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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hundreds of Uninvestigated Child Abuse Files Discovered, Police Lie to Cover It Up, Top Cop Promoted!

Here's Wairarapa Police Area Commander John Johnston, who boasted of his refusal to resign in the wake of the scandalous backlog of hundreds of uninvestigated child abuse complaints ignored by corrupt local police under his corrupt command, arrogantly boasting of his latest corrupt coup.  Here's the link to the story in the Dompost.

And here's the unbelievable story of how the man responsible for this outrageous incompetence and corruption, Detective Sergeant Mark McHattie, was promoted for it!!!!!

Like wily Justice Bill Wilson and John Moss, Dave Archibald and Gary Smith, arrogant, corrupt idiots like Johnston are being rewarded by even bigger taxpayer funded salaries for ignoring child abuse, violence and suicide epidemics in favour of harassing hard working law abiding people like me.

Go to the website of the Masterton Library and click on the link to 'Searches', 'Newspaper Index' (- not sure if that link will work), then type in keywords 'police', 'crime', 'child abuse', murder', 'suicide', etc to see John Johnston's shameful legacy.  Look how arrogant he is with getting away with this latest scandal - being appointed to the newly established role of director of sport with the NZ Police Sports Council, of which he's been chairman for 12 years.  "The position was not advertised." - no, of course not!  The old boys network creates jobs like this for themselves all the time!  And while Johnston and his police mates bleat about not having enough resources, Police waste the precious resources they're given on the Police Sports Council and the Mounted Police and other hobbies of their own.  Suzanne Mackle is being touted my the media as a hero in all this - nothing could be further from the truth!  Mackle wasted her time pursuing the malicious charges resulting in the complaint to the PCA by Michael Appleby, and committed perjury in her unsuccessful attempt to lie to the Masterton Court about the public meeting in Carterton.  She should have been getting on with investigating the child abuse!

Read the other posts on this site, such as those containing the opinions of lawyers,some more lawyers, and ex-police and Ministers of Police for more evidence.  Then do something about it - write to your Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and support Transparency in New Zealand in exposing corruption in New Zealand and working toward accountable, competent and honest government.

Meanwhile, local police refuse to take legitimate complaints from law abiding citizens:

Today's correspondence to police:
On Saturday at about 2 pm I was in Wild Oats cafe in Carterton.  Alan Donoghue and his mate Darren were seen touching my bike which was outside tied to a tree with a bicycle lock.  I opened the door and told them to leave my bike alone.  They accused me of stealing Donoghue's bike - which is more lies from him, and absolutely outrageous - given that he has confirmed in his own statement that he's stolen my bike!.  They also both threatened and abused me.

When I retuned to my temporary accommodation several hours later, I found a note from the manager on the door asking to speak with me about an incident that had occurred in my absence.  I was told that Donoghue and his shifty little mate had been round there as well, stalking and harassing me, and spreading their outrageous lies!  

On page 2 of Donoghue's statement - oh no, there's no statement from Donoghue, funny that, this is page 2 of the "Caption Summary" of Constable Wilton - same corrupt constable who refused to take statements from Reynolds and Murphy about the theft by Rachel Taylor - it specifically refers to Donoghue interfering with my bike on that occasion!  

This is a formal complaint that this statement statement from Wilton and others regarding the current charges are an orchestrated litany of lies, and that police are refusing to take my complaints, and refusing to take statements from Reynolds and Friend regarding the thefts of my property by Rachel Taylor, Wayne Friend, Kylie Donnelly and others, and the broken glass and putty throughout the drawers of my dressing table, etc, put there by Friend and others, the damage to the property in my car and the car itself, etc.  Police are ignoring all the evidence of the crimes I complain of and continuing a corrupt campaign of litigation against me based on no evidence or fabricated 'evidence'.

