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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter to the Press Council - June 2008:

I wish to formally complain about the defamatory lies published in the Wairarapa Times-Age on 26th June 2008, the article is reproduced below with my comments in red:

Matt Stewart | 26th June 2008
Former Mayoral Candidate Disrupts Council Meeting - What an utter lie!
"Former Carterton mayoral candidate Kate Raue was forced to leave a meeting of the Carterton District Council after becoming disruptive and abusive."  - This is the title of the brief display on the website - yes I was illegally forced to leave the meeting - no I was not disruptive or abusive.  Georgina Beyer and Gary McPhee were abusive and disruptive:

Brandishing a spatula and hurling a volley of venomous insults, former Carterton mayoral candidate Kate Raue burst into council chambers last night disrupting a council meeting.  Right from the first word this is a pack of lies.  Hack 'reporter' Matt Stewart arrived well after I did, I entered quietly and sat down right next to Judy Engels, wife of Councillor Chris Engels and sat perfectly quietly as Georgina Beyer, the liar who had to resign from parliament in disgrace and han't been able to get a job since (because of the lies 'she' wrote on official Parliamentary letterhead stating that the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre were all in order because 'she' had decided they were, and that any further investigation of the overwhelming number of allegations to the contrary was totaly unnecessary), babble on about 'her' new job as the head of Rise Above It White Ribbon Anti Violence campaign.  I felt sick to my stomach thinking of Coral Burrows, Saliel Aplin, Olympia Jetson, and all the other victims of violence in the Wairarapa while Beyer had been in office, and thinking that Beyer had got 'her' snout back in the trough so easily and by using those very victims.  

An irate Ms Raue arrived as the meeting was due to start, demanding to be heard at the public forum.  As I said, I sat down quietly next to Judy Engels and didn't say a word, and I challenge her to say otherwise.  Matt Stewart is a liar.  Beyer spoke for at least fifteen minutes, using the excuse to waffle on about 'her'self as usual, ad infinitum.  When Beyer finished Gary McPhee, the illegally elected Mayor, tried to move straight onto General Business, but Chris Engels actually had to remind him that I was there and had advised Council that I would be attending to address the Council as was my right, and was therefore entitled to speak.  I still hadn't said a word.

Mayor Gary McPhee invited the clearly agitated Ms Raue to take her rightful five minutes as she unleashed a verbal landslide of abuse, first at the mayor, then at other councillors and council management and finally at former Carterton mayor Georgina Beyer, who had, ironically, just finished introducing her new role as Violence Free Wairarapa co-ordinator.  So first I arrived just "as the meeting was due to start" according to the previous paragraph, now I arrive as Beyer was finishing 'her' babble.  - "verbal landslide of abuse" - this is what passes for reporting at the Wairarapa Times-Age.  Stewart is too lazy to report what I actually said, and too well paid off by Beyer and McPhee, so although I am disabled through violence by police targeting my arms, wrists, hands, shoulders, neck etc, which makes writing extremely painful, I am forced to actually waste my time refuting all this rubbish. 
Chris and Judy Engels should speak up and tell the truth, and see to it that my $400 electoral nomination deposit is returned in accordance with the LAW.

What I said was: 
  • That Council had repeatedly refused to respond to my letters regarding the fraud and gross misfeasance at the former Carterton Community Centre.  I opened my briefcase and refered to the letters
  • That the Council had repeatedly refused to address the matter of the drunken home invasion committed by McPhee and his mate, who also worked for the Council, in response to an alleged noise complaint from one of McPhee's drug dealing mates (well that's what sellers of alcohol are, let's just face up to it).
  • That the financial records for the year 2000/2001 have never been audited because if they were Elaine Brazendale, Ruth Carter and others associated with Council, like Jill Greathead, Ewen Hyde and Julie Hallam would be in prison.  The members of the Carterton community had called for an audit at a public meeting on 18 April 2001, and again in signing the petition.
  • That I was entitled to the return of my electoral nomination deposit because (a) I had enough votes in the rural ward, (b) Council "Support Services Manager" and Electoral Officer Julie Hallam lied in stating that I hadn't returned my declaration of expenses (c) the manner in which the election was conducted
  • That Council had repeatedly refused to respond to the substantial community petition regarding the fraud and gross misfeasance at the former Carterton Community Centre and demanding an audit and full investigation of the involvement of people associated with Council who were also on the committee of the Community Centre, a major recipient of Council funding, in the fraud and misfeasance, and the obvious conflicts of interest.
  • That I was disgusted at Beyer's appointment, and at having to listen to her long babble, and the hypocrisy of the Council in refusing to address the formal complaints about the conduct of the Mayor and his violent drunken home invasion and assault on the occupants of a local flat, and the fact that it was an outrageous breach of the Council's Code of Conduct as well as serious criminal violence.  
  • I also asked Councillor Greathead about her motion to appoint R G Thompson to audit the books, after she joined the group who took over the Centre illegally, and why after he was appointed the audit was then cancelled after Mr Thompson expressed the same opinions as me and the various lawyers.

