"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Elaine Crozier/Winchester - unqualified social worker - WARNING:

On the 3rd of June 2011 I was illegally incarcerated in Te Whare Ahuru after being transferred from Rangipapa in an attempt to corruptly move me from the jurisdiction of the Capital Coast Health Board to the Hutt Valley District Health Board and corruptly invalidate my application to the Court for a Judicial Inquiry into my corrupt and illegal detention in a mental health facility in response to revelations regarding corruption, bullying and incompetence which is rife in the Wairarapa, involving police and other 'community leaders'.  Friends had started a petition and were actively trying to have me freed by taking whatever steps they could to end the gross injustice and corruption.

Friends had contacted a social service organisation receiving government funding called "Atareira", which was linked with another organisation called "Oasis", and asked for assistance, specifically asking that a staff member go to Te Whare Ahuru and assist me.

So in due course, on 3rd June 2011, a woman was ushered in by staff at Te Whare Ahuru who introduced her to me as "Elaine Winchester" - I took one look at her and said "You're Elaine Crozier, and I know you from the Carterton Community Centre."  The woman denied this repeatedly, saying she was NOT Elaine Crozier and had never seen me before.  She was LYING - deliberately!  She knew perfectly well that I had been Secretary and Finance Officer of the committee who had very briefly employed her, and that I had queried her appointment and the process of appointing her and the fact that she had provided no curriculum vitae or references.  Elaine Crozier/Winchester's employment at the Carterton Community Centre was short lived because she colluded with the corrupt and incompetent group of District Councillors and disgraced former MP Beyer the Liar who had been involved for years in ripping off the funding of the Centre and it's dozen or so bank accounts, all funded by charities, our taxes, etc.  The victims of these rip offs were the poor, the disadvantaged, which makes the frauds even more despicable.

Five months later, on the 11th or 12th November 2011, I realised exactly who she was after she posted extremely insensitive and offensive material on her facebook page following the death of Ceridwen Allom, aged 15.  Elaine Crozier/Winchester first posted a music video with the words "posted for youthful Ceridwen, suicided this week aged 15 of Masterton special daughter of close friends of my son Hugh we have lights guiding us"

I was shocked to discover that the woman I had challenged was indeed the same person who had repeatedly denied that she was Elaine Crozier.  I wrote to the organisation who had sent her to Te Whare Ahuru and made a formal complaint regarding her deliberately dishonest denial of the facts regarding her identity and a request for all information held by the organisation about myself - I was in for an even bigger shock.  It's important that incompetent and corrupt people such as Elaine Winchester/Crozier and prevented from working with vulnerable people because this is why we have such high rates of suicide in this country, because incompetent and corrupt liars like this are being moved from one job to the next without ever being held accountable for a long string of unprofessional, dishonest, corrupt, cruel treatment heaped on one person after another - it's like moving the parish priest to another parish after they rape a few kids - it doesn't solve the problem it makes it WORSE!

Shortly after posting the incredibly insensitive comments on facebook about the suicide - well before half of Ceridwen Allom's friends would have been informed of her death and certainly well before the Coroner had decided the cause of death - Crozier/Winchester then posted the following facebook entry: "Y'all gon get your minds blown the fuck outta this world", "This is by far the best thing I've ever seen on the net and y'all know I've posted some crazy ass shit, right?" - making a mockery of the reference to the deceased in the opinion of many people and showing gross insensitivity and lack of empathy and respect.

In due course I received Elaine Crozier/Wakefield's "notes" - made regarding her visit to Te Whare Ahuru during which she lied to my face about her identity - this is what she wrote about me:

Elaine "managed IHC adult service" as she puts it, for a VERY short time after it was revealed that she had lied regarding her Curriculum Vitae and references.  I was the Acting Manager prior to her appointment, and I was Secretary and Finance Officer of the committee of the Carterton Community Centre, which interviewed her and which was her employer.  

Repeated requests to Atareira for any evidence of any qualifications or relevant experience for the role of "social worker" or "family support worker" have been refused or ignored.

There IS no "Town Community Council" in Carterton and there is NO evidence of "her psychosis" because no such psychosis existed!  Elaine Crozier/Winchester is a deliberate liar who saw an opportunity to slander me out of revenge for exposing her lies about her CV!

New Zealanders deserve better than this - and it's high time this evil lying witch got her snout out of the trough of taxpayer funded "social services" - this post will be updated shortly!

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