"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

John Key - I can see his lips moving, but what's that coming out of his mouth?!

Here's John Key talking rubbish and telling whoppers:

Watch this clip, and listen carefully, especially from about 1:33 onwards, to Key's statements regarding the report from Standard and Poors, and what he alleges Standard and Poors said about the Labour Party.  It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry really.  Santa Claus indeed!

Now watch this.  I can see his lips moving, but - what's that coming out of his mouth?!

Standard & Poors told him a downgrade would be much more likely under Labour government indeed!  What utter bollocks. 
*  It appears as though the above video clip has been censored because it's evidence of John Key lying, deliberately.  It's amazing what a 43 million dollar interest free taxpayer funded loan buys - especially if you ignore expert advice.

It is John Key's government which got the double downgrade, not the Labour government,and this is outrageous propaganda to be broadcasting on state television this close to an election - and the media should be reined in - the reason we have idiots in power is because we have journalists like the ones at the Wairarapa Times-Age.

The Wairarapa Times-Age refused to publish my candidate profile when I stood for election, because the editor said it was actionable.  It wasn't actionable at all.  I later published it with no consequence (other than widespread respect), and other information which the prejudiced, politically biased WTA refused to publish, about Georgina Beyer MP, which made "her" position in parliament untenable and resulted in "her" resignation.  There is currently another complaint before the Press Council.  Here's a link to another article about political bias of the local press.
An explanation of the real state of the economy from a local expert:

Under British Law (the Representation of the People Act 1983, - see link below), there are criminal penalties in place for those convicted of making or publishing false statements about election candidates, and that should certainly be the case here. This is to protect the democratic process and is in addition to the general, civil law on libel (which must obviously also be observed when reporting elections).

Here's a link to the Hansard report that contains the following exchange:

Electoral Amendment Bill (No 2)---Defamation Provision
9. Hon. PETER DUNNE (Leader---United NZ) to the Associate Minister of Justice: Does she agree with the chairman of the freedom committee of the Commonwealth Press Union that the proposed new anti-defamation law ``not only constrains media freedom, it constrains freedom of speech and that affects everyone''; if not, what were the reasons she gave to the Cabinet and the Caucus for proposing the amendment?
Hon. PHIL GOFF (Minister of Justice), on behalf of the Associate Minister of Justice: Any anti-defamation law, including the Defamation Act, constrains the absolute freedom of speech. However, section 5 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act allows constraints that are ``justifiable in a free and democratic society''. The reason for the amendment was to discourage people from making and publishing statements about candidates in an election campaign, knowing them to be untrue and defamatory, with the purpose of damaging candidates' reputations in a way that is calculated to influence voters.
Hon. Peter Dunne: Will the Associate Minister now spell out to the House the reasons that led her to claim twice last week to the House that media ownership was one of the factors behind this change?
Hon. PHIL GOFF: I do not have the benefit of seeing what the Associate Minister said last week, but the reasons for the change were as I explained to the member in reply to the primary question.
Jill Pettis: Will the Minister please explain to the House whether the Electoral Amendment Bill (No 2) will be passed this week, now that clause 199B is to be removed?
Hon. PHIL GOFF: It is important that this bill be passed as soon as possible, in order to give electoral institutions the time needed to make the necessary administrative changes. However, its passage will depend on progress on other items on the legislative agenda, and on the cooperation of all parties in the House.
Dr Wayne Mapp: Why did the Minister, who was apparently described today as one of New Zealand's most pre-eminent lawyers, chose to ignore the advice of officials who said that criminal defamation would be an unreasonable restriction of free speech?
Hon. PHIL GOFF: I do not know what happened under previous Governments, but in this Government Ministers take responsibility for making decisions. They listen to officials' advice; they do not have to slavishly follow it.
Dr Muriel Newman: In the light of the widespread opposition to the proposal to introduce criminal libel into New Zealand's electoral law, and of the Government's sudden U-turn on it, will the Minister consider removing the press-gagging laws that make it a criminal offence to report on the Family Court; if not, why not?
Mr SPEAKER: That is rather wide of the original question, but the Minister may comment.
Hon. PHIL GOFF: No. (abridged)

Here's Phil Goff's press release calling Key a liar:
John Key caught in double downgrade lie
Monday, 10 October 2011, 11:29 am
Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party
Phil GOFF = Labour Leader 10 October 2011 MEDIA STATEMENT
John Key caught in double downgrade lie
Prime Minister John Key has been caught out misleading New Zealanders and Parliament about comments made by ratings agency Standard and Poor's, says Labour Leader Phil Goff.
"In Parliament, John Key claimed that Standard and Poor's had said if there was a change of Government then a 'downgrade would be much more likely'. That has now been proven to be a lie.
"Standard and Poor's has today rejected the claims made by John Key, saying 'we don't rate political parties. We rate Governments’,” Phil Goff said.
“In fact, Standard and Poor's has praised policies under a Labour Government, saying on savings we should get back to what New Zealand was doing 3 years ago.
"Labour will today lodge a privileges complaint about the Prime Minister's decision to blatantly lie to MPs and the New Zealand public.

"John Key was clearly so worried about the failing grade given to his Government by Standard and Poor's that he decided to mislead his colleagues, Parliament and Kiwis.
"This was the first downgrade for 13 years and came after 3 years of a National Government.
"National has used every excuse in the book to explain away the double downgrade and has now clearly resorted to lying in an effort to try and cover for its failings that led to the double downgrade.
"The reality is as a direct result of National's economic mismanagement, Kiwis will likely face interest rate rises on their mortgages at a time when they are already struggling with the rising cost of living.
"Instead of making up fairy-tales about what Standard and Poor's had to say, John Key should have been apologising to New Zealanders for his failed economic policies which led to the double downgrade.
"National has stated that it will not alter its economic policies in light of the double downgrade even though these policies are clearly failing
"Labour has a plan to create a strong economy. We will invest in KiwiSaver and have a tax system that is fair to all Kiwis and pays off our debt without selling our assets."
Authorised by Hon Phil Goff MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
Here he is telling more porkies - deliberate porkies - about his share portfolio and certain transactions indicating insider trading and other deceit - Fran Mold does a great interview:

Here's more about his shareholdings, in the Bank of America:

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