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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smith Hare and Christison Ltd, Mobil garage Carterton - WARNING:

"Bobster the Mobil Man" (Facebook),
Chief Thief at Smith Hare & Christison.
Having spent $36 just on train fares yesterday to get to Wellington for the hearing of the corruptly laid charges (23.11.10), I went to the eftpos machine today at about 11:30 a.m. to withdraw some money and noted that the balance of my bank account was not what it should have been, so immediately rang my bank. They were able to tell me that a transaction withdrawing $60 had occured at local Mobil service station Smith Hare and Christianson at 8:49 a.m. this morning using my Eptpos card. I told the bank that I hadn't been anywhere near Smith Hare and Christianson for weeks, and that there was no chance whatsoever that my card had been used there at that time because it had definitely been in my possession elsewhere.

I immediately went to Smith Hare and Christianson and asked to see the manager, told him what the bank had told me, and requested the CCTV camera footage for the time the transaction was carried out, only three hours previously. He told me he wasn't going to give it to me, or show it to anyone. I asked for a pen and paper to write the request on, and a phone to call police, he told me he was going to ring the police himself and have me charged with trespass, just like he did when I requested the footage of Gary McPhee assaulting me at Smith Hare and Christianson on another occasion.

Then I remembered the incident that occured a week or two ago when I went to Smith Hare and Christison and used my eftpos card. There were two young males in Mobil uniforms behind the counter, Bob the Mobil man and another one, and when I asked if I could get cash with my Cashpoint card, they looked slyly at each other, took my card out of my hand, then told me that the eftpos machine wasn't working, and then produced one of those old credit card machines which you put the card in. Then put the paper receipt on top of it and then slid the thing across the paper which imprints the card details onto the paper. I smelled a rat at the time, as I watched the staff members smirking at each other, but needed cash urgently to catch a train. As I thought about that incident I realised that the theft of the card details had occured during that transaction, and that a staff member had committed the theft by using those details at 8:49 this morning.

When I put this to the manager, he and the other staff laughed at me, ordered me to leave, and abused me. As I watched them closely, I realised that this has been going on there for a long time, there's certainly no shortage of naive and gullible people in the Wairarapa, and it was clearly obvious that the management and staff at Smith Hare and Christianson are all in this together. This became even more obvious when I asked for a pen and paper to make the request for the CCTV footage, and a formal complaint, in writing, and a phone to call the police, and the manager refused to provide either, and made it crystal clear with his mocking, laughing, arrogant and aggressive attitude that they all thought it was a real joke. They laughed even harder when I said I was going to report it to the local police, everyone knows how corrupt they are, and I bet they've been turning a blind eye to this particular little scam for years. I was then threatened and assaulted by the duty manager "Blaine" (according to his badge) and the junior staff.

This is the thief, his name's Bobby apparently, look at the smart alec, posing for the camera, when I went back to get a snap of him. He's a disgrace to his family, a disgrace to Mobil NZ and a disgrace to the Wairarapa and Carterton in particular. I intend to repost this every time I see him on duty at Smith Hare and Christison, until my $60 is returned and he is sacked or charged with theft (preferably both), he has a history of this apparently, and a real attitude, which is obvious from the photo.

On the way to report the matter to the police, a woman in a big silver four wheel drive RV opened her car door without looking on the main street, causing me to fall off my bike and graze my knee and hands as I had to swerve to avoid hitting the door. Then the stupid woman denied it. I was wearing a bright red t shirt and wasn't hard to spot, I was watching her intently at the time, as I watch all parked cars for this very reason, and I saw her head clearly and she did NOT look, which is the reason I had time to swerve, because I knew she was going to do it, and tried to brake and avoid it. The average driver pulls into the kerb, glances in the mirror as they undo their seat belt and then swings the door wide open without another thought. I heard some bystander say "where's your bike helmet" - I hear it every day as I ride round Carterton from all the pathetic small minded idiot people who feel moved to shout it out at me ad infinitum. The same people who swing their car doors wide open without a second thought, on a daily basis. Like I've said before, when motorcyclists have to wear high visibility vests I might wear a cycle helmet. I have a doctors letter explaining why I should be exempted. High visibility vests actually PREVENT accidents, whereas a cycle helmet is NO USE WHATSOEVER until AFTER an accident has occurred. Simple common sense. Funny how the gutless wonders of the Wairarapa like to shout abuse at me regarding whether or not I wear a helmet on my push bike, but are too cowardly to say anything about big fat Gary McPhee smashing down the door of innocent people and smashing them over the head with a weapon. Says everything about the cowardly, ignorant, thieving bullies who inhabit the Wairarapa.

When I confronted 'Blaine' and 'Bobby', their reaction made it obvious that they do this regularly. They laughed when I asked for a phone to call police, abusing and threatening me, 'Bobby' went outside and started wheeling my bike up the road, and Blaine called the police and told them I was trespassing. Local corrupt police refused to take my complaint and threatened to arrest me for trespass.

The matter is still under investigation. In the mean time, I'd go to another garage, or if you must go to Smith Hare and Christison Mobil "service" station in Carterton, make sure this little thief doesn't "serve " you.


Chuckan said...

Your blog shows "no comments posted" on it. What complete & utter deranged bullshit ! you know fully well you have. But as per usual kiwileaks is not open & balanced...in that you have the ability to share all opinion in transparency, but rather serves as a vehicle to preen your insane mind. Your site has now become so ludicrous that to simply glance at a few paragraphs of any one of your posts, allows us to formulate a diagnosis on yourself in seconds. Get help.

Transparency in New Zealand, Kiwileaks. said...

We publish comments from people who put their name to the comment and have a credible profile, unlike "Chuckan" who hides behind a fake name, makes fake Facebook pages, and talks utter rubbish. Check out "Chuckan"s profile - just Bob the Mobil boy's insane preening - why would anyone in their right mind publish this rubbish. Kiwileaks IS both open and balanced. "Chuckan" is not open, and is clearly unbalanced, and is clearly the one who needs the intervention and mental health diagnosis. "Chuckan" needs to be locked up where criminals, thieves and psychopathic nutters belong. Check out "Chuckan"s profile everybody, see for yourself. We put our names up, and we put evidence and facts up, which has resulted in us ridding the Wairarapa of rats like Georgina Beyer, Gary McPhee, Constable Peter Cunningham, Inspector Jack Johnston, etc, etc. "Chuckan" preens his insane mind making comments like this. We have a policy of not publishing comments unless the commenter has a credible internet profile of some sort, which identifies them as a legitimate individual, "Chuckan" is nothing of the sort, but here's your comment, published, seeing as it means so much to poor pitiful little Bob the Mobil boy, and his insane preening and ludicrous attention seeking.

Transparency in New Zealand, Kiwileaks. said...

Bob the Mobil boy obviously can't read, if he could he'd notice that we've published a number of comments from nutters like him in the past, we've since implementedthe policy of not bothering to publish comments from idiots like "Chuckan" who can't even be bothered filling out a profile, who clearly have something to hide.

dave said...

what a bloody wanker,they are by the sounds of it smalltown freemasons (look for the connection).iv had dealings with corrupt cops and fundamentilist christians (one in the same).