"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More hatred and vandalism condoned by corrupt Wairarapa Police:

This fake facebook profile was created in the last couple of weeks, and these threats were made on it.  It's the second time these people have created fake Facebook pages.  Police could forensically trace who made these pages very easily, if they were so inclined, unfortunately, they support this behaviour and encourage it and protect the offenders.

On Monday, several local people came to alert me to the graffiti, and a large number of posters stuck up around the town, pushed under shop doors, etc, which contained spiteful and defamatory statements about me.  Many of them said they'd taken the posters to the police station and complained, and that Carterton Police told them that they had spoken to me (named in the posters) which was an utter lie because they refused to speak to me about it, smirking and laughing instead.  I rang the Masterton station and the Police Communication Centre, because the calls are recorded.

I spent hours at the Masterton Police station on Tuesday, trying to make a complaint about this graffiti, and the facebook page (identity theft, and the threats), the theft and vandalism of my property by Rachel Taylor, Wayne Friend etc, among other things.  The officer who came to the counter wrote down about four words on a bit of paper, disappeared for ages , then came back and said they wouldn't be taking my complaints because "they're already being dealt with."  I wanted to make a statement or statements about the complaints, and as usual, corrupt Wairarapa Police refused to take statements, or even acknowledge the complaints.

This is the standard lie from the local police, the exact same lie which has been trotted out since our complaints about the illegal activities at the former Carterton Community Centre involving Georgina Beyer the Liar and the people associated with the Carterton District Council.  One of the more bare faced examples of this is the letter from corrupt and overpaid Tara Sewell of the legal section at Police headquarters.

Police spent a considerable amount of taxpayers money when they charged me with Billsticking (in about 2003) for putting up notices in Carterton advertising a public meeting to discuss the illegal takeover, mismanagement and closure of the Carterton Community Centre.  The excuse given initially (in writing) by the Police for proceeding with the prosecution, which they were later forced to apologise for, was that the notices were defamatory (against Georgina Beyer and members of the Carterton District Council).  Defamation is a civil matter and nothing whatsoever to do with the Police.  Wairarapa Police are ignoring child abuse allegations and focusing their attention on persecuting law abiding people like me, who seek to rid the Wairarapa of the shameful crime, child abuse and suicide which has characterised the area for decades.  The only evidence to support the Billsticking charges was that my fingerprints were allegedly on the notice, but I was acquitted when the Police had no evidence to offer at the trial, because they knew full well that the fingerprints only meant that I had touched the notice in question, and not that I had put it on the building in question on the date in question, which was the Community Centre building.  As I was the Secretary and Treasurer of the Community Centre, it's no wonder Police didn't turn up in Court, because as usual, no crime had been committed.
Compare this with the indisputable evidence of my complaints which are ignored every time.

I asked the Police to ensure that they fingerprinted the notices stuck around the town on Sunday night, these notices were completely different to the notices I am alleged to have stuck up advertising the public meeting, they are extremely nasty, hate filled, offensive, and most certainly defamatory, unlike the ones I put up.  Let's see if Police do, or whether they get rid of the evidence as usual.  There were a large number of the notices given to Police, including several which had been carefully picked up to preserve the prints.  Many were stuck up in view of the security CCTV cameras, I requested the footage first thing Monday morning, let's see if we get it.

Yesterday, corrupt local constable Harvey Pope, who is the spitting image of disgraced Police Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope, recently told not to bother reapplying for his job, arrested me for alleged bail breaches.  I was locked in a cell for most of the day, which Police typed up reams of paper full of excuses why they opposed my bail and tried their utmost to have me imprisoned.  The alleged bail breaches involved me and a friend asking for my property back, including the keyboard which was smashed after I went and asked for it back, from where it was locked in the house occupied by local methamphetamine dealer Wayne Friend and Tim Reynolds.  Police, who have twice assisted their mates to move house while on duty, have refused to assist me at all regarding this matter.  I was living at the address and was assaulted by my partner, the tape of the call to Police during an assault on me at the property after I was invited by Reynold to come and see what Wayne Friend's P addict mate had stolen, is on this site and is clearly evidence of an assault and kidnapping of me.  Harvey Pope wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars of Police resources trying to corruptly lock me up, but Judge Tuohy wouldn't even let them read out their corrupt little story in the Court and released me.

