"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

"Question authority, and think for yourself" - Timothy Leary

"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

"Information is the currency of democracy" - Thomas Jefferson

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disgust at bleating about disgraced ex cop Bruce Hutton:

In the latest insult to Rochelle Crewe, sole survivor of the murders that killed her parents Harvey and Jeanette Crewe, Erin O'Neill, the daughter of disgraced ex police officer Bruce Hutton was gifted the front page of the national newspapers to grandstand and spread further propaganda regarding Hutton - who was found to have perverted the course of justice regarding the framing of Arthur Allan Thomas for the murders of the Crewes.

In response to this shameful display by the biased main stream media, who also gave oxygen to recent comments by Police officers Mike Bush and Peter Marshall, here's a letter to Hutton from Keith Hunter, who has been methodically following the matters involving the framing of Scott Watson for two murders - despite the fact that there is no evidence of any murders - no bodies, no witnesses, nothing, apart from two missing persons, but no CREDIBLE evidence whatsoever to connect the missing persons with Scott Watson.

Here's Mr Hunter's letter to Mr Hutton:

Keith Hunter, Director.
TELEPHONE: (64-9) 360 5020; FAX: (64 -9) 360 5022; MOBILE: (0274) 747 333; Email: keith@hunterproductions.co.nz

Arthur Allan Thomas: then and now

27 April 2012

Former Detective Inspector Bruce Hutton
60 Longford Park Drive

Dear Former Detective Inspector Hutton,

I understand that the New Zealand Herald informed you on 13 April of the imminent publication of my book, The Case of the Missing Bloodstain. You reportedly responded with a promise to take action for defamation when you learned the book accused you of planting an axle in the Crewes case.

The Herald was influenced by your response and so did not publish the story it had intended for the following day, a front page lead story on the book and its claims. However the book has been published and has been available throughout the country since 16 April. As its author and publisher I have taken part in media interviews about it, both live and recorded, on both radio and television. I am sure you will be aware of that and that you will have acquired a copy in order to ascertain whether or not damage has been done to your reputation. You will have found that the book unquestionably defames you.

I have awaited your legal action but I have heard nothing from you. This letter is the result. I’d like to move things along in the public interest. I look forward to your suit. Please sue me.

You were told by the Herald that I claim that you planted an axle in the Waikato River and then ensured it could be used as evidence against Arthur Thomas. The book also claims that you knew he was innocent of the crimes you would arrest him for. You will also now know of the book’s claims that as leader of the inquiry team investigating the 1970 Crewe murders you continually and unconscionably deceived your team, the courts, the Royal Commission of Inquiry and the country at large. You will know that you are branded a liar in the book and that this is verified on page 12 and repeatedly elsewhere. Obviously you are aware that the Royal Commission of Inquiry found that you also planted a cartridge case against Thomas. The book supports that finding.

I urge you to take action for several reasons, many of them favouring my case in reply.

* While you dither, any damage you might allege is being done to your reputation must be increasing in severity. At the same time, I suggest, your tardy response must already be reducing your chances in court. If it were important to you, you should have acted immediately the book was published.

* Matters relating to the Crewes case and your part in it have awaited a hearing since 1980 but our Justice System has repeatedly refused to address them. My estimation of the reasons for that are described in the book’s epilogue.

* This is your chance to absolve yourself and recreate a reputation, and the country’s best opportunity to have the Royal Commission’s findings that you are a perjurer and planter of evidence investigated, clarified and decided at last – by the justice system.

* Your failure to take action while at the same time you threaten the press has unquestionably suppressed the book, its message and its information. This constitutes a profound attack on freedom of speech in New Zealand, especially on an apparently timid press;

* Your threat’s success in intimidating the Herald has drastically reduced the public awareness the book might otherwise have gained and this has had a profoundly negative influence on its effectiveness and on my income.

* Putting aside your inquiry’s corruptness, I would like to expose its incompetence as widely as possible, so as to inform young policemen who might otherwise follow in your footsteps.