Councillors looked on at the outburst with a mixture of shock, bemusement, bewilderment and resignation.  Matt Stewart the mindreader, the writer of fiction.  Gary McPhee and Georgina Beyer's puppet, writes more politically motivated rubbish, to discredit the opposition.

Ms Raue was standing just inches from councillors Jill Greathead and Chris Engel when she pulled the blunt spatula from its sheath and, pointing it at Mr McPhee, accused him of violence.  I was at least 3 feet away from anyone, I removed from my briefcase the weapon that Gary McPhee assaulted the occupant of a local flat with and held it up in a normal non threatening manner in order to demonstrate exactly what a lethal weapon it was when held by the blade, as McPhee had held it, minus the handle, which had remained in the victim's hand when McPhee grabbed it from him while he was cooking his dinner, going about his own lawful business, in his own home.  

"You just pick on people and bash them on the head with a fish slice," she said.  What utterly pathetic drivel this reporter makes up.  He was the one who disrupted the meeting with his late arrival, and this is the level of his reporting on local politics.  

"That's not a fish slice," Mr McPhee said.  See comment above.

Ms Raue also accused councillors and senior council management of shady accounting alluding to a past audit of the Carterton Community Centre before launching into a further tirade in which she called Mr McPhee "a pig" and "a bully".  I said that the books for the period 2000-2001, relating to the serious allegations of fraud and gross misfeasance by the Councillors and staff, have never been audited, which is why Beyer had to resign from Parliament.  I didn't "allude" to anything - I spelled it right out for them with the documentary evidence.  Evidence that Beyer had lied, and Council accountant Lyn Patterson had helped Brazendale, Carter, Greathead, Hallam cover up the fact that they were using the Carterton Community Centre and its ten little organisations running the ten bank accounts as their own personal little slush fund, to use taxpayers and ratepayers money to line their own pockets and those of their mates, stealing half of it and wasting most of the rest - money that was intended to benefit the less advantaged members of the community.  Matt Stewart makes it up as he goes along - I said, as I've said repeatedly to him and others, in writing, that there has never BEEN an audit of the books for the period in question, but it is obvious to anyone by the reports themselves and the evidential documents at http://kate-raue.blogspot that it is long overdue, along with a full inquiry intot the involvement of the persons named who are all associated with the Carterton District Council.

Ms Raue became increasingly agitated as Mr McPhee reminded her she had only 25 seconds left of her allotted speaking time.  What rubbish - I wasn't agitated, McPhee was.

"What a joke you are Gary," she said.

"This is disgraceful how dare you speak to the mayor like that," Ms Beyer, sitting in public seating, was heard to remark.

Soon after Ms Raue turned her wrath on the former Wairarapa Labour MP, "as for your theatrics you're a big transvestite & a prostitute".  I said "As for you, we're all tired of your amateur dramatics, we want those books audited by lawyers and accountants, not looked over by a transvestite prostitute.  I can't believe you've managed to get your snout back in the trough, which one of your mates,or former clients, gave you that job?" - I hadn't interrupted Beyer while she was speaking.

Mr McPhee issued her an ultimatum and told her she could either sit quietly or he would go next door to the Carterton Police Station for assistance.  No he didn't, he said "Your five minutes is up" then he walked toward me with his fists clenched.  I felt physically threatened, that was exactly his intention and it was absolutely unmistakeable.

He then arose from his seat and slowly began walking towards Ms Raue. As he approached, Ms Raue accused the mayor of intimidating her and using stand-over tactics, "I'm just being a gentleman and opening the door," Mr McPhee replied.  Yes, as he approached me I accused him of exactly that, whereupon he changed direction and went over to the door and stood there holding it open like the idiot he is.  I remained where I was and told him to get away from the door and get on with conducting his meeting, because I had no intention of going within ten feet of him, and that he wasn't a gentleman, he was a bully and a pig.  Which probably was a bit rude, but he is.

Her erratic behaviour continued as she quickly got up and exited the room as Mr McPhee ushered her out.  No, McPhee's erratic behaviour continued, when he exited the room, saying he was going to get the police to throw me out.

Councillor Barbara Durbin then adjourned the meeting.  Because, as I said, McPhee had left the meeting, threatening to call the police.

Mr McPhee returned without having to call on police assistance and reconvened the meeting.  He called on police assistance alright, but the Police told him to piss off and get a life, and refused to assist him because they knew perfectly well that I was entitled to be there like everyone else.

Ms Raue returned roughly 15 minutes later and disrupted the meeting again saying she was "sick of not being heard by this council".  I didn't disrupt the meeting, McPhee did, by stopping the meeting when I quietly entered and sat down, and refusing to get on with what he's paid to do.  I returned because I had every right, as a citizen, to be there.  I hadn't been trespassed, or done anything to warrant being trespassed for that matter.

However, her encore was brief and she left chambers shortly afterwards.  To write a complaint.  I left because McPhee refused to get on with the meeting, wasting everyone's time, including mine, the meeting was just an opportunity for him and Beyer to grandstand and lie to the residents of Carterton.

I look forward to your urgent response.

Katherine Raue
I've never received a response to this letter.

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