"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

Until we have legislation adopted into law to ensure fiduciary accountability and transparency in public affairs we will continue to have human rights breached because the existing crown immunity and lack of any independent oversight invites corruption to flourish.

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Witnesses evidence confirms Harvey Pope's sadistic corruption:

I've complained to local police more than once about people who deliberately try to hit me with their cars when I'm cycling.  It's bad enough having to dodge the car doors opening without the homicidal maniacs round here.

This affidavit was recently read out in Court by the person who wrote it - police continue to refuse to take any action whatsoever about this matter, or my other complaints - this is taxpayer funded corruption:

"My name is [withheld to protect privacy of witness].  I am a sheep and beef farmer from [withheld to protect privacy] near Masterton.  I have known Kate Raue for about ten years.

In January 2011 Julian Tyerman, a glazier I know, came to my farm to look at replacing a window and other carpentry work.  While in conversation with Julian Tyerman he invited me to join a group (I believe there were four of them) that were harassing Kate Raue.  He said they had followed her away from Masterton Court and had verbally harassed her.  He seemed to think it was funny.  He also said they had knocked her off her bike, on another occasion, on a Carterton road, with a car.

I was quietly incredulous at what he was saying and asking me to join in with.  There was zero chance that I would join in.  I was concerned about what was happening to Kate Raue.  Julian has told me that he uses drugs and I assume that is the explanation for what he was saying and doing.  I told him to leave Kate alone.  He didn't appear receptive to that idea.  I was concerned about Kate being assaulted with a motor vehicle and physically threatened and consequently in distressing circumstances.  I decided to catch up with her when the opportunity arose.

I bumped into Kate a week or so later but didn't let her know what I knew.  Kate had a cut to her hand and face and I asked her "What happened to you?"  She told me she had been knocked off her bike with a car and the people in the car had laughed as they drove away.  She said she had made a complaint to the police but Harvey Pope, a Carterton policeman wouldn't take a complaint.

I commiserated with her over the matter but still didn't let on I knew someone who had been in the car.  It was clear to me that Kate's version of events tallied exactly with what Julian Tyerman had told me.  I decided to maintain contact with Kate as and when I could.  I am a sheep and cattle farmer running three properties ranged over 30 miles apart and am busy, so couldn't see Kate often.

On 10 February 20011 I discovered the unoccupied house on the Waiohine runoff property had been broken into.  A cast iron cooker and lead acid batteries had been taken - scrap metal.  I went to police to make a complaint the next day.  I spoke with senior constable Harvey Pope.  While there Malcolm Blair came into report a suspicious vehicle on the same rural road.  Malcolm owns a lifestyle property on that road, ten miles from Carterton.  He said the occupants of the suspicious vehicle were looking for scrap metal.  Malcolm Blair spends most of his year in England and appears to stay at Waiohine in the Tararuas about one month a year at most.  His place is unoccupied most of the year and has seen a series of burglaries too.

Unbidden by anything either Malcolm Blair or I had said, Constable Harvey Pope launched into a verbal attack on Kate Raue, telling Malcolm "If you ever see Kate Raue, have nothing to do with her" and "She's just a sociopath".  I had been told by Julian Tyerman that Kate had a blogsite and that it had upset Police and others.  I thought that was what had upset Harvey Pope.  He was vociferous in his criticism and condemnation of Kate to the point of negating her as a person.

I said "Look, I've been invited to join a group that's harassing Kate Raue.  they have followed her away from Court in Masterton and harassed her."

Harvey Pope didn't seem much interested but asked me if I was going to join in.  Of course, I said I was not.

I said "They have alsso knocked her off her bike with a car."

He replied "As far as I am concerned she deserves what she gets."

I was in disbelief at what I was hearing.  He further stated "Anyway, they hit her with the door"  As if the door is not part of the car, and as if to diminish the assault.  To know what part of the car hit Kate Harvey Pope had to have talked to the person(s) who did it, as Kate herself didn't know.

Kate could have been killed or seriously injured in this incident.  She had visible injuries but policeman Harvey Pope would not take a complaint from her,  His action in not taking a complaint when he knew that an offence had occured and how it had occured is inexplicable to me.  His statement "As far as I am concerned she deserves what she gets" is a sanction allowing the offenders to do it.  Perhaps to do it again.

I believe those things are a corruption of police procedures by Harvey Pope.

When Kate Raue says she is harassed by a group of Carterton individuals who take physical action against her, she is telling the truth.  Also when she says she is harassed by a group of Carterton individuals who take physical action against her, she is telling the truth.

On a personal level, some years ago I had a a disagreement with a Carterton mechanic, Nicholas Andrews, who proceeded to let my ute's tyres down whenever I went to the hotel to socialise.  I left it to the Police to handle it, and they were going to do 'this and that'.  One night when I left the hotel my tyres hadn't been let down.  I was surprised the problem was that regular.  Suspiciously checking the wheels I found that the front wheel nuts had been undone, enough to precipitate a crash.  I drive in hill country roads going home.

I went to police the following week to make a complaint.  Despite the previous attacks on my vehicle Harvey Pope wouldn't take a complaint, despite my protests.  I knew then and also from subsequent events that I could be murdered using those methods and police were likely to treat it as a car 'accident'.  I took it seriously and haven't drank in a Carterton hotel for about 8 years.  I rarely drink at all, these days. I walked away and just work.  Because of the above events I know how Kate Raue feels and what risk she is at when no complaint was taken by Harvey Pope.  I believe the Court should look at the road he is heading down.  Respectfully I say that, I ask it.

Sworn at Masterton by me [Name withheld to protect privacy] this 2nd day of May 2011 before P D McEwen, JP #8181 Masterton.

Julian Tyerman is an evil and malicious individual who exposed himself by writing an evil malicious blog about me, in which he urges me publicly to commit suicide - Tyerman's own brother committed suicide and I can see why!

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