"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Acquitted by Judge Hastings, formerly the Chief Censor:

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Well, what an interesting day in Court it was today.  It was raining cats and dogs as usual so I got wet just getting there, then there was the usual cramped, airless, claustrophobic and toxic atmosphere in the Court, with people threatening each other and the security guards trying to keep control.

On arrival I noted the sign on the outside of the old Shop Rite supermarket building where the Masterton Court is currently held, I didn't know whether to laugh, or cry at the cruel irony of it:

I went in and sat down and listened to the Police prosecutor Garry Wilson come out with yet another utterly blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice regarding some chap who didn't speak one word of English apparently, and although he was only from one of the Pacific Islands, the prosecutor tried to tell the Judge there was no interpreter available to the Court, which caused the Judge to look very incredulous indeed, mentioning that it was hardly somewhere on the other side of the world (it was Fiji or somewhere like that, you can hardly hear what's going on and the reporters only write what they feel like writing about), then the Police prosecutor told the Court that the complainant was reluctant to come and give evidence.  He was charged with a violent sexual offence apparently, and hadn't even entered a plea by the sound of it

The man's lawyer, Jock Blathwayt, advised the Court that the man had a definite defence on more than one grounds, which he outlined briefly.

The Police prosecutor then told the Judge - get this - it was going to be 18 months or so before it came to Court, and it was going to be a big hassle for everyone, so the Police prosecutor's outrageous suggestion was this:  The Police were holding the man's passport as a condition of his bail, and if the Judge removed that particular bail condition, and the Police gave him back his passport, "we could just let nature take it's course" - I couldn't believe my ears!  Neither could the bloke sitting next to me, and neither could the Judge by the look on his face - in fact he looked like he'd just woken up and found himself in the middle of the twilight zone.  He wasn't having it anyway.  As he spoke I realised that he was Bill Hastings, the former Chief Film Censor.  Imagine how he'd have felt if he'd turned up to where Court was held until recently:

When I was called up he asked me if I was ready to proceed, I said I was - although there was the question of how appropriate it was that I represent myself without legal assistance after the Crown had only just recently advised the Court it intended to offer no evidence regarding the charge of perverting the course of justice against me because (1) it wasn't in the public interest, and (2) "the ongoing Court process has the potential to fuel her paranoia and delusions."  Since which time no fewer than eight charges have been dismissed, and I have won an appeal, which was the subject of the rehearing of the charge today.

I also asked the Judge to make an Order under section whatever it is like the one Judge Wainwright made, that the Police have to give me the list of property that was in my possession when I was taken into custody on the day Constable Dallinger said he served it, because contrary to his allegations, no trespass notice is on that property list, I know because I've seen it.  Unlike the trespass notice Dallinger alleges he served.

And that's another thing, I said, Constable Dallinger - he got the boot from the NZ Police to avoid all the complaints about his sadistic corruption and now the Police prosecutor wants to call up Dallinger's "Hearsay evidence"!  Well, I said, if we're going to have Constable Dallinger's "Hearsay evidence" then I should be allowed to present the statement signed by my witness DW if they can't be located, and it should be accorded the same weight as Constable Dallinger's "Hearsay".

I also asked that the matter be adjourned until the Police located my witness, D W, who had failed to turn up to Court after I had requested Police and Court staff to issue her with the Witness Summons I filled out and gave them, the same day I went to the Police station and the Court to file three Appeals and issue the Witness Summons for Constable Kevin Brown, when the great lump of a Sgt (Warwick Burr I think is his name) who was sitting there in the Court this morning, informed me that he refused to accept the Witness Summons on behalf of Constable Brown and although Constable Brown was indeed on duty that day, he'd been "sent out on a training mission" - said with a huge smirk on his face - he knew Constable Brown was required as a witness by me because I'd made that very clear to the Police prosecutor and the Court weeks beforehand.

I told the Judge that the charge was malicious and vexatious litigation and an abuse of the Court process and a corrupt abuse of power, and that it was part of a very well documented campaign of sadistic harassment and cruel, corrupt and unjust treatment.  I told him that the complainant - the manager of the local Mobil garage and his staff - had defrauded my bank account and instead of charging them with fraud, the Police corruptly charged me with trespass instead, for going to request the CCTV footage - and that's another thing I said.

I told the Judge that the evidence showed that not only was the CCTV footage of the incident corruptly deleted off the original hard drive, but Sgt Cameron "had a problem with [his] memory stick" as well  - Yeah, right.

I mentioned a few other things about the matter too - quite a few actually, although I did try and keep it as brief as possible.  Anyway, I said that regardless of all that, I was present and fully prepared to defend the charge if necessary.  At which point Sgt Wilson stood up and said that if the Court wouldn't accept Constable Dallinger's "Hearsay evidence" the Police would offer no evidence.  Judge Hastings sensibly ruled that the charge was dismissed.

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