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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Michael Appleby lies to Wellington District Law Society

Lawyer Michael Appleby wrote formal complaints to the Police Complaints Authority regarding police involvement in politically motivated corruption regarding the Carterton Community Centre. He sent me accounts for over $45,000 for this and other work he did, after initially agreeing to to the work pro bono. He then lied to the New Zealand Law Society, who attempted to cover up Mr Appleby's lies, by means of a corrupt 'investigation' of the complaint.

This is the letter which was finally forwarded to me in February, attached to the letter from the Police at this link, in response to the initial complaints.

I sent Mr Appleby the following letter, drawing his attention to the obvious inadequacies in the "investigation".

The response from Insp Dave Allen completely and utterly ignores the main part of Mr Appleby's complaints, regarding the politically motivated and corrupt refusal of the Police to investigate the fraud and misfeasance at the Carterton Community Centre. This was a community resource centre, where the less well off members of the community in particular, could access resources to better their lives, enhance their employment opportunities, engage in democracy, access information, and generally co-operate in a healthy community and engage in society in a positive and meaningful way.

I wrote to Mr Appleby:
Dear Michael,

Regarding this letter from Inspector JF Johnston. At point 2 he again tries to assert that I was ever arrested. I was most definitely not arrested, or told I was under arrest, or what for, at all, until the following day when I appeared in Court and was charged. The independent witnesses are unanimous in this and the evidence given by the police themselves does not support this claim, Inspector Johnston knows full well that I was never arrested because I had done nothing wrong whatsoever. I believe that he was responsible for directing the actions of the local police that night, as he has been responsible for directing the whole police campaign of harassment against me since he took over the job from his predecessor Insp Drew, who wrote the letter of 28th July 2003.

Sgt Reid wrote a letter to the firm that Frank Minehan works for to confirm that I have done nothing wrong, that my right to represent the Carterton Community Centre was lawful, and that the claims made by the group represented by the legal firm Wollerman Cooke & McClure were not supportable. I believe that Sgt Reid was forced out of the police for writing this letter because it did not fit in with the plan of his superiors, which was to support the group who had illegally taken control of the Community Centre, and to destroy my credibility in order to undermine the support I clearly had from the members of the Carterton Community Centre and the community itself.

The Kennedy’s, Jacob Senior, Merlene Chambers, Colin and I all told you that I repeatedly asked the police if I was under arrest and if so what for, and that other people also repeated these questions, and that the police repeatedly refused to answer either question, and remained completely silent. They didn’t tell me I couldn’t leave either, as Constable Tapp claims, Sergeant Fitzgerald just stepped in front of me and then they both grabbed me, assaulted me, and manhandled me outside, pushed me over the boot of the car, handcuffed me, and forced me into the car, in order to shut me up because the police don’t want anyone knowing the truth. All the witnesses confirm this. At no time was I told I was under arrest and there are about 120 witnesses to that!

Constable Tapp’s own evidence is that he did not hear Sergeant Fitzgerald say anything about arresting me at all! There was nothing to arrest me for, and everyone was telling them that. Constable Tapp's evidence states that he could clearly hear all the people around him telling the police that I had done nothing wrong and they should get their hands off me and arrest Georgina Beyer for her nasty outburst and personal attack, but he confirmed in his evidence that he didn't hear that liar Kerry Fitzgerald tell me I was under arrest and he was standing right next to him!

The letter to the paper from Ron Sadler referred to the disturbingly inaccurate (in other words untrue) newspaper account, and the fact that the disturbance was very minor. Mr Sadler would have given the same evidence as Mr and Mrs Kennedy, and so would the majority of the people there, all the honest people anyway. This is why I asked Ken to obtain the list of people present, and contact the Kennedy’s and present their evidence to the Court, and to obtain the information from the Focus Group, according to the correspondence attached.

Ewan Hyde's response to your request is extremely arrogant, it is an unwarranted and unacceptable refusal for a group claiming to represent the community, and who took over the last community centre by punching the Secretary and Treasurer in the face and changing the locks, and who told two MP’s that the books have been audited, among other lies, and it is time there was a proper inquiry by the Ombudsmen and the Human Rights Commission, because this is outright corruption, and the police and local body politicians are attempting to pervert the course of justice, and my life has been systematically destroyed because of this.

I was told what my rights were after I was handcuffed and inside the police car, not before, but I was NOT told that I was under arrest, or why I might be - because there was no cause to arrest me for anything - I hadn't done anything.

Point two addresses the question of there being no grounds to arrest me, and on page two it states: “The information police had at the time was that Ms Raue was in some kind of dispute with a Member of Parliament. The attending officers were directed to respond urgently and they did so.”

This is why I asked you and Ken Daniels to obtain the information regarding “the information police had at the time” by requesting the information regarding the phone calls between Ewen Hyde (and his mates) and the police. Please request the tape of the call without further delay.

Hyde gave perjurous evidence that I had rung him and spoken to him earlier in the day, I had not. He gave evidence that he – I think he said “we” actually – rang the police earlier in the day and planned what to do if I attempted to share any of the information regarding the actions of Beyer and the committee, mainly made up of people associated with the Carterton District Council, and the local police in the illegal takeover mismanagement and closure of the former community centre, the assaults, the fraud and the corruption that Hyde’s group had perpetrated, which the police had supported and helped cover up, and the involvement of the local senior constable Steve Wakefield with Jo Roffe, a woman who was herself ripping off the former community centre, signing cheques without authority and taking $600 a week from one of the accounts without authority or reason.

I asked Ken to request the information regarding the Focus Group because Hyde and his ‘group,’ including other Council staff, have given false information to the District Council regarding the submissions, and a number of other things. Hyde told the Council (his employer) that "al submitters who requested to be heard, were heard" - this is utter rubbish, Hyde sent two different letters to submitters, depending on whether Hyde wanted them to be heard!

The information Ken requested has never been provided, and the group is now actively seeking around $6,000,000 to build a new community centre after taking over the last one by punching me in the face, changing the locks, stealing every last cent out of all the bank accounts, and every one of the assets, and completely destroying our community centre and all ten of the organisations like the community garden and the employment and support program for the most velnerable people in our community. They have used lies and violence to steal from these people, and I am well within my rights in sharing this information with the community.

I am insulted at the references to my actions and attitude in the second paragraph of the last page and the fifth paragraph. It is not at all unreasonable to be “emotional” under certain circumstances, the issue is whether my reactions were reasonable under the circumstances and they certainly were. I just wanted to phone a lawyer because I had not been arrested or told why I had been assaulted and seized and locked up and I did not want the police ripping my clothes off or my taonga, I just repeated the request to phone a lawyer, the video shows me co-operating with the police, and it shows that they are liars.

Regarding the first paragraph of the last page. The strip search was done in a room where the cameras could record the removal of my clothing through the window, and anyone walking through what was obviously a main public thoroughfare could see through the window, the police men could see through the window, this is clearly shown on the video. The search was unnecessary and unlawful and Johnston refuses to accept it.

Mr Appleby wrote:
15 Fairview Crescent
Phone: (04) 9349 389
Mobile: (0274) 40 33 63
Email: m.g.appleby@gmail.com

Police Complaints Authority
Level 5
342 Lambton Quay
P O Box 525 - Incorrect, should be P O Box 5025, further delaying proceedings, etc