For both your and your lawyer’s information I advise that my case in defence will include the following lines (the list is not necessarily exclusive):

* The claims of the book are my honest opinion;

* The causes of the opinion are clearly set out in the book;

* While you are undoubtedly defamed in the book this has caused no damage to your reputation because you do not have a reputation that can be damaged, both in general and in this particular context. That is, the accusation in a book that a man who is known as the policeman who planted evidence in the Crewe case planted evidence in the Crewe case cannot cause his reputation damage.

* Your actions must be seen characteristically to match your words, and you are an easily demonstrated liar whose word can have no value;

* My opinion is published in the book in the public interest.

There are several specific issues that should encourage you to act:

* Should you worry that taking action against me can promise little or no return to you, I advise that in general terms I have no legal protection against a defamation suit, and that my house is valued at $1,050,000, is but modestly mortgaged, and is held in my sole name;

* I expect to seek advice but perhaps not representation in court, so your legal counsel may well be opposed by a layman.

* I will copy this letter to the entire New Zealand press, to all of my personal and professional contacts, and to everyone I know to have read my book, with a plea that they all copy it to all of their contacts, and that those contacts copy it to their contacts and so on, in the public interest. This process might well cause everyone in the country to know of the new claims against you. Please consider the effect this could have on your reputation, if you are found to have one.

* I understand that the then Minister of Justice, Jim McLay, protected the Royal Commissioners from defamation suits by tabling their report in Parliament before it was released publically. I have yet to put my book before any parliamentarian with that in mind. However if I find that the same action can protect the press today, I will forward copies of the book to a selection of MPs with a request that they table it as cause for the Crewes Case to be re-opened and to make it available for public discussion. If that occurs before you take action against me it may be that you will be unable to do so at all.

You will need to hurry. I expect to seek parliamentary support during the coming week beginning 30 April.

Yours Faithfully

Keith Hunter
Author and Publisher of The Case of the Missing Bloodstain.

Nothing's changed since Hutton planted the cartridge case, NZ Police are incompetent and corrupt, local officers in the Wairarapa are actively enabling organised paedophilia and the distribution of methamphetamine, etc, and covering up for recidivist violent offenders - abusing victims and enabling offenders - and the so called inquiry into the deliberate cover up of the child abuse has been going on since 2007 and has NOT EVEN INTERVIEWED the main offenders - who have been actually PROMOTED instead of IMPRISONED!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Point of Order Protest at Supreme Court and Parliament calls for Transparency in New Zealand Courts and public affairs:

The inaugural Point of Order Protest was held on 13 June 2013, beginning outside the Supreme Court in Wellington and progressing to Parliament.

Protestors led by publisher Vince Siemer of Kiwisfirst  united in Wellington today in solidarity with Transparency NZ, NZ Justice Forum, the NZ Private Prosecution Service, and a number of other individuals and representatives of various organisations concerned with human rights abuses, injustice in the Courts, etc, and demanded accountability, fair access to justice, transparent Courts, transparency regarding public affairs, and governance by the people and for the people, with fair elections and access to fair justice for all - rather than only the well off.  The Courthouse itself cost over $80,000,000 of taxpayer's money to build, it replaces New Zealanders' access to the Privy Council, which cost us nothing.

While Transparency International's NZ chapter is well 'incentivised' to come up with their "reports" which spread the propaganda that there is no corruption in New Zealand - or indeed the wider Pacific - the evidence tells another story - the National Business Review reports there is an alarming amount of bribery in New Zealand.  Vince Siemer and Kate Raue are only two of the many people who have been corruptly bullied by taxpayer funded Courts, Judges, lawyers, amicus curiae, Court appointed 'forensic staff', psychologists and psychiatricts and other purveyors of quackery who quaff at the great trough that is our ironically named 'justice' system, a system which is totally dysfunctional and prejudiced and biased in favour of the wealthy, including recent widely criticised changes to the legislation resulting in extremely restrictive access to legal aid.  Others protesting included Maria Van Der Meel of The City is Ours - protesting in particular to the manner in which the Council are dealing with issues regarding the bus lanes in Wellington and in particular Manners Mall - several people have been killed or seriously injured now, including Venessa Green, who was struck and killed by a bus in Willis St recently, as well as representatives of the Wellington Private Prosecution Service, and several independent journalists.

