to investigate or even acknowledge formal complaints and corruption and incompetence are rife within the NZ Police, many officers are seriously abusing their powers and perverting the course of justice by doing so on a routine basis.

And the only way to challenge this is to file action in the High Court - try and get a lawyer to assist you with that and they'll tell you that the government and the Courts have set up a legal system which is unaffordable for the average person, biased in favour of wealthy litigants and against people with little money and against people who wish to appeal against decisions of corrupt and incompetent public servants and government employees etc.

Here's the response I recently received after I asked another lawyer to assist me to take the IPCA to Court for refusing to acknowledge or investigate these complaints - according to the statutory and fiduciary duties and obligations binding the IPCA (the delay referred to was due to other lawyers failing to pass on or return my files, after they similarly refused to assist):
"In respect of complaining about the IPCA, there is no process I know of short of the High Court in litigation.
However a new Authority is about to be appointed Sir David Carruthers previously Parole Board Chairperson, and before that Chief District Court Judge.  (sic)
You could complain to him that his staff have not done their job, as a new broom he might be interested. 
Other matters
Given . . .  changes in Legal Aid funding I should advise you I am not going to be able to take your case on legal aid. 
I have been doing criminal legal aid files for some time, but with the introduction of fixed fees and the associated administrative burden now required for legal aid, in order to make a living I am forced to reduce the amount of legal aid cases I can do.
Partly as  result of this tightening in the year ended March 2011 , i.e. 12 months ago and that I had my worst year ever earning less than the average wage, $50,000, as a result I have been forced me to reconsider the number of cases on legal aid I can take. 
In the civil area, where your case falls, the paperwork required from the Legal Services Agency is onerous.
It is does not surprise me that of 4000 lawyers willing to take legal aid prior to 31 December 2011 now only about 2000 will.
I regret given the time delay and still not having all your files,  and the new legal aid regime that trying to take on your case requires more time than I have. 
Regrettably the payment offered form civil legal aid (which you of course are likely to be required to repay) does not provide a fair reward for work done.
Whilst I do not like to reduce the decision to a financial one, I regret having to be more selective in taking legal aid cases, and have turned down 10 in the last month, your potential case is not even ready to be considered and in addition to financial considerations I regret I don't have the time.
I will return your files.
Tony Ellis."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taxpayer funded child abuse rampant in New Zealand:

Guest post - names withheld for legal reasons:
A Paedophile Protection Network operates at the NZ Teachers Council and Ministry of Education – compelling evidence
The evidence is overwhelming – a Paedophile Protection Network is operating within the Ministry of Education and the NZ Teachers Council. Below, we will name some of the individuals involved and describe details of their activities. Due to the gravity of this issue, we have included an amount of detail – hence this communication is 8 pages. We encourage you to read it carefully and forward it along as you see fit.
Primary child sex abusers and Secondary predators
We make the distinction between the primary child sex abuser, who commits the initial child sex crime, and the secondary predator, who becomes involved later to take advantage of the vulnerable sex crime victim.
It is not uncommon for unscrupulous predators to take advantage of young vulnerable victims of under age sex crimes. Predators seek out young victims of sexual crimes - vulnerable girls they know have had under age sex and group sex with adult men. These secondary predators portray themselves as being there to help, however it quickly becomes very clear to alert adults that the predator has sinister ulterior motives. Young child sex crime victims are vulnerable, troubled, and easy pickings for the charming, devious manipulator. Generally, the only obstacle in the way of secondary predators is the victim’s family.
An example is the recent high-profile UK case where school teacher Jeremy Forrest took his 15-year old girlfriend to France. Jeremy Forrest was the primary child sex abuser. The family have now told how, after Forrest was sent to prison, other men such as a 30-something IT consultant started hanging around the victim in order to take advantage of her vulnerable state. The IT consultant got close to the sex abuse victim under the guise of being there to help, and is an example of a secondary predator:
The 4 tactics of Predators
Research identifies 4 tactics of predators:
1.     Isolation. Predators isolate their victims from their family.
2.     Alienation. Predators alienate their victims against their family. They do this focussing on small differences the child has with her family, and making them big issues.
