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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Constable Paul Dallinger Perverts the Course of Justice:

Further to the corruptly laid charge of Breaching a Protection Order, the charge which the Masterton police prosecutor was forced to admit had been "laid by mistake", and "should never have been laid."
Here's more of Constable Paul Dallinger's handiwork, in collaboration with James Laurence Cowley, who lied to police in 1996, telling them he had custody of our daughter and that she lived with him, when the truth was that he denied paternity in order to avoid paying child support.  This is the police report, showing that James Laurence Cowley lied, telling them he had custody and Lily lived with him - he couldn't even spell her name and was not supposed to have unsupervised access with her - for good reason!
She had never lived with him in her life - he wasn't even supposed to have unsupervised access because of his mental instability according to his own mother
The Principal and staff of Woodford House and other people wrote affidavits to the Court - friends, neighbours local Justices of the Peace, etc - all were ignored, in the blatant and corrupt cover up.

Sgt Mark Napier of the Hastings police wrote a statement saying that he regretted his actions and would have acted differently if he had the chance to respond again to Cowley's lies.
Several months later CYF or whatever they were called then convened a Family Group Conference, hel in Wellignton at James Cowley's insistence.  On the day of the hearing James Cowley couldn't even be bothered attending, but his letter to those who did attend, which can be viewed at this link, is clear evidence of his deluded state of mind.
So, 15 years later, Cowley is still manipulating police and perverting the course of justice.  Here's the latest pathetic, despicable efforts from him and Constable Paul Dallinger of Carterton:
This is just absolute NONSENSE!  Frustrated at the obvious, indisputable and ongoing injustice regarding these matters I decided to document them, quietly, on a website.  The main reason for doing so was to avoid having to repeatedly write the whole story out and provide documents and correspondence to one lawyer after another in an unsuccessful attempt to get legal assistance to help repair the ongoing damage done to my family by corrupt and incompetent government organisations.

This statement by Dallinger is deliberately misleading - to the point of being a blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice - AGAIN.  I didn't email James Cowley - HE emailed ME.  REPEATEDLY.  My only response was to ask him not to contact me.  Dallinger knows this because he corruptly obtained access to my emails and other personal information, just the same way corrupt (and incompetent) Constable David Gallagher unlawfully obtained my DNA!

Full story of how Cowley used the existence of this bogus Court Order to pervert the course of justice at this link.
Local lawyer Ken Daniels applied to the Court for a rehearing, the same two incompetent and corrupt Justices of the Peace who dealt with the matter in the first place after corruptly conspiring with Court registry officer Liz Harpleton and Masterton Police prosecutor Garry Wilson to have the matter "heard" in my absence refused the application for a rehearing - despite the evidence that I attended the Court that day from 10:00 a.m.until approximately 12:30 when it was announced that Court was adjourning for lunch.  I had briefly gone to the public counter at the Court to request that my matter be called as soon as possible as I was feeling increasingly unwell, possibly around 11:00 a.m., at no time did I leave the Court building, and the public counter staff were well able to pass on my message to the staff in Court, the matter was delayed deliberately to cause me maximum stress, anxiety and inconvenience, because Court staff conspire with Police, like Liz Harpleton and Garry Wilson, Court registry officer and Police prosecutor respectively, both cheated on their spouses and now shack up together, while prosecuting and judging the rest of us.  Pretending it's "justice".

Joy Cowley's fiction:

This is the story of how a government social worker and a corrupt, incompetent police officer took a young child away from a loving home and a loving parent, and placed her in the care of people who went on to seriously abuse her.  It's also a personal story, but I ask readers to focus on the main issue here, the actions of the social welfare staff, the police, the lawyers.  Parents do their best, but these people receive taxpayer's money to assist families, not destroy them, and in this case (and others) corrupt police and social workers have pursued a vindictive personal agenda which has resulted in the destruction of a family.  I'm writing this because so much has been written by Joy Cowley and her son James, and by corrupt and incompetent social workers and police officers, that the truth has become distorted.  This is just an attempt to balance history by telling the other side of the story.  Joy Cowley is a famous children's author, who carefully maintains the image of a dear old granny, loved by all, a kind Christian.  She's recently announced that she's writing a 'memoir'.  The purpose of this post is only to counteract the works of fiction she's written about me.

Joy left her own children, and her husband, when her son James, the father of my daughter, was four. She married Malcolm Mason, a wonderful man, who sadly passed away in about 1994, whereupon Joy cemented a relationship with Terry Coles, an ex lawyer, and the local (Khandallah) Catholic priest with almost indecent haste.  Before Malcolm Mason died he asked Joy's son James to admit paternity of Lily and pay child support, because he knew that James was denying paternity in order to avoid paying child support, in spite of the fact that he was earning over $1200 a day as a freelance film cameraman (in the early 1980's).

James was always going on about his wicked stepmother and how his mother's abandonment of him as a baby was the cause of his own low self esteem and problems with alcohol and drugs, etc (his didn't stop him abandoning his own daughter though).

