"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, September 3, 2012

The sound of silence: Suicide in the Wairarapa, our national shame:

Children and teenagers make a lot of noise, when they're suddenly not there any more you notice the silence.  A lot.  

When your child suddenly passes away, or your brother, or someone you know, and there are questions about why it happened, you listen to that silence, thinking, wondering if you didn't listen carefully enough to what they were trying to tell you, or if there was something that you missed.

Wairarapa had more than double the national rate of suicide - AGAIN! This is the fourth year in a row that Wairarapa has recorded the highest rates of self harm in New Zealand. Wairarapa had a rate of 162.3 people hospitalised for self-harm for every 100,000 people in 2010, according to figures released today, over twice the national rate of 66 per 100,000. New Zealand has some of the highest rates of suicide in the world, and has consistently had one of the highest rates for years - it's a matter that gives cause for national shame, it's unnecessary and in most cases it's preventable, and being caused by the very people we are funding to prevent it, who are not performing.  Authorities are not interested in investigating complaints from consumers, they are focused on covering up incompetence and corruption and maintaining the status quo.  Ignorance is the art of ignoring things.  This is the cost of that ignorance, the violence, crime, child abuse, addiction and suicide, which are all so prevalent in the Wairarapa.

Bullying in schools starts with the Board of Trustees bullying the suicide prevention initiatives like Friends of Caring Kiwi Communities and the Let's Get Growing NZ program, and this matter illustrates well the conspiracy involving local police, who lied to the Board of Trustees of the South End School in Carterton, who in turn lied to the police - indisputable evidence of these claims is at the link and much more is available to doubters - leave a comment and it will be provided.

Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean released provisional annual suicide statistics for the year ending 30 June 2012 today, and some of his comments on this disgraceful and shameful national record. Good on Judge Neil MacLean for speaking up!

This is the third year Judge MacLean has made the annual suicide statistics available, and tried to encourage New Zealanders to address this problem, identify it, name it, talk about it, and take constructive and effective action to stop it and prevent it. Judge MacLean says we are going backwards, not forwards, and that indicates that the current methods of dealing with the problem are not working. I can certainly attest to that!

In the past year the total number of suicides was 547. The average number of suicides for each of the past five years
 is 543.

Of particular concern is the 15 to 19-year-old age group, which, at 37, was almost double the average of the previous four years.

"I am concerned that we seem to be making no impact (on youth suicide rates), there's no visible downward trend at all," Judge MacLean, said.

"Other ethnic groups remain much the same - Asian Pacifica, non-Maori - but the Maori statistics, that's concerning."

Suicides in the 15 to 19-year-old age group were up from 56 in 2010-11 to 80 in 2011-12.

Shockingly, the report records a suicide among the five to nine-year-old age group, and apparently there have been two suicides in this age group in the last year but the other one is apparently not included in Judge MacLean's report due to a discrepancy between the two sets of figures (Coronial Services and Ministry of Health, more on this below).

It is the youngest suicide case the Ministry of Justice's Coronial Services Unit (CSU) has dealt with since comprehensive records began in 2007.

The Coronial Services Unit suicide figures for 2010 differ from Ministry of Health figures released last month. There are several reasons for this. The classification system used by the Ministry of Health to code underlying cause of death is not strictly comparable with the system used by CSU to assign 'intent'. CSU data includes active cases before Coroners where intent has yet to be conclusively established. This means that the CSU figures include deaths that may eventually be found not to be suicides. In addition, Ministry of Health figures are recorded by calendar year.

Over the past year, the number of Maori suicides have increased across most age groups. NZ is going backwards in this disgraceful and shameful blight on our society.

