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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nark what kind of organisation is this and who is it really benefiting?

This is Cherie Sweeney and her boyfriend, convicted murderer and Mongrel Mob member Michael David Sweeney.  With the help of corrupt police, journalists and politicians like Pete George (Peter Dunne Nothing's left hand man) Cherie Sweeney has managed to set herself up with a new "charity" - at the expense of victims!  She's also been ripping off the 'charity' for her personal benefit and refusing to provide information and making complaints about people who ask.  There has been widespread condemnation from many people who've woken up to the truth about Cherie Kara/Kurarangi/Robinson or whatever her name really is.
Mr Mike Sweeney aka Wavee Kuri Toa
This is a story about child abuse, child neglect, and people who exploit vulnerable children for their own profit and advantage, all New Zealanders should read it and question what happens to the money you donate to charity? Whose pocket does it end up in, and to what actual purpose is it put?

The subject of Facebook censorship is interesting (along with the subject of media created "celebrities"), I've received warnings from Facebook for various vague and unspecified "offences" as a result of malicious and vindictive complaints from people who go by names like Graeme Axford and Katie Wright, however the latest warning is quite specific, which is interesting. Here is the warning, and the content referred to, which is certainly NOT threatening nor does it harass anyone, nor contain nudity or violence. It is however, very similar to content posted by a number of other people inquiring into where their money has gone and what Cherie Sweeney and NARK actually do (more information is being added to this post regularly). Here's the warning and content referred to:

Please Review

We’ve received one or more reports that content you posted violates Facebook policies. This content has since been removed, either by another admin or the person who received the content.

Posting content that threatens or harasses anyone, or contains nudity or excessive violence, can result in your account being warned, blocked, or disabled.

Learn more about the Facebook Community Standards here:http://www.facebook.com/communitystandards
This is the content complained of:
We've received a number of complaints and evidence of what appears to be fraud regarding this group and requests for donations to pay off the debts of Cherie Sweeney. In particular we are concerned about solicitations we have seen for donations to pay off Cherie's mortgage.

There have also been allegations regarding t shirts paid for and apparently not received.
This is the message we get at the link you provided: "Oops, our website is misbehaving!" - Please provide the information to me directly.

Please provide copies of the financial records listing all transactions of income and expenditure for this organisation. Is the organisation listed with the Charities Commission, if not why not?

What exactly does NARK do? Please provide evidence of your "work".We requested urgent support regarding these local matters a while ago and had no response whatsoever, this is a major cause of the local suicide statistics being among the highest in the world and we require assistance urgently please:
I posted it on the wall of the NARK facebook page, after a number of other inquiries and requests for information, regarding money given to this organisation and Ms Sweeney personally on the basis of her self advertised "good works", were ignored. This is the thread of responses to that post quoted in her complaint, which I copied before she deleted it, and reported me to facebook admins:

Cherie Nark NZ: Hi Katherine. The consultation Group NARK Community Support is a community group wherein those who want to be more involved in the NARK Working Party / Interim Board join to be consulted on all such matters. Will email you details and link. All information you speak of is in there for community consultation and any other information you may require can be requested in there too. Nga Mihi Cherie

Transparency NZ Katherine Raue: Can you please just post a link directly to the financial records here Cherie. Why can't we just request it here, rather than there? We reckon community agencies/charities etc, receiving public money or donations should be transparent. This is why many aren't:

Transparency NZ Katherine Raue: Btw, the matter at the first link, in the original post, requires urgent attention by everyone who professes to be addressing child abuse in NZ and we would be interested to see what action NARK is going to take if any. A constitution was also mentioned, is there one?
We'd appreciate some support regarding this matter:

Cherie Nark NZ: This in an awareness page and a STOP Death by Abuse of our Children. not a consultation page and tbh I dont know if it is appropriate. Im not sure. I will put your request in writing to our NARK Interim Board Chair - Roberta Karangaroa as she has more resources about transparency and appropriate governance with regard to this.

Renee Marshall Arani: This is internet bullying what are you doing? isn't there a more professional way to be seeking this information if your accusations are false this would be slander you are portraying someone as guilty before providing any facts well i haven't seen any facts as yet.

Transparency NZ Katherine Raue: What rubbish! We're simply asking for information because of allegations which are now well known. Please provide the information requested and a response to the allegation that tshirts were paid for and not received. If the allegations are false then let's clear it up. That's all we're saying - don't accuse us of bullying, that's rubbish. The information has been requested several times previously and we've noted your responses each time, and failure to actually answer to the allegations, and have to wonder why that is. Slander indeed! - Grow up!