In 1995 Joy Cowley wrote the following letter to my daughter at Woodford House, the boarding school she attended during the week.  I was contacted by the school regarding this letter and the distress it caused Lily and the fact that staff believed it to be inappropriate - as did I.  Around this time I received a phone call from the school nurse, ringing to request that I come to the school for a meeting to discuss a change in Lily's behaviour, when I asked if she could elaborate, the nurse told me that Lily was crying hysterically in her room, following a phone call from her father.

Apparently jpg files deteriorate the more they are accessed and looked at, which is a good sign that there is public interest in this information.  The files are backed up and will eventually be replaced with new copies of the documents, because with the current awareness of systemic abuse in state care this evidence becomes even more relevant.  How many other children did Richard and Larraine and the bloke in Flaxmere molest?  My daughter has also since disclosed that a man named Jeffrey Oxenham also exposed himself to her, when she was aged about 8.  It's time these matters were addressed and the perpetrators held accountable.  The so called inquiries carried out by the Ministry were an insult to justice and an insult to vulnerable children - they focused on portraying me as a monster while ignoring the real abuse which was far more serious.

This is a letter written to the school at the time of Lily's enrolment, confirming that James had no involvement in Lily's life.

When I met with the nurse, the Principal, Lily's Boarding House Mistress and Form Teacher, they informed me of their concern at the effect of the letters sent to Lily at the school recently, and a sudden influx of letters and phone calls from her father and soon-to-be step mother regarding their upcoming wedding.

The letter above is an example of the content of these letters.  In it Joy tells Lily, aged 13, that her father has always paid child support, doesn't owe any child support to IRD and goes on about how he fell on hard times when there was a recession in the film industry.

The staff described how Lily, who was formerly a top student, was exhibiting negative behavioural changes, vandalism, theft, lying, and was often upset following these communications from James, Joy and Maria.  We discussed the content of the letter, and the fact that James had never ever paid any child support at all, and that after I had refrained from discussing this with Lily for 13 years because I'd considered it none of her business, letters like this were now causing problems in our relationship, Lily was arguing with me and calling me a liar.

I'd always had a good relationship with Joy, and was shocked to read what she'd written.  I checked with IRD and discovered that he actually owed me over $25,000, I've never seen any of that.  The letter from James to the FGC in 1996 makes it perfectly clear that he'd never paid any.

Evidence shows that the school staff told James he was forbidden to phone Lily at the school because of the disruption it was causing in the boarding house.  Joy wrote to me about Lily going to spend Christmas at her place in the Marlborough Sounds, as usual.  Joy wrote about how insecure James wife Maria was, the reason I wasn't invited.  I told Joy that Lily and I would be spending this Christmas together.  I'd always gone along with Joy's plans in the past, and arranged for Lily to travel to the Marlborough Sounds to spend time with her father, Maria, Joy, and the rest of their family, but I was concerned at the level of emotional manipulation and dishonesty evident in the letters and the effect of this on my relationship with Lily, and the effect of it on Lily's emotional well being.  James and Joy immediately began demanding their "access rights", and James began phoning social worker Deborah Houston and police officer Mark Napier, both of whom had removed Lily in 1992 and placed her with James, until he was found to be leaving her at home alone, aged 10, for days on end.  The correspondence above indicates a certain mental instability.  It's fictional and delusional, manipulative and dishonest.  He rang unqualified CYPS social worker Debbie Houston and started raving on about two bodies being found at the bottom of a cliff.  He was rightly told that it was a civil matter, that there was no evidence of any abuse and he should get a lawyer.

Evidence shows that James then rang police, stating that he had custody - he didn't have any rights at all, not access, guardianship, or anything else, and had taken very little interest in his daughter for 13 years.  Evidence shows that Sgt Napier saw an opportunity to get back at me for the telling off he'd got from the Judge 4 years earlier after he'd listened to the lies told by James Cowley and Deborah Houston.  Police told James if he came to Hastings they'd help him get his daughter but it wouldn't be easy, according to one of James's affidavits.
This is part of a letter written by Joy in 1991, promising me $20,000 to give me "a little independence" and perhaps the deposit for a house.  The earlier letter describes how Cowley and her new husband, ex priest, ex lawyer, Terry Cole, were building a flash new house to add to their estate in Fish Bay which already had a lovely old farm house which Joy gifted to James (as well as $20,000), after suing her publishers for $100,000.  She knew that James had never ever paid any child support, and promised to give me $20,000 if I didn't pursue the child support issue because she said James's mental health was "fragile".  I was working up to 3 jobs at a time trying to support myself and Lily and save for the deposit on a house.  I received a small amount of assistance from what was then the Department of Social Welfare, but from the time Lily was born I always worked doing whatever I could to earn a living rather than ask for a benefit.
This is from a letter written in 1990, describing how busy James is, working as a freelance camera operator in the film industry.

Here's another letter about how busy James and Maria are, working in the film industry, and how they've taken the opportunity to have a little holiday in Melbourne and Bali, written in 1993.

Another one from 1993.  James and Maria certainly seem to be having a great life.  They are looking for a section in the Sounds, and their own yacht, as well as the home they owned on the beach front at Seatoun.

