"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Election by Deception - the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, part one.

A Judge recently ruled that Carterton Mayor and local bully Gary McPhee had no authority to evict me from a Council meeting. For asking for the return of my electoral deposit (which the thieving bully is refusing to refund), among other things, including the long called for inquiry into the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the former Carterton Community Centre by a group comprising mainly ). It is ridiculous that some academic in Auckland (or anyone else for that matter) thinks that Carterton's last local body election was democratic, or even legal.

Firstly, Gary McGoofy's idea of a democratic election involves making sure that only half the town can vote for any one candidate in the first place, by refusing to have an "at large" ward. Carterton only has an a rural ward and an urban ward, unlike most places which have an 'at large' ward enabling any person in the electorate to vote for a candidate, unlike the other two. So only the voters in the rural ward could vote for me, but there wasn’t much chance of that anyway, because McGoofy made sure they were sent the candidate information for the Central Otago elections instead. I understand this ward system may have been illegal, it's been recently changed (after publication of this blog, following all my correspondence being fobbed off) and the Carterton District Council now intends having eight at large ward seats instead of five urban and three rural. Another win for Transparency NZ!

Secondly, McGoofy’s corrupt Council decided to appoint a private company from Christchurch to run the Carterton elections. This company distributed the candidate information for the Central Otago elections to the voters of Carterton. TV3 rang and asked to interview me about it on the news, it was good little clip. TV3 knows a scandal when they see it.  This video clip has now disappeared from the TV3 website, both the video and photograph, news manager Gordon McBride says it can't be reposted on the site because it's in a different format or some such excuse, I don't believe that for one minute. Mr McBride has been openly hostile on previous occasions when we've attempted to discuss other serious matters with him, such as the ongoing scandal regarding hundreds of child abuse files police threw away and lied about, and the corrupt inquiry into that matter which has seen the ringleaders promoted, and the Det Sgt, Mark McHattie, who threw the files away and lied "hand on my heart" about it, was never even spoken to by anyone associated with conducting the inquiry!  - A matter which Georgina Beyer, Gary McPhee, Ron Mark, and John Hayes have all refused to even acknowledge, let alone express any concern over.

Thirdly, that very same incompetent private company who sent the voters the candidate profiles for the Central Otago electorate was then employed by McPhee and his corrupt Council to count the votes, and they decided to count them in Christchurch, a decision which prevented at least fifty per cent of the mayoral candidates having a scrutineer present, because we lacked the financial resources to send our scrutineer to Christchurch and accommodate them there for the duration of the process, pay for transportation, refreshments, etc. And why should we indeed! It is outrageous to count the votes in Christchurch using a company which has already demonstrated extreme and totally unacceptable incompetence. Why should candidates be forced to pay for travel to Christchurch, accommodation, meals, etc, if they want to have a scrutineer oversee the counting of the votes? This is just outrageous. The votes should have been counted in Carterton like they have been for every election in living memory!

Fourthly, it is an insult to democracy and a travesty of justice that McPhee was able to stand in the first place. His much publicised boast on the front page of the local paper (half way down the page at that link) about the drunken home invasion and assault on the innocent occupants of a local flat amounted to a confession of an extremely serious crime, and established a clear prima facie case against him and his accomplice. This accomplice, who also worked for the Council, left town soon after, but the Council is still riddled with corruption.

Ron Mark is simply continuing to try and cover it up and protect the offenders, and join in the pigfest himself.

It is completely unacceptable that the police continue to refuse to charge Gary McPhee and his accomplice with the violent attack. This was a vicious, violent, unprovoked attack on harmless people who were minding their own business, cooking their dinner, and not bothering anybody, when Gary McPhee and fellow Council officer Chris Keegan smashed their way drunkenly into their home and assaulted them with a weapon. One of the occupants had only got out of hospital the day before after suffering a stroke, and either one of the drunken bullies would have weighed more than all of the occupants put together.  McPhee later made up a story about a noise complaint - no evidence of any such complaint exists, it appears to have been nothing more than a comment from one of his drinking buddies.  Besides which, neither Gary McPhee OR Chris Keegan was ever the noise control officer.

Gary McPhee has a history of violent offending. Shortly after I arrived in Carterton he turned up at my home on his Harley soliciting votes for his mayoral campaign. I asked him why I should vote for him rather than any of the other candidates and he proceeded to boast about how he had recently been drinking in a local pub when some ‘trouble’ arose, and so he roared home on his Harley and got a big sword, roared back to the pub, and attacked one of the patrons, another harmless, light hearted fellow who weighed less than half what McPhee weighed, and smashed all the glasses off the bar and threatened all the patrons. I thought he was mad, and dangerous, and that anyone who voted for him must be completely mad too - I couldn't believe he was serious about standing, he seemed to be a lunatic. Turns out the ‘trouble’ was caused by McGoofy anyway, wearing a ladies kilt to the local pub and carrying on like an idiot. Nobody in their right mind believes either Gary McPhee OR Georgina Beyer (Beyer the Liar) was ever lawfully elected!

It needs to be clarified that Gary McPhee's brother Greg McPhee, who has a very similar name, stood for a position on the Wellington City Council, he is a completely different person, a fine upstanding citizen, a good husband, father and community role model, a professional firefighter, it's important not to confuse the two.

Gary and the local journalists made vague slanderous and misleading allegations against the victims of his drunken, violent home invasion, which the police endorsed, saying that "the flat had been the subject of police inquiries for some time." - what the hell does that mean?  