The processes for complaints through the established agencies are widely recognised as being inefficient because of incompetent and corrupt 'investigators', often ex Police officers, who've 'perfed' out of the force rather than face disciplinary action, such as Jon Moss and his mates at the REAA.  The Ombudsmen's Office, the IPCA, the Privacy Commissioner and Health and Disability Commissioner are all dysfunctional, incompetent, and often corrupt, which has led to a situation where there is a massive backlog of complaints and the only option for the victims is the Courts, which is what led to the overload of the legal aid applications and the changes to curtail access to legal aid.

Thanks to Simon Powers' widely criticised changes to the legal aid system, people no longer have access to lawyers unless they've got lots of money, these changes were slammed in a recent decision from the Court of Appeal, Criminal Bar Association v Attorney General.  The irony is, that the Criminal Bar Association represents the lawyers whose money tree was being pruned, rather than the public interest, and lawyers are still refusing to take clients unless the clients have the means to pay huge legal bills.  The same thing is happening in Europe where lawyers are protesting similar changes.  The decision of the Criminal Bar Association v Attorney General contains the words
"But the issue is not what is desirable as a matter of sound public administration, but what is lawful."
Vince Siemer was party to this little exchange in the Auckland High Court on 17 June 2008:
Judge Lester Chisholm:  "Mr Siemer, if we find that you have broken the law will you change your ways?  
Mr Siemer:  "What law have I broken?" 
Judge Chisholm:   "That is for us to decide." 
Mr Siemer:  "What law is it said that I've broken?" 
Judge Chisholm:   "Mr Siemer, I'm not going to get into a debate with you." 
Mr Siemer:   "Of course not."
Here's another:
"Mr Siemer:  Is this proceeding being recorded as I requested?
Judge Rhys Harrison:  Why do you want it recorded?
Mr Siemer:  Is this not a 'Court of record'?
Judge Harrison:  'Court of record' was a phrase coined many, many centuries ago, before recording devices came into existence, so it has nothing to do with 'accurate record of proceedings'.  So, no, there is no need to record, thank you."

The Point of Order Protest serendipitously ambushed Judge Rhys Harrison on Molesworth St as he was scurrying off to do his dastardly business, and followed him up the street addressing him with the loud hailer for a few moments, which was particularly appropriate.

Recent decisions to ignore the decision of Criminal Bar Association and ignore Peter Dunne's lack of a mandate make a mockery of our 'democracy'.

Access to the Courts is further obstructed by a general unwillingness to release information according to the Official Information Act, Privacy Act, Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act and a propensity instead to try and withhold and conceal as much information as possible and deliberately and unlawfully obstruct and hinder the provision of information routinely, thus clogging up the Office of the Ombudsmen with a landslide of complaints and resulting in a totally unacceptable delay of over a year for even looking at complaints let alone 'investigating' them - and complaints are all too often referred to the very people complained about to investigate anyway, such as the IPCA who routinely refer complaints back to the very police (or their colleagues) instead of any truly independent or robust investigation with any integrity we are routinely fobbed of with what often amounts to an orchestrated litany of lies.

In one case a woman had to ask a Judge for a Court Order just to obtain Disclosure from the local Police - in order to find out what it was she was actually charged with, over a year after the charge was laid - whereupon the Police had to admit that the charge never should have been laid in the first place - as the prosecutor knew all along!

Police are lying in order to unlawfully take DNA from innocent people which is extremely worrying given the evidence of the campaign of corrupt bullying and malicious and vexatious litigation which sadistic local officers indulge it - enough!  We pay taxes for fair and honest governance - not this travesty of justice we are currently enduring.

There's been a disgraceful whitewash regarding the Pike River mine explosions which killed twenty nine men, a whitewash of the GCSB spying, a whitewash of the Urewera fiasco, an unprecedented landslide of legislation curtailing human rights and access to justice and the Point of Order Protests will continue to act to change this taxpayer funded incompetence and blatant corruption.