Renee Marshall Arani: definition of allegation; a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof.

Transparency NZ Katherine Raue: You say your page is somewhere "people can ask for help" - that's what we're doing, the police are refusing to acknowledge our complaints - still. So are the IPCA.
Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney

Would you just provide the information please, instead of insulting my intelligence by providing your definition of allegation. This is typical of your responses to requests by the look of it. ‎"typically made without proof" - where did you get that bit from - what a joke! Just answer the questions of the people who gave you money please.

Renee Marshall Arani: I understand what you are trying to do however so far the way you have done it makes me doubt your integrity and professionalism why such a public display of accusations, and i would appreciate if you sucked your integrity back through the hole it came out of before you start making personal remarks at me

Transparency NZ Katherine Raue: Suck it up yourself Renee, you're the one who started your slander accusations. Now provide that information please and stop wasting my time.

That thread was swiftly deleted by Cherie Sweeney and her mates, just like this Facebook "Event", number 344493095590700, which Sweeney organised to solicit donations to her personal bank account apparently. I have been contacted by a number of people who have had similar dialogue with Ms Sweeney.

Here is the text, copied and pasted from that advertised "Event" which as you can see, was advertised using the name "NARK NZ". It wasn't an "Event" to stop child abuse, it was a blatant attempt at deception and fraud by a well practised con artist, whose name wasn't even on the mortgage apparently - it was a Mongrel Mob owned house.  Cherie isn't married to Michael David Sweeney, convicted Mongrel Mob murderer, she changed her name to his by deed poll - exactly WHEN or indeed IF she did that is anyone's guess at this stage.  Here's her shameless bludging "plea" - on behalf of all the abused kids and dead babies - what bullshit - NO evidence of ANY of this because it's all a work of fiction by an artful bludger who uses abused kids to line her own pockets and those of her Mongrel Mob mates:
Help Me save my house from Mortgagee Sale 
Public Event • By Cherie Nark NZ
... Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 5:00pm until Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 9:30pmWestpac Bank 03-0104-0043769-00 photo posted in Album
Since being Diagnosed with Severe Seizures and Epilepsy in July of Last Year I was made redundant in August, to make matters worse the Neuro Specialists have had all my HT and Commercial Driving Licences including 1,2,4,5 D,W,T,R removed for 5 years. This makes me unable ...to work in this industry so I am trying to re-train in Social Work where my current passion is.
The Westpac Bank is the holder of our Mortgage and want me to clear the debt of $3500 with them immediately, this is impossible for me at present and at the suggestion of the Salvation Army Counsellor, who was getting us a Food Parcel at the time, decided to put my pride away and ask and accept some help before me and my children lose our home.
I know I have done a lot for the community via my campaign against Child Abuse but this means nothing to the Bank , as it does not pay the bills.Nor has it enabled me to get a mortgage holiday.
I am not asking for much I am merely asking for $2.00 if I had that from every friend supporter and friend of friend My family and I would be saved.Please only help if you can.Thank you
NOTE:Offensive threatening or accusatory language
 will be removed. This is not a Hoax this is the my life and the almost demise of it.  (sic)
~ * ~

Information we have received shows that the house is owned by Cherie's boyfriend, a convicted murderer and Mongrel Mob member, Michael David Sweeney:

We have received a number of complaints from people who paid Cherie Sweeney and her organisation money and never received a receipt, or any information regarding how the money has been accounted for, numerous people sent money for t shirts which never arrived, and requests for refunds and receipts were mainly ignored or rejected. No evidence has been provided in support of her claims regarding her health either, but the use of the words " this is the my life and the almost demise of it" are just sickening really.

The correspondence and the evidence are clear. Cherie Sweeney is a cunning opportunist who is trying to capitalise on the misery of abused children and profit from it, and create a career and an income for herself from it - exactly like Georgina Beyer did at the Carterton Community Centre and the White Ribbon campaign. Let's just remember that Cherie Sweeney refused to speak to police initially and let's see if she is called to give evidence at the trial, because months went by without any charges being laid, and there is no evidence that Sweeney did anything to save baby Serenity - she certainly didn't speak up or get involved before the baby died by all accounts, and this seems to be another case of a media created "celebrity" milking it for all it's worth to their personal advantage! - And then whinging to facebook when people ask legitimate questions!