These letters are in direct contradiction to the letters to Lily at school in 1995.  I was growing tired of James not paying child support and began talking about legal proceedings. I had realised by 1992 that Joy was manipulative and controlling, and that she had promised me the $20,000 to deter me from following up the child support issue, but really had no intention of helping me with the deposit for a house.  Joy and her new husband had built two new houses on the farm in the Marlborough Sounds, where she'd gone to live with Terry Coles after Malcolm Mason died, making three beautiful and spacious houses on her growing estate.
My daughter and I on the other hand were living in shearers quarters and whatever we could afford to rent, and struggling financially.

Joy sent me the letter at left in December 1992.  She had earlier written to me to say that "many people in the family think you are still in love with James" and other rubbish.  I spelled out to her that I despised James, and wouldn't be interested in a relationship with him because he was a selfish liar and a cheat, who drank too much alcohol and took too many drugs, was violent (he apparently has a conviction for assault with a knife in a restaurant), who never paid child support or wanted to spend time with his daughter, and generally not a nice person.

She wrote back in total agreement, and added that in her opinion he shouldn't have unsupervised access to Lily because of his mental instability.  Click on this letter to enlarge it, the dark part reads: "Greg was here last week.  I showed him the letter that James wrote (the one I haven't shown to you).  Greg described it as "disgusting" and "pathetic".  What it all suggests is this: that James is in a very bad way at present, and if he did turn up here any time he spent with Lily would be carefully supervised, I promised you that.  I agree with you that Lily certainly doesn't need her father's instability."

She is wrong about Maria, and a copy of Maria's letters to Lily will be posted soon to prove this.  In 1995 Joy wrote me a letter in which she refers to Maria's insecurity regarding me, and the fact that Maria would sulk and refuse to come out of her room if I was at Joy's at the same time as her, and other dramatic and emotionally manipulative behaviour, and Joy's feelings regarding Maria's behaviour.

This is the letter sent to me by Joy Cowley in 1993, after Joy decided to enrol Lily in Woodford House School in Havelock North, confirming that James was not involved in Lily's life, and the headmistresses affidavit confirms that.

Joy had tried unsuccessfully to make me move back to Wellington, withholding the promised house deposit and sending me numerous manipulative letters waffling on about how I was still in love with James, etc, and trying to control every aspect of our lives.

Finally she announced that she was going to buy a house in Hawkes Bay and let us live in it, instead of giving me the money towards the deposit.  She did so in 1994 or 95, but instead of the beautiful house in Valley Road with the big red barn, and lovely gardens and outbuildings, that Lily and I wanted, she decided on a bleak, windswept bare ridge, exposed to the southerlies and westerlies, with nothing growing on it except grass and thistles.  Both properties had a few acres, but Joy was adamant in her decision about where we would live and that was that.  She had a little kitset house built on it and graciously allowed us to live in it.  I spent a considerable amount of money and time developing the section, planting pine trees and a complete garden, shrubs, banks of groundcovers, trees, etc.  The driveway was steep and unsealed, and the winds howled around the little house, shaking it to the foundations.  There was no shed to put firewood or tools in, no porch to hang your raincoat and take off your gumboots.  We were very grateful, and set about working hard making it the best we could.  I worked at the Wool Board and ENZA, picking apples, pruning grapevines, doing other people's housework and gardening, as well as waitressing and doing private catering in the evenings, to support Lily and I, and develop the property.

James Cowley and Maria Saunders enjoyed a very lavish lifestyle in the golden days of the film industry, earning obscene amounts of money, and free travel to exotic locations around the world, with all accommodation and expenses, food and alcohol, etc, paid on top of the obscene amounts of actual income.  I have several letters from James describing this lifestyle in detail, they will be on this site soon.
James and Maria bought a house on the beach front at Seatoun, in Maria's name for tax purposes, then decided to marry, at which point Joy Cowley gifted them a complete farm with beautiful old farmhouse, on the beachfront in the Marlborough Sounds.

James NEVER paid child support until AFTER he took Lily by force, by lying to the police.  He lied to anyone who came looking for him at 37 Marine Parade Seatoun, saying nobody of that name lived at the address, the incompetent social welfare department couldn't be bothered even checking!

Here is a letter from IRD dated only days after he took Lily by conspiring with a corrupt CYPS "social worker" - Deborah Houston, whose qualifications were "Nil" accorrding to the Area Manager, by stating "I have custody, Lily lives with me and is being held against her will" - all total and utter lies!  - He wasn't even on her birth certificate!  He didn't even have access or guardianship rights let alone custody!  His own mother said he shouldn't have unsupervised access because of his mental instability and manipulative tendencies.

This is where he inherited those tendencies from by the look of it:

At left is the police report which documents the lies told to police by James Cowley - "I have custody, Lillie lives with me, and is being held against her will"- indeed.  Remember the letter about him not having unsupervised access?  He wasn't even on her birth certiificate - he'd never even sent her a birthday card, and couldn't even spell her name.

Unqualified CYPS social worker Deborah Houston and Sgt Mark Napier got a telling off for listening to these lies once before (in 1992, four years earlier to the very day) and sending Lily off to live with her father because Deborah Houston deemed it the best thing to do, after YPS records show that someone reported seeing a bruise on Lily's arm two weeks earlier, but hadn't thought anything about it at the time, but suddenly made an issue out of it coincidentally at the same time as an issue had arisen regarding my election to the Board of Trustees.