16 February 2008

Your Honour,
Re: Kate Raue – your ref 05-0761/ghe:bpd

  1. Thank you for your letter of 1 February 2008, enclosing the documents sought.
  2. The letter of complaint dated 8 June 2007 contained a further paragraph 5 that appears to have been inadvertently deleted from the actual letter which you received.
  3. I attach a copy of the letter as it should have been, and you will note that Mrs Raue wished a further separate investigation into the reluctance of the Masterton Police to actually investigate the frauds and illegal takeover of the Carterton Community Centre, frauds which her previous lawyer, Mr Ken Daniels, himself believed to have been committed.
  4. This protest at the refusal by the Masterton Police to investigate these matters was explicit in the paragraph 5 that was inadvertently omitted from the letter actually sent to you.
  5. In spite of the implicit complaint against Police Officer Murray Johnston in paragraph 4, the response ignores this.
  6. A copy of the response from the Masterton Police to me dated 22 November 2007 was sent to me at the address of the Police Complaints Authority, PO Box 5025 Wellington, and it was finally resent to me on 10 December 2007, but not received by me until 5th February.
  7. It seems from that response by Inspector Johnston that he has not addressed the refusal to investigate the fraud by Sgt Murray Johnston. Are the two men related?
  8. The protest in the complaint at the refusal by the Police to investigate these allegations was certainly made explicit in the missing paragraph 5, but it is clear from paragraph 4 that this refusal by Sgt Murray Johnston should have been investigated by Inspector Johnston. It was not.
  9. His response dated 22 November 2007 makes no reference to it at all, and in view of the inability of the Authority to complete its investigation for several more weeks (as advised to me by your office on 5 February 2008), there appears to be time for the Authority to ask the Masterton Police as to why they treated the original complaint into fraud in such a cavalier way, when Mr Daniels had clearly indicated that he himself had serious concerns.
  10. A further example of their cavalier attitude is contained in their letter of 28 July 2003, attached “A”, to Mrs Raue, as if the Mayor and MP, Georgina Beyer, were sacrosanct, and immune from investigation.
  11. Please investigate Officer Murray Johnston’s behaviour, as well as the other breaches of Mrs Raue’s human rights as set out in the actual letter sent to you by me on the 8th June 2007.
  12. I look forward to your advice as to this further explicit complaint, as well as the other complaints regarding the breaches of Mrs Raue’s rights.
  13. Moreover the response dated 22 November 2007 by Inspector Johnston, at page 3, comments that it is standard policy and practice at the Masterton police station not to have accepted Mrs Raue’s handbag from her friend Mr Allomes even though her medicine was in it, yet another admission by the Police that their particular branch appears to ignore the fundamental right set out more particularly by me in the “Twenty Third Breach” that “everyone deprived of liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the person.”
  14. The Police could have quite easily searched the handbag, and confiscated any items that they thought were inappropriate, before giving the handbag containing her personal items and medicine to Mrs Raue.
  15. Moreover, Inspector Johnston’s comment in his penultimate paragraph, that “from the Doctors observations of her, he was able to give an opinion, which was that she did not require medication at the time” is simply quite untrue.
  16. A copy of the relevant Trial transcript containing the Doctor’s evidence is attached “B” from which it can be seen that the Police Doctor, Dr McGrath actually stated under oath that he did not even recall seeing Mrs Raue at the police station, at all, and that he had no record of seeing her.
  17. Although Inspector Johnston has conceded in his response that a number of Mrs Raue’s rights were breached, I believe it was appropriate, really, that he address each and every breach of Mrs Raue’s rights as set out in my letter: i.e: all twenty seven breaches individually, rather than the selective approach he has taken, merely responding to four of the criticisms by Judge Behrens, or the five matters he chooses to deal with as set out on page 2 of his letter.
  18. It would have been of more assistance, surely, if Inspector Johnston had dealt on a thorough and professional basis with the twenty seven breaches complained of.
  19. It should also be noted that Inspector Johnston was actually rung up personally the day after the political meeting by Mr Kennedy, a concerned citizen who was aghast at the treatment meted out to Mrs Raue.
  20. Inspector Johnston however refused to either interfere in the prosecution of Mrs Raue, or to order his officers to at least question, and take statements from, other more neutral witnesses.
  21. Inspector Johnston’s own behaviour in this sorry saga seems to not be beyond reproach, and it appears inappropriate that he has conducted the investigation. A neutral Investigator would be more appropriate to investigate the background of the behaviour of the local police, rather than the local Inspector, who seems part of the problem.
  22. I would be grateful if you would advise the Authority’s next step, and the time frame within which you expect the complaint to be finalised.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Appleby


Mr Appleby sent me six itemised accounts for the different matters on which he had acted for me. This is referred to in the submissions to the IPCA, and the list of documents (submissions regarding costs) etc in the original submission.

I wrote to the Wellington District Law Society and complained about this.

: * Note: The reference to Rachel Betteridge refers to the text messages I received from this woman, daughter of Colin Allomes, who apparently paid Mr Appleby to cease acting for me. These messages said "You need a bullet" "Watch your back" etc. Unbelievably, Police charged me with sending her messages, then dropped the charge on the day of the defended hearing, finally admitting that there was never, ever any evidence,
whatsoever, of me sending her any messages, or ringing her up, and admitting that Police never ever looked at either of the phones (Betteridge's in particular, that's the case they were prosecuting), or contacted Vodafone at all, ever.

The Appeal decision makes it clear that Mr Appleby failed to make it clear to the Court that Betteridge was a blatant liar, who had committed perjury. She had said she hadn't sent me any messages or replied to any of the ones she alleges I sent her. Here's the link to the post with scanned copies of three statements confirming that Betteridge committed perjury, two from Justices of the Peace and one from her own father.

Mr Appleby billed me over $4500 for this matter alone.

The Appeal Judgement ignores the fact that the Police and Betteridge lied, Betteridge lied about me sending her messages, or initiating communication with her in any way, ever, and the Police lied from the very beginning, in the full knowledge that I hadn't sent her any messages in the first place, and knowing full well that she and her husband had sent me extremely abusive and threatening messages. I responded:

Moreton Rd
R D 2
16 March 2008

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your letter of 3 March 2008 and the attached letter to the PCA, the six accounts, the letter from Constable Cunningham and the note from the Court and the two written statements from the Crawfords. Regarding the numbered points in your letter:

I mailed you the letter and attachments to you after you told me that your email wasn’t working. I have sent you three copies of the letter to them of 8 June 2007 containing the 5th paragraph and the letter from them of 28 July 2003 and pages 20 and 21 of the transcript of the evidence of Dr McGrath. Did you ever look at what I sent you regarding my objection to the police continuing to allege that I was arrested? I had hoped you would add something along those lines and challenge their claim that I was arrested. I was not arrested, and I wasn’t even vaguely told what I was charged with until just before Court the next day. The evidence of Constable Tapp says he was standing about a foot away from Acting Sgt Fitzgerald and did not hear him arrest me. Nobody did, and the room was full of people, there was no evidence that I was arrested at all. I was assaulted.