It seems that if you question Ms Cherie Sweeney she responds not with answers, but with malicious lies and unrelenting evasion. How interesting. This is starting to look like fraud, or the best case scenario - major incompetence, but whatever it is I don't like it. Leaving toys on war memorials is not going to do anything! We want a proper public inquiry into the matters at this link regarding the corrupt actions of local police - this is NOT being addressed and there are far too many people like Cherie Sweeney who are more interested in getting their snouts into the trough than doing anything constructive.
Regarding Ms Sweeney's claims regarding her support and popularity, this has been received:
This is apparently a message to Sheree from a "spokesperson for Tainui", who had enough good sense and courage to front Sheree Sweeney up about her incompetence and dishonesty. It wasn't published here before, but has now been verified, so here it is:

NO RESPONSE from Ms Sweeney as to whether she recieved this email:

"Kia ora koe.In an unscheduled meeting at the Westpac bank Ngaruawahia with you; my question to you was When do YOU proposed to make yourself accountable to the community of Ngaruawahia? That we as a community would hold you accountable for your media expose without the endorsement of the community in which you proposed to represent.
This NARK report is self promoting and exploits the Ngaruawahia community without its endorsement; you refer to "our wholesome wonderful community" without getting the mandate of the the community?
I will not accept your NARK report and I demand public accountability FACE TO FACE in a public meeting, not through a glossed up report.
Your deliberate exploitation of a child who has died at the hands of abuse does not give you the mandate to dismiss the responsibility of a community to find ways to deter this from repeating itself. YOU denied this community that opportunity. You had already identified a way of how you could CASH in on DEATH! Two things are very clear; your exploitation of Baby Serenity and dismissal of the Ngaruawahia community in this matter and the family who refuses to take responsibility for killing her!
What sickens me is that both families, yours and baby Serenity's is that in such a short time as 'residents' you brought your filth to Ngaruawahia!
There will be a public meeting and you will be advised; I trust that you WILL make yourself available for this meeting.
Through my networks, the media will be there in force!
Copy of this email will be circulated to the media and related networks.
Mamae TakereiSpokesperson for Tainui
This "explanation" has been also provided by an ex supporter today:

Katrina and Caro Ex Nark Members

by Cherie Nark NZ (Show NZ the Money!) on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 12:41pm ·

This page was brought to my attention as my name has been used here. It was also stated that I know the person that admins this page. I don’t know who you are and I had no idea of this page until quite recently. I wish to clarify a few things so as to dispel any gossip about them. 1. The tshirts were available for pre-order.. we did not have the funds to purchase them without a minimum order being placed.

They were only on offer because the reps from the toy for love event requested them to wear on the day so one of them organised a great price from a family member who did screenprinting. This was all organised with Cherie’s knowledge through facebook pm’s of which I have copies of. So people began placing orders and depositing funds into NARK’s interim account (one set up by Jimmy Boswell of which only he had access to). As the tshirt company was apparently just down the road from Mr Boswell he volunteered to be the tshirt coordinator. He would invoice, pay for and distribute the tshirts. I have records of this also. I emailed him the quote and a spreadsheet of those wishing to order, and he was to invoice the purchasers and told me he had ordered a sample shirt from the printing company and that the rest of the shirts would be a week away from being distributed.

It became apparent after receiving emails and messages that after a few weeks that people still had not received their shirts. Mr Boswell explained that he had been ill and had some losses in his family etc.. so this was explained to members and also to Cherie in facebook messages. We were both concerned he had too much on his plate. Mr Boswell told me that the shirts would be distributed the following Monday.. then the following Thursday.. this went on for some time with many excuses etc.

At a Finance meeting with Mr Boswell it was revealed that he infact had not paid the invoice as he had found a different supplier, but had not contacted or ordered shirts thru that supplier either. Roberta Karangaroa and Caro Cragg were also present at this meeting.

Caro was to arrange for the purchase of these shirts and to take over distribution. She purchased these with her own funds and was to be reimbursed when Mr Boswell had transferred funds into the New Official Account with appropriate signatories etc as voted by the interim members of the board.
2. NARK funds… all were tied up in an interim account of which Mr Boswell had full control. Cherie opened another account at her local bank in Ngarawahia which he was to transfer the money in to. He did not transfer the funds into that account. It was realised at the financial meeting that Cherie would be at risk if the funds were placed in that account as it did not have the correct signatories so it was decided to open a proper account by the newly appointed treasurer and with elected signatories.

He did not transfer the funds into the New Official Account opened by the treasurer either.