Transparency NZ spokesperson Katherine Raue launched a stinging address at Parliament regarding the fact that twenty nine men still lie dead somewhere inside the Pike Rive mine while we've witnessed the systemic corporate failure or not only Pike River Coal but Solid Energy - Don Elder retained on the big salary and a "commission of inquiry" that didn't even have the power to compel witnesses to appear and conveniently minimised the role and liability of the Department of Labour and the government in the deaths of the twenty nine men, and a Court process that has ignored and intimidated and let down the families of those men on top of everything else they've had to endure - from the unspeakable shock of first finding out that there'd been an explosion while their men were in the mine, throughout the fiasco of a response, the second explosion, the hounding of journalists who didn't check their facts anyway, throughout all the days and weeks and months and years - over two and a half years - of birthdays and wedding anniversaries, children growing up without their dads and wives who, like many other New Zealanders, just won't put up with the fact that this government enabled the Department of Labour with resources (taxpayers money) and our paid public servants - and systems of governance - have failed so totally and utterly as was exposed at the inquiry (transcripts of the evidence are available to read, scroll down at this link) - although what was exposed was only the tip of the iceberg anyway.  Kate also gave parliament (and half of Thorndon) a piece of her mind regarding the incompetence and corruption of the NZ Police, particularly those in the Wairarapa and Wellington regions, and the complete dysfunction and obvious corruption of the IPCA and the fact that the so called 'investigation' into the fact that Sgt Mark McHattie threw hundreds of child abuse files in the rubbish bin and deliberately lied about it - saying "hand on my heart they've been resolved" when he knew perfectly well he'd thrown them in the bin.  The so called investigation has been going on for nearly seven years and nothing's changed - the 'inquiry' has just been a big gravy train for all involved, rewarding the perpetrators - conducted by the perpetrators and their mates and funded by the gullible taxpayers who believe everything the media tells them while the NBR report that there is an alarming amount of bribery in New Zealand at the same time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds Transparency International NZ to tell us there's no corruption in New Zealand or the Pacific region.  Yeah, right.

The investigation's been going on since at least 2007, and nobody involved in investigating the matter has even bothered to interview McHattie, and he and the other ringleader, Area Commander John Johnston have both been actually PROMOTED instead of charged with perverting the course of justice and imprisoned - while we've got over twice the national rate of suicide REGULARLY - it's not rocket science to see the link there, when the message we're giving people is "Talk to someone" and then the "someone" they talk to throws their files in the bin and gives his sicko mates their names and addresses etc, while they sit on their backsides sending each other emails about websites they shouldn't be worrying about anyway - the Courts have repeatedly found the publisher of the website innocent of their corrupt accusations and the NZ Police should be getting on with investigating child abuse and other violent crime instead of sending each other emails saying "Something needs to be looked at regarding Kate Raue's blog and the statements she's making on it about our staff."   Something needs looking at regarding why New Zealanders are being spied on in record numbers and unlawfully, and being stripped of our rights, while our taxes are used to fund a private army that rallies en masse to crack down on protests and pickets while they throw child abuse files in the rubbish bin.

The first Point of Order Protest outside the Supreme Court, with Kiwisfirst editor Vince Siemer, and protestors from  Transparency NZ , the NZ Private Prosecution Service, Wellington City is Ours and a number of other campaigners for justice and transparent governance.

Police out in force at a protest outside McDonalds in  March 2013

Police acting in force to protect corporate interests in return for cheap burgers, in contempt of regulations.

(Police bosses initially lied, claiming that Police didn't receive any incentive or discount from McDonalds, until it was revealed that they in fact did receive a discount at McDonalds, in total contradiction of police regulations.)  Our police force has becoming a private army for corporate and political interests, and our Courts are acting increasingly in a manner which is not in the public interest and not in the interests of justice.

And now the government is forcing through even MORE legislation making it illegal to strike.

Transparency NZ intends using sections 145 to 177 of the Crimes Act (among other pieces of legislation) to enforce fiduciary accountability in New Zealand and protect the public interest from incompetent and corrupt abuse of taxes, donations to 'charities', etc.

