"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

More on violent fraudster Michael Francis Murphy and taxpayer funded litigation:

More on the secret life of information, and how the media mediate between us and reality:

The local 'news media' recently 'reported' the fact that local woman Michelle McGreal, and her partner Michael Francis Murphy (who committed a violent home invasion and physical attack on me in my home in 2009, for which corrupt local police officers refused to charge him) stole at least $77,800 of taxpayers money by defrauding the Ministry of Social Welfare.  The report states:
"Roll of shame:
Carterton woman Michelle McGreal was sentenced to six months home detention and 200 hours community work after being convicted on fraud and dishonesty charges in June 2010. She was overpaid by $77,800 after not informing Work and Income that she was living with her de facto partner."

Conspicuously absent from this 'news report' is any mention whatsoever of whether or not Murphy and McGreal were required to repay any of this money.

Murphy has been boasting loudly that not only have he and his partner not been required to repay ANY of the money they stole, but that he has ALSO recently received a sum of money believed to be well over $50,000 as a result of a claim he made about being abused in foster care when he was younger, on top of the nearly $80,000 he and McGreal stole.

After a number of local people contacted me enquiring how they could find out whether any of the money had been repaid, I made an Official Information Act request to the Ministry of Social Development, which was refused.

The Ministry of Social Development advised me to write to the Ministry of Justice, which I did - the Ministry of Justice refused the request and told me to write to the Ministry of Social Development.

The responses are published below to show you how your taxes are being spent - covering up blatant corruption - the taxpayers have a right to know whether or not any of this money was repaid, and whether or not any attempt whatsoever was made to seek repayment of ANY of the money - particularly as Murphy is boasting of receiving a very large payout from the Ministry of Social Development as a result of his unproven allegations of mistreatment - it is outrageous that the amount of the money he and McGreal stole was not deducted from this payout, which indicates that Murphy has received over a million dollars by fraud, he seems to be immune from prosecution for the violent attack on me and other crimes he regularly commits, and even when he is prosecuted, it seems that the prosecution, as well as the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development and other parties involved will go to any lengths to cover up the fact that Murphy and his partner were virtually let off without penalty for this deliberate fraud.

It seems that the same lawyers who are telling me that they can't do anything about the gross injustices documented on this website unless I pay them exhorbitant sums of money, have no such qualms about assisting Michael Francis Murphy steal even MORE money from the tax payers of New Zealand, while the same public servants whose incompetence allowed Murphy and his partner to steal our money, refuse to tell us whether or not they even sought reparation and if not why not - read it for yourself:

The responses from these government departments are shameful!  It is obviously in the public interest to know this particular information and clearly ridiculous time wasting procrastination to refuse or delay the provision of it - particularly as the media have released all the other information but not the vital bit about whether McGreal and Murphy were even asked to pay any of this money back!.

We have today sent the following email to the Court:
To the Registrar,
Masterton District Court:   masterton.dc@justice.govt.nz
I request a copy of the judicial decision and any other information regarding whether Michelle McGreal was required to repay any of the reported $77,800 she was found guilty of defrauding the Ministry of Social Development of, according to this newspaper article.  It is in the public interest to know whether McGreal was required to repay the money or whether any attempt to have any of it repaid was even made by MSD and if not why not.  The article refered to is at this link:


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