This went on for some time with many excuses and legal advice being sought to retrieve the funds.

Eventually a deposit of $1000 was made but this was not enough to cover the arrears of Cherie’s internet connection (something that was also voted on and agreed to be paid for by the interim board) and the tshirt invoice. Caro decided against filing the invoice until the funds were available to pay it. I have been assured by Roberta Karangaroa that the Nark funds have been recovered. So up until the date I resigned.. nark funds had not been used for anything as no one had access to any of it other than Mr Boswell who unfortunately did not use it to pay for the original tshirt invoice or use it in any other way. AT NO TIME did Cherie have access to those funds donated to the nark interim account. She did not misuse those funds.I hope that clears that up for you all what happened after I resigned I have no knowledge of.
    • Caro Cragg
      Thank you Katrina, now you all have had a statement from both Katrina and myself. Please note I personally have no interest and will not comment publicly again on this matter. I have no interest in any complaints on the matter of Nark, my resignation along with 7 others was made on the 8th Jan 2012. The only interest I had in the tshirt issue was trying to resolve the fact that shirts had been ordered in Aug /Sept when Jimmy Boswell was the person in charge of funds and paying for shirt orders as the funds were going to an account he set up for Cherie .He never ordered the shirts. I was not involved , all shirt orders where sent to him.

      I then made a personal arrangment to sort shirts out, I will not discuss more about this part of the matter I resigned as Interim Treasurer ( elected Nov 2011)and Trustee (Aug 2011) on 8th Jan 2012 due to dissatisfaction of the way things were going, lack of transparency on a lot of matters and personal convictions.All financial statments of account managed by myself and finance team, being three deposits into an account from my time as treasurer where published publicly, accepted and passed. That is all I have to say on this matter. I will say I am tired of the fact that although I accept there are valid questions people want answered, all this gossip, a lot of incorrect info and innuendo is very damaging to the cause of child abuse
Actually, what's "damaging to the cause of child abuse" are a lot of "organisations" and individuals like Cherie Sweeney and Georgina Beyer with a lot of half baked ideas that don't benefit the community in any practical way, and a lot of dodgy book keeping.. There's no incorrect info to worry about Caro, Cherie is a fraud, she didn't nark, Serenity is dead, and nobody was arrested for months. Cherie is trying to get her snout in the trough because someone painted her fence, and you were all stuffing around like this, babbling on about t shirts and putting toys on war memorials and begging for donations to her lifestyle. I live in a backpackers for goodness sake and work in this community - and I mean WORK, and I don't bludge or beg using dead kids to get sympathy.

When we all join the FOCCCers and Let's Get Growing NZ and start establishing decent community resource centres and community gardens in schools and communities, we'll really start building strong and healthy communities. And the whole trouble is that people like Cherie Sweeney always want to start their own little organisation about t shirts and soft toys so they can control the money, instead of supporting the successful organisations like Friends of Caring Cultivating Communities. Actually we had another issue like this, just the other day . . . more soon.

Indeed, there is more, reports in the main stream media now.

And similar reports showing this sort of rip off is common now.

And a deluge of information is currently being received from a number of sources regarding the death of Cherie Sweeney's own son, who apparently drowned while she was texting on her phone instead of supervising him adequately, at one of New Zealand's most dangerous beaches. Funny we don't hear her trying to raise awareness to prevent drowning, just let's all be narks, even though she didn't "nark" and prevent the death of the baby next door. I say she should get a real job and leave the spearheading of the campaign to prevent child abuse to people who know what they're doing. Here are some news reports, it seems Ms Sweeney approached a number of news agencies, about "the story she wanted told".   The story that fancifully claimed that the five year old "always catch more kina and paua than anyone else" and deliberately failed to mention that Cheriek Kara (alias Cherie Sweeney) had demonstrated unbelievably bad judgement, and was guilty also of criminal negligence for her role in the death of her son.  Here's the self promotional propaganda:

Jago Kara's sister Pikikura, 4, and mother Cheriek Kara, gaze out at where he was swept into the ocean in January.Since five-year-old Jago Kara was swept from the shore on Marine Parade his mother has been searching - for a reason and for hope.
"They say people go for a reason and sometimes you have to do a lot of inward looking to find the reason that helps you deal with it," Cheriek Kara, of Napier, said.

