"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pope Loses the Plot:

This is the huge rock which was thrown through my window while I slept, innocently minding my own business as usual, at about 20 past one in the morning.

If this rock had hit my head, I would probably be dead.

Constable Harvey Pope, of the Carterton Police, is apparently in charge of "investigating" the matter.

Instead of doing so, he abused his position, and used it to pervert the course of justice, as usual.

The previous post has a link to one of the fake Facebook profiles created recently, and a copy of a message from another one, these have been created by Julian Tyerman and Robert Brook and their associates, and Police could easily confirm that if they were so inclined, but they aren't, because they like to cover up violence and protect violent offenders in the Wairarapa.  Here's the hole in the window.  The window was 5mm thick, and the slices of glass were razor sharp.
Here's the link to Constable Harvey Pope's paperwork relating to his "arrest" of me, still waiting for the paperwork about this investigation into the attack - that should be interesting!  To say the least.  We're seeing a pattern here.

This all started when the Police charged me with bill sticking because Constable Peter Cunningham issued me with an illegal trespass notice regarding the Carterton Community Centre, which he later had to apologise for - actually he never did apologise as far as I recall, Sgt Murray Johnston and the Area Commander did.  Cunningham was babbling on about how the notices were defamatory to Georgina Beyer and Councillors and Council staff, everyone tried to tell him defamation was a civil matter, but oh no, Constable Cunningham knew better . . . and now Pope is having hysterics about me writing a blog, when people are assaulting me (see link next paragraph), smashing my possessions

This is an outrageous act of violence.  Like another outrageous act of violence, the attack by Michael Murphy and others on 11 February 2009.  Like this nasty mindless destruction by Wayne Friend and Tim Reynolds:

And here's the highlight of all the paperwork Constable Harvey Pope created when he came and arrested me, promising he was going to send me to prison till March, and this is the highlight of what he presented to the Court, and wasted all day, and probably all of the few days prior to this, doing, instead of  investigating all the child abuse allegations the local police ignore as a matter of course.  Oh, and giving me bike helmet tickets all the time.  No wonder crime is out of hand in the Wairarapa, the cops have lost the plot.  They spend their time perpetrating politically motivated corruption, in order to keep their mates, Georgina Bayer and Gary McPhee in positions of power.

Constable Harvey Pope is the spitting image of disgraced Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope, who was recently told not to bother reapplying for his job.  Harvey Pope only got the job because he's related to Rob Pope - nepotism was one of Dame Margaret Bazely's main criticisms in her recent report, which was utterly damning of the NZ Police.  Harvey Pope has failed to be promoted above the rank of Constable because of his incompetence and corruption.

He spends all day persecuting the victims of violent crime and making up long involved excuses for the recidivist violent offenders, like his mates in the Wairarapa Police, and the NZ Police in general.

This post will be updated daily with more information about Pope's corruption.  The public need to be warned about creeps like Alan Donoghue and Wayne Friend, and instead, Harvey Pope is worried about me defaming them?  The sooner Pope is sacked the better for the NZ Police and the Wairarapa.

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Takedown Cyfs said...

I totally agree with you That Harvey Pope has been getting away with his lies and false arrests for way to long now !!!!