3.     Dependency. Once isolated from family, the child becomes dependent upon the predator. This increases the predator’s power over the child.
4.     Secrecy. The predator pressurises the child to keep secret what is going on.
Isolation from family is a key early objective of paedophiles and secondary predators. Good, capable, loving families offer safety and protection for the child. The predator’s key objective is to remove this safety and protection. Isolation gives the predator opportunity, and continued isolation maintains secrecy. Once isolated from family, the young vulnerable sex crime victim is easy prey for an unscrupulous secondary predator. Most articles on predators stress the isolation element – here is a sample:
According to an FBI brochure (https://safetracker.net/crimestats.php/): “A sexual predator works to isolate his child victim from the family. By creating distance between a child and their family, the predator tricks the child into becoming more dependent on him. As the predator makes minor issues the child is having with the family into major issues, the child feels they are growing closer to the predator because the predator understands them, while the family does not”.
Psychology Today also stresses the importance of isolation of the child from family, by the predator: Every parent must ask themselves, "Is there someone who seeks to use their position or status to access and isolate my child? For predators, every effort is made to have lone access to the child”.
The University of Missouri studied tactics used by predators to entrap children: “Predators…work to isolate (their victims) both physically and emotionally from their support network…Isolation causes the victim to become more and more dependent on the perpetrator”.
In many cases, the effects of this secondary abuse by secondary predators, is far worse than the initial abuse caused by the child sex criminal. The degree of isolation from family often determines the extent of long-term harm from the abuse.
Paedophile Protection Networks seek to cover up and run protection for both or either the initial sexual criminals and/or secondary predators. It is this definition of a Paedophile Protection Network that we use here. The secondary predator may not necessarily be a proven paedophile, in many cases it is very difficult to prove sex crimes involving a secondary predator. The more extensive the isolation, alienation, dependency and secrecy, the more the evidence is hidden. However the predator’s opportunity arises purely because paedophilia crimes have previously occurred, creating a vulnerable victim. By covering for the secondary predator, by accepting, ignoring or encouraging the predator’s isolation, alienation, dependency, and secrecy activities, a Paedophile Protection Network ensures that more inappropriate sex, and possibly sex crimes, are likely to take place involving the young, vulnerable victim.
Our daughter was victim of under age sexual crimes, and then more significantly, abuse from secondary predators keen to take advantage of her vulnerable state. The initial child sex criminals were members of the St John ambulance paedophile gang – Karl Berghan (aka Karl Berg) and Sam Brens. The secondary predator who caused far more damage, was far more sinister, far more skilled at isolation, alienation, dependency and secrecy, was Westlake Boys High School Head of Science, David Hayden. Specific details are in our summary document linked below.
School teacher David Hayden
David Hayden was only able to do what he did with our family because of extraordinary assistance from other education employees:
-       Ministry of Education psychologist Maryke Lind
-       Westlake Girls High School counsellor Alison Horspool
-       Kristin College Principal Peter Clague
Isolation. Together with David Hayden, these education staff took the most extreme measures to ensure that our child was completely isolated from good, capable, loving family, and in the full-time clutches of the secondary predator. They ensured that our family were gagged and unable to say a word about what was going on. If we said anything to anyone, we faced imprisonment. This provided David Hayden full and unfettered 24-7 access to our vulnerable daughter for a crucial period of the final two years of her schooling. It enabled for example, additional secondary sexual abuse by people such as TV presenter, night club and strip club owner Brooke Howard-Smith. This man was able to take advantage of a young, vulnerable sex abuse victim, who was totally isolated from the protection of her family. Had our schoolchild been living at our home, we doubt 33-year Brooke Howard-Smith would have knocked on our front door asking to take her out. In the clutches of secondary predator David Hayden however, isolated from her family, 33-year old Brooke Howard-Smith was able to take full advantage of a vulnerable schoolgirl.
