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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Corrupt Wairarapa Police Pervert the Course of Justice to Protect Violent Criminals:

This is the  recording of the call to 111 by a woman who saw a car driven by Michael Francis Murphy skid into my driveway on 11 February 2009, and saw him and another person proceed to smash their way into my house and violently attack me.  I've deleted her details to protect her privacy.  She had a birds eye view and saw the entire incident.

This is the link to the Offence Report written up by corrupt Constable Peter Cletus CUNNINGham - after reading the first five pages or so you are thinking "Is this the same incident or what?????"

Here's the link to the statement made by two other woman, Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson, who were walking up the road with a dog, who also witnessed the attack and were so concerned about it that they immediately rang 111 also, and one intervened with the dog to try and stop the attack.  I won't protect her privacy because she refused permission for me to access the audiotape of her call, and is now saying I should "move on", after the local corrupt police officers had a little word in their ear, like they had a little word in the ear of the Board of Trustees of the South End School, when they told them recently that they had charged me with "an offence involving a child", in accordance with their policy of flaunting the very laws they're paid to enforce.

This is the statement made by Michael Murphy to Police the following day.  What sort of a police officer writes rubbish like this you may well ask?  Constable Peter Cletus Cunningham, one of the many corrupt members of the tax payer funded, politically motivated bullying Gestapo police officers who abound in the Wairarapa.

Here's his Statement and his Brief of Evidence (hopefully, uploading these blind as usual, fingers crossed), both dated 1 May.

Now, here's where it gets interesting.  After corrupt Constable CUNNINGham wrote that ridiculous orchstrated litany of lies called an Offence Report referred to above, in which he tries to make out that the victim of a violent home invasion is in fact the criminal offender in the matter (which is what he and his mate Constable Harvey Pope told the Board of Trustees of the South End School), I acquired a disk with audio recordings of 46 police radio tracks, including the one from the anonymous woman.  All of my many, many requests for the tape of the other one, the one from Clair Cook and Kelly Wilson have been refused, and the reason for that I believe is that Murphy's screamed threats ("Get out of the way and I'll smash the fucking door down", etc) were clearly audible in the background.

When police realised I had the recording of the other call, which I had not known existed until I acquired the disk (unlike the one from the other women, which I had seen and heard as it continued after the offenders left), it appears that they had a word to Michael Murphy, who came to my house yet again (his statement refers to earlier visits, with drunken lout Gary McPhee and the cops, abusive text messages, etc) to steal the disk and thereby get rid of the indisputable evidence of his attack, which the police were refusing to investigate and instead making up lies about a non existent incident in the supermarket, an incident which never happened and which there is no evidence of, a pack of malicious lies cooked up by local trouble maker Tracy Feast, because of her obsessive jealousy.

I came home and caught Murphy in the act of stealing the disk (which I had already copied) and two boys from over the road also saw him, at exactly the same time I did, within a few yards of my property, and reported this to the Police.  Constable Laura Rhymer to be exact.  Constable Rhymer recorded my statement in her notebook at 18:30 hours on 8th April 2009.

Constable Rhymer then alleges that she took a statement from Aaron Ronald Brook at 20:50 hours on 8th April 2009.  This is a lie.  This statement did not exist, which is why it's written on blank A4 paper and not in her notebook.  Here's more on Constable Laura Rhymer, and more on Aaron Ronald Brook.

I was later charged with Perverting the Course of Justice and Escaping from Custody, two charges joined as part of a single indictment by Judge Behrens.  There has never been any credible evidence that I did anything wrong whatsoever.  The Escaping from Custody charge was dismissed, during the hearing of a Crown application under s 344A of the Crimes Act by Judge Barry on 30 September 2010, under s 347.

Here's the link to Aaron Brook's Statement, and his Brief of Evidence.  Harder to locate is the original statement of Aaron Brook, which was only produced by Constable Rhymer for the first time half way through the Depositions hearing - it should have been provided with the Disclosure!  I am still trying to locate it, this post will be developed as the documents are uploaded, check back soon.

Here's Constable Laura Rhymer's notebook entries, here is the list of Disclosure - two copies of it actually - showing that there was only one statement disclosed, not two,and that only 2 pages of notebook entries were.  The notation on the documents is by lawyer Ken Daniels, who also wrote on the actual copies of the 2 pages provided "Are there more pages of this notebook.?"
His notes on the page at left read: "NB the BOE's [Briefs of Evidence] are NOT draft or final deposition statements.  * This is an indictable matter."