Of course I recall our agreement that any compensation awarded to me would go towards the payment of your fees, as the $3781 already awarded did. I do not forget agreements I make, and nor do I renege on them. I find the tone of your reminder, and the attachment of the Crawfords’ lies, insulting. I am an honourable person, and I do not and never have made any such threat as John Crawford alleges. I am also really pissed off about having convictions for things I did not do, as you know. What is your point in attaching these two statements Michael? Just to rub in what you said to me about how you don’t believe a word I say, and that I am a liar and I deserve everything I get, so why don’t you shut up you stupid bitch or I’ll complain to the police about your annoying phone calls too and make sure you get another conviction?
You suggested writing to the Human Rights Commission in the first place, I asked for your assistance to write to the Ombudsmen and the Press Council (among others) as well regarding these matters, and explained why, and you agreed. I told you in the first place that this was not an isolated incident, and that the police have conducted a campaign of harassment and bullying against me for several years now as a direct result of my political opinion, and are refusing to take any complaints from me, and that the point of writing to the Human Rights Commission was not just to obtain money to go towards your accounts (although I would gladly have facilitated this wherever possible), but to stop an ongoing and serious injustice which is affecting my life very seriously indeed. Police corruption affects a lot of people’s lives and it’s time it was addressed. The police acted like the Gestapo on the night of the meeting, it was not an isolated incident, they do it all the time it was just that there were witnesses like the Kennedy’s there that time. Your response that it's a waste of time because the HRC is a toothless tiger is outrageous. Lots of people think the PCA is a toothless tiger too, and the recent correspondence certainly confirms it. What’s the point of it all if you get all the money and we don’t get our community centre back, the group that took it over by smashing my teeth and changing the locks gets eight million dollars and we get nothing, and my life and my reputation are destroyed by all these lies? I can’t get a job anymore because of the lies told by corrupt local police, Georgina Beyer, etc. We thought you were going to write letters until something was done, like there was an investigation by the Ombudsmen and I got to clear my reputation. I’ve now got another conviction for something I didn’t do, and huge legal bills, and the police are continuing to corruptly bully me and waste tax payers money doing it. I showed you Ken Daniels' letter saying that I had been a 'lightning rod' for police attention and it had resulted in a lot of unnecessary charges being laid - police harassment and corruption in other words.
Your advice that we concentrate on the present complaint was fine, but we didn’t concentrate on it at all after writing the initial submission, we didn’t write to the Press Council like you promised regarding the manner in which the matters had been (and continue to be) reported, or the Ombudsmen regarding the role of the Carterton District Council and the Police in stamping out harmless healthy political debate and free speech, and the fact that the Centre was receiving considerable funding from government departments like CYPS as well as the District Council, and this funding was involved in the allegations of fraud and mismanagement. There are plenty of things the Ombudsmen should investigate about this matter. The refusal of Ewen Hyde to provide the list of persons present at the meeting or the submissions to the Council and an explanation as to why he lied to the Council, his employer, about the Carterton Community Centre, which he was involved in taking over illegally and closing, and the submissions, and an explanation as to why he lied to Council in saying that all submitters who asked to be heard had been - utter lies! He wrote two differently worded letters to submitters according to whether he wanted them to be heard or not! I gave you all this evidence! What about the evidence from Vodafone that police made no attempt to obtain any evidence of Rachel Betteridge's lies - the appeal judgement is clearly flawed in saying that they did seek it - they did NOT! What about the evidence of the messages her and her husband sent me, "you need a bullet" and "watch your back"?!
Ken Daniels’ letters refer to the fact that these matters are of fundamental legal significance, and involving important legal issues, Rodney Hide said so, you know that is true. The misunderstanding between you and I seems to be that the local police (and now the Dannevirke police) have repeatedly refused to take complaints from me, and other people, about serious criminal offences, and have instead pursued a campaign against me of petty harassment and malicious and vexatious litigation such as bill sticking for allegedly putting up a notice advertising a public meeting, and I thought you would do something about this, and the manner in which our community centre was taken over and closed down and all the money and assets stolen. I totally reject your argument that I should not file complaints about this ongoing unfair treatment. You are obviously not going to do anything about it, and I face a bill of $2000 for the damage to my teeth caused when Colin punched me in the face repeatedly. I have the camera footage from Dannevirke now, showing them throwing me out after refusing to take the complaint. I would have no credibility in the mind of any right thinking person if I did not file a complaint under the circumstances, what happened was outrageous. Am I supposed to pay the $2000 bill for him smashing me in the face repeatedly with his fist? And then am I supposed to just say “oh well…..” about the police assaulting me again when I went to report it? I don’t recall you taking much time to listen to my side of that particular story anyway. You seem to have had plenty of time to listen to Colin Alloes though. When I got to your place you and Ian knew all about it and you said you didn’t even want to hear what I had to say. I vividly remember it. Please confirm what you told me the other day: that Colin told you that I was using the computer when he came home, that I refused to cease using it, that he rang the police while I was using it and told them that I wouldn’t stop using his computer, and that they then told him to “restrain” me – what, until they got there Michael? Tie me up for an hour and smash three of my teeth? The police never left the station in response to Colin’s alleged phone call, just told him to tie me up and bash me according to you, and when I got to the police station, covered in blood with three broken teeth they laughed and told me to piss off, just like they did when I got punched in the community centre in 2001. If you had told me what he had said to you I could have proven to the police who was telling the truth, too late now though, Colin will have got rid of any evidence because he is cunning. You told me that you told Colin you couldn’t listen to him any more – not till after he said all this, apparently –you say you told him you couldn’t talk to him in case you were called on to defend me. Defend me for what Michael? Using his computer to check my pay slips? All your flatmates and all their friends use your computer, Colin said I could use the computer to check my payslips, that’s all I was doing, I didn’t go deliberately snooping, but go on, call me a liar like you did before. The emails automatically popped up when I connected to the internet because that was the home page, obviously the most important thing in Colin’s little life. I was shocked, but I just packed my bags and tried to leave and I was in my car when he attacked me. It’s not just a matter of me feeling aggrieved against my various local police branches, it’s a matter of corruption being endemic in the NZ police. You seem to forget that the Kennedy’s tried to tell the Area Commander of the police, and the Prime Minister that Georgina Beyer should have been arrested. The Kennedy’s were basically told to piss off by the Area Commander, and totally ignored by the Prime Minister. The Kennedy’s are fine upstanding members of the community, like myself. I am sick of the police painting me to look like a criminal and you calling me a liar. The point of the Louise Nicholas affair is not whether or not she was raped by policemen, the point is that other policemen, lots of other policemen, told her to piss off too. The point is about how the police misuse their powers of discretion in order to pervert the course of justice.
I asked you for a very long time in the most moderate language to discuss with me the fact that the police have refused to take complaints from me about a number of matters, and any claims by them that I have refused to make complaints are untrue. Witnesses have come with me to the police station on a number of occasions to make complaints, and witness me asking the police to take complaints, and on almost every occasion we have been turned away without a statement being taken, or anything being written down at all. The point in the Rachel Betteridge matter, and what I wanted you to write to the PCA about, is the fact that I never sent her any offensive messages and I never rang her up. She walked into the police station and made some vague, airy fairy verbal complaint apparently, without a shred of evidence at all because none existed, the police never said to her “what did the messages say?” and write it down, they didn’t even ask to see any of them, or try and get any information from Vodafone, or wrote down what the messages were supposed to have said, because they knew it was all a lie but they thought that they could get me convicted if they backed up her airy fairy lie of a complaint, so they persevered with the prosecution to the very last day despite me going into the police station about half a dozen times with that phone after the charges were laid and begging them to look at it like I asked you to the other day. I have walked into police stations several times and said I have a phone with these messages on it, and a statement from a witness, and I want to make a complaint, and I am told to piss off every single time. I didn’t take one step in her direction, let alone chase her down the street, and if you want to call me a liar I’ll use immoderate language, especially after all the nasty things you said to me.