The Mental Health Foundation Suicide Prevention Information NZ has links to other reports on their website, unfortunately they are out of touch with what's really going on and instead of addressing the real problems in the Wairarapa community (which regularly has around twice the national average of suicide, ) of injustice and police corruption, and systemic bullying and abuse, they promote police propaganda instead. One of the major concerns shared by many friends and family of suicide victims (and others in the community) in the Wairarapa is the message "talk to someone", and the role of the police in dealing with suicides and victims of violence, abuse, and bullying, and the way the policy of "information sharing" is being implemented. I can personally confirm that many of the corrupt and incompetent Wairarapa police actually encourage suicide and support people like Julian Tyerman, who encouraged me to commit suicide on a bullying website he built in my name, all the posts except one have since been removed by Tyerman, but not before I copied and pasted his sickening comments - the police of course refuse to charge him with offensive language or anything else (there are a number of charges that would apply to the material Tyerman published). When you consider that Tyerman's own brother committed suicide, you realise just how sick he is and why he should be charged.

The police have been under investigation for around five years regarding the discovery of systemic concealment and destruction of hundreds of child abuse complaints. When victims of violence, abuse and bullying try and pluck up the courage to speak up, only a fraction manage to find that courage and do so, and when the police compound the problem by reabusing the victim and protecting the offender, it's not hard to work out the results. The victims learn a lesson and are discouraged from speaking up, and the offenders are empowered. There is definitely a link between incompetence and corruption within the local police and 'community agencies' and the outrageous local suicide rates.

There is not just one cause of suicide, there are many, every one is unique, although there are many things in common, and many identifiable causes - and solutions. Factors such as poverty and unemployment drive many suicides, abuse and bullying are common causes, inappropriate medication and other 'treatment', a sense of hopelessness and injustice. Poor self esteem and boredom are common factors in some. All these things can be changed.

Friends of Caring Kiwi Communities is working to establish a united network of Community Resource Centre and Community Gardens to strengthen Kiwi communities in practical and constructive ways, and address the real problems in our communities as individuals instead of a one size fits all approach. We had a real Community Centre in Carterton, and community gardens, until they were taken over by a group of individuals who were mainly associated with the District Council, a major funder of the Centre. They transformed a great community resource into a cash cow for themselves, despite the obvious conflicts of interest, before being forced to close it down when other funders became aware of what was going on. The Councillors and their mates then obtained another few million dollars and built an 'Event Centre', which they use to spread propaganda rather than provide resources and facilitate constructive and inclusive dialogue.

Local initiatives generally operate for the benefit of the people running them rather than the clients, and the standard of the people running them leaves a lot to be desired, and is an insult to the clients in many cases, with many of the people running these organisations having been in the positions for far too long, and they only maintain the positions by excluding people from their AGMs and other meetings by the use of trespass notices, etc, as the committee of the Carterton Community Centre and local Council, etc did. Siobahn Garlick, the manager of 'New Directions' doesn't seem to know the difference between "loonies and alcoholics" - what an insult to mental health patients or anyone suffering from depression! Vulnerable people in our community need a FOCKCer Community Resource Centre and Community Gardens, NOT the insult to the intelligence currently being provided by they myriad of ineffective 'community organisastions' flourishing under such ridiculous community leaders as Georgina Beyer, Gary McPhee and Ron Mark! These so called 'community leaders' are adding to the problem - not solving it! Kiwi kids deserve better than this - we all do! (To be continued).

Many corrupt police support the actions of their mates in the 'community agencies', and promote their policy of illegal and destructive information sharing with these people.

We're always hearing "we need more resources" - well we don't. What we need is some accountability regarding how our taxpayer and ratepayer funds are being wasted! Look at how much money was wasted locking me up in a secure facility for the criminally insane, with people convicted of murder and manslaughter, after a corrupt 'psychiatrist', Brenda Sally Rimkeit, and a few of her equally corrupt colleagues, conspired to label me with "Delusional Disorder" for raising awareness regarding the corruption and incompetence of many of the local police officers, and locked me up for months, for criticising local police for very good reasons supported with indisputable evidence (not to mention all the money wasted on the campaign of malicious and vexatious charges brought against me).

This money was wasted on a person who didn't have a mental illness (and Rimkeit and her colleagues knew this perfectly well), while there are hundreds if not thousands of New Zealanders who are desperately in need of those resources!

