"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Tim Reynolds and Wayne Friend Smash TV, Keyboard, etc:

Here's what these gutless wonders have done now.  After stealing my guitars and allowing their mates to take other property of mine, here's what they have done to my electronic keyboard, the one I used to teach kids music with.  

Wayne Friend and the other violent P fuelled nutters who have moved into the house where I lived until recently have been smashing and destroying my property for months, and the corrupt Wairarapa Police condone and encourage it, while refusing to acknowledge my complaints.  Merlene Chambers alias Shedlock has stolen my guitars, that were likewise used to teach kids music with, and corrupt local Police continue to refuse to do anything about it.  Merlene's always having garage sales to sell all the stolen property she accumulates, to get money for her drugs and alcohol.  Police continue to laugh at my complaints and refuse to investigate this mindless violence.  This keyboard was among property of mine which remains at the Gallon Road address, owned by Tim Reynolds, it was recently found smashed inside my car - which is also at the address (Reynolds has the keys for it in his possession).  It almost certainly has the fingerprints of the person/persons who destroyed it and placed it in the vehicle on it, but police refused to investigate this, and the keyboard disappeared from the car shortly after police officer Tony Mathieson visited the property in response to a complaint I made in front of witnesses at the police station after being "arrested" on another matter - in other words, police deliberately destroyed the evidence, or conspired to destroy the evidence.

This mindless violence happened after I took a couple of Karen King's kids riding on our horse, and asked the occupants of the address for my saddle and bridle, as well as this keyboard.  Local bludger Karen King conspired with corrupt constable - EX constable now I believe - Paul Dallinger regarding the saddle and other property of mine at the address - Karen King will be the subject of another post in the very near future, now that I have a copy of her 'statement' to Constable Dallinger - so New Zealanders can see how their taxes are being wasted supporting Karen King and her growing brood of illegitimate children and the effect of King's destructive "social work", etc.  Interesting that King's 'partner', Jack Yan, is the publisher/owner of 'Lucire' magazine, which seems to be Pearl Going's main supporter . . . 

Then there is the little creep at the local Mobil garage, Robert Brooks, who fraudulently stole $60 from my bank account, made a fake profile on Facebook using a photo of me and my name, on which he reveals his true colours, but more revealingly, he sent me several messages from that Facebook account, threatening to "plaster your name all over town" and to poison our horse Flynn.  Police have the technology to find out exactly who wrote this:
But they won't do anything about it because Robert Brooks is one of their nasty little friends - criminals have been getting away with murder - and child abuse - for years round here, thanks to the police policy of assigning officers to the very same communities where they grew up and went to school, ensuring that their mates are treated with kid gloves and anyone who questions them or their criminal mates is dealt to the way I have been since having the misfortune to move to the Wairarapa.

These threats are clear and unequivocal evidence of a crime, like the statements of the two JP's in the matter of local prostitute Rachel Betteridge, and police simply refuse to do anything about it, except persecute the victim.  And last Monday night Robert Brooks did exactly what he threatened to do, putting up posters and spray painting obscene graffiti all over Carterton.  His brain must be the size of a pea to blab on Facebook about it then do it, but that's the Wairarapa - the Police support and encourage these people and they do it again and again, like Michael Murphy.  More photos will be uploaded to this post, evidence of crimes the police refuse to investigate.

Police were alerted immediately and asked to secure the CCTV camera footage they boast about all the time, the bet is that they will lie and say it's been deleted as they always do.  The front of the Marquis Hotel and the Dance Studio over the road are covered by more than one camera.  Police are refusing to take my complaints about it again, as usual, I have just come straight from the Masterton Police Station, after coming up here yet again for a Court hearing, only to find that I wasn't required because apparently the matter was called on the 27th January - after being set down for today! - and adjourned on 27th January until some other date (24th February I think) - after the Duty Solicitor refused to speak to me on the 27th January and I was refused the opportunity to address the Court.  There's no justice in the Wairarapa.  Many people went into the Police stations with the posters that were put up, Police went to great pains to prosecute me for bill sticking, but they refuse to fingerprint any of the recent notices about me, including those picked up with tweezers.

There's another post titled Police Corruptly Delete CCTV Footage, further evidence of their corruption.  This is a regular occurrence these days, and well documented at other posts.

More local news:  Masterton Police were branded "unprofessional cowboys" by Allan Kirk, chief executive of NZ Motorcycle Safety Consultants for leaving a burned out Harley Davidson, which caused an accident with a car, on the road for over three hours, creating an unnecessary hazard for other road users (Wairarapa Times-Age 1 February, page 3).  Also, on page 1 of that paper is a report that Gary McPhee's dogs were recently shot for killing a neighbour's stud sheep.  Typical of McPhee's irresponsible attitude and inability to manage his affairs - let alone manage public affairs!

And as for Allan Kirk calling other people "unprofessional cowboys", well perhaps Allan Kirk should ensure that his motorcycling mates wear high visibility vests when they're riding, these vests should be mandatory, and there is only one reason why they are not, because lawmakers are too gutless to try and tell the Harley Davidson louts what to do - it's easier to pick on cyclists like me and issue them with ticket after ticket for not wearing a cycle helmet (I don't wear one sometimes, and have a doctors letter explaining why, but almost always wear a high visibility reflective vest).

Police continue to refuse to accept my complaints or take any action whatsoever about any of them, but Constables Harvey Pope and Paul Dallinger - a couple of violent thugs - kicked in the bedroom door of a 14 year old girl to arrest me on the basis of this pathetic rubbish from Tim Reynolds - who is holding a large amount of my property illegally - while police.continue to refuse to assist me to recover it.  When I attempted to do so Reynolds ordered me to leave, as the house was in the middle of nowhere and my bicycle had a puncture I borrowed his bicycle, which he'd bought when he lost his license one time but never actually ridden - he has about two dozen road legal cars, he knows as well as Pope and Dallinger that the bike would have been returned when I came back to collect my own bike and repair the puncture, at the time I didn't feel safe because of Reynolds's aggressive attitude and just wanted to leave as soon as possible - here's his pathetic call to emergency services:

- And here is the shameful evidence of the reaction of local corrupt Constables Harvey Pope and Paul Dallinger to this pathetic phone call!:

It can be seen from these documents that there was at least one witness to this incident (I have obscured her name to protect her privacy) - Dallinger and Pope tried to convince her to back up their story but the witness refused to do so because she was shocked at their actions, like the witness who wrote the statement at this link.  The claims by Pope that I told him the bike belonged to Reynolds or agreed to Pope taking it are BLATANT LIES - as anyone can see!

Now, here is the second page of the records of the police communications centre regarding this incident, which shows evidence of the three calls the police call taker apparently made to Reynolds to try and talk him into making a formal complaint - Reynolds repeatedly said he didn't want to or intend to do so!  Dallinger and Pope knew perfectly well that no crime had been committed!  THIS is what sadistic, vindictive local officers are doing while they're deliberately covering up for child abusers and paedophiles and making sure that our region regularly has TWICE the national rate of suicide - in a country with some of the highest rates in the world - REGULARLY!

Here's the statement of a witness to another of Constable Harvey Pope's sadistic attacks on me:

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