This bears remarkable similarities to the home invasion committed on 11th February 2009 at 13 Brooklyn Road, also involving Gary McPhee, and also characterised by refusal of the police to take any action against the violent offenders, and instead pursue a slanderous and defamatory character assassination of the victim, and a cover up of the crime and refusal to charge the offender.   Gary McPhee has a long, and well documented history of violent offending, and the victims are always tiny little people, often women.

Council employees, electoral ‘officers’ Julie Hallam and Milan Hautler have refused to refund my election deposit of $400 and trespassed me from every Council building in town to try and prevent me accessing resources and sharing information about McGoofy and the corrupt Council.

Julie Hallam’s involvement in these matters is legendary. She and fellow Carterton District Councillors Elaine Brazendale, Jill Greathead and Ruth Carter (and local nit wit Rob Harris, who has been branded “unethical“ by several universities - Wairarapa Times-Age 23 June 2003 - “Ethics concern in edit service” by Lisa McCauley), “trustees” of the Ron Wakelin Health Centre Trust which housed the Centre, ordered Council community recreation manager Jerry Rotman to change the locks of the Carterton Community Centre in order to illegally seize the funds and assets, and financial and legal records, of the former Carterton Community Centre. Link to those records on this site, under the heading Financial Literacy 101 at the top of the page, Hallam then perverted the course of justice by advising the police and New Zealand Post that members of the Group she was involved with who were purporting dishonestly to be the committee, when they were never legally elected and were guilty of serious fraud etc, were not acting ultra vires as was the case, as confirmed by letters from several lawyers and police which are on this site also, and that they had lawful authority over the affairs of the Carterton Community Centre. She specifically endorsed John Crawford, Community Centre administrator Bev Thomas and fellow District Council employee Martyn Preece, knowing full well that Preece had left his wife and family and shacked up with Bev Thomas and her sister, and that Bev Thomas was guilty of gross incompetence at the very least and serious corruption and theft, most likely. All three left the country shortly after for a bit of an overseas holiday, honeymoon etc. Hallam specifically endorsed the theft of the mail and lied regarding who had lawful authority to access the Post Office mail box, and the lock on the Post Office box was illegally changed to facilitate the theft of the mail to conceal the extent of the fraud and mismanagement. The Postmaster should be charged with theft of the mail and it is outrageous he never has been!

Fellow Council employee Ewen Hyde then appointed himself Head Librarian of the Carterton Facility Focus Group and promptly got hold of lots of funding money to go on a big trip around the country conducting a feasibility study into whether we should build a new community “facility” and what it should be like. There was public outcry regarding his self appointment (Wairarapa Times-Age “Chairman under fire”) There were also two substantial community petitions against this Event Centre.

This is like something out of Monty Python or Alice in Wonderland! The local paper published seriously misleading information in the statement of District Councillor and Community Centre Committee member and Facility Focus Group member and Ron Wakelin Trust member Elaine Brazendale, that Council librarian Ewen Hyde’s “election” was democratic - of course it wasn’t, the meeting was not advertised, and not open to the public, like lots of the so called ‘community’ meetings in Carterton, there‘s nothing democratic about that whatsoever!

On 18th April 2001, at the last legally held meeting of the Carterton Community Centre, a motion was passed calling for the affairs of the Centre to be audited because there were matters of serious concern to the members, and to the funders.

The books have never been audited, for very good reason, because the Community Centre was operating mainly as a trough of free money for the people running it. There was evidence of two large “personal grievance” payments made with no authority or justification - at least one of these payments was in the order of ten times what would have been awarded by the Employment Tribunal if the matter had even gone before the Tribunal (let alone been awarded) which it hadn’t. The payment of over $11,000 in cash and assets was made on a purely arbitrary basis, and against legal advice (the good advice of Ivan Young Gough, lawyer, which cost several hundred dollars). Several other lawyers have also written letters to the police, etc, regarding these matters, all supportive of my allegations except for the corrupt lawyers at Wollerman Cooke and McClure, whose complaint to the police about me was not upheld in any way. The police have consistently refused to acknowledge my own complaints or those of many other people in the community. A bit like how the Board of Trustees of the South End School have ignored the many complaints it’s received regarding the letter sacking me because of the lie that I have been charged with any offence involving a child, which I have not, as I‘ve told them repeatedly.

There has been a corrupt cover up of the fraud and mismanagement at the former Carterton Community Centre, and what can only be described as a witch hunt and a campaign of corruption and lies against me, and there is widespread support in the community for a full inquiry into these matters, it is well overdue.

There is no support for the proposed ‘community facility’, or for the “Heart of Carterton Trust”, formed to bulldoze the plans through regardless of public opinion. This so called ‘Trust’ is made up of slippery slimy lawyers and people who don’t even live in Carterton in the case of the supermarket owner - and given the public scandal when the previous supermarket owner’s wife ran off with a boy from the vegetable department about a third her age, being the local supermarket owner does not automatically confer any respectability or public standing. This is a community facility apparently, the community didn’t elect these people, they were appointed by the corrupt Council.

The vast majority of people in Carterton, and every single one of the well informed members of the community, do not want a “facility” they want an inquiry into the illegal takeover and closure of our Community Centre and the involvement of people associated with or employed by the District Council, major funder of the Centre.  That's why they signed the petition saying that.

Perhaps it’s a good time to remember the words of Neil Roberts, written on the wall of the Wanganui Police Computer Centre: “We are maintaining a silence closely resembling stupidity.”

In spite of two substantial community petitions against the $6 million "Event Centre" and well documented overwhelming negative response from the community, the Centre was built, by "professional politicians" like Gary McPhee, Georgina Beyer and Ron Mark, and the first thing they did was put on an R16 production of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." Oh, and suddenly conjure up several thousand dollars for it which should have gone to the Phoenix Theatre. Watch this post, plenty of links will be added soon.

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