Stranger than fiction - know the law - Australian tax law enables officials to time travel:

The Australian Goods and Services Tax Act 1999 is a hefty piece of legislation to try and make your way through, but it's well worth it when you arrive at section 165.55, which states the following example of creative use of the Queen's English:

[The] "Commissioner may disregard scheme in making declarations. 
         For the purposes of making a declaration under this Subdivision, the Commissioner may: 
                     (a)  treat a particular event that actually happened as not having happened; and 
                     (b)  treat a particular event that did not actually happen as having happened and, if appropriate, treat the event as: 
                              (i)  having happened at a particular time; and
                             (ii)  having involved particular action by a particular entity; and
                     (c)  treat a particular event that actually happened as: 
                              (i)  having happened at a time different from the time it actually happened; or
                             (ii)  having involved particular action by a particular entity (whether or not the event actually involved any action by that entity)."
This is not unlike the recent decision of the NZ Court of Appeal in the matter of Criminal Bar Association v Attorney General in which the Honourable Judge uttered this:
"But the issue is not what is desirable as a matter of sound public administration, but what is lawful." 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Solid as a rock - hook line and sunken:

Don Elder - con artist

Solid Energy - the marketing department obviously aimed to court - and con - potential investors that it was a rock solid investment when they thought up that name. 

Like so many of these corporate entities facilitated and enabled by the Key government Solid Energy corporate raiders plundered the tomb of the twenty nine men who lay dead somewhere inside the Pike River Mine, while the bankers and sharebrokers strolled away sniggering all the way to the bank.

The 2011-2012 Financial Report is a damning indictment of the corporate political culture that has engaged mechanisms of total disengagement and privatisation, leading to total lack of accoutability and widespread catastrophic dysfunction, overload and breakdown of systems of justice and accountability, widening social inequality and increased crime.

Don Elder resigned the following year amid widespread criticism of his performance, but continued to be paid exorbitant amounts of money from Solid Energy coffers as he became "New Zealand's most highly paid gardener."

Shortly after his resignation the Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit report revealed that the value of Solid Energy had been inflated, and confirmed rumours of the extent of the mismanagement and culture of corporate spending and waste.

Fifteen years ago, Nicky Hager exposed how state-owned enterprise Timberlands West Coast was spending millions of dollars of taxpayer's money to fund political operations against its owners, the people of New Zealand. The core problem? An SOE that behaved as if it was a private company, with no democratic responsibilities. Fifteen years on, it looks like Solid Energy had a serious case of the same disease.

In retrospect, the spying on protestors should have been a warning sign. But its only since the company's collapse that we've seen how deep the rot went: a refusal to accept Treasury oversight, and now news that they spent $48,000 hiring lobbyists Saunders-Unsworth to advise them on how to bullshit Parliament:

High-profile lobbyists were called in to help Solid Energy bosses dodge questions from media and opposition MPs about the coal miner's financial woes, and the advice was also shared with Treasury and ministers.

The company's $389 million debt was revealed earlier this year, and its bosses sought advice from government relations and lobbying firm Saunders Unsworth before fronting up to a parliamentary select committee in March.

Newly appointed chairman Mark Ford told the committee he was unable to answer questions on the state-owned company's fall from financial success, saying he had not been there at the time.

However, Labour has obtained documents showing Saunders Unsworth advised Solid Energy's bosses to keep responses to MPs' questions as short as possible.

"The longer you talk, the more likely it will be that you trigger a range of questions that will not be pleasant," the advice said.

As with Timberlands, this displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between an SOE, Parliament, and the people of New Zealand. These people are supposed to work for us. And that means being monitored by Treasury and fully and frankly answering any questions Parliament asks. Failing to do so isn't just a contempt of Parliament; its an attack on the entire idea that government entities are accountable to Parliament, and through it, to us.

Ministers appear to have colluded in this. Ministers are supposed to be the first layer of oversight on SOE's, not enablers of their anti-democratic behaviour. By approving Solid Energy's behaviour, Tony Ryall and Bill English have failed in their fiduciary duty to Parliament to represent our ownership interest of these companies.
Systems of oversight and accountability have been systematically stripped and disabled across the board, and corporate incompetence and corruption richly rewarded.