Evidence from the UK shows that sexual predators specifically target teenage girls who are isolated from family. Predators in positions of authority (such as teachers) often target those that they can thereafter isolate from family. As soon as he had our child under his control, David Hayden stopped her attending professional sexual abuse counselling with Dr Christine MacKay, because he wanted to stop even indirect contact between our child and her family (through the psychologist). He told us this. Perhaps he had a more sinister motive as well in that he did not want our child to benefit from any sexual abuse counselling. Does David Hayden support under age sex? He had previously told us that he strongly disagreed with our pressing criminal charges against the St John ambulance men who had committed statutory rape and gang rape against our daughter. Our child had volunteered to give evidence in the criminal court against the St John men. She had made a detailed statement to police. However, the sex crime trial was scheduled several weeks after she moved into David Hayden’s house, and during that time our daughter was influenced to change her mind and she refused to testify. Two serial paedophiles walked free.
Whenever we phoned Hayden’s house asking to speak with our child, he always refused to hand the phone to her. Despite all our attempts, we had absolutely no contact at all with our child during the two years she lived with teacher David Hayden. Our child was cut out of our life to such an extent that we were even prevented from paying her school fees even though we were very willing and able to pay. Our child could not have been more completely cut off and isolated from her whole family.
When David Hayden decided to prey on our child, he knew she was a child sex crime victim, experienced at sex and group sex with adult men. David Hayden also knew our daughter only had immediate family in New Zealand (2 parents and 2 brothers), and no extended family within at least 5 time zones. All David Hayden had to do, was to neutralise the young girl’s parents and brothers, to isolate his victim totally from her family, and he achieved this in conjunction with our teenage daughter through gagging orders.
Alienation. The evidence of David Hayden’s activities alienating our child from her family are contained in our summary document linked below. In the gagging court cases against us, Family Court Judge Lawrence Ryan said that our child had been severely alienated against her family.
Our child was so severely alienated against her family that she tried (with the active assistance of David Hayden) to have her parents imprisoned for trying to make contact with her. See the summary document for details. Some psychologists believe the alienation of our child is so severe that it can be classed as Stockholm Syndrome.
Dr Joe Carver, a world-renown expert on Stockholm Syndrome wrote to us: “In your situation, you have almost all the high-risk components (of Stockholm Syndrome) with the exception of life-threatening (hostage, prisoner, death threats, etc.). The support of the pastor (David Hayden) is especially distressing as that family is using their position as supposedly moral, honest people to provide credibility and approval to your daughter's situation.
Here Dr Carver highlights the sinister involvement of teacher David Hayden under the guise of helping, and says he finds this particularly distressing.
An explanation of Stockholm Syndrome can be found here (it is well worth a read and very pertinent):
David Hayden told us he would do everything in his power to ensure our child never has a relationship with her family ever again (see document linked below). This is his secrecy enforcement. It has been many years now since we heard anything from our daughter.
Dependency. Once completely isolated, our child was totally dependent upon teacher David Hayden for the remaining two years of her schooling.
Secrecy. The secrecy activities could not have been more extreme. David Hayden and our daughter took out gagging orders against her parents and brothers. During the two-year court case, at one point we asked if we could have a cup of coffee with our child, having not had any contact with her for over a year. Such was the extent of the secrecy efforts that our daughter’s lawyers insisted that her parents sign a non-disclosure agreement covering the cup of coffee with their child. The non-disclosure agreement covering a cup of coffee with our teenage child obviously wasn’t her idea – it was the idea of those manipulating her. There clearly is a lot of sensitive information they want to keep secret. The activities against us were certainly extreme, ensuring isolation, alienation, dependency and secrecy. We refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so never had a coffee with our child.
