"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coroner's findings regarding the death of Steven Wallace, shot by Police:

Steven Wallace was shot in Waitara by Police Constable Keith Abbott.

Here is the Coroner's findings on the death of Steven Wallace (which can also be viewed at this link), and the response of the Police complaints authority is at this link.

Paragraph forty seven is particularly disturbing, as are the actions of Kristy McDonald.

The recommendation that Police should be drug and alcohol tested has been ignored to date.  So has the recommendation that the Police review secrecy provisions:

14.23.2013 - Shane Cowlishaw, Fairfax:

"Work on implementing one of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct has been quietly shelved because of a lack of resources.

The commission, headed by Dame Margaret Bazley, was set up in 2004 in response to allegations by Louise Nicholas of police rape and coverup.

Its report was published in 2007, making 60 recommendations, including a revamped code of conduct and the recruitment of more women.

Twelve recommendations were also made regarding the Independent Police Conduct Authority, the body set up to investigate complaints.

But almost six years on from the report, one recommendation aimed at ensuring those complaints are investigated properly has been canned.

A briefing from the Ministry of Justice to Justice Minister Judith Collins, provided under the Official Information Act, reveals work on the recommendation requiring the ministry to review the secrecy provisions in the authority's legislation was stopped in July last year.

The authority and its staff are required to maintain secrecy in all matters, and information cannot be used in criminal or disciplinary proceedings.

Authority members cannot be called to give evidence.

The recommendation demanded that the secrecy provision be reviewed to ensure it did not inappropriately prevent the authority from investigating complaints that may result in criminal or disciplinary proceedings against members of the police.

In 2009 the work was put on hold because of "other Government priorities" and it was recommended it be stopped altogether.

The main risk in discontinuing the work was an "adverse public perception" that the authority is ineffective and simply refers matters back to police, it said.

"Although there is merit in undertaking further policy development on this issue, this is not a priority for the Government or agencies in the context of competing justice sector priorities."

Ms Collins said the review of secrecy provisions had been discontinued to progress other justice sector priorities.

"And the proof is in the pudding - New Zealanders continue to have high levels of trust and confidence in our police."

She said it would be "most inappropriate" for her to ask the IPCA, an independent body, to speed up or slow down its inquiries.

IPCA spokesman Andrew Baxter said each case was regularly reviewed to assess the impact it had, or may have, on criminal investigations as well as on judicial and coronial processes.

Some investigation reports may be delayed because of ongoing criminal proceedings, such as its look into complaints stemming from the Urewera raids."

How long are New Zealanders going to put up with this bullshit and blatant corruption!?

Our Police force are a disgrace!  Local officers have engaged in blatant politically motivated corruption involving serious violence - and have been involved in a so called 'investigation' into how they've been throwing hundreds of child abuse files in the rubbish bin and LYING about it - the so called 'inquiry' into it has been nothing but a great big gravy train for all involved!  It never even involved interviewing Mark McHattie!  And both him and the Area Commander have been actually PROMOTED instead of imprisoned!

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