"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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"We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity" - Neil Roberts

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

South End School - corruption turns into perjury:

This is the document written by corrupt Police Constable Harvey Pope and presented in Court as the basis for charges against me.  It is blatantly untrue and corrupt.  It is a serious attempt to pervert the course of justice and slander and defame me further.

There was no "bad behaviour" whatsoever on my part, if there had been, there would be a record of it, a note, an incident report, there is no such thing.  If there had been, it would have been mentioned in the letter to me from the Board (below).

"Efforts to sever ties with Raue turned hostile."  Yes, they did.  I received the letter dated 25 March 2009, after Police called a meeting with School staff and the Board of Trustees, and at this meeting Police slandered and defamed me, and lied in saying that they had charged me regarding the allegations of Michael Francis Murphy and Tracy Feast.  Efforts to sever ties with me coincided with funding grants to the school for the vegetable garden, which I had created at some personal expense.  The Board, who had shown no interest in the Garden for a year and a half, suddenly wanted to take it over and get rid of me when it was established and producing good crops, after I'd done all the work with no help from them whatsoever.

I told the school principal and deputy principal repeatedly that the accusation in the letter was untrue and I had never been charged with any such thing in my life.  I also repeatedly asked for a meeting with the Board of Trustees to discuss the matter, and all these requests were refused.  Board member Emily Brown turned up  unannounced at a friend's home while I was visiting and began raving on in front of my friend about how she was concerned about my mental health and had contacted police and mental health.  There's clearly something wrong with Emily Brown's mental health, my requests for a meeting were appropriate, polite, and entirely logical.  The Board of the South End School is corrupt and needs to be replaced.

Of more concern is that Constable Pope and other Wairarapa police are corrupt liars, who have instigated a number of malicious, vexatious, corrupt prosecutions against me.  Also of concern is the policy of local police of sharing all information about individuals with "community organisations", which is described in a front page newspaper article, published in October 2008 in the Dominion Post.  This post is about how that policy actually works, the evidence speaks for itself.

Police shared information about me with Michael Murphy, who then came to my home and violently attacked me.  I raised concerns about Michael Murphy neglecting his child and his violent behaviour, police told him I'd raised concerns, which is the only thing they did about the allegations at all, and encouraged Murphy to come and attack me.  They also encouraged him to return to my home some weeks later to steal a computer disk I had acquired with evidence of his violent attack on it.  Murphy has never been charged for the attack, nor have his co-offenders.

Repeated requests for "all information about me held by the school" have been ignored, the school lied to the Privacy Commissioner, and denied having received any letters of complaint from parents regarding the letter sent to me and the actions of the Board and staff, until confronted with the evidence.

Pope charged me with Offensive Language.  The statements of his witnesses refer to me calling the Principal and Groundsman "liars", "thieves" and "corrupt" - not offensive language at all, statements of true fact, unlike the documents presented to the Court by Pope.  Pope has long history of corruption during his career, which is why he's never been promoted.  Pope told the school he'd charged me with an offence, which was nothing more than wishful thinking on his part.

I have now been ACQUITTED of this charge after the complainants failed to turn up to Court - aware that they would be immediately charged with perjury if they attempted to repeat the orchestrated litany of lies which I now have EVIDENCE of - INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE THAT THE CLAIMS AGAINST ME ARE NOTHING BUT AN ORCHESTRATED LITANY OF DELIBERATE POLITICALLY MOTIVATED LIES!  An update on these matters can be found at this link.

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