At one point during the two-year court gagging proceedings, our daughter’s lawyer made us an offer: they would return our child to us for three months on condition that we accept permanent gagging. Clearly the desire for secrecy was driving these actions. The court was being asked to gag parents in order to enforce the secrecy of a dangerous predator. We urge you to ponder the implications and gravity of this offer. They tried to blackmail us – if you want your child back, you have to agree to keep quiet about what has gone on, agree to keep it secret. We never accepted the blackmail offer.
It has been 8 years now since our child moved in with David Hayden, and 6 years since she moved out of his house when she finished school. However our child still has absolutely no contact whatsoever with her family. She maintains that this is due to secrecy – the secrecy pressures are so great that our child is prepared to completely ignore her entire immediate and extended family long-term in order to maintain the secrets.
Auckland psychologist Sara Chatwin described our experiences during a 2012 interview broadcast on TVNZ’s Close Up programme: “all power and all control of their child has been taken away, particularly by people with an agenda, people who want to exploit children”. Sara Chatwin was referring to the power and control over our daughter in the hands of secondary predator David Hayden, assisted by those listed above. This psychologist highlights that David Hayden, along with others, wanted to exploit our child. The TVNZ interview can be viewed here:
A NZ school teacher friend of ours who has known us for over 30 years wrote a letter which was printed in Investigate magazine: “The disgust that I feel for the misguided Rosa counsellors and a justice system that gives minors more rights than parents, in this case, truly caring parents, is nothing compared to what I feel about the actions of a liberal Christian church and its ‘pastor’ (David Hayden), whose actions cruelly cut (their daughter) off from her parents – (mother and father) – who are the only people who truly care about her and love her. An institution that aids in the decimation of family relationships is an abomination…”
John Saks, Founder and Chairman of the For the Sake of our Children Foundation in NZ, wrote: “(In your case, you) have state sponsored alienation of a family……Your daughter is considerably more fortunate than most in her circumstance as evidenced by the tremendous effort you have put into ‘righting the wrong’. Your efforts should be applauded, and I am very thankful that at least one daughter in our nation has parents hugely committed to her….It is my hope that your suffering/agony has not been in vain – and that many other sons and daughters of our nation and other nations may be better off because you ‘stood tall’ for them also”.
For our family, the damage caused by this secondary abuse with predator David Hayden at the centre, was undoubtedly more severe than the primary harm caused by the initial sexual predators.
Further evidence of the extreme isolation, alienation, dependency and secrecy tactics of school teacher David Hayden are contained in our summary document linked below as well as in our complaint to the NZ Teachers Council.
David Hayden is no ordinary predator – he is a monster. The Teachers Council refused to investigate him, and refused to even read our complaint.
The evidence of a Paedophile Protection Network at the NZ Teachers Council / Ministry of Education
The evidence can be described in four points, which are numbered 1- 4:

1. The NZ Teachers Council ensure it is illegal to report a paedophile teacher
Accept for a moment that a Paedophile Protection Network exists, and the NZ Teachers Council wants to investigate problem teachers while at the same time protect paedophiles and secondary predators, how would they achieve this? What if they designed their complaint reporting procedure to make it illegal for anyone to report a paedophile teacher or secondary predator – this would protect paedophiles and secondary predators wouldn’t it? This is precisely what the NZ Teachers Council have done – they have imposed an internal rule on complainants which in effect makes it illegal to report a paedophile teacher or secondary predator to the NZ Teachers Council. So, the Teachers Council can act as if they are clamping down on paedophiles and secondary predators, whereas in reality they have structured matters to protect the paedophile and secondary predators and ensure paedophilia and predatory behaviour is covered up.
