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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wairarapa Police Pervert the Course of Justice with Michael Murphy & Tracy Feast:

The "evidence" on the Perverting the Course of Justice and Escaping Custody charges  (which can be read at this link, just click on the highlighted text) would be funny if it wasn't such a serious attempt to pervert the course of justice by the corrupt Wairarapa police, Gary McPhee, and their mates.  Have hardly had a chance to look at it myself, just read the Depositions Evidence, and it's like something out of Monty Python - honestly!  Page 7 of the Depositions Evidence in particular, the star witness for the police is asked
"So what was the question that you recall Mrs Raue saying to you about that, can you remember the words she asked you?"  Star witness for the prosecution says "Not particularly, because I've got a short term memory."
"What's that?" the greasy amicus curiae (Brian Yeoman) asks, lifting his snout out of the trough momentarily, "I've got adhd, I forget things." says the star witness, Aaron Brook.
Greasy amicus curiae asks him: "What was the question, then, that Mrs Raue asked you, or what statement did she say to you on this occasion?"  This being the whole point of the case - what did she actually say to you?
Star police witness answers: "She goes to me, she says, - I don't know, it's gone."  - Before confirming that he did indeed see Murphy in the near vicinity of my house at the time I told police he had been there (before I had even spoken to the star witness myself), thereby independently corroborating my evidence, not that of the prosecution.   This witness said in the first place that he had seen Murphy near my house at the time I had previously reported the burglary and the witness has never retracted that, despite the police trying to make out that somehow I'm lying, and concocting this absolutely unbelievable orchestrated litany of lies. - Honestly -  Monty Python stuff!
Serious questions need to be asked about how this so called evidence ever made it past a Depositions hearing!  These two Justices of the Peace are perverting the course of justice by pretending the evidence is up to the standard required to commit the matter to trial and are deliberately attempting to pervert the course of justice by pretending it did!  Read the actual Depositions transcript at this link and leave a comment below if you thing "I can't remember" "I've got ADHD" and "I forget things" is up to the standard required!

Michael Murphy's statements all conveniently ignore - deny - the fact that he repeatedly harassed and threatened me, coming to my home repeatedly, threatening and abusing me.  On 1 May 09 he states that he didn't have much to do with me after January 2009.  At Depositions on 20 November 2009 he states, when questioned about being at my address on "previous occasions": "prior to Christmas and one or two occasions after Christmas, I did go to Kate Raue's address.  This was when we were friends."  

The statements from him, and Clare Cook, and the other completely independent witnesses to his violent attack on me in my home, which were made to police on 12 February 2009, and the recordings of the phone call from another witness,  make it indisputably evident that he came to my home with deliberate, calculated, malicious intent to attack me on 11th February, and that he deliberately incited others to attack me too, by deliberately making up enormous whoppers.  Friends indeed!

He sent me text messages on about the 6th February 2009 saying "We're at your house with the cops and Gary McPhee""You smell like Satan", etc.  Oh, that's friendly all right, isn't it?

There were a number of other incidents of Murphy coming to my place and carrying on, for no reason at all apart from the fact that he is a complete and utter nutter, which is indisputably confirmed by the attack on the 11th February 2009, which is the subject of the phone calls to emergency services from a neighbour, and also from two women walking their dog at the time the attack was taking place, two of these women called 111 and the third, Clare Cook, intervened (with her dog).  They described it as "a huge fight going on" "some men have turned up in a car and are smashing up my neighbours house", "smashing down the door", etc.  This incident arose after Murphy and his friend, a very jealous woman called Tracy Feast, made up a story about how I left a 5 year old child alone in the supermarket, and after the cctv footage showed this to be utter rubbish, the story changed to another whopper about how I allegedly took said 5 year old to the supermarket without her mother's permission - as if this is any sort of excuse for a violent home invasion and assault even if it had been true - which it was not!

The police "Offence Report" of the attack on 11th February 2009 is like something out of Monty Python, an orchestrated litany of lies.  Police deny that any attack took place.  The statement of one of the witnesses, Clare Cook or Kelly Wilson, refers to Murphy shouting "Get out of the way Kana, and I'll smash down the door."  Oh, friendly all right.. 

Police corruptly refuse to release the tape of this call, clearly overpaid Manager of the Police Communication Centre, Inspector Wayne Ewers, claiming that "According to the Privacy Act you are not entitled to any information that has been created by other people." - Yeah, right.  What section of the Privacy Act says that?  What rubbish!  - What outright corruption!

The local police, however, in response to the same request, provided me with a disc with 46 tracks of police radio calls, including one from my neighbour, which I was previously unaware of, containing the words quoted above.  

Not included in any of the 46 tracks was the call from the two women who intervened, OR the call I made myself.

