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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, March 1, 2010

An example of the wages sucked out of the former Community Centre

Jo Roffe has publicly denied that she was receiving $600 a week for her little 'craft courses' at the former Carterton Community Centre, which was the subject of serious allegations regarding the fraud and misfeasance being perpetrated by the committee by Roffe and her mates on the Carterton District Council, aided and abetted by corrupt local Constables Peter Cletus Cunningham and Harvey Alistair Pope (and others).

She was the recipient of what was then a considerable amount of money indeed for what she was actually doing, which was very dodgy indeed, after local police endorsed her funding applications in exchange for certain 'favours'.  Her "craft courses" were a local joke - until ratepayers and taxpayers found out how much she was getting paid, at which point the laughter and derision turned into anger.

Roffe was also very vocal about  her romantic relationship with local Constable Stephen Wakefield - who is mentioned in the letter from Senior Sergeant Reid of the Masterton police as the officer who conducted the alleged "thorough investigation" into our allegations of fraud and serious mismanagement at the Carterton Community Centre, in spite of the obvious conflict of interest given his relationship with Roffe.  The Carterton Community Centre was being run as a great big slush fund for Roffe and a group of people who were mainly associated with the Carterton District Council - a major funder of the Centre.  Evidence - INDISPUTABLE evidence shows how several of the instances of blatant fraud were committed, the financial records and the Minutes book confirm that thousands of dollars was stolen from different bank accounts to pay mates of committee members for so called "personal grievances" - grievances which never went anywhere near the Employment Tribunal because they were so corrupt - the payments were purely arbitrary and nothing more than thinly veiled bribes to get the 'aggrieved parties' to go away and shut up about the gross misfeasance at the Carterton Community Centre!

When I asked police for the file on the investigation into the allegations of fraud made by me and by my lawyer, Kamil Lakshman of Ainslie Hewton, I was arrogantly told by Ms Tara Sewell at NZ Police HQ that the "file does not exist".  This is because police corruptly covered up the fraud and malfeasance, violent assaults etc that occurred at the Carterton Community Centre involving Georgina Beyer (Beyer the Liar) and people associated with the Carterton District Council.  Corrupt lawyer Ainslie Hewton has done everything in her power to shut me up and have me falsely imprisoned while pocketing all the money she can get her grubby little hands on in legal aid, including pocketing fifty dollars she extorted from me as an "initial contribution towards your legal aid" - while she threw the legal aid application form in the rubbish bin, and told me to get stuffed.  Ainslie Hewton also conspired with slimy little ex cop Murray Henderson, the manager of the community law centre, to have me trespassed from the community law centre so I couldn't defend myself after Hewton refused to act for me after I began successfully challenging the Police on all the false and corrupt charges they suddenly started laying against me after I started making complaints about them.

 Funding was obtained for Roffe's 'programs' on the basis of funding applications incorporating recommendations from local police officers about the positive effect of her programs on troubled youth in the area. This was absolute rubbish, her part time courses in painting flower pots and puppet making benefited Roffe a great deal, to the tune of $600 a week plus all the perks she could rack up as "expenses" and "volunteer reimbursements" etc, but they did next to nothing for the 'troubled youth' or the community at large. These 'troubled youth' need competent and professional training in real job skills not the kindergarten level arty crafty "programs" run by Jo Roffe and Georgina Beyer, with names like Crafty Youth, etc. The programs were chaotically run and were a local joke.

 The Minutes book documents how when a question was asked about the money itemised in the financial reports as "housekeeping" it was explained that in order to get people to come to Roffe's courses they had to be bribed with free chocolate biscuits. The financial information, wages books, etc, showed that Tony Feinson was also involved in Roffe's 'courses', his 'job' appeared to be filling in the funding applications, for which he received about $300 per week - plus monthly 'bonuses' of more than $1000!

 The stark contrast in priorities was highlighted when the manager of the Community Gardens asked me, as committee liaison person for the Gardens, to ask the committee to authorise the purchase of a $20 gas burner to heat water for cups of tea for the workers at the Garden during the winter. I considered this a reasonable request and asked the committee to authorise the purchase in accordance with the Rules which required committee approval for spending. Tony Feinson, the Chairman of the committee, scoffed at the suggestion and told me to tell the workers, to bring thermoses. Thousands of dollars were being spent on Roffe's courses, and all the other ten organisations 'under the umbrella of the Community Centre, without the knowledge of the committee members, let alone their authorisation, while the only people who appeared to be doing anything worthwhile, or anything resembling real work and real work training, couldn't even offer their workers a cup of tea.  The Minutes book shows that a lot of money was spent on "chocolate biscuits" and when this was queried at a meeting, the committee was told that Roffe had to provide chocolate biscuits in order to get anyone to attend her 'courses'.

Funding applications for Roffe's 'courses' were being signed by Ruth Carter, purporting to be Secretary of the Carterton Community Centre when she was not even on the committee.  She did not attend the AGM of the Centre in 2000 and was not on the committee according to the Rules of the Society. Feinson and Roffe were paid these exorbitant sums for months after the 'courses' ended.

Roffe was also a signatory of the cheques despite not being on the committee.

Recently Roffe announced publicly that she hadn't received $600 per week for her 'courses', that the committee had offered her that amount but that she had turned it down and only received a third of that. That is an outright blatant lie. This is a copy of a page from the wages book (above), our organisation (Transparency NZ) has the cheque butts, bank statements and other information confirming indisputably that it is a lie. They also show that during the time I was acting Manager of the VOSP program (after Barb Lindsay left abruptly) set up to help people with intellectual disabilities into employment, I was paid six dollars and fifteen cents an hour.  The ten bank accounts controlled by the committee of the Carterton Community Centre were operating mainly for the benefit of the committee and their mates,  corruption and incompetence was the order of the day.

Here's the Minutes showing that money was stolen from six different bank accounts to pay a non existent personal grievance - to Helen Staples apparently - is Helen Staples related to South Wairarapa Mayor Adrienne Staples?  I made an OIA request to find out, Adrienne Staples refused to confirm or deny the proposition, which certainly leads one to believe on the balance of probabilities and the uncommonality of the surname that they are indeed directly related as many locals have claimed.

Carterton District Council employed - paid - an accountant to take care of Council accounting work.  Her name was Lyn Patterson.  As reward for covering up the fraud and malfeasance at the Carterton District Council Mrs Patterson was appointed Mayor of Masterton - there is NOTHING democratic about our local elections - that's the reason Beyer the Liar and Gary McPhee the drunken criminal bully got 'elected'.  Her fat husband Phil also got promoted - he bullies the hapless defendants in the Masterton District Court and does his bit to ensure criminals get off and good people get falsely convicted.

There have been not one but TWO substantial community petitions calling for the books of the Carterton Community Centre to be audited but they never have been - Beyer the Liar was booted out of parliament for trying to say they have been audited - that is a LIE - they have been only "complied" by Council accountant Lyn Patterson - who had a SERIOUS conflict of interest and deliberately concealed blatant and indisputable FRAUD!

The Carterton Community Centre was nothing but a private slush fund for a group of people associated with the Carterton District Council, a major funder of the Centre, and their mates - incompetent idiots like Roffe and Beyer!

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