One of the latest letters from the police responds to my question regarding who the complainant was in the bill sticking matter, and it turns out that there wasn’t one. The police pursued a long drawn out prosecution though, even though nobody had gone in and made a complaint. They never turned up on the final hearing date, and had to write me an apology, one of several I have from the police so far, and not the last, with or without your help. You just don’t get it, because you never bothered to listen to me. I told you every time we spoke that there were heaps of things I wanted to talk to you about, but you just weren’t interested. I told you about that letter as soon as I received it, you just didn’t want to look at it, or any of the other stuff. What was it Ken Daniels’ letter to the police said? “I must confess I haven’t given what I consider sufficient attention to some of the matters Kate Raue has raised with me in the past, mainly I suspect because the matters appeared to be far too complex and involved and I tended not to see any relevance in some of the complaints that she was making.” You just couldn’t be bothered either. You show your true colours in of your letter, firstly re-establishing your claim on any money won (with the added insult that I don’t honour my word, further insinuating that I’m a liar and not to be trusted) then going on to say that any course of action that does not benefit you financially by way of payment to you for damages done to me is a “futile waste of time.” How many times did I ask you to help me write to the Ombudsmen? The Press Council? But you only cared about yourself, and what was in it for you. I have in front of me a copy of a letter written by a psychiatrist called Ruth Williams, who was asked by the Court to examine me and write a psychiatric report regarding my mental health for the Court a few years ago. Mrs Williams ‘examined’ me over three two hour sessions, she listened to me for six hours, and I took evidence of the things I said to her, documents, and at the end of the six hours, she wrote a report for the Court saying there was nothing wrong with me at all, but that I was becoming increasingly upset at what appeared to be gross injustices, and that would be a good idea if other people started listening to what it was I was saying, and looking at the evidence I was presenting. I think that if it could be proven that the behaviour on that occasion was typical of a bigger problem, and that the behaviour, and corruption, is endemic in the NZ police, that they have behaved in exactly the same manner both before and after that incident, then that could only add to the power of the complaint, not detract from it. You write regarding the letter from the police “(which you showed me for the first time when I came to Carterton…” I told you about it as soon as I received it, like the huge volume of other correspondence I told you about and asked you to help me with. I also told you that I now have no car, and no resources to photocopy things and send them to you. I asked – I begged – you to look at the correspondence and help me, but you were too busy. You wasted all the time we could have done it, you like to leave things to the last minute, which is probably why we lost the appeals, so don’t say to me that you are paying for my principles, because I am paying for your policy of doing things at the last minute. If we had prepared properly for the appeals there is no way we could have lost them with the evidence that there is.
Paragraph six of your letter is pathetic as well as insulting, especially as it is attached to your bill for defending me against Rachel’s lies. “You claimed that the phone was missing for many months” and “you also claimed that the charger was missing but you were able to find it within a minute or so when I called upon you recently” you couldn’t even be bothered looking at the phone, remember? But you’ve got time to write this shite, and time to dig up the Crawford’s lies and throw them in my face, you’ve got time for that.
John Crawford is a liar. He made repeated complaints to police and anyone else who was silly enough to listen to him about me possessing property belonging to the Carterton Community Centrewhich he claimed I'd "stolen". Sgt Reid of the Masterton Police clearly established that was not the case. Lawyers Ainslie Hewton, Ivan Youngh Gough and Ken Daniels have all confirmed Sgt Reid's findings that John Crawford is a liar. I rang him to clarify who the liquidator was and the lawyer who was handling the winding up of the Carterton Community Centre so I could submit my account for the time i was employed there, Crawford made up a lie and said I spoke threateningly - he is as much of a liar as Rachel Betteridge! And he is proven by Sgt Reid to be a liar!
Do you think I was making it up about misplacing the phone, do you? Why would I? And why should I have to produce it anyway? Betteridge didn’t produce any evidence, and that is indisputably the case, there is no evidence that I ever rang her or sent her any offensive messages because I did not. Nowhere in all the information I have does it say that she even told police what the messages were supposed to say let alone showed them a phone. The abuse you refer to is a result of your refusal to do anything whatsoever about the continued refusal of the police to charge Rachel Betteridge, while they continue to bully and persecute me. The next point (7) contains the claim that Colin paid you for my fees and petrol. Colin’s payments were for the Rachel Betteridge matter, and I insist that you amend these attached accounts accordingly. Funny how you’ve got so much energy to put into this sort of petty shite about whether the phone was really lost or whether I was – what? Hiding it or something? Why would I?!?!? Funny though that you’ve got all the time in the world to write this shite but no time to talk with me about writing to the Ombudsmen. Furthermore, you know perfectly well that I did weeks of work for you and gave you a number of valuable items to make up for the money Colin gave you and asked you to return it to him, you shouldn't have extorted it froom him in the first place!
It can be proven that Betteridge and Manson committed perjury or I wouldn’t be pursuing the matter. I want my reputation restored. I will not be called a liar by you and everyone else, or live with convictions for things I did not do. Manson had been living at 90 Bentley St for five months and the woman Helen Walker who you saw give evidence against Lee Harris said so, she said her boarder, Larry Manson, on oath. He said he didn’t call an ambulance, you were going to write and get the recording of the 111 call (my letter has been ignored – you were going to write and get details of the phone call to the police on the night of the meeting and find out what was said to cause them to drive at 170 kmph to the Carterton hall) - he said he was examined, the ambulance officer said he refused to be examined - there is no evidence whatsoever of any injury - he never went to a doctor - because HE WASN'T INJURED OR ASSAULTED.. The money for both these accounts would be paid from a successful claim against the police, or appeals and awards of costs, and there is most definitely evidence to support such a claim in the Betteridge, Manson and Croawford matters because there is no logical reason to prefer their evidence over mine - mine is BACKED UP WITH EVIDENCE, unlike theirs which is directly contradicted by the evidence.
The police are lying when they allege that I have refused to make complaints. They have refused to accept them. Colin cut off the petrol and didn’t tell me in a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice, he found that sort of thing amusing, like when he thought it was so funny to rustle the papers loudly when you and I were trying to talk in the Court, he knows that we are both deaf, and he thought it was funny, he thought the whole thing was a big joke. But you stick up for your mate and his couple of hundred bucks Michael. It wasn’t much but I gave you everything I grew, my engagement ring, Colin’s money was for your bill for his daughter’s lies, you need to rewrite your accounts.
Do you have a copy of the transcript of evidence and the judgement in the Manson case decided by Judge Susan Thomas? And the judgement in the Betteridge case? That’s why I asked you for the Vodafone letter because they were two of the three appeal matters. The three that we lost, I lost, we lost because Colin deliberately cut off my petrol, out of spite, so that I couldn’t get to the Court, with or without the phone. But you stick up for him. You have made it clear you are not going to help me (which is the only thing I have abused you for) unless it involves you getting the most money you can from the meeting case but nothing else. I think it’s a great shame, I enjoyed working with you. Winning the Court cases was easy, mainly because I was innocent, and it was great to finally get justice for once. Hope your friendship with Colin is worth it. The fourth point in your letter is an insult to justice, you want me to shut up about receiving the same, and worse, treatment on subsequent occasions just so you can get more money without having to do any more work, to pay all your bills, while I get your bills and a bill for $2000 for what Colin did to my teeth. You should have called him a liar, not me. He smashed my teeth like I told you and you are a hypocrite to stick up for him and call me a liar and everything else you said to me.

