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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Further letter to Julian Batchelor 8th January 2016:

Tena koe Julian Batchelor,

Further to my correspondence to you via email to yourself (and the real estate company you are affiliated with as we have not yet had the courtesy of a response to this earlier letter) of 3 January 2016.

Te komiti o te Kaitiaki o Opourua is reviewing your consultation with hapu regarding your Resource Consent Applications.

In order for us, and the hapu RMU, to successfully review your Resource Consent Applications and engage in meaningful consultation at this stage, we require the following details and documents. Please forward this correspondence as soon as possible so that we can review your applications and consultations promptly. Feel free to contact us should you need assistance with any of the following requests.

1  Postal address; and
2  Contact phone number, email address and mobile phone number; and
3  Contact person or agent and address (if any); and
4  All Resource Consent Application Numbers (please indicate if you have applied for Resource Consent with FNDC/Northland Regional Council or indicate if your request is a preliminary assessment); and
5  All building or site works Proposala (in detail); and
6  Location of proposed development; and
7  Activity Classification (Controlled, Restricted Discretionary, Discretionary); and
8  Property Zoning and property Classification

Also include any of the following documents that may be relevant to your proposals and applications:
1  Recorded Archaeological Sites for the property and all Archaeological Assessments; and
2  1xA3 & 1xA4 Scale Copy of the Scheme Plan; and
3  Copy of the Certificate of Title; and
4  Telecom and Power correspondence and Plan (detailing the intended areas for construction); and
5  DOC Advice – Interpretation of NZAA Data; and
6  Print out of Cadastral Index from Terraview; and
7  Engineers Appraisal (detailing stormwater runoff, site stability etc); and
8  Neighbours Approvals; and
9  Sewage/Waste Water Scheme Plan (inclusive of all design and performance specifications); and
10  Building Plans (inclusive of all design and measurement specifications); and
11  Earthworks; and
12  Landscape Plan (inclusive of the types of trees/shrubs proposed for planting); and
13  All information regarding your alleged authorisation to cut down the pohutakawa on the reserve in front of the property you currently occupy.

We further request copies of all information requested from you by the Far North District Council in their letter of 13 November 2015 and associated correspondence please. That letter to you stated that the various information was required from you by three now expired deadlines and included more than one information request. We require this information immediately please.

We would appreciate your urgent attention to this matter and a prompt response to this request please.

Please forward all communication regarding this letter to the writer via: Email: kateraue@gmail.com

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Na Katherine Raue
Te komiti o te Kaitiaki o Opourua.


K.A.M said...

Having a fair bit of inside knowledge myself , I would say that what is posted here is no less Tinged with agenda than what it is alleging against Julian Bachelor and the network of friends or colleges that support the work volunteerilly . My suggestion is that people who live in mud huts should not throw their mud at others !

K.A.M said...

I smell the odour of bias agenda in this article to defame a fairly selfless acheiver and his associates, who volunteer their efforts selflessly , in their attempt to collectively make a small bit of property a better environment to cohabitate in for others ,albeit over an unspecified time . If you had the vision and support of friends in the wider community to make a slice of heaven out of a sorry mess , wouldn't you be prudent in accepting the challenge too. I think people who live in mud huts shouldn't throw their mud at others unless they like to bear their own shame .