"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Letter to Julian Batchelor requesting information regarding works carried out at 147 Rawhiti Road:

Recent rain in the Far North has resulted in massive erosion and pollution of the seas with soil running off the land occupied by Julian Batchelor at Rawhiti, following the illegal and unconsented earthworks, dodgy plumbing and drainage, engineering, etc.

Tangata whenua are becoming increasingly concerned at the damage caused by Julian Batchelor to the environment, this latest pollution and erosion is particularly difficult to tolerate due to the evasive and obstructive attitude of the Far North District Council.

Te Komiti o te Kaitiaki o Opourua will be contacting the Far North District Council and Far North Regional Council first thing in the morning when they reopen after having a wee holiday, and the communication will be duly published.  In the meantime, following the refusal of the FNDC to act today, the following letter was sent to Mr Batchelor:

To Julian Batchelor
From Te Komiti o te Kaitiaki o Opourua

3 January 2016

Dear Mr Batchelor,

We note recent contamination to the sea and erosion of the road and of the land with concern, likewise the news that much of the recent works carried out on the land you occupy are in breach of the law and unconsented, and likely to have damaged sites of significant cultural importance to us and of significant national archaeological importance.

We request that you provide all information you hold regarding building consents, resource consents - all applications as well as the actual consents for the earthworks, plumbing, etc, carried out so we can compare what was in fact agreed to and what was actually carried out. We request all information about your development of the land, and in particular all engineering reports, plumbing plans, evidence of what work plumbers did and when, etc, and all information regarding the earthworks, catchment areas, etc.
We request that you provide all this information without further delay.

We note that you were required to provide the FNDC with specific information by the 23rd December - please provide us with copies of all of that information immediately.

Katherine Raue
Te Komiti o te Kaitiaki o Opourua

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