"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

John Key rates himself - with a slap in the face for the Pike River mine families thrown in for good measure:

John Key has just rated himself a 9 out of ten for his handling of the Pike River mine fiasco - which has been proven to be due to the negligence of HIS OWN MINISTER - Kate Wilkinson, who was "gone by lunchtime" when the inevitable report was released.  He's rated himself an 8 out of ten for his handling of the Dotcom fiasco.  

Unbelievably, after uttering this pathologically narcissistic and incredibly insensitive and thoughtless rubbish - to which the good old sycophantic media bought into hook line and sinker as usual, Key had the gall to say he was looking forward to spending some time with his family - as if he wasn't at the baseball with his family while the Dotcom fiasco raged - this man is a pathological liar and self obsessed narcissist with delusions of grandeur - feel free to add a comment with your own ratings below this post.

Over two years later John Key continues to treat the families and friends of the men inside the mine with utter contempt.  He continues to manipulate the media with grand but hollow announcements and vague proclamations - declaring that he rates himself with a nine out of ten for his handling of the fiasco that caused the deaths of twenty nine men and left grieving wives, mothers, fathers, brothers and sister and children all over the world.  The media fawn over John Key's embarrassing "Gangnam style" dancing - Andrew Little clearly cares more about this rubbish than the Pike River miners' families too - and then there's John Key's gay marriage to some bloke called Bryce.

Listen to his mumbling deceitful bull**** for yourself:

There's more of his whoppers at this link, like this only worse, and more about the Pike River mine at this link.  More shite straight from the horses mouth - top marks to journalist Fran Mold:


mick said...

Psychopaths always think they are awesome ...it's everybody else that has a problem.

mick said...

Psycopaths always think they are awesome and every7body else not so much. That's why John thinks we are lucky that he spends the time to be our Prime Minister .

Frank said...

Rating for Key this year?


(I could have gone into negative numbers-territory - but why bother?)