What a chilling insight that was into how mental health patients are treated in this country too! Medication is the order of the day, it's all I was offered - my "Treatment Plan" states that I am not to be given writing materials, paper etc, no mail in or out, no phone calls in or out, no visitors - what kind of "treatment" is that?! That's no t'treatment' - that's plain sadistic corruption! Local mental health 'services' are an absolute disgrace, as evidenced by the link above to the 'New Directions' managers! Talk about the Emperor's new clothes!

There is evidence on the information I have received that there were a number of and untrue statements and allegations used to detain me illegally in the two mental health facilities, including claims that I had attempted suicide, and made lots of unwarranted complaints to police "when she previously lived in Wellington" according to the local constable. I have never attempted suicide, and that's why there is no evidence of that anywhere, and I made no complaints to police whatsoever when I previously lived in Wellington, not one.

The point is that the treatment for this alleged disorder was medication. Dangerous, strong medication intended for 'illnesses' I did not have. I was forcibly injected if I refused to take the pills, and what happened to me should ring alarm bells in the mind of every right thinking person, because if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone, and it's happening right here in New Zealand, it's taxpayer funded corruption on a massive scale.

The same police who are under investigation for covering up hundreds of child abuse cases and refusing to investigate them and lying about it - and then being promoted for that, are persecuting innocent people and wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer funds pursuing personal vendettas and actually covering up crime. When you examine the collusion and conspiracy of the other parties, the scale and magnitude of the problem becomes apparent, as do the implications.

Boredom and poor self esteem are two of the most common elements which contribute to depression (along with poverty and injustice). FOCKCer Community Resource Centres and Community Gardens, including gardens in schools address these issues constructively, as well as having other obvious benefits. Local journalists ignore the bullying going on regarding the local community gardens and the South End School garden, while promoting their friends' initiatives, which are often nothing more than an excuse to misappropriate large amounts of public funding. Let's Get Growing NZ and FOCKCer school gardens teach kids to grow their own kai, not just expect a handout. Handouts are OK, but teaching kids to grow and prepare their own kai addresses boredom, improves confidence and self esteem, and helps eliminate boredom - it's a wonderful thing - like eating lots of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, and doing physical work outside, it's not rocket science, but it can certainly lead to it :)

The gardens need tending over the summer, and the FOCKCers holiday program provide consistent care of the school gardens over the holidays, as well as holiday programs, including first aid courses, music tuition, art workshops, bicycle maintenance lessons, and a suggestion box for the inclusion of other activities of interest to the communities, the possibilities are endless. There's a lot of unemployment, but there's a lot of skilled people who can help teach those skills to others. We do Pet Therapy too, interacting with animals is very therapeutic indeed, and much more fun than just medication.

We need to get rid of the people running the failing 'community services' and support the ones with proven success - Friends of Caring Kiwi Communities (the FOCKCers) works to put the unity back in our communities, through the Let's Get Growing NZ program and Transparency NZ, establishing community resource centres and community gardens in every community, encouraging everyone to grow their own food, establishing gardens in schools and programs using gardening to teach a wide variety of life skills, including suicide prevention skills, and provide a safe environment to talk with people trained to respond appropriately and provide practical and effective support according to the needs of the individual.

5:30 am Thursday the 6th September, it's just been reported that Gabrielle Meyrick has died, aged just 17, in Masterton, last Sunday. Kiwi kids deserve better than this.

Judge Maclean said suicide had to be brought out of the shadows and he was worried by the increases in certain demographics.
"I am concerned that we seem to be making no impact - there has been no visible downward trend at all. Our job is to tell the public the facts - I am no more qualified to suggest an answer or a solution than anyone.