List of stolen property includes:
Acoustic brown wooden guitar, Kasuga brand, in hard case with yellow lining,
Blue electric guitar
Scanner and printer
Brown leather handbag and contents, high quality with two tapered straps going through a ring to form a backpack, zip on top.  
Clothing, footwear and jewellery
Russell Hobbs electric kettle
Sewing machine

I asked Constable Wilton and other police to arrange with the owner of the property for a lock to be put on the door months ago, this is a formal complaint that police demanded that I be bailed to an address where they knew I had previously been the victim of violence, as confirmed by the letter before the Court from lawyer Frank Minehan, and then did nothing about taking my complaints or safeguarding my property or taking statements regarding the theft by Rachel Taylor in particular but also the other complaints of theft and assault -

- I have told police repeatedly that Donoghue put his arms around me and pressed his disgusting little dick against me and said he'd like to have a relationship with me - after I'd told him I didn't like people coming within an arms length of me physically, and wan't at all interested in a relationship on several previous occasions.  He held me for several minutes and I felt physically sick and still do at the thought of it - that's called kidnapping and sexual assault as you know perfectly well.  

He threatened me with the axe on at least two occasions also, and was using it to chop wood aggressively within inches of my bike so I couldn't get at the bike when Harvey Pope arrived at the property in response to his other lies.

The manager tells me that their behaviour was shifty, touching a vehicle, asking questions, etc, the manager doesn't want them here and neither do I.  I want them charged with harassment and ordered to stay well away from me and my bike, and I request that police recover my bike from Donoghue immediately, charge Friend with stealing my guitar, etc and take statements from him and Reynolds about Rachel Taylor's burglary.

Friend is selling drugs from the property, and this is a formal complaint that police continue to ignore his drug dealing and that of Kylie Donnelly.  These people are methamphetamine addicts and steal to support their habits.  Wayne Friend's addictions are well documented, like Donoghue's problems with women.  Friend's mother Karen works in pubs to feed her addictions to alcohol, gambling and cigarettes, Donoghue is just repeating his father's nasty bullying hypocrisy, and sick, perverted sexual predation.

I request that my property be taken from the Carterton Police station to the Post Office for collection because of the many previous occasions when I've gone there to make statements and complaints and been treated with bullying and violence.

I request that you immediately forward the rest of the email from Basher, about my blog and the statements on it, and have him itemise the statements he objects to and advise me why he objects to them.  Also immediately forward any other emails from or to police about me.
Other complaints that local police have refused to investigate are the child abuse complaints I made about Michael Murphy, and the assault on me in the Salvation Army shop by David McKenzie and the theft of my property by him and his staff.

Merlene Chambers or Shedlock or whatever she calls herself stole $50 cash and a considerable amount of property from me as I have told several officers who refuse to investigate the matter.  This woman took a considerable amount of my property to the Salvation Army and David McKenzie accepted it knowing full well it was stolen, and when I went in and identified the property as mine he assaulted me, grabbing my clothing and pushing me out of the shop.  I want him charged with assault and knowingly receiving stolen property, he is a bully who was sacked from his last job for indecent assault of a child.  Chambers/Shedlock admitted to witnesses that she stole my property and disposed of most of it at the Salvation Army, and that she stole my money, now charge her.

Because of the repeated assaults on me by Dallinger, Pope, etc, and corrupt arrests every time I go to the Carterton Police station to report crimes, etc, I don't feel safe going there to collect the property you say is there, have it delivered to the Carterton post office immediately, I'll collect it from there.

Kate Raue
Transparency in New Zealand
Friends of Caring Communities
Photo- Wairarapa Times Age
Here's a link to a story entitled "Region's former police chief quits after 40 years" which was published in the Wairarapa Times-Age on 6 May 2011 apparently.  It's worth trying to locate a copy of this article, but I note it's been removed from the internet, or made extremely difficult to find - I wonder why!

Main Title:Region's former police chief quits after 40 years [newspaper article]
Author:Farmer, Don
Source:Wairarapa Times-Age, Friday, 06 May 2011, p. 1
Summary:John Johnston will retire from the police force at the end of next month after a 40 year career with the police.
Article Length:Less than 1/2 page
Subject:JohnstonJohn Francis, fl 2003
Police -- New Zealand -- Masterton
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Here's another link, to an article entitled "Top cop - I have no reason to resign" published May 20th!

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