Please obtain and provide me with a transcript of what was said in Court during the appeals hearings that you deliberately lost.

Kate Raue
Mr Appleby then reneged on his agreement to write to the Ombudsmen, Human Rights Commission, etc, regarding the political motivation of the police actions, the abuse of position and refusal to acknowledge let alone fulfil fiduciary duty. He told me it would be a futile waste of time because the Human Rights commission, Ombudsmen, etc, did not have any power to award compensation. I told him that we were actually more interested in getting a proper inquiry into the involvement of Councillors and Council staff in the illegal takeover mismanagement of the former Carterton Community Centre, and the conflicts of interest, as well as the standard of the inquiries by CYPS and other organisations into these matters, and the refusal of these other parties (inter alia) to provide information according to the requirements of current legislation.
This is the letter which Mr Appleby then elicited from the Ombudsmen, after telling me that writing to other organisations such as Ombudsmen, HRC, etc would be a "futile waste of time" - because there would be no money in it for him:


Michael Appleby
15 Fairview Crescent

31 March 2008

Dear Michael,
  1. Sending me this copy of your precious letter from the Deputy Ombudsman is a futile waste of time, as was your ringing him up in the first place.
  2. You know perfectly well that I asked you to assist me to write a letter to the Ombudsmen requesting that they investigate the aspects of these matters which are under the jurisdiction of that office, as outlined on page three of the letter from the Human Rights Commission, and as outlined in the information pamphlets distributed by their office, and as outlined by me in the various discussions between you and I about it.
  3. Send me the pamphlets and I will highlight and underline the relevant bits for you.
  4. It is the bits about how the Ombudsmen investigate acts and decisions of District Councils and government departments, and advice given to Councils by officers and employees like Ewen Hyde, etc. I have told you before, and you said that you would help us.
  5. You know perfectly well that we asked you to write to the Ombudsmen about the fact that the fraud referred to in Ken Daniels’ letter, and the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the former Carterton Community Centre, involved several people associated with the District Council, and that those people are also involved with the ‘Facility Focus Group’ who are trying to get around $8,000,000 to build another Community Centre, and you know that a petition and a vote at a public meeting called for the books of the former centre audited, and that they never have been, and that the members of the ‘group,’ including Georgina Beyer, have tried to mislead the District Council, various government departments, not to mention the police and parliament, regarding all these matters, and you know perfectly well that these matters certainly are within the jurisdiction of the Office of the Ombudsmen.
  6. It appears that you told the office of the Ombudsman that I am your client, last Friday, although you have refused to communicate on any meaningful level with me for several weeks and shouted at me that you are no longer representing me, like a broken record, as well as abuse such as “Shut up you stupid bitch” and comments to the effect that in your opinion I am a nasty dangerous liar who deserves everything I get, and all the lies of Colin Allomes and John Crawford, Larry Manson, etc, are all true.
  7. You claim I am your client but you refuse to speak with me at all, what a joke.
  8. You are well aware that I cannot “put it all down in writing” as you now request, as a result of the permanent injuries to my hand, arm, neck and head after the various recent assaults on me by the police.
  9. Assaults you want me to do nothing about so you can get your hands on all the money from the other complaint.
  10. I am unhappy that you now refuse to communicate with me regarding these ongoing injustices, instead focussing solely on your expected payment.
  11. Speaking of which, your previous letter refers to the HRC as a “toothless tiger” because they have no power to award compensation. Please explain how the PCA is different, because as I understand it they have no power to award compensation, or even recommend police take any action, either.
  12. I feel that you have mislead me and lied to me in order to take advantage of the situation, in no uncertain terms.
  13. Any immoderate language is a well deserved response to your own disgraceful actions, as you well know.
  14. I feel extremely pissed off that you seem to have had plenty to say to everyone else about me but no time to speak with me.
  15. Also that you have not bothered to respond to my letters of 19 and 29 February or the drafts of letters I emailed you on 19 February (letters to the police and PCA).
  16. I feel extremely pissed off that you continue to refuse to do anything about the evidence of Rachel Betteridge's blatant perjury, but have the cheek to send me a bill for over $4000 for your ‘work’ regarding that matter alone.
  17. If you want the money, do something about Betteridge’s perjury, and if you do not do anything about it I will write to the Law Society.
  18. You should have done it at the Court of Appeal, instead you have called me a liar, in spite of spending more time listening to Colin Allomes regarding the events of 27 April 2007 than to me anyway, and concealing the lies he told you about me using the computer while he allegedly called the police.
  19. I feel extremely pissed off that you suggested to me recently that you ring Colin up and ask him to withdraw the charges against me, when you know perfectly well that that is a ridiculous suggestion, and I feel extremely pissed off about this ongoing vexatious and malicious prosecution, especially when I have continued to receive ongoing upsetting phone calls from your mate Colin, including four received today since 7:30 a.m.
  20. Why don’t you ring him up and ask him not to communicate with me in any manner whatsoever, as I told him, as the Court told him, as the police told him. Because both the police and the Court refuse to do anything about my complaints. Like you.
  21. It’s wonderful that you can just pick up the phone and make a quick phone call, and receive a letter like this, from the Deputy Ombudsman, no less. Wonderful that you’ve got time to wander along and pick it up. What a futile waste of time.
  22. Please send a letter explaining in writing why you now refuse to represent me, according to your repeated statements in contradiction to what you told the Office of the Ombudsmen – how dare you tell them you represent me after what you repeatedly said to me, and how dare you state that in order to obtain this letter from the Deputy Ombudsman when you know perfectly well that you promised to assist with the matters that are within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsmen’s Office.
  23. I asked for a letter from you stating why you refuse to do anything about the matters I have outlined, which certainly do fall within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsmen’s investigative authority.
  24. I am also pissed off that you deleted the 5th paragraph of the previous letter to the PCA, and attach notes showing other deletions.
  25. And pissed off that I did not find out about the existence of the letter from Dave Allen, written last November, until you forwarded it to me with an off hand comment about nothing being done for another “3 or 4 weeks” scrawled on it, three months later, after telling me you’d be coming up soon after cancelling the visits you promised on the way back from Auckland, and not calling for weeks despite me leaving messages that I urgently needed to speak with you, as I told you when you called on your way off on holiday, and as I told you for two years.
  26. You have repeatedly stated, verbally, your refusal to act for me, and I have requested you to put your refusal and the reasons for it in writing. The local police have been here twice today asking who my lawyer is and I want to be clear on your position please.
  27. I have refused to accept your statement that nothing can be done regarding the perjury, and I refuse to accept your account regarding the matter. I have statements from two Justices of the Peace regarding the messages on that phone, regarding the evidence given in that Court case and I instruct you to write to the PCA about it immediately.
  28. If you refuse to write to the Police, and to the Police Complaints Authority regarding the matters, as you have repeatedly stated is your position, and submit your accounts as you have done, and refuse to speak to me, or communicate with me except in writing, then I cannot afford to allow you to act for me on anything, can I?
  29. Please provide this letter, explaining exactly why you refuse to act, and Merlene’s book about the IRD (and the square, green plastic container lid), as I have asked you for on many occasions, instead of wasting your time in futile exercises like finding the Crawford’s statements in order to insult me with, and obtaining letters like the one you sent me from the Ombudsmen’s Office, which has nothing to do with what I asked you to do, which is within the Ombudsmen’s authority to investigate.
  30. Why did you not enclose Merlene’s book with this rubbish letter?????
  31. Angus Lindsay and I also asked you to write and complain on our behalf regarding the serving of the trespass notice against me when I walked into the Community Law Centre and looked for a pamphlet from the Ombudsmen’s Office while Angus was attempting to obtain his disclosure material which had been faxed there by the police in Wellington, prior to him contacting you at my recommendation. I did absolutely nothing whatsoever to warrant this action and this is another matter for the Ombudsmen, I insist that you write and complain about this immediately it is a serious breach of my Rights which has had dire consequences.
  32. I asked the manager most politely for these pamphlets when he rudely asked me what I wanted, as Angus witnessed. As you know, Angus is incapable of lying, so why don’t you ask him about it?
  33. Ask him if he remembers you saying you would write and complain on our behalf.
  34. As you’re obviously not going to now, please send the pamphlets detailing what the Ombudsmen’s Office does investigate.
  35. The police have been here twice today asking who my lawyer is, and Merlene is using most immoderate language regarding your sending this rubbish instead of returning our property and putting your money where your mouth is and having the guts to put your pathetic excuses to paper, please respond immediately.
  36. How dare you accuse me of using people after the way you’ve used me?
  37. When you and Fiona called in I said to you that I wanted to discuss the recent correspondence I had received from the Ombudsmen’s Office regarding our complaint.
  38. I have told you several times that they have already agreed to look at the matters, but require me to set out the complaints in writing, as you set them out in writing to the PCA, and provide copies of all the evidence.
  39. As I’ve told you, we could have provided the evidence as we were providing it to Sue Kedgley at the time that she was asking questions in parliament which were embarrassing to the Labour Party: through the fax machine and other technology available to the less well off members of the community at our former Carterton Community Centre – if that community resource centre had not been taken over illegally by punching me in the face and changing the locks, and if the fax machine, computers and all other money and assets had not been stolen by a group of people associated with the District Council, major funders of the Centre.
  40. These are some of the very matters we want you to write to the Ombudsmen about. Attached is a copy of some correspondence to the local paper regarding the takeover of our free e-centre by Councillor Jill Greathead, and a copy of her advertisement for her little Powerpoint courses, which profit her personally to the tune of $290 per person per day plus GST, using our resources, which we are unable to access because this ‘e-centre’ has never been open to the public as promised in her letter.
  41. I told you that the Ombudsmen’s Office had cancelled a meeting with us in Masterton last November on very short notice and made no attempt to contact us since then (by us I mean I represent all the people who signed the petition calling for an investigation into Council funding, among other things, and all the people who voted for me).
  42. This meeting would have enabled us to show them the evidence, as we showed it to Ken Daniels.
  43. The contradiction between the obstructive attitude of the tax payer funded organisations which are supposed to help people, such as the PCA, District Council, Ombudsmen, Police, etc, regarding the provision of information, and the refusal to investigate allegations, is obscenely contrasted by the refusal of the same organisation to participate in constructive, two-way consultation, and the demanding attitude of the same organisations that we provide information in written form at our own expense, which is then ignored anyway, or “dealt with” by their armies of consultants, legal advisers, ‘Executive Personal Assistants’, etc.
  44. If the Office established an 0800 fax line it would also facilitate this provision of documents, but we, particularly the less well members of the community, cannot be expected to bear the financial cost of the investigation while people on big salaries fob us off, and you send in your big bills and join in with them (and Colin) and call me a liar.
  45. If you are refusing to do anything about the perjury by Larry Manson and Rachel Betteridge, and refusing to assist us in communicating these complaints to the Ombudsmen and other relevant organisations in order to achieve our objective, namely to return a socially and economically sustainable Community Centre to Carterton and hold those people accountable who took over former Centre by using violence, and who stole all the money and assets of the Centre and the nine organisations whose affairs the Centre committee administrated, and if you are not going to help us end this corruption and bullying that seems to be endemic throughout the public sector, then I will write to the Law Society, and the media, because what is even more obscene than this corruption and bullying is you using our misery for your own gain while you scream shut up you stupid bitch down the phone at me then insult me with your diagnosis of mental illness and delusion, while you take Colin’s money to make sure that his lying prostitute daughter gets away with perjury, and then send me another bill for four and a half thousand dollars for making sure that she got away with it, and you deliberately refuse to send me the information I entrusted to you regarding Judge Susan Thomas’s judgement, and the evidence etc, in the Manson hearing and appeal, which I have repeatedly told you I need urgently for the upcoming hearing, while I sit here with broken teeth and serious infection from my sinuses to my lungs, unable to access basic resources, unable to communicate with a counsellor or doctor, unable to afford food or firewood or anything much else, while you scrawl this rubbish such as what you scrawled on the letter from the police which I didn’t find out about for five months because you are so busy having all your holidays.
  46. Judge Susan Thomas has just forced Frank Minehan to cease acting for me, by falsely claiming that I addressed the Court, and because I was trying to speak to Frank and explain that the Complainant in the matter before the Court (Colin Allomes) had cut off my petrol account in order to pervert the course of justice and prevent me getting to the High Court to appeal the decision of Judge Thomas, on the grounds that she was prejudiced and biased and ignored evidence.
  47. Judge Thomas has now refused my request for a transcript of the evidence. Colin Allomes was standing in the witness box, half way through giving his evidence when the matter was adjourned, Frank Minehan had just started cross examining him, I could not hear what was said because I have impaired hearing, exacerbated by the sinus infection from my smashed teeth.
  48. Her refusal to provide the transcript is an attempt to pervert the course of justice and deny me access to legal representation and I insist that you help me to appeal this refusal immediately. You promised to help us, you indicated that you would do the work on a pro bono basis originally, then you said you’d do it if you got to keep any money obtained from suing the police, which I agreed to on the condition that you assist us in achieving a proper investigation regarding the illegal takeover mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre, the involvement of the Carterton District Council and individual members and people associated with the Council, who were involved in the fraud, corruption and bullying that occurred regarding these matters.
  49. John Crawford was one of the ringleaders of this despicable takeover, and you are now using the information I entrusted you with against me, instead of to help me, and refusing to return the papers as well as refusing to return Merlene’s IRD book. Please return all my documents immediately, as previously requested.
  50. What about all the weeks of work I did for you cleaning up your property in Palmerston North, typing up your other clients' work, and all your draft submissions to IRD, etc? That all well exceeded any money you extorted from Colin Allomes.
  51. You have now decided that you are not going to assist us to access justice unless I pay your outrageous fees - you told me you were going to register to receive legal aid! And now you accuse me of being mentally ill for being upset about it, while I have to sit here with smashed teeth, no car, no bike, no money, no phone, etc, while you and Colin and the corrupt police just carry on as usual. You make me sick, you are a selfish greedy manipulative liar.

Kate Raue
Moreton Rd
R D 2

Regarding your latest letter. You are a liar. You stopped being my lawyer when you screamed at me “shut up you stupid bitch”, and “you’re a liar and a nasty spiteful bitch who deserves everything you get”. I begged you for two years to make some time to discuss the matters on which I needed legal representation, you always summoned me to your house on the promise of discussing those matters, and then once I was there, you never wanted to discuss those matters at all, you wanted me to do all sorts of other work for you then get drunk and frolic in the spa pool with you.