Lily wrote a letter describing how her father had left her home alone, days after this placement by Houston and Napier - an offence in itself - she was ten years old!

Above is the CYPS notes documenting the abuse by Richard and Lorraine, the CYPS approved Open Home Foundation "caregivers" that my daughter was abused by in 1996.  Nothing was done about this whatsoever by either CYPS or Police.  So who's the child abuser again?

Above are the vague ramblings of Debbie Houston and James Cowley - this is like some witch hunt!
James had no legal status regarding Lily whatsoever - he wasn't even on her birth certificate!  He certainly wasn't in any position to authorise paedophile doctor John Sheardown's "examination".  I was, and I was only about ten feet away at the time, but I was completely and utterly ignored.

Two more pages above demonstrate what a monster Deborah Houston is.  "There are to be no phone calls unless authorised by me" blah blah - this is a "social worker" whose qualifications are "Nil" according to the CYPS Area Manager, it is later revealed.

Then we get down to the real reason for Lily's removal.  She wanted to be like the other girls at Woodford House.  The page numbered 44/55, dated the 11th April, the second to last paragraph describes how apparently some of the other girls at Woodford had been a real problem,calling out names at me when they went past.  This is an orchestrated litany of lies made up by Deborah Houston, Joy Cowley, James Cowley et al. But wait - there's more:

Here's the letter James Cowley wrote to the family meeting he couldn't even be bothered going to (after he insisted it be held in Wellington and everyone else in the family be forced to travel there).

Lily was ten years old and he couldn't spell her name, and had obviously never paid child support.

In spite of this pitiful letter, and the results of the FGC, James Cowley got away with never paying child support, lying to everyone, including our daughter, about that fact, sending our daughter to live with a pair of recidivist paedophiles (Open Home Foundation "caregivers" Richard and Lorraine), and then sending her flatting nine days after this abuse was reported , to teach her a lesson for "not pulling her weight around the house."
This is the latest arrogant response from Laitisha Kovaleski, who gets paid - well overpaid - for making a career of telling people like me to shut up and go away with this rubbish she writes.

This is information about me.  The child support and "maintenance" as it was called before the government restructured the Social Welfare Department and created WINZ, IRD and the myriad of little organisations we have now, was payable to me as our daughter's caregiver, it is information about me which I am entitled.

Tax payers are funding many so-called public servants like arrogant women Laetisha Kovaleski and Tara Sewell to hide information from people instead of providing it.  They should be sacked.  I'm sick of being a beneficiary because arrogant, incompetent, lazy and corrupt public servants working for the same incompetent and corrupt government department who failed to collect the child support in the first place deny me the information about it, while freely giving information about me to anyone who will listen - like the South End School!  There is a considerable amount of information I am entitled to under this request as Ms Kovaleski knows perfectly well.  She mentions the letter about the $17,263.70, but only because I specifically mentioned it, there is a considerable amount of information about James Cowley's assessments and payments - or rather lack of them!  Look at her arrogant title - Official Information Editor indeed!  Joy Cowley paid our daughter $30,000 to say she was abused.  The evidence speaks for itself and shows that the  allegation by Wendy Taylor is about bruising she allegedly saw TWO WEEKS BEFORE reporting it, that she only reported it because of the attempt to get me off the Board of Trustees - if the bruises were anything to be worried about she would have done something at the time!  Then there's the evidence about James ringing the police and CYPS incessantly with stories about "two bodies will be found at the bottom of the cliff" blah blah - only demonstrating the mental instability spoken of in his mother's letter!  What a crock of rubbish from a pack of selfish greedy liars!

There are updates regarding these matters at this link, and more evidence is being uploaded to these sites regularly, as resources allow.  I encourage others to consider engaging in a little transparency if they feel strongly about an injustice - if you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide according to the government - and I wasn't an abusive parent and I have nothing to hide.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mayoral Diary and letter from South End School more evidence of bullying and corruption

The Dominion Post and TV One recently publicised the matter of a Carterton man who has apparently been the subject of a leaflet which was allegedly distributed to a few local letterboxes, which, according to the police, and the man's family, contains false allegations of paedophilia against the man.
It's interesting to think that the "victim", and his family, were so very upset about being brought to attention by the few leaflets allegedly distributed, but they then sought to publicise the matter, in all the newspapers and several television channels, and blow it into even greater proportions through the media, who are ever ready to help trumpet the innocence of their favorite politicians like Gary McPhee and Georgina Beyer.  Methinks this man and his family doth protest far too much, and so do many locals who have tried to report serious crimes to the local police, and been ignored, then betrayed, then watched their abusers repeat the cycle, protected by the corrupt local constable.  Noboby in Carterton knew anything about any leaflets, this is a story cooked up by the man's family, and the police and the media, who ignore matters that are genuinely in the public interest, while making up stories to glorify their mates.

 I have been the victim of a far worse campaign of malicious gossip from the local police and certain political puppets like Georgina Beyer, Gary McPhee and their hangers on, and that the results in my case have been devastating and cost me my employment at two local schools, and are preventing me finding other employment, accomodation, and are now causing me to be openly abused and attacked by members of the public who have been deliberately misinformed by the corrupt and dishonest local police and their mates, like local bully and well known liar Gary McPhee.