An examination of this "evidence" reveals what a corrupt and malicious waste of tax payers money this prosecution is!  It shows beyond any doubt that Aaron Brook has always said that he saw Michael Murphy within yards of my home at the exact same time I had earlier reported the theft happening to Police.  He has never recanted that evidence.  He's been boasting that Gary McPhee is paying him money to lie about me in Court.  Someone is, that's for sure.  He and his cousin came to my home and volunteered the information that they'd seen him at the same time I'd earlier reported with no prompting from me whatsoever, I asked them only to tell the Police what they saw, nothing else.  The Depositions evidence shows that the two Justices of the Peace, Adams and Debney, are corrupt in allowing the matter to proceed - they should have found no case to answer on the basis of the "evidence" - there is none against me!  And there is considerable evidence that I was viciously attacked by Murphy and that his intention was to seriously harm me, and that he has a tendency toward violence, and manipulative and threatening behaviour.

I have no lawyer, just a corrupt amicus curiae, who is conspiring with corrupt Police, Court staff, and Adams and Debney to string the matter out as long as possible so that they can profit from their involvement in the matter for as long as possible.  I face seven years in prison on this corruptly laid charge, while Murphy has never been charged with the attack on me or the theft of the satchel and contents.

I wrote this letter to the IPCA recently, sending copies to local police and local MP John Hayes, who has ignored all correspondence to date:

to"murray.johnston" ,
"kevin.basher" ,
Independent Police Conduct Authority ,
date12 November 2010 11:10
subjectInformation at Carterton Police Station - Urgent request, please email a list of what the items are immediately and deliver them to the Post Office without further delay

 12 Nov
  1. I have previously requested a list of whatever Police are holding at Carterton Police station.
  2. I have previously requested Police deliver whatever it is to the Carterton Post Office without further delay for me to collect from there.
  3. I have had no response to my formal complaints regarding the assaults by Constables Pope, Dallinger, Wilton, or the refusal of these officers and others to take complaints from me, including the formal complaints about the Community Centre, which havenot been addressed in previous correspondence at all, as you know, and the assault on me at Hodders Road recently, which occurred during a call to police from Wayne Friend's cellphone.
  4. I have had no response to my formal complaints and requests for confirmation of information that Wayne Friend was pulled up by police while driving the same car that Murphy, Greig and Feast were in when they came to Brooklyn Rd on 11th February and smashed my door in and attacked me while horrified witnesses called 111, registration PY 5539 or similar, in Masterton recently and was let off without a ticket in spite of having no registration or warrant.  This is referred to in another letter I wrote you, please provide copies of all letters you have on the file from me, as my papers are in Hodders Rd and police are preventing me accessing them deliberately.
  5. I have had no response to my formal complaints regarding the refusal of Constable Wilton and others to take complaints regarding the damage to my property at Hodders Rd, now called Gallon Road, or the assaults by Wayne Friend and Tim Reynolds.  I showed Wilton the glass in my dressing table drawers, and the smashed tv set etc, and she smiled.  
  6. I have requested all information regarding me, and in particular all information including audio recordings of the phone calls to police from that address in the last twelve months, in particular the lengthy call made by Wayne Friend while Tim Reynolds assaulted me and illegally detained (kidnapped) me.
  7. I repeat my request that this be delivered to the Post Office immediately.
  8. My Court paperwork (and other essential items) is at that address in what is now Gallon Road, after police wrongly insisted I be bailed to there in spite of me pointing out that they had specifically opposed it recently because of the risk of violence against me.  After then forcing me to live there the Police have a duty to take my complaints, provide the evidence to me and charge my attackers.
  9. This was noted in the Wellington Court recently when the residential bail clause was deleted.  
  10. Police have a duty to protect me and charge the people who attacked me.
  11. Police have a proven record of failing in their duty.  There is currently an investigation into the huge number of uninvestigated child abuse allegations in the Wairarapa.
  12. Police have a proven record of refusing to take complaints from victims of violence such as the victims of Gary McPhee's drunken home invasion - this is a FORMAL COMPLAINT into the Wairarapa police for corruption, bias and prejudice and refusing to act with fiduciary responsibility and due diligence.
  13. My own such allegations against Michael Murphy Tracy Feast and Tuakana Greig have never been investigated, like the allegations about the Carterton Community Centre, this is a FORMAL COMPLAINT.
Katherine Raue

Read their response at this link.  It ignores most of the complaint, as usual.  The property at the Police station turned out to be a large box of my own files, Police have refused to reveal how they came to be at the Police station, or where the rest of my files are, this is obviously another attempt to pervert the course of justice as police appear to have gone through the files removing whatever they think doesn't show them in a good light.

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