Here is how the scam operates: It is against the law in NZ for anyone to identify a victim of under age sex crimes. Anyone who does identify an under age sex crime victim can be imprisoned. We know this because when we tried to raise awareness about what teacher David Hayden was doing in isolating and alienating our daughter, he tried (and nearly succeeded) to have us imprisoned for allegedly identifying our child as an under age sex crime victim. The terrifying experience of facing possible prison because we wanted to see our child, resulted in us fleeing the country. Our son’s experience facing possible prison because his parents allegedly identified their daughter, we believe, certainly contributed to his untimely death. It is described in our summary document linked below – one needs to read our experiences to understand how terrifying the experience was for us in the NZ Family court.
The NZ Teachers Council require a complainant to identify themselves, however by doing so they are identifying their child, the sex crime victim. The child sex crime is an integral element in our complaint, without it, the behaviour of our child cannot be properly understood. So too, the behaviour of the secondary predator cannot be properly understood unless in the context of the child sex crimes.
The NZ Teachers Council complaint process is that they would then pass our identity (and by implication our child’s identity) on to the education staff we filed the complaint about – Westlake teacher David Hayden, Westlake counsellor Alison Horspool, and Kristin Principal Peter Clague. These three were the very people so instrumental for earlier attempting to imprison us for allegedly identifying our child! Obviously, having gone through such a terrifying experience earlier, facing imprisonment, there is no way we are going to identify ourselves (and our daughter) to these same people, as they would obviously once again attempt to imprison us for identifying our child.
It is a brilliant scam for those wanting to protect paedophile teachers and secondary predators. The NZ Teachers Council can confidently pretend that they have a process to deal with paedophiles and secondary predators, whereas in reality, their process ensures that paedophile and secondary predators are completed safeguarded and excluded from investigation.
When we submitted our complaint, we tried to explain this to the Manager of Teacher Practice, Andrew Greig, but he wanted none of it and was not prepared to listen. So we asked him to please read our complaint, as it explains why we earlier faced imprisonment. In his arrogance, Andrew Greig even refused to read our complaint saying it is “too long”.
The NZ Teachers Council has already struck teachers off the register for having schoolgirls move out of the family home and into their home:
However, in the really serious cases such as ours, teacher David Hayden, counsellor Alison Horspool, and Principal Peter Clague are quite safe from investigation by the NZ Teachers Council – because a Paedophile Protection Network operates to safeguard them.
Clearly, our identity would make no difference to an investigation. David Hayden already knows our identity, after all, our child lived with him for two years. School counsellor Alison Horspool already knows our identity as she took our child to Youthlaw to gag her family and hand-held our child throughout the two-year gagging process. School Principal Peter Clague already knows our identity as he filed an affidavit with the court asking for our imprisonment for allegedly identifying our child to him.
David Hayden and the young girl.jpgIf there are any doubts about who submitted the complaint, we could have withheld our identity and the Teachers Council could have simply shown David Hayden this photograph and told him that the complaint has been filed by the parents of this bikini-clad teenager who has her arm around him.

No wonder school teacher David Hayden is smiling – he is in the arms of a sexually-promiscuous, young, vulnerable, bikini-clad sex crime victim whom he has totally isolated from her family; he has completely neutralised her family by gagging them; she is totally alienated from family to the extent that together with David Hayden she applies to have her family imprisoned if they attempt to contact anyone around her; she is completely dependent upon David Hayden and is living in his house; he is able to pressure her into complete secrecy; and he knows he need not be concerned about the NZ Teachers Council and Ministry of Education as their Paedophile Protection Network will cover for him. Being in that position would make any serious predator smile.
The evidence is there – if a Paedophile Protection Network exists in the NZ Teachers Council, they would set it up to protect paedophiles and secondary predators exactly as things are set up now.
2. Prevent Ministry staff from finding out the real information 
If there is a Paedophile Protection Network operating within the Ministry of Education, they would likely suppress all information about paedophile teachers and secondary predators who operate with impunity. A Paedophile Protection Network would not want Ministry staff to find out about what David Hayden has done, as staff may ask questions why he is still registered. This is precisely what the NZ Ministry of Education have done – their Paedophile Protection Network arranged for the document containing details of David Hayden’s activities to be specifically blocked from the organisation.
