"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr Key goes to Hollywood - the Secret Life of Information:

The Key Spinometer goes into overdrive - "Approaching warp speed now Captain!"

Just after 2 pm on 27 September 2012 National Party leader John Key announced his apology to Kim Dotcom, and every single other New Zealander, for illegally spying on us - many of us - including me.  But only after being made to after the Inspector General of the Government Communications Security Bureau issued his report this afternoon:

Here's his apology and his media release:

"I apologise to Mr Dotcom, I apologise to New Zealanders because every New Zealander that sits within the category of having permanent residency or is a New Zealand citizen is entitled to be protected from the law when it comes to the GCSB, and we failed to provide that appropriate protection for him," Key said this afternoon.

"My own view is the agency has let itself down very badly, it essentially failed at the most basic of hurdles, there are a number of times when it could have resolved the issue, and in fact New Zealanders were entitled to believe the agency would have performed a lot better."

Dotcom was arrested, along with three others, in January after police raided his rented mansion at the request of the FBI, after deceiving the Government Communication Security Bureau, which wasn't very difficult apparently - and worryingly.  The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing because there's no brain working.  Not to mention that the right hand doesn't see anything wrong with the left hand signing things it hasn't even read!

Before the raid, police had asked for information about Dotcom from the GCSB. The GCSB gathered the intelligence even though it had no jurisdiction to do so,and it appears that the GCSB, the Police, John Key, Bill English and John Banks and others, all knew perfectly well that they had no jurisdiction to do so and that their actions were seriously illegal - spying on New Zealand citizens again only a couple of months after the Urewera fiasco - when is Key going to apologise to the victims of the Urewera raids for illegally spying on THEM I wonder?

The GCSB had been wrongly told by the police that Dotcom was a foreign national and fell within their responsibilities.  This beggars belief - firstly that the police either didn't bother to check or they deliberately lied, and secondly, that the GCSB didn't bother to check - a simple and basic procedure - or else they also deliberately lied - which ever way you look at it it's either gross incompetence or serious corruption - and either way all those responsible should be sacked - forced to join the unemployment queue and get their snouts out of the public trough!

Justice Neazor is in charge of the GCSB and his report is entirely predictable.

On Close Up Key appears to say he doesn't think we need an inquiry into it.

This news coincided with the announcement that current affairs program Close Up is to be shut down and replaced with something else because "the public want more entertainment" according to a TVNZ spokesperson.

This coincides with an interview shown a few days ago on Close Up, with Tim McBride.  Every Kiwi should watch that interview.  After they have, they'll realise that the replacement of a current affairs program with "more entertainment" is no coincidence at all, it's deliberate muzzling of the media.

Our media is no longer our own, it's controlled by Warner Brothers, politicians, and anyone with enough money to 'pay for the news'.  The space in the papers and time on television and radio is for sale to the highest bidder.  The NBR reported that there was an alarmingly high amount of bribery in New Zealand.  That was two years ago, it's getting worse fast.  Equally concerning is that our police force is no longer 'ours' either - it's been for sale for years - with officers taking bribes left right and centre, covering up child abuse, and top brass Rob Pope and Peter Broad being booted out in disgrace only recently.

On 24th September TVNZ also announced that Bill English had signed an indemnity agreement that Kiwi taxpayers would be liable for all costs arising from any legal action regarding the fiasco.  The top cop at the time of Dotcom's arrest theatrically boasted he had signed an assurance that he would pick up the costs if it was found the police messed up. I wonder if he'd have been so cavalier if he had to pick them up personally, rather than the taxpayer.

John Banks has got amnesia and Key "sees no reason not to believe him".  What utter bollocks.  No wonder there was such a fuss about poor old Bradley Ambrose leaving his tape recorder on the table at their little tea party photo opportunity.  Key's actions were described as "political vindictiveness" by business analyst Dr Bryce Edwards and the NZ Herald.  Richly ironic when you consider the extent of the spying the government does on our own citizens - all taxpayer funded of course.  New cyber-monitoring measures have been quietly introduced giving police and Security Intelligence Service officers the power to monitor all aspects of someone’s online life. The measures are the largest expansion of police and SIS surveillance capabilities for decades, and mean that all mobile calls and texts, email, internet surfing and online shopping, chatting and social networking can be monitored anywhere in New Zealand.

The morning after the Neazor report was released Green's Russel Norman laid a formal complaint with police under the same legislation Key used to implement the 'political vindictiveness'.  The difference is that in this case police action is clearly in the public interest.  Green's co leader Metiria Turei has been equally accurate with her skewering of Key in the House.