"For me, Jago was a great little fisherman, he loved catching sprats at the wharf and when we would go to the beach he would always catch more kina and paua than anyone else. Some of the kaumatua say that was because he had a special affinity with Tangaroa."
Tangaroa, the Maori god of the sea, took Jago on the last day of January this year, after the boy who was counting down the days to starting school had fished in the ocean, taken the sprats to the animals at Marineland and then frolicked in the sea.
Ms Kara, exhausted from watching a very excited Jago, was relieved to have a rest on the beach while he collected stones at the water's edge.
"Within the space of receiving a text and looking down, my son was being dragged away from me," Ms Kara said.
A wave took Jago's feet out from under him. When he was retrieved from the sea, lifeguards were unable to revive him.
Since that day Ms Kara has sought solace in the belief Jago died in the sea he loved and has found understanding in the hours of research she has done into children's drowning.

"It brings me understanding and makes it easier to swallow," Ms Kara said.
"People don't understand how easy it happens and how quickly it ends."
She quotes statistics: "Sixty-four per cent of deaths are preventable."
In organising a Water Safety Whanau Day, to be held at the Hastings Aquatic Centre on Sunday, she has found hope.
"We have recently received the coroner's report back and it's brought home again how easy it happens," she said. "If I can save one family from what I've been going through it will be worth it."
And as an event manager, it makes sense for her.
"I should be doing something like this, it feels right," Ms Kara said.
With the money raised from the Water Safety Whanau Day the family want to be able to help Surf Life Saving Hawke's Bay build and man a watch tower outside the children's playground where Jago was taken, and eventually create a memorial.
"That area is dangerous and there's a playground there.
"People from out of town have no idea."
For Cheriek, her partner, and two daughters Chemice, 11, and Pikikura, 4, Jago's death has led them to spend a lot more time together as a family.
"I used to work full-on but now I just do a couple of days a week helping people apply for sponsorship and funding," she said"
This is the woman who is trying to say in 2012 that she has no experience in book keeping, running charities and event management. She's is an expert in applying for and getting government funding and charity donations, expert at misappropriating them, and an expert at manipulating the media by the sound of it. And not an expert in protecting vulnerable children, far from it indeed.  A memorial?  What about signs warning of the dangers at that beach for the benefit of people like "Cheriek" who have no common sense or maternal instincts, that would be a fitting memorial.  This was just another excuse for Cherie to pose for her mates in the media and promote herself and her half arsed "work".

TV3 news reports are at this link and also at this one.

Self promotion has always been Cherie's strong point.

Here she is again, proudly displaying her gang colours (red) and the Mongrel Mob icon (the dog) while having a good laugh about how she's manipulating the media into reporting that she's an "ex gang girl" when nothing is further from the truth, she's a CURRENT gang member and these "news" reports are nothing but blatant propaganda!  If she was an EX gang girl she wouldn't blatantly flaunt the colours and emblems of the gang - she's just taking the piss, and the slimy journalists are playing right along, the same journalists who created her cult of followers in the first place - sickening really.

Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule and the Hastings District Council made complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority regarding another blatant piece of propaganda:

"With respect to the claims that the reporters had manufactured the story and had bought interviewees alcohol and paid for petrol, the broadcaster said that 60 Minutes had not purchased the bandannas, paid for interviews or encouraged anyone to appear on the programme by gifts of money or alcohol. It said that the reporter was invited to two parties after the interviews and had taken along a six pack of beer on each occasion, so as to not turn up empty handed to a social event. The broadcaster stated that, “at the end of the shoot” at the second party, it had made a “koha of a bottle of whiskey” 

Turning to the $1000 payment made to one of the women for organising the story, the broadcaster stated that the woman ran her own company and had worked for the media in the past. It said she was paid as an assistant or “fixer” to introduce the reporter to people in the area. TVWorks considered that the payment was “entirely legitimate” and reasonable considering her knowledge of girl gangs. It stated that another of the women interviewed had been paid $200 plus a small sum of lunch money for her and the other girls being filmed. It said that the woman’s car had been used in several scenes and that the reporter had “filled the tank”.

TVWorks stated that, to the best of the reporter’s knowledge, the girls’ ages were 13, 15, 15, and 16.
In response to this, the complainant said that its source had advised that the youngest of the group was now 13, but was understood to have been only 12 when the filming was done."

Cherie ran her own media company - that would be "Hotshot Promotions" - which wasn't actually registered with the Companies Office until 2012 - and this is the sort of "hotshots" it promoted - taxpayer funded Mongrel Mob recruiting videos:

More information can be found here, and here, and updates and other links can also be found here .

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