A London-based IT security expert has confirmed and gathered forensic evidence that our document containing evidence about the activities of teacher David Hayden is specifically blocked on the Ministry’s email server. The email server has been configured to automatically reject every incoming email that contains a link to this specific document. The Paedophile Protection Network clearly want to hide the activities of David Hayden, and by implication the lack of censure from the NZ Teachers Council, from Ministry staff members.
This certainly indicates the existence of a Paedophile Protection Network. If the Ministry were confident that David Hayden is not a secondary predator, they would have nothing to hide. However, they know that every reasonable person reading our summary document quickly concludes that teacher David Hayden is a very dangerous secondary predator who should not be in a position of authority around children. We believe that informed parents would also not want their children anywhere near school counsellor Alison Horspool and Principal Peter Clague due to their involvement. Parents, NZ schools, and professionals, informed of our experience have told us this. A Paedophile Protection Network has suppressed the information.

3. Belittle the complainant
When we communicated with Ministry of Education staff pleading with them to investigate David Hayden, they tried to avoid dealing with the issue by instructing us to take the matter to NZ Police. We did as they suggested and contacted the NZ Police Child Abuse unit at Police HQ. Police personnel then arranged a meeting with Ministry of Education personnel and others.
We have it on reliable authority that at the meeting, Ministry of Education staff were simply dismissive of our complaint and made disparaging remarks about us. Why would Ministry of Education staff treat this matter so trivially? Why would they regard our family with such disdain? Our complaint must surely be one of the more severe they have received. David Hayden is surely one of the most dangerous monsters in the country – we have not found an equal for his extreme isolation, alienation, dependency, and secrecy activities anywhere in the world (kidnap victims do not have the alienation element). There is only one explanation – the Ministry have no desire to disturb a dangerous secondary predator from doing his sinister deeds. This conduct is consistent only with the operation of a Paedophile Protection Network – they simply do not take the matter seriously and had no intention of ever investigating David Hayden because they are running protective cover for him.
We suspect the NZ Teachers Council and Ministry of Education will dismiss this document as well, with similar disdain and simply ignore it – this is the modus operandi of a Paedophile Protection Network. There will likely be a further flourish of disparaging remarks about us behind the closed doors of these institutions. It is unlikely that Andrew Greig will read this document as it is also probably “too long”.
We lost two children as the result of these events. One dead, and one so severely alienated that it has been years since she has made any contact or communication with her family or extended family. For Ministry of Education staff to belittle these matters and make disparaging remarks is highly reflective of what their objectives are – it is a Paedophile Protection Network.

4. Regarding teenage sex as far more important than teenage education 
The evidence for this is in our summary document linked below. Rather than repeat it here, I will simply refer to the appropriate pages in our summary. The evidence is overwhelming – clearly these education staff regarded our daughter’s sex with adults as far more important than her education. The results speak for themselves:
-       During the two years our child lived with David Hayden, she was truant from school for a massive amount – 67 half days in one year alone – having never previously been truant when she lived in our family home.
-       During the two years our child lived with David Hayden her school performance deteriorated dramatically – from 88% average when she lived in our home, down to 42% average when living with teacher David Hayden (these percentages are converted from grades in order to calculate averages). Teacher comments on her reports indicated dramatic deterioration for every subject, in line with the percentage drop.
-       During the time our schoolchild lived with David Hayden she had at least one highly inappropriate sexual relationship with a much-older adult man. It was with a TV presenter, night club and strip club owner who was almost twice her age. This sexual relationship was so inappropriate and scandalous that it featured as cover story in the Woman’s Day magazine.
-       Our child testified in the gagging cases against her family, that while a schoolchild living with David Hayden – she was treated as an adult, free to do whatever she pleased. One can simply wonder why a secondary predator would find this attractive.