I provided the same journalists with the letter to me from Gavin Kennedy, of the Board of Trustees of the South End School in Carterton, demanding that I cease my work in the school gardens because I had allegedly "been charged by the police with an offence involving a child."

I told the school immediately, as soon as I became aware of the allegation, that it was untrue.  The Principal, Rod O'Leary said he had received contrary information from the Police and the Mayor, and that if charges of child abuse had not been laid against me by the police they would be soon, O'Leary told me and other people that the Police had hard evidence against me of child abuse.  I repeatedly told him I had not been charged with any such offence.

I immediately requested all information held by the school about me or the gardens, under the OIA and the Privacy Act, and I requested all information from the police regarding the matters also.

I also requested the immediate return of all equipment brought to the site by me and our organisation, Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens, or donated through our organisation.  This property belongs to us, it was provided in good faith for a community garden, it wasn't given to teach children vandalism, theft and bullying.

Our organisation was formed by me and Jennifer Armstrong over ten years ago out of the ruins of the Carterton Community Centre, central to the corruption allegations surrounding the management of the Centre by people associated with the District Council, was a "personal grievance payment" relating to the Gardens.  This is just more of the same corruption.  We asked Mr Gavin Kennedy to help us erect a fence around the garden at the school when we started over twelve months ago, we asked the Board to assist with watering the gardens over the holidays and assist us with a working bee, all efforts to communicate with the Board were rejected and ignored.  "We Build Fences" it says on all Mr Kennedy's business vehicles (and he's got a few now) - yes but only if there's money involved: Mr Kennedy and his mates let us do all the hard work, and used the goodwill we have generated in the community for over ten years of faithful service to the community, and then he and his mates moved in and took over what we had lovingly created with the children, as soon as the funding money came in.  Twelve months after spreading lies about me and stealing everything we worked for, the gardens at the school are an absolute disgrace.  There is no plan, no sustainability, the Board of Trustees and Whaia Michelle (who personally arranged the destruction of our plants) have ripped out and thrown away plants that were donated, and the gardens are now over run with weeds.  Our organisation built a great garden out of nothing with the children, and maintained it sustainably.

Repeated requests for input and communication from the Board of Trustees, access to resources, etc, were ignored.  A letter was given to the school from Friends of the Gardens for publication in the school newsletter, and I asked that it be faxed to the local newspapers including the Carterton Crier ('edited' by Councillor Brian Poulson (whose wife left him and whose daughter lives with the owner of the local brothel and lied regarding the paternity of her daughter in order to falsely claim child support from her previous boyfriend, who pimped her out on the streets of Auckland prior to the birth of her first child - great role models, just the sort of people we don't want on the District Council) who was gifted editorial control of the Carterton Crier by the Town and Country Development Group, (also funded by the Council unlike the Community Gardens), led by John Gordon who was largely responsible for the illegal closure of the Carterton Community Centre).  This letter thanked all the people and local businesses who had donated money, goods and services to the Gardens at the South End School, including Parkvale Mushrooms, Oldfields, Mrs F R Armstrong, Mary from Mitre 10 in Masterton, Landsdowne Nurseries, High Street Plants, Ryan Smock, Alec, and everyone else who has supported the Gardens.  The letter was never published in the either the school newsletter, the Carterton Crier - edited by incumbent councillor Brian Poulsen - or the Wairarapa Times-Age who promote Beyer and McPhee.