Police did however, provide me with written information regarding my own call though, and very interesting it is too.  It says:  "Caller extremely rude and abusive" and other rubbish, which is totally contradicted by the audio recording the police provided after I complained to the Privacy Commissioner with four tracks including the call I made, but NOT the one from Clare Cook and Kelly Wilson.

Here is the transcript of the "extremely rude and abusive" call:

The audio recording of the call makes it clear that I am NOT shouting.

I went out briefly on 8th April in the afternoon and returned at 4:45 pm to see Murphy leaving my address with a satchel that had been on the dining room table.  I immediately advised police of the burglary.

Later that evening two boys who lived over the road came to my house and volunteered the information that they had seen Murphy drive out of Brooklyn Road and into High Street at the same time I had previously told police that he had done so.  They have never retracted that, or wavered in their certainty about seeing Michael Murphy in the same place at the same time as I had reported to the police.

Murphy came and took the disc because it was evidence of his violent attack.  Police are saying there was no attack and I am just a mad woman who is making it all up.

Police didn't even interview Murphy, after the burglary on 8th April, until 1st of May, and still refuse to release the audiotape of the phone call to emergency services from Clare Cook and Kelly Wilson on 11 February 2009, because Murphy can be heard screaming threats at me in the background of the audiotape, as noted in Clare Cook's statement.  Despite all the evidence of violence in the Wairarapa, police are still getting away with this outright, blatant corruption, protecting repeat violent offenders like Murphy, and violent lunatic Gary McPhee.

This corruption has been going on for years, and getting worse all the time.  It is the reason for the completely unacceptable rates of crime, suicide, child abuse, etc.  Tracy Feast has played her part in the suicide rates in the Wairarapa, already the cause of at least one suicide, not content with leaving one little girl without a mother, Tracy Feast continues to cause trouble with her manipulative lies.  She incited the attack on me on 11th February, along with Michael Murphy.

Murphy threatened me in the local supermarket on about the 15th November 2009, approaching me in front of a woman I was speaking with, after he had been warned not to come near me after the attack on the 11th February 2009, he said "You better make sure you turn up to Court on the 8th [December 2009] and don't waste everyone's time by not turning up or you'll be sent to prison."

Predictably, it was the police officer in charge of the case, Constable Laura Rhymer, who didn't turn up, wasting everyone's time, tax payer's money, police resources, Court resources, Crown resources, public resources, finite, limited resources.  - Local police have been recently damned and shamed by headlines regarding revelations that there are hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse allegations being ignored by the very police who have been harassing me with a campaign of malicious and vexatious prosecutions, mainly unsuccessful because they are based on corrupt evidence, or more usually, no evidence.

Rhymer applied for leave two working days before the defended hearing set down for the 8th December 2009 when police realised that Judge Behrens would be hearing the case.  Judge Behrens QC had previously recognised in his written Judgement that the police had used force against me and not arrested me and acted completely unlawfully at the public meeting at which Georgina Beyer the Liar delivered her vicious, nasty, personal attack on me.

That Judgement begins:  "This case has taken some unusual turns. . . . ."  And so it had.  I'll put the transcript of the evidence up soon, including that of Georgina Beyer, Carterton Destruct Councillors Elaine Brazendale and Jill Greathead, Ewen Hyde (Council librarian and general nuisance in these matters) and the Wairarapa Police - not a single member of the community, or the public, apart from those associated with the Council or the Police, would give evidence for the prosecution - this was a public meeting to discuss a community facility!

I was the last legally elected Secretary and Finance Officer of the former Carterton Community Centre, the group trying to get the six million dollars are the same people who took over the Community Centre by violence and deceit.

The evidence clearly shows that the local police acted like the Gestapo in storming into the meeting and attacking me as I was trying to leave, after having committed no crime whatsoever, because I had told the audience, as I had every right to, that the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre regarding the allegations made in 2001, had not been audited as Beyer alleged they had, and that the same 'group' associated with the Carterton District Council who had been committing gross misfeasance and fraud regarding the affairs of the Community Centre, were the ones trying to get a mandate to another six million dollars to build another "Community Facility" which nobody was in favour of.  Ii wasn't trespassing, or disorderly, as the statements made by independent witnesses prove.  Police corruptly refused to interview the witnesses, and the local APN owned "news" - (ha!) paper lied about it like they lied about McPhee's other drunken home invasions and violent attacks.  This link also has a reference to the posters displayed on Friday October the 5th 2007, days before the last local body election at which I was a candidate, regarding the corrupt - not to mention ultimately unsuccessful - AGAIN - prosecution of me by police for charges regarding another false allegation, and that matter ALSO was thrown out because THE PROSECUTION HAD NO EVIDENCE TO OFFER THE COURT AND HAD BEEN WASTING THE TIME OF THE COURT ALL THE TIME.  AGAIN.

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