When you and Fiona called in I begged you again to make time to talk with me about the matters on which I needed legal representation, as soon as possible. You promised to come and discuss the matters here because of the volume of correspondence, etc, and our lack of available resources to ‘put it in writing’ and copy all the documents (on $178 a week, while Colin and his lying whore of daughter steal as much as they can off me and the other poor taxpayers, ripping off Inland Revenue etc.

The reason you are no longer my lawyer is set out fairly clearly in your own letter. I didn’t sack you, I asked you how on earth you thought you could continue to represent me after you abused me by screaming “shut up you stupid bitch” at me, after calling me “a nasty vindictive lying bitch who cried wolf and deserved everything” she got, after sending me a bill for over $31,000, of which over $4,000 is for your ‘work’ on the matters involving Colin’s daughter Rachel Betteridge, who committed perjury during the original trial, the bill being attached to a letter saying not only that you refuse to do anything about the perjury which she and Larry Manson got away with and I lost the application for costs when Colin cut off my petrol, but that you also feel that I shouldn’t do anything about them either, or Colin's vicious attack that smashed three of my teeth, because it might detract from how much money you might get.

You had no answer to that question of how you could continue to represent me after that level of abuse. It is obvious that your abuse of me, following your continued refusal to communicate with me over anything that was not going to profit you directly, is the reason you are no longer representing me

You go on about a couple of hundred dollars and some petrol paid to you by Colin. I have told you repeatedly that Colin paid this money because he knew I was always kind to his nasty, spiteful, fat, lazy, lying, whore of a daughter, just as he knew that Constables Pope and Cunningham are corrupt and vindictive liars and he knew it was unfair that I should pay for their conspiracy and dishonesty. Colin knows that and so do you. You also know that I paid you back for all the money Colin gave you with the hours and hours of work I did for you! In Wellington and Palmerston North.

In spite of your bleating that my ‘abuse’ of you “was absolutely shattering + unexpected!!” your continued abuse of me (you need anger management, you’ve probably got Tourette’s, blah blah,) is just as shattering, but certainly no longer as unexpected, as when you screamed “shut up you stupid bitch” and it dawned on me that you were just using me, and you never had any intention of even listening to anything not immediately relevant to the money you might get from suing the police over what happened to me over the meeting charges, and what is continuing to happen to me, and to our community on a bigger level because of these matters and the relevance to the Community (Resource) Centre, or anything not connected to what you yourself were interested in, namely the benefits you personally might gain from my misfortune, in being attacked by police at the meeting.

I begged you to make time to talk to me when you called in on your way off on holiday with Fiona. You promised to come and talk to me when you rang from Auckland, I could tell you were lying when you rang and cancelled that meeting, but you said you’d make another one. You never did, you never even bothered ringing. I sent you lots of letters, all of which you have ignored. Merlene asked for her book back weeks ago, she didn’t even know I had lent it to you and was pissed off when she found out, and infinitely more pissed off at your arrogant and provocative refusal to return it when asked, and your smarmy little note. She heard you say you were going to listen to us and write to the Ombudmen, now you’re just trying to fabricate excuses so you don’t have to do any more work. Your pathetic annotation scrawled on the letter from Dave Allen makes it perfectly clear you didn’t intend doing anything about the letter, couldn’t see anything wrong with it or the delay in either you or me seeing it, just like the letter you went out of your way to get the Ombudsmen to write for you. The matters involving the Carterton District Council and individuals associated with it such as Ewen Hyde, Elaine Brazendale, Jill Greathead, etc, and the fact that the fraud involved included funding from WINZ, CYPS, and other government agencies clearly fall under the jurisdiction of the Ombudsmen as you know perfectly well, as does the involvement in facilitating fellow illegally elected committee members, such as John Crawford, to address the council, while illegally excluding the legally elected executive officers (me). You can’t even be bothered listening to me but you’ve got time to go down town and get the Deputy Ombudsman to write you this letter, you make me sick, you are a liar you know perfectly well these are matters requiring an investigation by the Ombudsmen and the Human Rights Commission, but all you care about is getting money out of it for you to finance all your holidays.

You used me to do all your work, and then on top of everything else, after refusing to talk about any and all of the matters you still felt I “needed legal representation on” you rang up and asked me to make some cookies for you and Fiona to take away on your holiday, which I happily did. I asked you again when you came to pick them up (she heard me as well as you did) to talk with me as soon as possible about these matters and to take the time to look at the documentary evidence - the responses from the Police and the PCA are completely unacceptable because they completely ignore most of the complaints! You can see that perfectly well so stop pretending you can't.

You have refused to communicate with me and gone back on your word, you acted for Colin when you made sure that the three appeals were lost, you promised to write letters and take action such as securing copies of the transcripts of the 111 calls and other information from the police prior to the appeal hearings and then you simply never bothered to do it, or to prepare for the hearings, you conspired with Colin to make sure I couldn’t get to the appeals (he rang you the night before, you told me and so did he), and now you have the cheek to send me these accounts including the one for $4500 or whatever it is for the Betteridge matter, while you refuse to do anything about the evidence of perjury regarding that matter or the Manson matter.

When you first said to me “You better be nice to Colin, Kate” I wanted so much to tell you what a creep Colin was, what a nasty, manipulative psychopath he is. He is far from what he appears to be, and you expect me to put up with worse treatment than I received at the Masterton police station, from the Dannevirke police when I went to report Colin’s vicious attack, just so you can get more money, and you have the cheek to call me a liar. I’m sick of lawyers like you, that only care about how much money they can make out of other people's misfortune.

Oh and then there’s the unprofessional breach of trust, and the gross betrayal of fiduciary duty.

Kate Raue
Following a number of abusive phone calls from Mr Appleby I wrote to the Law Society:

Executive Director
Wellington District Law Society
P O Box 494

29 May 2008

Dear Madam or Sir,

Mr Michael Appleby represented me in a number of matters in Court recently, and I have received accounts for over $30,000. I wish to make a formal complaint regarding these matters.

Mr Appleby has billed me for $4500 for successfully defending me after I was charged with allegedly sending offensive and threatening text messages, and another charge which began as Disorderly Behaviour, and was changed twice by the police to Threatening Behaviour and finally Assault, regarding a complainant named Rachel Betteridge. The charges were thrown out without having to present a defence, which was unfortunate because the Court was denied the opportunity to address the fact that the complainant had committed perjury under oath during her evidence.

I told Mr Appleby that there no evidence of these crimes because I did not commit them, and that defending them would therefore not be difficult. I told him that I had evidence that Betteridge and her ex-husband had sent me extremely threatening and offensive messages, which the police were continuing to refuse to do anything about, because many of the local officers are not just incompetent, but corrupt.

I showed Mr Appleby the phone, and the messages. I showed him evidence that the police had not even requested any information from the telecommunications company Vodafone.

I explained to Mr Appleby that I have been the victim of police bullying, that this is politically motivated, and supported by many letters from lawyers and many other people, and that was the reason for the laying of the charges. I showed him indisputable evidence that the complainant was lying, that she and her husband had in fact sent threatening and offensive messages to me, and that the messages I sent her were in no way offensive.

I showed him indisputable evidence from independent witnesses that Georgina Beyer should have been arrested and charged, not me, following the public meeting.

Mr Appleby explained that he was not registered to receive legal aid at that time, and mentioned that he did a certain amount of work pro bono. Mr Appleby’s letter (attached) confirms this.

Mr Appleby agreed to act for me on very short notice, for which I am extremely grateful to him, after another lawyer withdrew four days before the major three day defended hearing involving a member of parliament, and fundamental legal issues to do with the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, and political interference and outrageous bullying by the police.

The matter of the five charges arising from the public meeting was thrown out before the police even got around to calling the officer in charge of the case, because it became apparent that it was very likely that a senior police officer was going to give perjurous evidence (in remarkable similarity to the Betteridge text messages case. This officer alleged that he had “arrested” me, which was a lie, he just attacked me, kidnapped me and locked me up all night, strip searching me and otherwise humiliating and degrading me.

When it became apparent that the police officer was likely to give perjurous evidence, the police tried to withdraw the charges, but the Judge acquitted me instead, at that point. Only partial costs were awarded. I have no doubt that full costs would have been awarded if the Court had heard from the defence witnesses, Michael Appleby had no doubt that full costs were warranted, and he filed an appeal accordingly. This was one of three appeals lost when Betteridge’s father prevented me from getting to the Court in Wellington for the hearing.

I only met Mr Appleby for the first time four days before the major hearing, and at first he said he could not act for me because he did not have time to prepare for the case. I told him that I had prepared the case and if he followed my instructions we would be successful because I was innocent and the police are guilty, and that is exactly what happened.

The police laid other charges against me as part of a politically motivated campaign to bully, harass and silence me, and Mr Appleby agreed to act for me, but asked for payment. I gave him over $300 in cash as well as jewellery, etc, but Mr Appleby asked for payments by automatic bank transaction, from myself and from Colin Allomes. Mr Allomes paid him $20 per week for a short period of time apparently

The appeal regarding the text messages was one of three filed by Mr Appleby which were set down to be heard in Wellington on 24th April 2007. Another of the three appeals was against a judgement of Judge Susan Thomas, which Mr Appleby and I firmly believed was made with prejudice and bias, and ignored the facts.

