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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disgust at bleating about disgraced ex cop Bruce Hutton:

In the latest insult to Rochelle Crewe, sole survivor of the murders that killed her parents Harvey and Jeanette Crewe, Erin O'Neill, the daughter of disgraced ex police officer Bruce Hutton was gifted the front page of the national newspapers to grandstand and spread further propaganda regarding Hutton - who was found to have perverted the course of justice regarding the framing of Arthur Allan Thomas for the murders of the Crewes.

In response to this shameful display by the biased main stream media, who also gave oxygen to recent comments by Police officers Mike Bush and Peter Marshall, here's a letter to Hutton from Keith Hunter, who has been methodically following the matters involving the framing of Scott Watson for two murders - despite the fact that there is no evidence of any murders - no bodies, no witnesses, nothing, apart from two missing persons, but no CREDIBLE evidence whatsoever to connect the missing persons with Scott Watson.

Here's Mr Hunter's letter to Mr Hutton:

Keith Hunter, Director.
TELEPHONE: (64-9) 360 5020; FAX: (64 -9) 360 5022; MOBILE: (0274) 747 333; Email: keith@hunterproductions.co.nz

Arthur Allan Thomas: then and now

27 April 2012

Former Detective Inspector Bruce Hutton
60 Longford Park Drive

Dear Former Detective Inspector Hutton,

I understand that the New Zealand Herald informed you on 13 April of the imminent publication of my book, The Case of the Missing Bloodstain. You reportedly responded with a promise to take action for defamation when you learned the book accused you of planting an axle in the Crewes case.

The Herald was influenced by your response and so did not publish the story it had intended for the following day, a front page lead story on the book and its claims. However the book has been published and has been available throughout the country since 16 April. As its author and publisher I have taken part in media interviews about it, both live and recorded, on both radio and television. I am sure you will be aware of that and that you will have acquired a copy in order to ascertain whether or not damage has been done to your reputation. You will have found that the book unquestionably defames you.

I have awaited your legal action but I have heard nothing from you. This letter is the result. I’d like to move things along in the public interest. I look forward to your suit. Please sue me.

You were told by the Herald that I claim that you planted an axle in the Waikato River and then ensured it could be used as evidence against Arthur Thomas. The book also claims that you knew he was innocent of the crimes you would arrest him for. You will also now know of the book’s claims that as leader of the inquiry team investigating the 1970 Crewe murders you continually and unconscionably deceived your team, the courts, the Royal Commission of Inquiry and the country at large. You will know that you are branded a liar in the book and that this is verified on page 12 and repeatedly elsewhere. Obviously you are aware that the Royal Commission of Inquiry found that you also planted a cartridge case against Thomas. The book supports that finding.

I urge you to take action for several reasons, many of them favouring my case in reply.

* While you dither, any damage you might allege is being done to your reputation must be increasing in severity. At the same time, I suggest, your tardy response must already be reducing your chances in court. If it were important to you, you should have acted immediately the book was published.

* Matters relating to the Crewes case and your part in it have awaited a hearing since 1980 but our Justice System has repeatedly refused to address them. My estimation of the reasons for that are described in the book’s epilogue.

* This is your chance to absolve yourself and recreate a reputation, and the country’s best opportunity to have the Royal Commission’s findings that you are a perjurer and planter of evidence investigated, clarified and decided at last – by the justice system.

* Your failure to take action while at the same time you threaten the press has unquestionably suppressed the book, its message and its information. This constitutes a profound attack on freedom of speech in New Zealand, especially on an apparently timid press;

* Your threat’s success in intimidating the Herald has drastically reduced the public awareness the book might otherwise have gained and this has had a profoundly negative influence on its effectiveness and on my income.

* Putting aside your inquiry’s corruptness, I would like to expose its incompetence as widely as possible, so as to inform young policemen who might otherwise follow in your footsteps.

For both your and your lawyer’s information I advise that my case in defence will include the following lines (the list is not necessarily exclusive):

* The claims of the book are my honest opinion;

* The causes of the opinion are clearly set out in the book;

* While you are undoubtedly defamed in the book this has caused no damage to your reputation because you do not have a reputation that can be damaged, both in general and in this particular context. That is, the accusation in a book that a man who is known as the policeman who planted evidence in the Crewe case planted evidence in the Crewe case cannot cause his reputation damage.

* Your actions must be seen characteristically to match your words, and you are an easily demonstrated liar whose word can have no value;

* My opinion is published in the book in the public interest.

There are several specific issues that should encourage you to act:

* Should you worry that taking action against me can promise little or no return to you, I advise that in general terms I have no legal protection against a defamation suit, and that my house is valued at $1,050,000, is but modestly mortgaged, and is held in my sole name;

* I expect to seek advice but perhaps not representation in court, so your legal counsel may well be opposed by a layman.

* I will copy this letter to the entire New Zealand press, to all of my personal and professional contacts, and to everyone I know to have read my book, with a plea that they all copy it to all of their contacts, and that those contacts copy it to their contacts and so on, in the public interest. This process might well cause everyone in the country to know of the new claims against you. Please consider the effect this could have on your reputation, if you are found to have one.

* I understand that the then Minister of Justice, Jim McLay, protected the Royal Commissioners from defamation suits by tabling their report in Parliament before it was released publically. I have yet to put my book before any parliamentarian with that in mind. However if I find that the same action can protect the press today, I will forward copies of the book to a selection of MPs with a request that they table it as cause for the Crewes Case to be re-opened and to make it available for public discussion. If that occurs before you take action against me it may be that you will be unable to do so at all.

You will need to hurry. I expect to seek parliamentary support during the coming week beginning 30 April.

Yours Faithfully

Keith Hunter
Author and Publisher of The Case of the Missing Bloodstain.

Nothing's changed since Hutton planted the cartridge case, NZ Police are incompetent and corrupt, local officers in the Wairarapa are actively enabling organised paedophilia and the distribution of methamphetamine, etc, and covering up for recidivist violent offenders - abusing victims and enabling offenders - and the so called inquiry into the deliberate cover up of the child abuse has been going on since 2007 and has NOT EVEN INTERVIEWED the main offenders - who have been actually PROMOTED instead of IMPRISONED!

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Mary O'Neill said...

what a bunch of shit. he never said anything to anyone about this case except police, close family and one reporter.