I have had no response from either the school or the police to my information request and my request for clarification of the false allegation, except a trespass notice from the school.  The other day the teacher known as Whaia Michelle screamed "F**k off" and "why don't you just f**k off" at me at the top of her voice outside the school in front of several children, passers by and neighbours, after I mentioned that after she had pulled out our vegetable plants several months previously, it was disappointing to see that nothing had been planted to replace them, and the bed was just full of weeds and a totally unproductive eyesore.
I have evidence that the school has received a number of complaints from parents regarding the letter sent to me, and about the general behaviour and teaching ability of "Whaia Michelle".  Ripping out plants which were provided and planted and patiently and lovingly maintained, throwing them away and letting weeds take over is outright vandalism, theft and bullying.
Furthermore, I am told that parents who complained to senior staff including the Principal, Rod O'Leary, were told further slanderous lies about me.  Mr O'Leary told people that the police have hard evidence against me of the allegation.  THIS IS AN UTTER LIE, ROD OLEARY AND GAVIN KENNEDY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES, AND A COMMISSIONER SHOULD BE APPOINTED TO INVESTIGATE THESE MATTERS, OUR COMMUNITY DESERVES BETTER, AND I CERTAINLY DO.  This allegation is a result of a blackmailer called Tracy Feast, a jealous and manipulative woman, and her friend Michael Francis Murphy, who came to my house with McPhee looking for a confrontation on the 6th February 2010, and came back and smashed my door in and assaulted me on the 11th February 2009.
The Mayoral Diary shows that McPhee was very busy in the days prior to the attack. at my home, harassing and intimidating me, with Michael Murphy, well known for threatening behaviour against women, meeting with the ex partner of Tracy Feast, and meeting with the police and the principal of the South End School, and all of this just prior to the attack on me and the letter from the Board of Trustees.
When I went to the library to get a copy of the Mayoral Diary documenting all this, I was charged with criminal Trespass, taken to Court goodness how many times before the police again dropped the charges, after wasting the time of the Court all those times, and after wasting all the legal aid money that they conspired with the local lawyers to milk from the tax payers and rate payers.  The charges were laid maliciously and vexatiously, I simply walked into the library, got the copies and walked out again, and the librarian Ewen Hyde made the complaint to the police as an abuse of his power to prevent me accessing the information and making it publicly available.
There are hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse cases in the Wairarapa, including the ones involving the people who came to my home with McPhee and the police, and smashed my door in and attacked me, McPhee has a habit of smashing in innocent people's doors in and attacking them with his bullying mates, while they're minding their own business and not breaking any laws.  Meanwhile McPhee is busy having cups of tea with people, and  posing for pictures, and making unhappy looking babies pose for them too, whether they like it or not, to advertise his latest marvellous plan to stamp out violence in the Wairarapa - by - wait for it  - printing bumper stickers saying "Lets Kill People", and all the police have been doing is maintaining a corrupt campaign of malicious litigation which amounts to a serious attempt to pervert the course of justice.                                                                                                                                
 When lawyers complained to police on behalf of victims of McPhee's drunken rampage, police arrogantly replied "I presume you're refering to Mayor Gary's unique response to a noise complaint that attracted so much media attention.  It was decided at the time that no charges were to be laid."  There That sounds like the response to the complaint about the violent attack at the Carterton Community Centre when the Secretary and Treasurer was punched in the face by the Chairman of the committee, which included the chairman's mates Deputy Mayor Ruth Carter, District Councillors Elaine Brazendale, Jill Greathead, Council employees Ewen Hyde, Martyn Preece, and Council "Support Services Manager" and corrupt Deputy Electoral Officer Julie Hallam, after inquiring into the fraud and gross misfeasance by the committee.  Police Area Commander Rod Drew decreed that because he was aware that Georgina Beyer and the District Councillors and Mayor had discussed the closure of the Centre it was most unlikely that any criminal law had been broken, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, and all the lawyer's letters pointing out the evidence.  Wrong link, but check it out anyway, the letter I'm referring to is quoted in dark red print and there is a link to the letter with that statement in it.

Almost every single one of the many, many, charges the local police bring against me are thrown out.  The two that weren't were based on the totally unsubstantiated word of a well known local criminal, who co-incidentally works for the local "news"paper, who apparently has 68 recent convictions for dishonesty, and in the other case, the word of John Crawford, who closed down the community centre illegally and has no credibility whatsoever because of the vast volume of evidence showing that he is a liar, and who, with his crooked thieving mates, has tried to conceal the fraud and corruption at the Carterton Community Centre unsuccessfully for the last ten years.  I'm not a criminal, I had two extremely minor convictions 30 years ago and haven't broken the law since.  Then the local police started focusing their attention on me, instead of focusing on the violent crime and child abuse, etc.

It started with the charge of Billsticking, that was thrown out when the police failed to turn up for the hearing, just like on the 8th December last year.

Then we have the five charges arising from the meeting to discuss the new community 'facility in 2007.'

The charges were thrown out before the police could even finish putting the case for the prosecution to the Court after it became obvious to everyone that the officer in charge of the case was going to stand up and commit perjury in the face of contrary evidence given by another police officer.  Another monumental waste of taxpayers money, spent in a failed attempt to pervert the course of justice.  Several witnesses called the police and asked to make complaints about Georgina Beyer's threatening and disorderly behaviour, and all these witnesses were ignored and the police refused to take their complaints, or witness statements.

Peter Cunningham and Gary McPhee conspired to pervert the course of justice regarding the attack on me in my home on 11th February 2009, the threatening text messages sent to me by Rachel Betteridge of Vivian Street, Masterton, saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back", and several other matters.
I was charged several times with trespass - unsuccessfully, mainly - for going in to the library and copying the Mayoral Diary, in another attempt to pervert the course of justice and waste the time of the Court and the taxpayer's money, pursuing the vendetta of a few corrupt and incompetent local political aspirants.
I'll put up the incident reports that police based the arrest and prosecutions on, and readers will see clearly the corruption, the waste of time and waste of taxpayer's money on this petty vendetta, and they will realise just how much time and energy the police have devoted to this while the crime and suicide rates continue to skyrocket.  They'll figure it out for themselves.  More soon.

