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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carterton Events Centre - More of the Whorehouse Mentality:

The Worst Little Whorehouse in Carterton:

Here it is, in all it's tawdry glory, the premier production of the "Limelight Theatre Company, which took over all the remaining assets of the former Phoenix Theatre, as well as getting a mysterious grant of "several thousand dollars" which has suddenly come to light after local lawyer and thespian Peter Totman suddenly remembered it's existence twenty years later - yeah, right!  The first production in the famous Carterton Events Centre that nobody in Carterton wanted, the one we were promised was going to be for everyone, family friendly, etc.  Real family entertainment alright, all the kids are asking mummy, what's a whorehouse?  Is the best we can do?  R 16

More of the same old fraud from the same old people.  Once upon a time Carterton had a Community Resource Centre, running about ten community organisations including the Community Gardens, Supergrans, First Steps, programs to assist less able members (called 'disabled' by other people) to find employment, etc. It was taken over when the people named below and others took over the Centre illegally by punching the Secretary and Finance Officer in the face and changing the locks to cover up the fraud and misfeasance described by these lawyers.
Laura with the giant turnips.

This money should have gone to the Phoenix Theatre, the people's theatre, but of course they were never told about it, were they?  Peter Totman knew perfectly well about the Phoenix Theatre for years but obviously chose to keep this money a big secret from them.  Now suddenly he produces it like a rabbit from a hat to give to this bunch of vulgar self important show offs to ponce about putting on their "performance" of "The Best Little Whorehouse In Carterton" or whatever it is.  Here's what the article in the local rag says:
"It was the case of the reappearing money for a Wairarapa drama society on Wednesday, as thousands of dollars gets set to boost theatre productions 20 years after it was squirrelled away.

At Wednesday's Carterton District Council meeting councillors were told $7000 had been held by the council since 1989, the date when the former Carterton Amateur Dramatic Society went into recess.

Council chief executive Colin Wright noted in a report it looked like that money was held on the condition it one day be given to another such group.

"Inquiries indicate that the intention was for these funds to be utilised by a similar amateur group in the future," Mr Wright said.

"The Limelight Theatre Group [formerly Phoenix] have now requested these funds in accordance with the original intention as they have little in the way of financial resources for producing their proposed show during November in the Events Centre or any future events."

A letter from Peter Totman, last president and honorary solicitor of CADS, confirmed the two-decades-old decision.

"It was resolved that the funds of the society be transferred to Carterton District Council to be, in due course, transferred to a society within the Carterton district with similar objectives as CADS.

"I subsequently arranged for the funds to be deposited accordingly."

On Wednesday that appeared to be the case, but no evidence had come to light.

"Unfortunately we can't find any correspondence and there's no minutes of it," Mr Wright said.

"But we definitely are holding what amounts to several thousand dollars of funds, and that includes about 20 years of accumulated interest."

The council were due to discuss releasing the money to Limelight at the meeting." 

The Limelight Theatre is the vehicle for show offs like the lawyers and their mates, Mark Hinton, Caroline Wait, John Greenwood, Kate Nolan, members of the Carterton District Council like Barbara Durbin, Elaine Brazendale, Ruth Carter, Jill Greathead, Ewen Hyde, etc - who were all on the committee of the former Carterton Community Centre when it was illegally taken over and closed down to cover up the fraud and gross mismanagement.  These are the people who thought it was such a good idea to hire unemployed transvestite prostitute Georgina Beyer (known locally as Beyer the Liar) to teach the youth of the town "Life Skills" - at the tax payers expense of course, it wasn't coming out of their pockets, it's YOUR money they're throwing down the drain with this sort of carry on while crime, child abuse and suicide skyrocket out of control in the Wairarapa under the governance of these corrupt and stupid idiots.  I use the term "stupid idiots" because the report of the Auditor General published on this site (highlights are at this link, scroll down to paragraph ninety something, 91 or 92 I think) makes it absolutely crystal clear that this is exactly what they are.  Mark Hinton wrote the letter to police accusing me of the theft of the community centre's financial records.  I've posted them on the internet to show why there has never been an audit, because Councillor Jill Greathead was told by RG Thompson that it would be a huge fail and the allegations of fraud were try, go Greathead closed the audit down!

What's also crystal clear is that there have been two substantial community petitions against this Event Centre, and that it is unwanted by the vast majority of people in the community and certainly all the well informed ones (apart from the corrupt well informed ones who were involved in the fraud and misfeasance), and that the Carterton Events Centre is an obscene insult to the real people of Carterton, and all the people who signed the petition calling for an audit of the former Community Centre, the Event Centre - including the so called "Facility Focus Group" and the involvement of the Carterton District Council and people associated with it.  This isn't our Community Centre, it's their "Event Centre".  Reminds me a bit of that comedian, who was had up for molesting his 4 year old daughter, got off with no conviction and name suppression (- I get more than that for not wearing my bike helmet!).  Judge Phillipa Cunningham said he deserved to get off because he was so funny and we all needed to have a good laugh [at this sort of thing?] adn the poor man wouldn't be able to get a job if he was punished in any way.  Maybe he should stop trying to be a comedian and get a real job.

We had a proper community resource centre, the real Heart of Carterton, with Community Gardens, a Health Centre, a Borough Farm, now we've got an 'Event Centre' run by the same thieves and liars who are responsible for the fraud and misfeasance at the former Carterton Community Centre, and the theft of all the assets and funds of that organisation, and the very first thing they do is put a big performance of this just to remind everyone of Cartertons's Whorehouse image - good one Ron Mark and the Carterton District Council, lawyers John Greenwood, Carolyn Wait, lawyers 'assistant' Kate Nolan, Councillors Brazendale, Carter, Greathead, librarian Hyde - for dragging the town into the gutter yet again.

Here's a link to an article published on 2 November 2010 in the Wairarapa Times-Age, titled "But trust boss says Carterton requests haven't stacked up".

Here's more about  how your taxes and rates are spent.  As you can see, Friends of the Gardens received the grand sum of $250 - conditionally - while Sean Crawford, son of John Crawford, leader of the gang of bullies and idiots who took over the former Community Centre for this very reason - so daddy could keep funnelling our hard earned money into little Sean's pocket, and the pockets of their mates.  

Check out the other information on this site about how John Crawford and his mates took over our Community Centre, ran it into the ground, stealing and wasting all the money, they closed it down when they couldn't get any more funding.  More links will be put up on this post in the next few days, and more posts tagged with labels, watch this space.

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