Details as to why it is irrefutable that the key education staff who had influence over our child regarded her sex activities as far more important than her schoolwork, is in our summary document (linked below) on the following pages:
David Hayden - pg 4 - 6
Maryke Lind - pg 18
Alison Horspool - pg 4 - 6
Peter Clague - pg 4 - 6
Other key education staff who had influence over our family:
-       Alison Gernhofer, past Principal Westlake Girls High
-       Roz Mexted, current Principal Westlake Girls High
We have not yet written up the actions of these two school Principals and will do so at some stage. Briefly, when Minister of Education Hekia Parata told parents that if they have any concerns about the activities of teachers or school staff, they should take their concerns to the School Principal and Board of Trustees. We did exactly as the Minister advised and wrote a courteous letter asking for help, however we were simply threatened with lawyers and the police by Principal Roz Mexted. Previously we were threatened by lawyers on instruction from Principal Alison Gernhofer for the same action. They encourage complaints, but not serious ones involving paedophiles and secondary predators. Was Alison Gernhofer concerned about our child’s education – apparently not one bit, the results speak for themselves.
Our daughter has testified that she is more interested in protecting those such as David Hayden and all the others mentioned in our document, than in having a relationship with her family. This is entirely consistent with the behaviour of under age sex abuse victims and victims of secondary predators, and is indicative of the damage caused. The extended period without communication from our daughter (many years now) with any member of her family, is due to pressure brought upon her by the predators in order to maintain secrecy.
If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, the likelihood is that it is a duck. The evidence is overwhelming – a Paedophile Protection Network operates within the NZ Ministry of Education and the NZ Teachers Council. They insist that we break the law with likely consequence of imprisonment in order to follow their complaint procedure requirements. They hide the truth about predators from their staff. Education employees treated our child’s sex activities with older men as far more important than her education. Ministry staff show disdain for our serious complaint and absolutely no desire or intention to act.
Moreover, David Hayden is still a registered teacher long after details of his actions have been exposed. The Ministry and Teachers Council ignore this devious teacher’s isolation, alienation, dependency and secrecy activities with a child sex crime victim. This dangerous, unscrupulous predator is still licensed to work with children and choose his next vulnerable victim. Has anyone checked the safety of any school pupils who may currently be living in his house?
We do not know the names of all the Ministry and Teachers Council staff involved in this Paedophile Protection Network, however the employees that we came in contact with, include:
-       Andrew Greig
-       Katrina Casey
-       Peter Lind
-       Lesley Longstone
For the Paedophile Protection Network to be as successful as it is within the Ministry and Teachers Council, we have no doubt that there are many more individuals involved, and suspect that these protection activities are at the very least given tacit approval from all executives within the organisations. They surely have known about teacher David Hayden for a while now (there have been well over 100,000 emails circulating in their environment with details), and yet they do nothing about him.
We do not make these allegations lightly. We are capable, well-educated parents aware of the ramifications. The father has three university degrees, is a recognised global leader in his field, and CEO of a London-based global, high-tech firm. The mother has a degree in psychology and holds a responsible position at a high-profile London venue. It is high-time NZ government departments start taking this matter seriously, many thousands of others in New Zealand and around the world already do. It is high-time the NZ Cabinet start doing something proactive about this Paedophile Protection Network. We believe prosecutions entailing prison sentences are in order.
Paedophilia and secondary predators are a big problem in New Zealand, and will continue to be, while given free reign from Paedophile Protection Networks. This problem is not peculiar to the Ministry of Education and Teachers Council. We know details of other Paedophile Protection Networks for example, one involving the Governor General Sir Jerry Mataparae, another involving Principal Family Court Judge Lawrence Ryan and Judge Dale Clarkson, others in the NZ Association of Counsellors, CYF and the NZ Police. It is a scourge on New Zealand society, and long-term heartache, damage and distress for victims and their families.
More information on our experiences is here: http://bit.ly/ourNZexperience
and check out these websites:

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