Here, especially for "Sceptic", is evidence of the community spirit of Julie Hallam and Elaine Brazendale and their friends, this letter says it all really, the only way they stay in power is by preventing the community from hearing what other people have to say.  DON"T VOTE for any candidate that won't take a stand on these issues, which is all of them except me so far - where's Ron Mark's blog?  Or Janine Vollebrecht's?  Greatheads?  What have any of them had to say about the murder of Paul Irons, or McPhee's violent assault on the innocent occupants of a local flat?  Ron Mark's had his chance, he's only interested in his own career, he has had no active part in local politics, had no published opinions on local issues like the murder of Paul Irons, etc, not felt strongly enough to comment, Mark will just be another Beyer or McPhee, but more sneaky.  Here's Hallam and Brazendale's letter refusing our group permission to use the Ron Wakelin Centre for a community meeting to discuss the illegal takeover and mismanagement of the Carterton Community Centre, of which Brazendale and Hallam were committee members along with fellow members of all three organisations, Jill Greathead, and Ruth Carter, and Rob Harris, who was booted out after two universities raised concerns about his ethics, or rather lack of ethics:

These other two letters show clearly that Edwin and Owen Perry knew perfectly well what was going on at the Carterton Community Centre and just chose to ignore it.  They knew that the books hadn't been audited.  "Give back the books" indeed!  I told Edwin Perry what I told the police - that I would hand the information to an appointed auditor.  Mediation?  Edwin Perry knew perfectly well about Elaine Brazendale's refusal to engage in mediation, as evidenced by the letter from the Mediation Service.  And what's Ron Mark going to do about this?   Here's the link to the Minutes of the CCC featuring Hallam's actions, here's her name on this letter telling the community we can't have a meeting at our Health Centre

Art Fart Stinks: Roffe, Crawford, Kingsley get their snouts in the trough:

Art fart stinks: More money in the pockets of District Councillor's mates

This is the record of the Community Grants given out by the Carterton District Council for the 2002/2003 financial year, the Minutes of a Council meeting held in October 2002, and a letter, dated 12 August 2003, signed on behalf of the Carterton District Council by Julie Hallam, refusing our organisation, Friends of the Carterton Community Gardens, any funding at all "because our organisation was not a legal entity."  Julie Hallam was the very person who tried to cover up all the theft at the CCC, she was one of the very worst offenders in this disgraceful business, she was working for the District Council, a major funder of the Centre, and then just have a read of the documents she signed closing the Centre and trying to make sure nobody could be held liable for their fraud and misfeasance!  Hallam lied about my election nomination deposit and stole $400 from me by doing so.

Hallam was the Deputy Electoral Officer at the last local body election, and lied about my expense return.  Like Tony Feinson, who punched me in the face in the office of the Carterton Community Centre, to try and cover up the fraud and gross misfeasance at the Centre by the committee, which included Feinson and Hallam, Hallam died of cancer not long after stealing our $400 and lying about it - poetic justice for someone who worked so hard to steal $400 off the less privileged people of Carterton, the people who voted for me.  The election was corrupt, the evidence is on the post Election by Deception.  Hallam should have just returned OUR money.  Feinson and Hallam were on the committee of the CCC and Hallam's contribution was to ensure that the committee were indemnified against criminal charges for the fraud and misfeasance.  The motion was seconded by the mother of the administrator fiddling the books, Bev Thomas.  Council Civil Defence Officer Martyn Preece was cheating on his wife, living with Bev Thomas and her sister, (he later married Adrienne Thomas and they all went off overseas with the money they ripped off from the poor).  Preece had glaringly obvious conflicts of interest, as did Noeline Thomas, and I am told that Elaine Brazendale was a Thomas, and also related to Bev Thomas.

The Carterton District Council is corrupt.  The Audit Report (scroll down at that link, the highlights are at the end of lawyer Michael Appleby's formal complaint) confirms that they are also grossly incompetent.  Incumbent Councillors sought their positions because they saw an opportunity to take advantage and benefit themselves and their mates.  I seek a position on the Council because I see an opportunity to make the Wairarapa somewhere to be proud of.  When elected I will focus on dramatically reducing crime, suicide, child abuse and unemployment.  I understand what the real problem is, and how to fix it.  I've put my money where my mouth is, and walked the walk.  The local "news" papers are printing a pack of lies making local idiots like Georgina Beyer and Gary McPhee and the local corrupt and useless police out to be heroes.  This site will put the record straight, make sure you tune in regularly.

Hallam and her other mates on the Council, Ruth Carter, etc, are the same ones who gave Sean Crawford $1000 to have a two week "art" exhibition at what was then the Prime Art Space in Masterton!  Since when was Sean Crawford a legal entity and why was he given $1000 to have a two week exhibition in a FREE gallery - it was FREE to exhibit at Prime Art Space.

The record of Council grants shows that our organisation was the only one to have any conditions whatsoever attached, and we were only given the grant on the condition we provide Council with a detailed work plan and "purpose of the community garden."  The plan was evident, and based on the New Zealand Gardening Calendar and other basic resource materials, the purpose and success of the Garden was also evident as we told the Council: the purpose was to encourage every home to grow a garden, of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers, with an emphasis on edible products, and encourage the storage and consumption of produce, and trading of surplus through a Community Market - have a look at the latest funding request to the Council from Green Dollars (on the Council website, link will be up soon).  Professional rip off artist Larry Manson, aka Ljinon Manson, and his wife Catie Lou Manson have their snouts in the trough again through the Green Dollar scheme - people who have been proven to thieve money from charity like these two have should be booted out of any involvement in community organisations and refused any further funding for their self serving schemes!