I was prevented from getting to the Court in Wellington on the day the appeals were held, and as a result the appeals were all lost. If I had been there they would not have been lost. The attached statements from two JP’s show that clearly, because they confirm my evidence and prove that Rachel Betteridge committed perjury.

I was prevented from getting to the Court in Wellington on the day the appeals were held as a result of the actions of Colin Allomes. Three days after the appeals were lost Mr Allomes kidnapped me, tied me up, and smashed three of my teeth, and threatened to kill me on 27th April 2007.

Mr Allomes is the father of Rachel Betteridge, and he was a witness for the defence in that case, although once again, the charges were thrown out without having to present any defence let alone call any witnesses, because there was no evidence because I was innocent.

Mr Allomes and I were formerly friends, and he was so upset that the police had charged me because of his daughter’s malicious lies that he made a written statement to the Court, was prepared to give evidence on the day of the hearing and at Mr Appleby’s request he agreed to pay some of Mr Appleby’s expenses regarding this matter involving his daughter because he felt obligated to do so because of his own involvement in the matter. Messages from his daughter said “Colin told me how you sexually abused your own daughter” etc.

Mr Appleby has now sent me these accounts, and is refusing to do anything about the fact that Ms Betteridge obviously committed perjury, as did other complainants in other cases Mr Appleby has represented me on. He refuses to write to the Police, Police Complaints Authority, Solicitor General, etc, regarding any of this repeated perjury. I believe he has a duty to do so.

Mr Appleby also refuses to acknowledge that I travelled to Wellington and Palmerston North and did a considerable amount of work for him to repay the “couple of hundred dollars” paid by Allomes, typing submissions, etc, for other cases Mr Appleby was involved in. I also gave Mr Appleby two gold rings, a silver teapot, a copper and paua belt and other items of value to reimburse him for the money he had received from Allomes and asked him to return Allomes’ money to him.

I have had to get sworn statements from Justices of the Peace regarding the text messages, if the appeal had been handled properly in the first place I would not have had to waste my time and money further like this. If the police had investigated the matter properly in the first place all the tax payer’s money and resources wouldn’t have been wasted either, or the time and money of Michael Appleby and myself and everyone else associated with this business.

It is completely unacceptable that Mr Appleby now expects me to pay these accounts, but still refuses to do anything about this blatant evidence of perjury and corruption. The police were shown the messages at the time I received them, and sent copies of the JP’s statements months ago, and they continue to refuse to act, this is major corruption. I believe that Mr Appleby has a duty to put this evidence before the Court, and the Police, and the PCA. The threats were extremely serious, and particularly so in light of the vicious kidnapping and assault on me on 27th April 2007 by Colin Allomes.

Allomes was eventually charged with kidnapping and assault by the police (after eight weeks of a corrupt investigation). I was summoned to Dannevirke Court as a witness for the police on 9th October 2007, but approximately a week before the depositions hearing date the police served me with another summons, for allegedly ringing Allomes up in March 2007 "with the intention of offending him".

Mr Appleby refused to assist me regarding this matter, citing the “couple of hundred dollars” he had elicited from Mr Allomes on my behalf as the reason, and sent me the accounts for over $30,000. I reminded Mr Appleby that I had travelled to Wellington at my own expense and done substantial work for him in both Wellington and Palmerston North as part of an agreement with Mr Appleby that the costs of this work were to reimburse any payments from Allomes and then be deducted from the amount of his bills. Mr Appleby now refuses to recognise this agreement regarding the items I gave him or the work done in Wellington and Palmerston North, or even acknowledge this, and refuses to do anything about the perjury, etc, except send me a bill for it apparently.

Please consider this a formal complaint which needs to be dealt with with the utmost urgency. I have a disability which makes writing difficult (which is one reason why I need a lawyer), and am currently suffering from a major illness resulting from the broken teeth and extreme pain from the other injuries inflicted, I have no phone or car or other resources, have been denied financial assistance, legal assistance, or any support at all basically, and will be writing further regarding these matters as soon as I am able.

There have also been major problems with Mr Appleby failing to pass on or discuss with me relevant correspondence he has received on my behalf.

I wish Mr Appleby to finish what he started, he has a duty to do so, he has an obligation to me, not Mr Allomes.

Mr Allomes has indicated to me and to other people that Mr Appleby accepted the payments from him, and then lost the appeal deliberately, after Allomes changed his mind on the 23rd April to punish me for refusing his demands. There is evidence that Allomes telephoned Mr Appleby the night before the appeals were due to be held, and telephoned the local garage to prevent me getting fuel for my car.

Mr Appleby has an obligation to see that justice is done, not to waste the time of the Court perpetuating or perpetrating corruption, and I am his client not Mr Allomes. Mr Allomes wished to pay the money directly to me to give to Mr Appleby but Mr Appleby said he would prefer to receive the cash directly from Allomes by automatic payments.

It is utterly outrageous that the Courts are being used and abused in this manner, by lazy, greedy police and lawyers. Mr Appleby agreed to represent a significant group in our community regarding the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of our community centre, and assist us in writing to the Ombudsmen and other agencies regarding the illegal takeover and mismanagement of many of our core community services including the Carterton Community Centre after other lawyers quit because they found there wasn’t enough money in it for them. The matters definitely fall within the jurisdiction of the Office of the Ombudsmen, and it is unacceptable that Mr Appleby is trying to mislead that Office into thinking the matters are not within their jurisdiction. The matters involve fraudulent use of public money, obtained from the Carterton District Council, WINZ, CYPS, REAP, etc.

The actions of several people associated with the Carterton District Council and the Carterton Community Centre warrant investigation by the Ombudsmen.

Mr Appleby agreed to do this. We discussed the matters that fell within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsmen and it is unethical and immoral for him to now take this stance.

In February Mr Appleby sent me a letter from the police regarding these matters which was dated 10 December 2007. Scrawled at the top of this letter was a very brief note to the effect that Mr Appleby found the response perfectly acceptable, and that the review by the PCA would be done in about 3-4 weeks. I contacted Mr Appleby and told him that the response was far from acceptable and he reluctantly wrote to the Authority again, but his attitude toward me was offensive and adversarial and attempts since then to speak with him regarding these matters have been greeted with abuse and indifference.

I have made numerous attempts to speak with Mr Appleby regarding these matters but he refuses to do so, during a recent phone conversation he shouted “shut up you stupid bitch” at me, abused me in an extremely offensive manner and told me I was a liar and deserved everything I got. Shortly afterwards I received these accounts, and the attached note.

I note in today’s Dominion Post (29 May 2008) on page A3 Judge Dominic Flatley highlights inadequacies and incompetence in CYF, and the waste of tax payers money and failings of the system and abuse of the Court, and then on page A6 “A furious judge” Kevin Phillips yesterday criticised “the whole system, lawyers and support agencies.” He is right, incompetence is endemic throughout the public service, police, government funded “support agencies” etc. So is corruption, and the reason it is so prolific is that lawyers encourage it for their own profit.

I have heard nothing from the PCA, as a result of Mr Appleby’s refusal to act. He is deliberately trying to sabotage these matters now.

I have written and spoken to him about a number of other incidents of bullying and corruption by the local police, he refuses to act because he claims he feels that making other complaints would “detract from the power of the current complaint before the Authority”. This argument is illogical and corrupt in it’s attempt to cover up serious wrongdoing, and use our suffering, for his personal profit.

Thank you for your urgent attention to these matters.

Yours faithfully,

Kate Raue

Wellington complaints@lawsociety.org.nz
C.c.: lcro@justice.govt.nz

Attn Hayden Wilson:

Regarding your letter dated 22 July 2010, which I have just received.

Mr Appleby Is LYING. He sent me a number of detailed itemised accounts. This is evidenced by the submission to the Police Complaints Authority in which he refers to the fact that he charged me around $12,000 for that matter alone. This is clearly and indisputably evidenced in the List of Attached Documents which is part of his submission to the Police Complaints Authority dated 30 May 2007 and specifically itemised as “(5) Bill of Costs” and can be viewed at the link provided. I request an immediate apology for this deliberate deceit.

Mr Appleby has my files, he is LYING again. In particular, he has a letter from Vodafone investigation unit to say that the Police never ever contacted Vodafone to seek any information at all before falsely and corruptly charging me with sending Rachel Betteridge offensive text messages, etc.