Last night a huge rock was thrown through my window.  If it had hit my head, I would be dead.  Police are refusing to do anything about any of it, like the other complaints, and the new Area Commander refused to make an appointment with me when I rang him this morning.

We need an urgent inquiry into this Police corruption in the Wairarapa, and NZ in general, one that involves the investigators acknowledging the complaints made by me which have been ignored, and then investigating them.  The complaints about the Community Centre were fobbed off with the excuse that they had been "addressed in previous correspondence" which is nothing more than a pack of blatant lies, when we requested the file on the complaint Police wrote back and said the file doesn't exist - of course it doesn't, because the complaints were corruptly ignored.


This is a photo of the creep who complained to Harvey Pope that I was harassing him, Alan Donoghue, who sexually assaulted me last year and has conspired with corrupt Constable Pope - no wonder he's still a Constable! - to cook up a pack of lies alleging that I assaulted him.  Donoghue spent years in prison for armed and aggravated robbery, he is a criminal, who spends his taxpayer funded benefit on drugs and alcohol and spends his days drinking and taking drugs.  Corrupt local Police are refusing to take my complaint about Donoghue's assault on me and charging me instead.  Donoghue's statements go on about how he feels he is a "victim", and he's scared of me and feels intimidated, etc, but Police are ignoring the fact that he and his mates are the ones harassing me.  They came to the address I'm staying at, where the rock was thrown through the window, making a nuisance of themselves after he alleged he felt scared of me - there was no reason for him to come there whatsoever, and if it were true that he feels scared and intimidated, why has he approached me about five times since the charge was laid to abuse and threaten me in front of witnesses?!  He and his mate Darren Hughes (another low life druggie criminal, unemployed, like Donoghue, were caught interfering with my bicycle on another recent occasion and he approached me when I was talking to a person outside the supermarket, witnesses have noted his menacing and unpleasant attitude and demeanor, and Police refuse to issue him with a Harassment notice.  Here he is in the bottle store, stocking up on supplies for the day.
Allan Donoghue, guilty of sexual assault and making a false complaint to Police.
Harvey Pope's whole excuse for locking me up was because Alan Donoghue had complained that I took a photo of him and Constable Pope said I should be locked up to stop me putting information on the internet about people.  Unbelievable.  Constable Pope is like Constable Cunningham, who started all this in the first place, by charging me with Billsticking after trying to arrest me (her read me my rights for heavens sake - and it's one of the few times local police have done so too!) for defamation.  After I told defamation was a civil matter and he wasn't allowed to arrest me for it, he went away, and a little while later I got a summons for Billsticking.  His friends were stealing money hand over fist from the Carterton Community Centre, stealing funds that had been granted to assist the less well off in the community.  They closed down the Carterton Community Centre and stole every bit of money in the ten bank accounts, after saying they were going to give any left over to the IHC on the application to wind up the Centre, they never did, they stole every single cent from the ten organisations "under its umbrella".  This grand Event Centre is just another reincarnation of the trough for the pigs to feed from that was the Carterton Community Centre, because it's run by the same people and their mates, rich lawyers who have hidden agendas, and greedy artists who have figured out how to get plenty of funding for so called community projects.  Sean Crawford received a grant of $1000 just for "having an exhibition" for two weeks at Prime Gallery, a free gallery, as in free to have an exhibition, while we got just $250 from the same people to run the Community Gardens for a whole year.  It was a darn sight harder doing that than Sean Crawford's effort - described by him as "kicking stones".  His work consists mainly of tortured animals, weapons, snarling dogs made of razor wire, and other sharp metal, gun and bomb imagery, etc.  We helped people to establish vegetable gardens and fruit trees, we established gardens in schools, like the South End School.  We got everyone doing their community hours sooner or later too, and trained people in good work habits, and good life habits.  We got them off the streets and into jobs, and rehabilitation programs, etc, and just helped to bring out the best in everyone.  It was a great garden, and a great community centre and we need an inquiry into the manner in which it was taken over and mismanaged and defrauded by the very people behind this Event Centre, opposed by two petitions, the very same people who are still on the Council after years of this corruption and fraud.

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