We produced food for our food bank, to assist people in the community in immediate need, we helped them in the long term by making them a vegetable garden, giving them peach and plum tree seedlings, etc.  We established these gardens and orchards in local schools and playcentres, etc.  We've worked for eleven years to make this community a better place, while the same people go on ripping of the funding, aided by the same group of District Councillors, corrupt local police,etc.

We also had an extremely positive effect on the attitude of every person who came through the gate of the community garden to do community hours imposed by the Court.  We helped our clients develop work skills, personal integrity, social skills, their own potential, and anything else that they or we felt could do with developing at the time.  We listened to people, and helped them into rehabilitation that worked, jobs, we helped repair family relationships, we did a huge amount for the community.  In spite of Julie Hallam and her mates refusing us funding.  We want to know whether Helen Staples, the recipient of a large amount of money and many of the assets of the CCC is/was related to Adrienne Staples, Mayor of South Wairarapa, repeated requests for confirmation or denial have been ignored, so you have to ask yourself why that might be.

The Council Minutes then show that in October 2003 the Council agreed to give $1000 to John Crawford and John Gordon - the very same thieving crooks who had the cheek to announce the closure of the Carterton Community Centre four months earlier and the theft of all the funds and assets of the ten organisations and ten bank accounts controlled by the committee - just to come up with a plan for their silly "gaslight project" - and where are these famous gaslights?  Nobody's ever seen them, although rumours abound that they grace the estates of Council officers and employees.  Note that it was their mates Brazendale and Carter from the Community Centre committee that voted for them to get their hands on the money.  

The recent Wai Art Awards which were won by none other than the organiser, Anna Marie Kingsley for her utterly nauseating paintings of old taps is another good example.  A letter to the editor of a local paper shortly after the award, written by a local art teacher, said what the entire community thought - that her "work" was rubbish which nobody liked and nobody believed had won on the merit of the "work"

NZ scores a C for Corrupt Complaint Resolution and D for Damage Control

I've made a few complaints in my time about unjust, unfair or seriously wrong decisions of public servants, etc, and been amazed at the response.  On the left is a letter from the soon to be ex Mayor of Carterton, Martin Tankersley.  The annotation, from Edwin Perry's brother Owen, a nice chap, reads:

"4/9/03.  To:  Kate  From: Edwin Perry.  Copy of letter from Martin Tankersley.  Please note - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY."

Why should this letter be for my eyes only?  It is about the community petition calling for an inquiry into the affairs of the Carterton District Council and Community Centre, evidence that Tankersley tried to pervert the course of justice; and conspired with Beyer and the group associated with the District Council of which he was Mayor, regarding the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre.  Tankersley knew perfectly well, and so did Beyer, and all the group associated with the Council who took over the Community Centre illegally, that Council accountant Lyn Patterson joined the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice when she wrote the following:

The financial statements and supporting schedules of Carterton Community Centre for
the year ended 31 March 2001 have been complied solely for my client.
A compilation is limited to the collection, classification and summarisation of financial information supplied by the client. A compilation does not involve the verification of that information. I have accepted the information and explanations provided by the client and have not audited or reviewed the financial statements. Further, the financial statements have been prepared at the request of and for the purpose of the client and I disclaim any responsibility on any ground whatsoever, including liability in negligence, to any other person.

Lyn Patterson Carterton
Chartered Accountant 20 September 2001
Martyn Tankersley knew the books had never been audited, and that I had never been removed from my positions as Secretary and Finance Officer, so did Beyer the Liar and the others associated with the Carterton District Council and the Wairarapa police, who conspired to cover up the massive fraud and incompetence, and give those responsible for the misfeasance and fraud free rein once again to rip off the more vulnerable members of the community and steal from the tax payers and rate payers.  Item 3 is Mayor Tankersley's response to the request for a copy of the audited accounts of the Carterton Community Centre for the financial year 2000-2001.  The Minutes of the Committee meeting show that money was taken from several different bank accounts and recorded as "miscellaneous".  The payment was one of two on the go at the time I was elected to the committee as Secretary and Finance Officer, and had not only not been recommended by the Employment Tribunal, but had been made against legal advice.

The people of Carterton called for the affairs of the Centre to be audited by lawyers and accountant, not looked over by 
a transvestite prostitute.  

Who in their right mind would pay a transvestite prostitute nearly $1000 a week to teach to town's youth her "life skills"?  Beyer hasn't got any life skills!  Nobody in their right mind would give 'her' a job, "she" never had a proper job in "her" life, after being a stripper and prostitute, Beyer got a job at the Carterton Community Centre because the committee, who were mainly associated with the Carterton District Council, inexplicably decided that hiring a transvestite prostitute to teach at risk youth of the town life skills was a good idea.  The also hired silly old Jo Roffe to run "art and craft courses" part time - these people who claim they do voluntary work in the community are often receiving huge amounts of taxpayer funding.  Roffe was getting $600 a week in 2000, and paid for many months when there was no courses even being run. The standard of the courses was appallingly bad, there were no performance reviews, audits, checks and balances, no proper records kept, no policies and procedures, the Rules and Constitution are a joke, as is the Minutes Book.

The attitude of the local police is indisputably corrupt and some of the evidence can be found at this link.