I provided Mr Appleby with evidence that Betteridge and her husband had in fact sent me messages containing serious threats and abuse. It can therefore only be that either he is monumentally incompetent, or else he deliberately perverted the course of justice when the appeal was lost. Betteridge committed perjury when she said while on oath that she hadn’t sent me any messages, this is indisputably proved by the evidence on the phone and the statements of the two Justices of the Peace and several lawyers who have witnessed the messages on the phone. Mr Appleby was instructed to follow up these enquiries with Vodafone and get confirmation from Vodafone of the facts proving that Betteridge committed perjury and so did the police in saying that they had tried to obtain the evidence - they had NOT tried to contact Vodafone about the matter at all!

Colin Allomes paid Mr Appleby money to make sure my appeal regarding the refusal of the Court to make an order for costs in the Betteridge matter was lost, then Allomes made sure I couldn’t get to Court, missing not one but three appeals on that day, Appleby lost all of them, and refused to ask for another appeal on any of them, in spite of the indisputable evidence, by now supported by signed statements from two JP’s, and then refused to return the letter from Vodafone or the other documents of mine which he has.

Regarding his boasting about Appleby 9, Police 0. His submissions to the PCA also refer to the fact that he acted for me on extremely short notice, four days before a 3 day defended hearing of 5 charges, two of them indictable, and had no time to prepare for the trial. When he asked why my previous lawyer had withdrawn, I told him that the previous lawyer had refused to accept and carry out my instructions, and that I had already prepared the case to a degree, with the limited resources at my disposal now that the complainants in that matter had illegally taken over the Carterton Community Centre.

Evidence of the fraud and misfeasance at the Carterton Community Centre is on various internet sites, notably the one at this link. Most of that evidence has been provided to Mr Appleby, and certainly considerable indisputable evidence of the fraud and misfeasance. I have repeatedly requested a meeting to discuss these matters and the documentary evidence, and that that meeting be recorded on video, because of the complexity of the matters and the great volume of documentary evidence to be cross referenced. I request that a practising lawyer be present at the meeting. Evidence of this is also contained in the letters of Ken Daniels to the Police.

I have misunderstood nothing, Mr Appleby sent me itemised accounts, then he met with the Ombudsmen and elicited the letter from them because I would not agree to him having ALL the money from suing the police regarding the matters in the submissions to the PCA, and from the Betteridge matter where there was indisputable evidence of the police acting corruptly in falsely charging me for sending the messages and refusing to charge her in the face of the overwhelming and indisputable evidence.

Evidence that Mr Appleby perverted the course of justice is on the websites for all to see, including the letters from Mr Daniels and the evidence he refers to in those letters, as well as letters from other lawyers. The Carterton Community Centre provided resources for beneficiaries and those on low incomes, like faxes, phones, affordable internet access etc, that’s what these matters are all about. The fact that the Centre was taken over illegally by a group of people associated with the Carterton District Council is exactly why we no longer have access to the resources to provide these documents to your office. The letters from lawyer Ken Daniels and Ivan Young-Gough confirm clearly that our allegations are well founded.

The frauds involved funds from WINZ, CYPS, and other government departments, they also involve a group of people associated with the Carterton District Council who had serious conflicts of interest in that they were giving public money to themselves and then wasting it and stealing it. I was Secretary and Finance Officer of the Society and can attest to the gross misfeasance as does all the evidence, lawyers letters, etc. That is why the matters are obviously within the jurisdiction of the Office of the Ombudsmen

Finally, although it seems to be the first thing on Mr Appleby’s mind, is the matter of his no doubt selectively taped ‘messages’ - please provide me with a copy of this tape that Mr Appleby provided you with, it is further evidence of how pathetic he is.

Mr Appleby said to me, quite clearly, among other things, “Shut up you stupid bitch.” He also abused me on other occasions.

Clearly, the evidence on the websites proves why Georgina Beyer resigned from parliament and is now on the dole by all accounts. The complaints against me by legal firm Wollerman Cooke and McClure were rejected by Sgt Reid of the police and the complaints by me to the police regarding the theft, fraud and gross misfeasance were never investigated at all, like the complaints to the PCA regarding the Carterton Community Centre were never investigated at all, which is a very serious matter indeed. It can be clearly seen from the written responses that this is the case, and that the responses are an orchestrated litany of lies, denials, etc, and that the responses are entirely unsatisfactory.

It is therefore hardly surprising that I was so upset with Mr Appleby as to speak rudely to him on the telephone, especially considering the itemised accounts. Mr Appleby is lying in saying that he didn’t send me these accounts - the Bill of Costs for around $12,000 for the matter involving Georgina Beyer is specifically itemised and numbered “5” in the list of attached documents at the end of Mr Appleby’s submission to the PCA dated 30 May 2007! He is obviously and indisputably lying about this, and he is lying about not having my files, he was repeatedly requested to return them and repeatedly refused to do so in order to deliberately pervert the course of justice by making them unavailable to me so I couldn’t provide evidence about his corruption, or file any more appeals, it is therefore no wonder I spoke rudely to him - but I wish to complain that he has provided what is no doubt a selective and edited version of our discussions to your office, this is entirely inappropriate, unprofessional and a gross breach of trust. If the contents of this communication are found to be correct, which certainly is the case, then I would be entirely justified in speaking rudely to him wouldn’t I? Especially after being told to “Shut up you stupid bitch” while trying to instruct him to write back to the PCA and to the Ombudsmen regarding the corrupt and incompetent CYPS investigation and any others that may have been conducted, as is usual in inquiries in this country, without any oral or verbal communication with the complainant.

I request Mr Appleby to provide all information regarding the money he received from Mr Allomes immediately - if he was acting pro bono why did he accept money from Mr Allomes! I have requested him to return the two gold rings I gave him in part payment of his itemised accounts also, they were given to him on the understanding that he was going to do what he said he was going to do, which of course he did not do, he went and lied to the Ombudsmen instead and refused to respond to the clearly inadequate responses from the PCA. I also gave him other items as well because of his repeated requests for payment, as he knows perfectly well.

I wish to complain that Mr Appleby has not been required to respond specifically to the points in my complaint and I require him to do so immediately. I am disabled and have trouble writing and it is outrageous that his response to my complaint is to visit the Wellington branch with some tape recording of me speaking rudely to him! Make him write a response immediately to these communications - and sign it - let’s see him sign his name to these deliberate lies! How dare you write it for him - did he have an appointment? I will come in and make my complaints verbally from now on and you can take notes, okay? Better still, you can record the complaint on video so I can hold up the papers to the camera, or bring it up on a computer screen to be recorded.

Please post a copy of my letters to you, just to establish that you actually received the complaint and have ignored most of it, to 1 Brooklyn Road, Carterton, this response is absolutely unbelievable! I certainly did enclose the annexures also - and they have been faxed through since also - I request a meeting to discuss these matters immediately, Mr Appleby’s response is clearly a lie!

Mr Appleby has a fiduciary duty to write back to the Police and the Ombudsmen and see these matters through to a conclusion because he has billed me over $30,000. My unspecified “attitude and behaviour” are a direct result of Mr Appleby’s corrupt actions, and are entirely understandable under the circumstances and entirely appropriate - Mr Appleby is guilty of blackmail and extortion! Among other things. I request all drafts of the notes of Mr Appleby’s meeting with your office, especially the first one, and all information whatsoever about me by your Society. It wasn’t Masterton Police 0 Appleby 9 at all - that’s why he accepted instructions regarding the three appeals! This was pointed out in my original complaint! How can you write such utter rubbish - such blatantly and indisputably dishonest rubbish?!

This is an orchestrated litany of lies and I request an immediate review of this matter in the interests of justice.

Katherine Raue

Looking again at this I note that Mr Appleby didn't charge me $12,000, that was in excess of the $8,500 or so he received in costs awarded when I was acquitted of all charges, the actual account was for $12,000 PLUS the amount he received in costs. His submission also makes it clear that he literally met with me the night before the three day hearing of the five charges, and had no time to prepare for the matter. We were successful because of the preparation I had done. Not to mention the fact that I was innocent of course. His claim that he didn't charge me is ridiculous! The accounts are referred to in his own submission attached to his own signature! "LIST OF ATTACHED DOCUMENTS:

1. Letter from Police Complaints Authority dated 9 December 2005
2. Formal Complaint regarding Katherine Raue
3. Decision of Behrens J regarding charges of Trespass, Disorderly Behaviour and Resisting Arrest
4. Decision of Behrens J regarding charges of Assault and Assaulting a Police Officer

5. Bill of Costs
6. Application for Costs, including:
7. Submissions regarding Costs,
8. Submissions of the Police Opposing Costs,
9. Submissions in Reply to the Police Submissions in Opposition,
10. Decision of Behrens J regarding Application for Costs.
11. Decsion of Goddard J
12. Letter from Ken Daniels to the Police dated 26 August 2004
13. E-mail response to Ken Daniels from the Police dated 26 April 2006
14. Carterton District Council LCTTP Plan.

How can Michael Appleby now deny he sent me any Bill of Costs - after ignoring the blatant corruption at the IPCA! And how can the NZLS blatantly condone this?!

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