"My hunch is there is a link. People don't commit suicide because they're poor, it's because they feel utterly at the end of their tether, but it doesn't help if you've got no money."
He's spot on about all the useless and uncoordinated community agencies! They are creating problems, not solving them! They don't provide advocacy - they might provide an extremely limited amount of it but the fact is that none of the agencies or organisations operating locally provide advocacy and there is a huge amount of correspondence documenting that, much of it on this site.
They're all focussed on the funding, not their clients. Friends of Caring Kiwi Communities is all about co-ordination, we put the unity back in our communities, and help everyone pull together. We ensure services are focussed on needs, and that money's not wasted on the same old people and their 'community organisations' that benefit the people running them - not the clients. 'An ageing society that doesn't care for it's young has a death wish' is how Dame Anne Salmond describes it. ('There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children' - Nelson Mandela). We need support - we don't just have bullying in schools, we have bullies RUNNING the schools, serious, blatant incompetence and corruption, and nobody is doing anything about it, none of the government agencies who are supposed to, not the Police, the IPCA or the Ombudsmen, none of them. Transparency NZ is exposing them for what they are, and taking constructive action to prevent suicide through a community garden program, establishing gardens in schools and trained facilitators, and together with the FOCKCers and Let's Get Growing NZ, we're making a difference, and we need support.
The message being given to kids at risk is "Talk to someone" - the problem is that the people you get to talk to in the Wairarapa are incompetent and corrupt, and in many cases they are the very people perpetrating the abuse, and they've been doing it for years - Barry Taylor refused to engage with the people who mattered, other so called 'experts' are nothing more than attention seeking idiots. People like this are causing more harm than good! What these people think the community organisations are doing is so far removed from reality it's an insult to the people in need of help around here!
Kiwi kids deserve better than this, they deserve Friends of Caring Kiwi Communities, notNARK, not New Directions, or any of those other 'initiatives' where the staff are more worried about their own jobs and their funding than they are about their clients. We provide real services to the community, we aim to establish community resource centres and community gardens - practical resources that clients and consumers urgently need, as well as advocacy, Pet Therapy, tuition in a range of life skills and extra curricular activities, people to talk to who care, and who are trained to take effective and appropriate action when required, and provide effective and appropriate support.  We aim to put the Unity back into our commUnities, and assist all vulnerable, at risk, low income, less advantaged people in particular to establish gardens, fruit trees, vegetable patches, and learn to grow their own food, prepare it, cook it, preserve it, trade it and eat it.  By establishing gardens in the schools and child care centres we enrich the lives of children in so many ways, we provide a big basket of fruit and big pot of soup (and porridge if needed)  Kids as young as eight are being treated for anorexia. Another reason for gardens in schools and healthy eating programs and healthy relationships with food.

A 25 year old was killed yesterday after being struck by a train, police say it was a deliberate act.  We've got used to seeing headlines like this on a regular basis, it's unacceptable and unnecessary.
Instead of providing support, local police and mental health workers are perpetrating gross injustices and abuses on vulnerable people and perverting the course of justice - it's no coincidence that the National Business Review reported that "there is an alarming amount of bribery in New Zealand."  It's blatantly obvious in the Wairarapa and the wider Wellington region.  Transparency inNew Zealand encourages anyone who believes they have been treated corruptly or unjustly to document their experience and unite with our interactive community news network and other shared resources to establish community resource centres and community gardens that operate in the interests of safe and healthy communities - we can no longer tolerate a society where the message given to suicidal people or potentially suicidal people is "Talk to someone" when we ignore the fact that the very people paid to listen are not doing so and no action is being taken regarding the evidence that local police have been promoted for covering up child abuse and no constructive action has been taken whatsoever, and victims of crime are being harassed, abused, bullied and treated sadistically and callously by local police.  Talk to someone?  Talk to the world - leave a comment, email me, start a blog of your own and publish indisputable evidence of corruption and start your own local branch of Transparency NZ, making Official Information Act requests and Privacy Act requests, and helping others to do the same, and share information constructively, in the public interest and in the interests of justice.
Support Friends of Caring Kiwi Communities to establish practical and effective suicide prevention resources and programs in schools and communities throughout New Zealand and the Pacific NOW by emailing kateraue@gmail.com - join the FOCKCers and help us build strong healthy self sufficient commUnities, providing primary health care directly where it's needed - in people's back yards - treating boredom and poor self esteem, etc, helping with literacy, confidence, patience, consistency, communication, and other basic life skills, work skills, and good physical and mental health.

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