How on earth could Key meet the GCSB 15 times and they not mention once the largest FBI operation against an individual in NZ's history against someone who lives in his very own electorate?  I mean, it's not like Mr Kim Dotcom is reclusive, or keeps a low profile, he's pretty hard to miss really, except if you're living on some other planet.  Then there's the fireworks display and mega party Mr Dotcom held to celebrate his citizenship, how on earth did Mr Key, Mr English, Mr Banks, the Government Communications Security Bureau and the police all miss that I wonder?  National voters must be asking themselves how they could have been so taken in by this incompetent poser.  Key couldn't attend the funerals of our troops killed in Afghanistan, because he was attending urgent talks about this fiasco - the baseball game was a cunning excuse.  He's known about all this for months!  Key, Banks, English and the National caucus are making an utter mockery of this country, its justice system, law enforcement and government!

More information regarding this matter, and the role of the police, and OFCANZ (Office of Financial Crime Agency New Zealand), in this blatant corruption, is on Frank Macskasy's site.

News reports get more sordid by the day, as more evidence of Key's dishonesty and shady dealings are revealed.  Journalist Fran Mold even gets a mention.

Then there's the involvement of Key's government with the Chinese company Huawei.  The company is almost certainly a front for Chinese intelligence agency activities according to a leading defence analyst.  The Australian government recently intervened to ban Huawei from bidding on the Australian broadband network, and they are banned in several other countries too because of serious security concerns - John Key says they're fine, who trusts his judgement any more?  New Zealanders should be very afraid with Key and his Keystone Kops in charge (paragraph 62 at that link).

This is after fantasist Stephen Wilce left the NZ Defence Force and SIS red faced not so long ago!  "We need assurance that there are not similar failings in other Top Secret vettings" said the State Services Commissioner - "similar failings" have occurred right across the Board because of a lack of governance and proliferation of bribery.  Immigration head Mary Anne Thompson, Maori TV boss John Davy and many others, including  "psychiatrist" Linda Astor.

And now there's a police investigation into how Gerald Shirtcliff stole the identity of an engineer and who supervised the construction of the CTV building, which collapsed during the Christchurch earthquakes, killing hundreds of people.

Key's only 'man date' is John Banks (or Peter Dunne-Nothing, take your pick) and that only THREE PERCENT of New Zealanders support his asset sales plan!

Then there's all the other whoppers he's told lately at this link.

Meanwhile, Key's trying to get the TPPA signed under secrecy in order to rip us all off even further.

Here's Russel Norman's speech during the urgent debate in Parliament about this fiasco (using two different html codes as well as a link for this clip because the video keeps disappearing for some reason, and like Tim McBrides interview, it needs to be heard).

Anyway, he hasn't had his eye on the ball for a long time.

A "top secret review" has been ordered into whether "top secret spy documents" should be released to Mr Dotcom, regarding to evidence gathered illegally by the Government Communications Security Bureau, a senior lawyer is being sought to conduct the review after the Court's preferred appointee, David Cooper QC wisely declined the appointment.

GCSB head Ian Fletcher is pushing scapegoats forward as he attempts to hang onto his job.

Sean Plunket's comparison is worth reading.

Mr Dotcom's been busy, visiting parliament to watch the weasels squirm, and recording a new song, titled "Live My Life".  His penultimate composition, titled "Precious", features himself and his wife Mona, singing about their children, the two youngest, twin girls, are New Zealand citizens (as his Mr Dotcom, and the rest of his family), born here after the Court bail conditions prevented Mr and Mrs Dotcom travelling to Hong Kong for the birth as planned.

The stench of blatant corruption hangs in the air as Key refuses to sack Banks, in the face of the ever mounting and indisputable evidence, for exactly the same thing Key ruled out working with Winston Peters for not so long ago, and in spite of  Banks's own staff confirming that he's read the declaration he signed.

Embarrassed Epsom voters are vowing not to be sucked in again.

More on the subject of election by deception at this link.

Other reports here:

"Growing anger over Dotcom fiasco"

"Megaupload saga resembles Keystone Kops"

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Frankly Speaking 








And Key thinks it's just fine for Banks to sign things he HASN'T EVEN READ!  And he obviously thinks it's fine for the police and the GCSB and OFCANZ to do so too.

It's pretty rich that Key accuses Russel Norman of a "political stunt" after this tea party posturing and the blatant cheek of Sir Botox Banks BS, and then there's the irony of all this illegal surveillance of Dotcom over alleged copyright infringement and the matter of the "Meet John Key" promotional DVD which had to be withdrawn after accusations of  = copyright infringement!

Vote no confidence in the government before he signs the TPPA!

Here's more EVIDENCE of his blatant LIES!

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