"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wairarapa Police Pervert the Course of Justice Again

Here's the letter from Senior Sergeant Johnston, corruptly trying to cover up a vicious, violent, planned home invasion and assault with a weapon.

Here is the link to one of several phone calls to emergency services while the attack was taking place, from witnesses, first hand. This is a blatantly corrupt cover up of a vicious violent home invasion orchestrated by Michael Francis Murphy and Tracy Feast. This is evidence of blatant police corruption, and it's why Sgt Johnston doesn't work at the Masterton Police station any more apparently.

The letter below refers firstly to some of the letters written by lawyer Ken Daniels to the police. Follow the link to read two of the many letters sent by lawyers to the police, and Sgt Murray Johnston's rude and arrogant email dismissal of our complaints. The complaints have been corruptly ignored in spite of monumental evidence of fraud and gross misfeasance.

Secondly, the letter contains the refusal of the police to charge local prostitute Rachel Betteridge with Perjury, or anything else, after Betteridge and her husband sent me text messages, saying "You need a bullet" and "Watch your back" among other extremely offensive and threatening messages. Police have been provided with signed statements from two Justices of the Peace, and a considerable amount of other information, in support of my complaints regarding this lying prostitute. We'll come back to this matter in a minute.

Thirdly, the letter refers to the nasty drunken home invasion and assault committed by corruptly 'elected' Mayor Gary McPhee, and the refusal of the police to charge him or his co-offender. "The matter was investigated at the time and no charges were to be laid." - Oh really? WHY NOT? - This sounds like another PITIFUL EXCUSE used by the police to let criminals off: "I am aware that the Carterton District Council Members, the Carterton Mayor and MP Georgina Beyer have recently discussed issues around the closing of the centre. In such circumstances the actions of the 'elected' officers of the centre are most unlikely to have breached any Criminal Law."

A number of lawyers have written letters referring to the indisputable evidence that it most certainly IS fraud!

Fourthly, the letter refers to the Bill Sticking charges laid against me by Constable Cunningham in about 2003, and the fact that the prosecution was so zealously pursued although there was absolutely
no evidence whatsoever to support the police wasting their time on it right from the beginning. Like the lies of Rachel Betteridge.

Like the trespass matters, all politically motivated corruption.
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